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Fighting Socialism Every Day In Every Way
The cognitive dissonance of Tea Partiers on Medicare screaming at the government to get its hands off their health care is well known and all too common. But I don't think it can be pointed out too ...
Alien Abductee 04/12/2010 5 2 1 21
Bush Knew Guantanamo Detainees Were Innocent
Could anything make what happened at Guantanamo any worse? How about if the President, the Vice President, and the Defence Secretary weren't simply incompetent or misled, but knew all along that ...
Alien Abductee 04/09/2010 341 386 7 224
Obama, and the Haves Versus the Have-Nots
An [interesting piece by Tom Edsall] on the demographics of the Obama coalition sheds some light on both ...
Alien Abductee 04/01/2010 13 7 1 27
You Can't Even See That They're Winning
You can't even see that the conservatives are winning when you're a supposed progressive and you write things like [this
Alien Abductee 03/29/2010 150 24 1 36
Who Will Speak To the Real Rage?
Frank Rich [points out the obvious]: the reaction on the right to health care reform is about something other than health care. The firestorm it'...
Alien Abductee 03/27/2010 15 17 - 31
The Greatest Progressive Legislation in Decades
David Frum's forced resignation from the right-wing think tank AEI has let the cat out of the bag. Frum's friend and fellow ex-AEI think-tanker Bruce Bartlett [unburdens himself of the secret http://...
Alien Abductee 03/25/2010 43 10 - 12
Shameless Grassley Takes Credit for Health Care Reform
They did it for the stimulus bill - demonize it and then take credit for it to their constituents - and now it starts for the health care bill. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) crafted the "death panels" ...
Alien Abductee 03/24/2010 11 12 - 63
One Last Chance for the Public Option - Really!
Ok, you probably don't even want to hear about it anymore, but Ryan Grim says that in this week's Senate vote on the health care reconciliation package there may be one more chance for the public ...
Alien Abductee 03/22/2010 71 16 - 26
Uber-wingnut Mark Steyn [looks down the long, dark road] beyond the passage of health care reform and sees utter ...
Alien Abductee 03/22/2010 40 17 - 30
Selling Out Choice to Widen the Tent
There's a very interesting piece on Bart Stupak at [rhrealitycheck]. As it points out, Stupak has voted reliably with his caucus 96 percent ...
Alien Abductee 03/20/2010 6 4 - 19
Public Option Not Completely Dead?
A promise to do something in the future in order to get out of having to do it now is not worth much, imo, but here's a new promise from Harry Reid [about the public option http://www.huffingtonpost....
Alien Abductee 03/19/2010 56 11 1 29
Learn From Failure, Don't Make Excuses
Chris Bowers over at Open Left is [engaged in the laughable exercise] of trying to justify the ...
Alien Abductee 03/08/2010 6 1 - 15
Why Aren't Backers of Health Care Reform Talking About This?
According to [The Hill] (so take it with a grain of salt), ...
Alien Abductee 03/04/2010 42 9 1 10
UI: GOP Undermines Business and the Middle Class, Again
So Republican whip Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona thinks that letting people have unemployment benefits and other middle class social safety net benefits like COBRA is a bad thing because it makes them [...
Alien Abductee 03/02/2010 6 2 - 32
Liberal Atheists More Intelligent? Be Very Wary
Before you start patting yourself on the back for your liberalism and/or atheism which [supposedly means] you're smarter than ...
Alien Abductee 02/27/2010 94 18 - 97
President Obama's YouTube Interview
Yesterday's CitizenTube/YouTube interview with President Obama is up:
Alien Abductee 02/02/2010 29 6 - 10
GOP Plan For Getting Rid of Deficit, Solving Healthcare
GOP Rep. Paul Ryan floats a budget proposal for getting rid of the country's massive deficit. All it will take is [privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
Alien Abductee 02/01/2010 23 6 1 22
What Happens When the Corporations Buy Up All the Free Speech?
A good point from [John Amato] about the impact Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission will have in the ...
Alien Abductee 01/30/2010 51 10 - 28
Death to Bipartisanship
Chris Bowers looks at the challenge for Democrats in turning out the base in 2010 and wonders [what can be done]:
Alien Abductee 01/28/2010 12 3 - 12
False Claims About Waterboarding 'A CIA Dirty Trick'
John Kiriakou was the CIA operative who managed to convince Americans that waterboarding was acceptable because it "worked." Now he says that not only was he not present for that supposedly ...
Alien Abductee 01/27/2010 28 20 - 25
Cornel West Calls Out President Obama
Cornel West calls out President Obama (via truthdig , ...
Alien Abductee 01/25/2010 719 536 14 205
The Message of MA
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) [gets the message right]: Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) put all the blame on ...
Alien Abductee 01/19/2010 4 4 - 10
So, Does This Fire You Up?
President Obama [unveils the Dem strategy for the midterms], and it comes down to Do you really want to go ...
Alien Abductee 01/14/2010 19 3 - 14
$33 Billion More For War
America can't afford single-payer, but there's always more money [for war]: WASHINGTON -- The Obama ...
Alien Abductee 01/12/2010 14 10 1 10
Current Form of Senate Filibuster Unconstitutional
Tom Geoghegan, labor lawyer, writer, and (hopefully) the progressive who will win Rahm's old seat (IL-5), argues that the current form of the Senate filibuster is unconstitutional, and that [it can ...
Alien Abductee 01/11/2010 49 22 1 21
'To Control Them, You Need Simple Rules'
On [Bill Moyers' (Jan. 8, 2010)], Kevin Drum and David Corn made a point about financial reform that actually applies to many of the other ...
Alien Abductee 01/09/2010 9 15 - 36
Don't Attack the Mandate
When you're grousing about the individual mandate as part of health care reform, you should remember to aim your ire where it belongs, and not where it will hurt progressive goals in the long run. ...
Alien Abductee 12/22/2009 46 6 - 29
What's Really Wrong with the Health Care Reforms
Back in the summer Ezra Klein [wrote about] what he thought the Obama WH strategy would be on ...
Alien Abductee 12/16/2009 9 1 - 23
Lies Upon Lies Upon Lies
Ann Althouse [gets herself] twisted in a writhing little ball of outrage about an article on CNN: CNN ...
Alien Abductee 12/13/2009 7 4 - 69
Healthcare: The Market the Government Constructs
Ezra Klein [thinks] the exchanges will make the US healthcare market work like the system of private health ...
Alien Abductee 12/11/2009 13 8 - 78
What I Learned From the Right Wing On Obama's Nobel Speech
I was curious about what the right-wing pundits would have to say about [Obama's Nobel speech]. While ...
Alien Abductee 12/10/2009 18 9 - 73
Who's Bamboozling Who on Afghanistan?
On December 1, President Obama [said about Afghanistan]: These are the ...
Alien Abductee 12/08/2009 15 3 - 31
Raise, Fold, or Call in Afghanistan?
Diplomat, scholar, soldier, and Afghanistan expert Rory Stewart was at the New York Review of Books conference and had some interesting things to say about Afghanistan. The [video http://www....
Alien Abductee 12/06/2009 25 3 - 23
Never Mind About Global Warming
The polar ice and the glaciers are melting, but that problem might be [just the tip of the iceberg
Alien Abductee 12/03/2009 23 4 - 48
Yet Another Public Option Plan in the Senate
Another public option plan will be unveiled in the Senate next week in hopes of finding a compromise that can get 60 votes. This one is being designed by Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), in consultation ...
Alien Abductee 12/01/2009 35 10 - 103
Making the Tough Choices On Afghanistan
The DLC faux progressive view on Afghanistan is that liberals, progressives, and Democrats generally should just STFU and get with the program of supporting the president, whatever he decides to do ...
Alien Abductee 12/01/2009 13 5 - 63
If They Really Wanted to Fix Afghanistan
If the Obama administration and the international community really wanted to fix Afghanistan, they wouldn't be preparing to pour tens of thousands of new combat troops into the country, spending ...
Alien Abductee 11/26/2009 48 12 - 66
On Needing a General to Go Against the Generals
Like [Laura Rozen] and others, Democracy Arsenal's Michael Cohen ...
Alien Abductee 11/14/2009 29 5 2 21
There's a Name For This
Jon Stewart generally does a wonderful job of deconstructing and skewering the tropes and memes and [outright falsifications
Alien Abductee 11/13/2009 3 5 - 191
RNC Health Insurance Covers Elective Abortion
Well good for Republicans. The Republican National Committee offers its members health care coverage that [includes elective abortion]:
Alien Abductee 11/12/2009 5 16 - 153
Making Lemonade Out Of Stupak's Lemons
There are a lot of things about the health care reform process that have been, as President Obama likes to say, "not perfect" - to say the least. The Stupak amendment may have been the straw that ...
Alien Abductee 11/10/2009 17 6 - 50
We Need More Women In Office
More women need to run and to be supported in their run for office specifically because they're women . I can't tell you how much I hate the idea of having to look at it like that - I prefer ...
Alien Abductee 11/08/2009 66 9 1 66
Are They Really Rethinking Afghanistan?
President Obama is taking his time deciding on how to proceed with Afghanistan, and has asked for new options from military planners for the war. Spencer Ackerman [lays out some of the concerns http:/
Alien Abductee 11/05/2009 61 9 - 102
Grayson: Best Foreign Policy Is 'Leave People Alone'
As if we needed any more reasons to like Alan Grayson, here's this (via [Think Progress]): Last month, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL)
Alien Abductee 11/02/2009 69 18 - 82
How Close to the Rack and Screw?
From the DOJ document dump yesterday, a little [true-life horror from the overseas CIA dungeons]: F.B.I. agents who ...
Alien Abductee 10/31/2009 8 6 - 192
Permanent War
Eminent military historian and professor of international relations Andrew Bacevich notices that when it comes to American policy in Afghanistan, [the emperor has no clothes
Alien Abductee 10/29/2009 15 10 - 44
The Fox News Cuckoos
White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett was [caught a bit flat-footed] yesterday talking about how Fox ...
Alien Abductee 10/28/2009 16 5 - 71
Why We Fight: 'Progressives Forced Our Hand'
Here's why it's a good thing for [blogs like HuffPo to criticize] the WH and the Dem leadership when they stray from trying to move progressive ...
Alien Abductee 10/26/2009 383 464 3 344
The Public Option: Unnamed Sources Say
It really is amazing how the human mind can string together disparate pieces of information to create any number of narratives. [Booman,-Whats-...
Alien Abductee 10/25/2009 21 7 1 9
Public Option Now Inevitable?
The [WaPo is reporting] that Senate Majority Leader Reid has decided he wants to include an opt-out public ...
Alien Abductee 10/23/2009 81 19 - 22
Gluttony Versus the Public Option (Video)
MoveOn has a nice video about the public option making the health insurance industry shape up through competition, via [BAGnewsNotes]:
Alien Abductee 10/23/2009 3 2 - 56
Rebranding Public Option as Medicare Part E
If it's true, [this] would be a great idea: Say hello to “Medicare Part E” — as in, “Medicare for ...
Alien Abductee 10/20/2009 51 31 1 19
It's Alive! (Public Option Back Again)
It looks like the public option may be gaining strength again in the Senate : The idea of creating a government-run ...
Alien Abductee 10/19/2009 21 16 - 18
The Mission in Afghanistan: 'Armed Social Work'
If you're in favor of escalating the US military presence in Afghanistan,
Alien Abductee 10/15/2009 45 9 - 44
Will It Be Hubris Or Humility In Afghanistan?
If only a little of the humility President Obama regularly [expresses] would rub off on some others in Washington. Tom ...
Alien Abductee 10/14/2009 20 7 - 30
Peace Prize Winner Sends Yet More Troops to Afghanistan
[HuffPo] notes the irony in its top headline: PEACE PRIZE? White House Quietly Authorized 13,000 More Troops For Afghan War : President ...
Alien Abductee 10/12/2009 120 12 - 50
Health Care Reform: How Much Patience Do You Have?
If Senate Dems decide to include [Carper's version of a public plan] as a compromise, there are some positives to ...
Alien Abductee 10/07/2009 4 1 - 14
ABC News 'Stunned' To Discover Dead Peasant Insurance
Michael Moore's Capitalism, A Love Story has revealed a deep dark secret to the intrepid reporters of ABC News - so-called Dead Peasant Insurance, the practice of companies taking out ...
Alien Abductee 10/03/2009 479 913 18 3777
Grayson: Republicans Are A LIE FACTORY
Alan Grayson was great on the Ed Schultz Show. He really knows how to laugh off an attack and turn it around not just to beat up on the attacker but to make the point he wants to make in an even ...
Alien Abductee 10/02/2009 377 572 7 177
Dodd, Feingold: Repeal Telecoms' Retroactive Immunity!
Senators Dodd, Leahy, Feingold, and Merkley are going to introduce a bill to [repeal the retroactive immunity for the telecoms] that was passed last July to ...
Alien Abductee 09/29/2009 26 48 1 211
A Scapegoat For What Ails Them
Frank Rich [writes] about Glenn Beck and the teabaggers: [T]here is a national conversation we must have ...
Alien Abductee 09/20/2009 6 2 - 34
Republicans In Disarray On Health Care Reform
So the Republicans are afraid that when the time comes for the rubber to hit the road, some of them might defect and [vote for a Democratic health reform bill
Alien Abductee 09/16/2009 16 4 - 8
Ghost Fleet Shows Global Recession Still Deepening
The Daily Mail [reports] there is a vast congregation of empty container ships lying at ...
Alien Abductee 09/15/2009 322 264 7 148
Stepping Up the Pressure to Get Health Care Reform
Efforts [like this!!-] to hold Democrats accountable for the support they received from ...
Alien Abductee 09/08/2009 1 2 - 4
No Wonder the Public's Confused about the Public Option
Is it any wonder the American people are confused about what President Obama is planning in the way of health reform? "Reporters" like CNN's Ed Henry [still can't get the most basic facts about it ...
Alien Abductee 09/07/2009 15 4 1 2
Health Care: It Won't Be the Senate's Fault
Jon Chait [says] the Senate is "the chokepoint for any health care bill" and that's true. But what about the ...
Alien Abductee 08/26/2009 47 2 - 3
Time to End the Filibuster
Tom Geoghegan [sets out the case] for ending the filibuster and describes the admittedly difficult path to doing it: This past ...
Alien Abductee 08/20/2009 49 8 - 15
What's Obama Up To On Health Care Reform?
There are as many theories as there are pundits about what the Obama White House is up to on health care reform. Let's assume that, [as a poker player
Alien Abductee 08/20/2009 12 2 - 4
Wingnut Screenwriter Imagines Death Panels
Wow, [Roger Ebert is right] about the "death panel" meme - it's a term of genius, if what you want to do is short-circuit ...
Alien Abductee 08/18/2009 13 5 1 11
Medically Necessary
It's nice to see the lies of GOP Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri [are catching up with him
Alien Abductee 08/17/2009 8 7 - 6
Fart-Ins On the Right
So [Rules for Radicals], Saul Alinsky's 1989 manual for progressive community organizing, is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. It's ...
Alien Abductee 08/13/2009 13 3 - 11
Health Care Rejectionists - It's Always Been About Race
Academic Gerard Boychuk illuminates why the United States has followed such a different course of public policy on health care from Canada's: ([PDF])
Alien Abductee 08/09/2009 20 14 - 29
Healthcare Reform: How Bad Will It Be for Republicans?
Conditions in the country have changed for the worse since the last try at health care reform, with much greater income inequality now and with people increasingly aware of their own economic ...
Alien Abductee 08/05/2009 23 8 - 19
Don't Let Blue Dogs Lie
The Blue Dogs claim they have to vote with Republicans on the issues because their mostly rural constituents are Red and demand it of them. Michael Tomasky crunches some numbers and finds that ...
Alien Abductee 07/29/2009 2 4 1 75
Why They Hate Single-Payer
The anxiety about Obama's communist marxist socialist health-care reform is getting out of hand. You really couldn't [make this up if you tried
Alien Abductee 07/28/2009 29 6 - -
Health Care Reform - What's the Point?
Paul Krugman [says] the demands of the Blue Dogs for "fiscal responsibility" in health care reform are ...
Alien Abductee 07/27/2009 7 9 - 16
Words You Won't Hear in Canadian Health Care
Canuckistanian at DU [lists some of the words] every American knows but that mean virtually nothing to ...
Alien Abductee 07/21/2009 545 733 35 688
The Truth About Canadians and Health Care
William Kristol urges Republicans to [stop Obama's health care reform in its tracks]: This is the ...
Alien Abductee 07/20/2009 93 25 1 34
Dialog With Depraved, Corrupt Imbeciles
Hilzoy [takes the high road]: I’ve always thought that a good citizenry is also composed of people who assume, ...
Alien Abductee 07/18/2009 20 7 - 9
What Exactly Were They Testing?
As expected, it looks like the Republicans are going to try to use Sonia Sotomayor's ruling in the case of the [white firefighter in New Haven] to ...
Alien Abductee 07/09/2009 15 7 - 8
Who's To Blame? Don't Take the Bait
Michael Lewis (of [Liar's Poker] fame), has an "investigation" [in August's Vanity Fair
Alien Abductee 07/08/2009 15 7 - 10
Humanity In Political Blogging - Too Much to Ask?
Here's an unusual event in the political blogosphere - a request to remember the humanity of a political opponent. [Peter Daou considers the reaction
Alien Abductee 07/07/2009 54 4 - 22
The Republican Base Speaks
The rabid anti-government ideology of the far-right base of the Republican Party is finally reaching its logical conclusion. According to the true believers, Sarah Palin's resignation is a higher ...
Alien Abductee 07/06/2009 25 4 - 28
Palin Redux
Whatever motivated Sarah Palin's resignation - and from her spooked look during her speech I suspect it wasn't a willing or happy choice on her part - I wouldn't count her out as a force to be ...
Alien Abductee 07/05/2009 19 3 - 47
Where Is the Outrage Over This?
Rush Limbaugh and the heartless Republican minority he speaks for says: There really isn't a crisis in health care in this country.... Day to day, there is no health care crisis in this ...
Alien Abductee 06/20/2009 12 11 - -
Torture and American Values
President Obama made a number of remarks about torture at his [first 100 days press conference]: What I'...
Alien Abductee 04/30/2009 14 1 - -
It's Not for the Suicide Bombers in Baghdad
Andrew Bacevich waves good riddance to the American Century and its destructive myths:
Alien Abductee 04/28/2009 25 10 1 1
Torture: The Next Excuse
Will there ever be an end to the excuses for Bush torture policies? Now they're saying they [didn't know it was wrong
Alien Abductee 04/21/2009 7 7 - 10
Moral Clarity, Then and Now
Andrew Sullivan [writes] about the war crimes trial of Nazi officers for using "
Alien Abductee 04/21/2009 16 5 - 2
Feingold: It's Not Over On Prosecuting for Torture
President Obama may be hoping to turn the page on the Bush torture years, but Sen. Russ Feingold suggests that prosecution may still be forthcoming. [He points out
Alien Abductee 04/16/2009 81 29 - 20
Tea Party Tax Protestors Have a Point
Maybe today's Teaparty tax protestors DO have a point. Do you feel you get value from the taxes you pay? A [new report out from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives http://www.theglobeandmail.
Alien Abductee 04/15/2009 62 7 - 18
Banks and the First Priority of Politicians
Today President Obama offered a comforting vision of his administration's efforts to right the struggling economy. He answered critics from both the doing-too-much and the doing-too-little sides of ...
Alien Abductee 04/14/2009 35 2 - 1
Not Enough Propaganda
Ed Kilgore [wonders] what critics on the right are asking for when they complain that Obama has abandoned ...
Alien Abductee 04/13/2009 11 4 - -
Twittering Into Oblivion
William Beutler [writes] that the left blogosphere is making a mistake by dismissing Twitter as a medium worth ...
Alien Abductee 04/12/2009 48 7 - 17
Questions About Free-Market Capitalism
Globalization and free trade are wonderful aren't they? Corporations love "open" trade when they can use it to pit workers in the advanced economies against workers in the most desperate ones in a ...
Alien Abductee 04/11/2009 35 8 - 5
U-Turn On Free Trade?
It looks like the Obama administration may turn more to fair trade instead of free trade if new commerce secretary Gary Locke [has his way]:
Alien Abductee 04/01/2009 38 11 - 28
End of War On Drugs? Not Really
Earlier this week The Guardian [reported that] The Obama administration signalled today that it ...
Alien Abductee 03/18/2009 14 4 - 3
A Different Problem With Pork
President Obama talked today about dealing with problems of safety in the food supply:
Alien Abductee 03/14/2009 9 10 - 23
'Health Care Is Not a Right'
Over at The Corner , Stephen Spruiell writes a lucid defense of what most people consider to be an indefensible position, that [health care is not a right
Alien Abductee 03/06/2009 115 23 - 17
Santelli Rant a 'Carefully Planned Trigger' For Anti-Obama Campaign
Playboy has a scoop: the Rick Santelli rant was a PR event planned by the usual right-wing suspects as early as August 2008. via [The Big Picture
Alien Abductee 02/28/2009 37 33 1 66
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