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Absolutely Free Advice to HRC Campaign
I rarely write diaries, so when I do, you can bet there's a damn good reason - plus they tend to be well-received, so.... We're in the first full weekend of the godforsaken Sunday morning shows ...
4CasandChlo 04/19/2015 17 6 - -
They Support Wilson
It didn't occur to me until just now, watching the anger rise on the streets of Ferguson. Throughout the day, when I heard the announcement would take place at 9:00 eastern time and 8:00 local time,
4CasandChlo 11/24/2014 157 338 2 -
Get off you Kossax occassionaly: Blog Local, be smart, sensitive and get crushed by jackasses
No one here needs to be told just how toxic the relationship between the competing political sides have become. It is frustrating to engage conservatives in political talk. I swear to God and Dog ...
4CasandChlo 07/23/2013 6 10 1 -
Need to Kill an Hour?? Travel the World!
Most of us have precious little time to do the things we need to do. Still, whether waiting in an airport, a doctor's appointment or just needing a fifteen minute break, we all need to find ...
4CasandChlo 06/23/2013 11 11 1 -
"Beat by a bunch 'a little girls": How to Succeed Over Corporate America
I wrote what I consider to be a key to success in a comment and a very nice Kossack said they were putting on their refrigerator. It concerned the twitter craze with "Good-Bye GOP" and my general ...
4CasandChlo 06/04/2013 86 384 16 -
Kos Humor Op: Things Alex Jones SHOULD be worried about
Our fearless leader, has rightly encouraged us to use more humor in order to increase page views. Given that he is concerned with page views, so should we who love this community. So, as noted about,
4CasandChlo 05/23/2013 3 - - -
The President's Last, Best Chance: Going Long
Prologue The last week has seen a needed increase in diaries focused upon the big picture agenda of our government elite. The agenda has no end point, no "goal" beyond increasing its own pace. Does ...
4CasandChlo 05/20/2013 12 2 1 -
Elephants in America: The growing weight of conservative nullification
Note: My left click is broken and I can't afford a new computer. Thus I am unable to link or provide the graphics that make diaries so compelling. Recognizing that weakness, I feel strongly enough ...
4CasandChlo 05/14/2013 99 97 4 -
World's Gettin' Hot - "Got Water?" The Idiocy of Water Law
Whisky is for drinkin' but water, water is for fightin' Old Western Water Adage Through shameless flattery, I have been persuaded by some people - who for the purposes of ...
4CasandChlo 11/16/2012 44 65 7 -
European Common Sense at Work: Ultra High Speed Trains
This entire diary is based upon a show on the Science Channel and therefore will be "link bereft" but the ideas, the facts and the reasons why it can never happen here will be explored. We already ...
4CasandChlo 06/21/2012 17 7 - 120
Beggars Can't be Choosers! Good News for the Totally Desperate!!
MSNBC this morning, another anchor talking with nauseatingly manufactored sympathy to an unemployed person, dripping with condescension as he says "good luck to you and your family" - - the man ...
4CasandChlo 08/05/2011 24 17 - 102
I just saw a man shot to death.
Yes, right from my couch, I saw a man, one I never knew but now have huge feelings for, shot dead. He was unarmed. He was angry, probably hungry, armed only with his sense of decency.
4CasandChlo 01/28/2011 216 522 4 168
Konsensus: But, what are WE prepared to do about it?  Action ideas.
Until the week after the election, while I was waiting to see how the President would respond, I was still an apologist for this Administration. I was upset, but willing to put most of the blame on ...
4CasandChlo 12/02/2010 28 1 - 43
FOX NEWS 101:  "Above all, have no shame" Updated
This is my second diary now whereby I intentionally watch Fox and report what I see to my dear Kossack friends. I watch about a half hour, once a week, just to see what issues the Corporatists/...
4CasandChlo 07/13/2010 20 10 - 46
-Breaking- Last 30 Minutes on Fox News
I did it. I did it for you. I did it to challenge myself. I wanted to see if the "slant" was as bad as I remember. Here, I give you, my fellow Kossacks, a brief breakdown of the News according ...
4CasandChlo 05/05/2010 74 41 - 22
Update: Reports of Goldman attempting settlement with SEC: NOOO, Nothing could be worse
This is going to be short and sweet because this issue is so simple that it is more like your drivers license exam than a MENSA test. There is a report in the NY Post (yes, I know) that GS is ...
4CasandChlo 04/29/2010 24 10 1 27
A Cure For Opiate Addiction in Afflicted Doctors, Lawyers and Bankers
Vicodin, hydrocodone, Lor-Tab, oxycodone, oxycontin, percocet. You have heard of them. They are a miracle cure for those in chronic pain, allowing people who otherwise would suffer needless ...
4CasandChlo 04/18/2010 29 9 - 20
Another, Perhaps Stronger Way to Pressure Whole Food
In no way can I justify this being a diary, but I feel that for all the good comments that have been said and diaries written I think that we have left one area unaddressed and I feel so strongly ...
4CasandChlo 08/13/2009 17 18 1 17
I Lost My Job An Hour Ago
I took friday off to go visit my brother in Austin, my boss knew that I was doing so, we had a wonderful weekend. He is a student, so I paid the $160 for good seats down low and for all the dinners.
4CasandChlo 10/27/2008 69 69 1 34
Palin Fueled Limbaugh Reaches Dangerous Territory
This is meant to follow up on the diary already posted concerning the hate speach that has been infused into the campaign and the dangerous areas we soon could be entering. I have kept my eye on ...
4CasandChlo 10/07/2008 72 30 1 15
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