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Final Model of Today's New South Wales Election (Australia)
New South Wales (Australia) will be holding a state election today, the 28th of March, to decide the make-up of its parliament for the next 4 years. Currently New South Wales is governed by the ...
Alizarin Indigo 03/14/2015 11 1 - -
Next Weekend's Victorian State Election Modeled with Venom
Victoria (Australia) is currently governed by the Coalition, a permanent coalition of the centre-right Liberal party and the rural National Party. The opposition is the centre-left Labor party. The ...
Alizarin Indigo 11/21/2014 23 6 - -
Victorian State Election Modeling - With Venom
The next Victorian state election will be held on the 29th of November and public polling has begun to become more frequent, ReachTel, Galaxy, Essential, Morgan, Ipsos, and Newspoll have all ...
Alizarin Indigo 10/27/2014 1 2 - -
Modelling the Victorian State Election - With Venom
Victoria is currently governed by the Coalition, a permanent coalition of the centre-right Liberal party and the rural National Party. The opposition is the centre-left Labor party. The Coalition ...
Alizarin Indigo 10/04/2014 18 2 - -
Australian Federal Election (2016?) Modelling
It is now almost a year since the last Australian Federal election, which saw the centre-right Liberal/National Coalition defeat the governing centre-left Labor party and take a 90-55 seat advantage ...
Alizarin Indigo 08/30/2014 23 6 - -
Analysis of Modelling the Australian Federal Election
This diary is an analysis of the model I developed to predict the seat-by-seat outcome of the Australian federal election held in September. Unfortunately late polling released the morning of the ...
Alizarin Indigo 11/12/2013 11 5 1 -
Australian Federal Election - Final Predictions
With polls opening in just a few hours there is universal consensus that the Coalition will defeat the Labor government and wield a sizable majority in the new house. My model is ...
Alizarin Indigo 09/06/2013 46 34 - -
The Australian Federal Election (Senate Edition)
Just one more week until election day in Australia and it appears clear that Tony Abbott and the Coalition will be winning government and it probably won't be particularly close. In the interests of ...
Alizarin Indigo 08/30/2013 16 12 - -
Modelling the Australian Federal Election: Four Weeks Out
Last Sunday Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visited the Governor General and offered advice that an election be held for the Federal House of Representatives on Saturday the 7th of September. In ...
Alizarin Indigo 08/09/2013 15 4 - -
Mid July Predictions for the Australian 2013 Federal Election: Hung Parliament II
Everything has changed in the Australian electoral landscape. Kevin Rudd has been returned to the Prime Minister-ship by the same Labor party that deposed him three years ago. In doing so Rudd ...
Alizarin Indigo 07/12/2013 28 18 1 -
Predictions for the Australian 2013 Federal Election
In just 15 weeks Australia will hold a federal election. Polling has universally condemned the incumbent Labor minority government (left leaning major party) to a landslide defeat at the hands of ...
Alizarin Indigo 06/01/2013 30 6 - -
A Democratic/Republican New Hampshire State Senate
With the new map for the 24 member New Hampshire state senate effectively finalised Republicans appear to have given themselves a decent chance of holding the chamber in a state that is trending ...
Alizarin Indigo 02/09/2012 3 4 - 84
Swing States Over Time
A few months ago I made some graphs showing the movement of each state's PVI since the Civil War. I never got around to posting them as I was too busy to do a proper job of writing up explanations. ...
Alizarin Indigo 11/22/2011 11 13 1 163
Analysing the Legislative Map of Idaho
As the redistricting commission in Idaho has agreed to a legislative map I've drawn both the existing map and the new map in DRA to see what effect the changes will have on the composition of the ...
Alizarin Indigo 10/18/2011 20 1 - 130
A Republican Maryland
"A Republican Maryland" or "Because shouldn't we see if all the DKE sidebar dairies can be Maryland maps?" A Republican gerrymander of Maryland wouldn't have to shoot for only a 4-4 split, which is ...
Alizarin Indigo 10/13/2011 15 - - 110
A Democratic Colorado (Now with Bonus Spiralmander)
The first map isn't of my usual "testing the limits" style. Rather it is a hopefully reasonably realistic 5-2 Colorado. Democratic districts are a minimum 54% Dem. The second map is a Whitty ...
Alizarin Indigo 09/28/2011 14 5 - 189
Partisan Nebraska
Nebraska has already completed its redistricting and it ended up changing very little despite the Nebraska 2nd having an only marginally Republican PVI. There was some attempt to gerrymander ...
Alizarin Indigo 09/11/2011 3 4 - 87
A Republican New York
The first redistricting map I ever made back at SSP was a theoretical Republican gerrymander of New York. It had some kinks, New York is an ambitious project, so I’ve had another crack at the same ...
Alizarin Indigo 09/07/2011 7 2 - 153
A Novel Model of the Australian Federal Election of 2010
This diary relates to Australian politics so I’ve included a quick glossary to begin with. Glossary 2PP/Two party preferred. Due to Australia’s use of preferential voting it is ...
Alizarin Indigo 08/11/2011 3 1 - 75
A Democratic Minnesota
This diary could be a Democratic proposal for Minnesota's congressional districts provided a willingness to do something that there is no willingness for in the real word; split Minneapolis. ...
Alizarin Indigo 06/14/2011 8 - - 113
A Republican Minnesota: State Senate
Until last November's crushing 16 seat Republican gain, which turned a DFL (Democratic) super-majority into 37-30 Republican control, Democrats had controlled the Minnesota state senate since the ...
Alizarin Indigo 06/02/2011 8 3 - 108
A Republican Illinois
The good news for Democrats is that Illinois will be a Democratic and not Republican gerrymander this cycle. That said, since we have seen some solid 13-5 Democratic maps the question is raised; how ...
Alizarin Indigo 05/10/2011 7 1 - 181
A Republican Minnesota
Hello and welcome to my first diary at Daily Kos after the move from Swing State Project. This map is a Republican gerrymander of Minnesota. Usually I crunch my own numbers for partisan leanings ...
Alizarin Indigo 05/03/2011 17 6 - 201
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