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Bisexual, married, and out. My Journey
This last weekend there was a whole mess of meta, a lot of which was centered around bisexuality and bisexuals. That whole mess inspired me to write this diary about my life and experiences as a ...
A Bleeding God 04/06/2014 20 31 - -
Sexism in childrens shows. How Cars: Mater's Tall Tales encourages objectification of women
I am the parent of a two year old, darling little boy named Felix. Like many two year old boys he is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains and any other vehicle. As we have netflix streaming as our ...
A Bleeding God 03/30/2013 38 19 - -
Hate By Numbers takes on the 47% video
If you've ever been on the website, you'll know that it's a general humor site that makes fun of just about everything (and has an obsession with list based articles). One of their ...
A Bleeding God 09/22/2012 2 3 - 63
The Mississippi State Tea Party backs violent overthrow of the U.S. Government.
Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act occurred there has been a hue and cry raised by the Republican party about how it was socialism, freedom destroying and the end of America as we know it. ...
A Bleeding God 06/30/2012 33 22 1 337
My response to the 'Andy Rooney' Chain Email
This chain mail has been drifting around the web, and my In Laws just sent it to me. I decided to post a point by point rebuttal of the email. Here it is.
A Bleeding God 09/14/2010 33 8 - 50
People and Power - White Power USA
My thanks to SC Kitty for the help in filling this diary out a bit.
A Bleeding God 01/12/2010 14 8 - 14
A day in the life of Joe Republican...
Please note that this was not written by me, but I have as of yet been unable to find the true source. Since it's essentially gone viral I felt I should share it without attribution (as I don't know ...
A Bleeding God 08/13/2009 5 13 2 270
It's going to get worse...
We've been seeing it for months now. It started small, racist jokes during the primaries, cracks about how even if Obama won he'd be assassinated before he could take office. Then when election ...
A Bleeding God 02/21/2009 29 18 1 20
A different kind of bail out...
An Indiana judge has frozen the assets of a -genius- moron who decided the easiest way out of fraud charges was to nearly crash his company plane into someone's house. Follow me below the fold for ...
A Bleeding God 01/13/2009 2 - - -
22,500 acres of land potentially saved by one persons actions.
An environmental activist in Utah just saved nearly 23,000 acres of land from being auctioned off to the Oil and Gas companies, at a potential cost of his freedom, check it out below the fold.
A Bleeding God 12/24/2008 22 44 1 31
Dear DKos LGBT Community. Please help me.
This isn’t for a crusade, I’m not asking for money, phone calls, or anything of that nature. I just need for you to read this diary and respond to it to help explain some things to me. ...
A Bleeding God 11/24/2008 79 7 - 35
A Look Back, and a bet I expect to cash in on.
Hi there, I'm pretty new to all of this blogging crap, I don't tend to bother with it too much as I'm a pretty busy guy (working 3rd shift in a blue collar job leaves little time for luxury) but I'm ...
A Bleeding God 11/07/2008 3 2 - -
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