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The War on Women Is Only About Abortion
The entire content of the War On Women is abortion, so says Kathleen Parker in her September 30,2014 Op.Ed. I happened across it over the weekend in my parent's hometown paper. I have been stewing ...
4mygirls 10/08/2014 12 33 - -
Email the FCC!
In a segment on his show, John Oliver gives an excellent, amusing, and a little NSFW, overview of the net neutrality situation. He invited all internet commenters to go to . The ...
4mygirls 06/03/2014 4 4 1 -
Single Payer in New York State
NYS Senator Bill Perkins and Assembly Health Chair Richard N. Gottfried introduce a bill today calling for a single payer system called New York Health.
4mygirls 03/07/2013 51 154 1 -
Good News Club = Bad News?
A registration form came home from public school with my 4th grader last week. It is called an after school club, all boys and girls in grades 1-5 are invited regardless of religious background. It'...
4mygirls 02/27/2013 32 11 - -
VAWA and a Republican meet
This morning I read an editorial in the local paper imploring Congress to pass the inclusive version of the VAWA . Imagine my surprise to find the author is a Republican Congressman. So thank you Rep.
4mygirls 12/16/2012 4 3 - -
Let us Pray
There is an email going around asking us to all pray at the same time each day for our endangered country. My friend sends them to me, mainly because she knows I'll send a rebuttal. Her addition was ...
4mygirls 02/27/2012 6 3 - 52
My words for the Bishop
I was moved to write about the rule for contraception to be offered without co-pays by the homily I heard last Sunday. I suspect it is not the letter the Bishop hoped I'd write. I also forwarded a ...
4mygirls 02/07/2012 11 20 - 90
A Heartfelt Thank You
Just before I gathered the girls to go to a family New Year party, There were still 50 or so names on the wish list, mine among them. Oh well, I thought, it is like the scratch off lottery card my ...
4mygirls 01/01/2012 6 12 - 50
Drug Testing Pilot Program
This is the horrible lead in I heard on the local news tonight! The county Health and Human Services is OFFERING to be a pilot program for this nonsense. There is a very high percentage of residents ...
4mygirls 12/20/2011 12 3 - 61
I want to "reply all"!
My inbox was polluted with a right-wing email. From family, unfortunately. I am trying to compose myself to compose a reply. I just don't know where to begin. Anyone out there willing to help? It is ...
4mygirls 10/07/2011 20 9 - 132
Fiscally Irresponsible Religious Ideology
That's the phrase I used in my second letter to my state representative. I had given him a letter urging him to support some issues,including marriage equality and the Reproductive Health Act in the ...
4mygirls 06/02/2011 32 8 - 141
Update-Marriage Equality in NYS-letter to my Rep.
The town hall meeting was quite interesting. More of an informal chat.There were only 6 of us there, I was the only non-republican. As I said my piece, one older man ranted about "immoral,choice,blah,
4mygirls 05/27/2011 9 17 - 73
Marriage Equality in NYS-letter to my Rep.
My State Rep. is holding office hours in my small town. He is against marriage equality, so I thought I would drop off a personal note urging him to support it. Then I had the idea to ask for ...
4mygirls 05/25/2011 22 10 - 88
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