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Are Texas Republicans Behind Offensive ‘Catch an Illegal’ Event on UT Campus?
A University of Texas (UT) conservative student group is holding a mock immigration round up whereby someone is rewarded for catching an “illegal” immigrant. The Young Conservatives of Texas - ...
HS News 11/20/2013 11 4 - -
SNL’s Diversity Issues Include Excluding Latinos
Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) diversity issues just got a little bigger with Latinos chiming in that they are not represented enough on the iconic show. The show’s diversity issues became center ...
HS News 11/14/2013 15 4 - -
Outcry Over Lack of Latino Inclusion on PBS
There is an outcry over the lack of Latinos on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) network led by the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) prompted by the departure of Ray Suarez. Suarez, 56, ...
HS News 11/05/2013 3 3 - -
The Amazon carbon sink is failing due to climate change enhanced drought.
The Amazon rainforest is the source of one-fifth of all fresh water on the planet, it is also the lungs of the planet or a carbon sink . It is called that because it sucks up the global emissions of ...
Pakalolo 10/30/2013 6 22 - -
Subverting the Narrative: Nezahualcóyotl frees Quetzacoatl! (FINAL UPDATE with PIC)
Teaching doesn't have to be complicated. Elementary School is a strange world. Lots of life happens there and not all of it is pretty. In fact, it's a pretty rough place where kids learn hard ...
bastrop 09/15/2013 48 64 7 -
History of California: The Spanish Fantasy Past
This is not an era in California history that I own just yet. In my regular US History surveys, I talk about the natives briefly in the pre-Columbian era, and I don't really get back to California ...
Dave in Northridge 09/14/2013 85 70 7 -
Hummingbirds: Está cabrón...inheriting bitter grapes of a betrayed climate
(Note: This is the final diary in the Hummingbird Blogathon. Acknowledgements and thanks are down below.) Getting to know migrant farmworkers from Mexico to Watsonville. Orgulloso (proud) I am to ...
catilinus 09/13/2013 40 82 1 -
Yes, she should ... run for lieutenant governor of Nevada
Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores I don’t live in Nevada. Have only been there a few times in my life. In my search to find role models for the young women in my classes—especially young women ...
Denise Oliver Velez 09/08/2013 75 134 2 9
El Yasuní es la gallina de los huevos de oro
The Yasuní Is The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the conversation about oil development in Ecuador, I hope you decide to read this and learn more. ...
angelajean 08/26/2013 7 29 - -
DailyKos sólo está interesado en los votantes que hablan inglés.
DailyKos sólo está interesado en los votantes que hablan inglés. Cuando Wendy Davis llevó su filibustero, nació ...
sexgenderbody 08/23/2013 53 11 - -
Diplomatic Affront Says Latin America: Bolivian Presidential Plane Held Captive for 13 Hours
“Mother of God! What a world!” raged Argentine President Cristina Kirchner while Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa railed on Twitter about the “attack” and “affront to our America” ...
HS News 07/03/2013 9 14 - -
How Will an Openly Gay U.S. Ambassador Fare in the Dominican Republic??
President Obama has announced James “Wally” Brewster, Jr. as his choice for U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. It is an interesting choice that could either be historic or hysterically ...
HS News 06/24/2013 4 1 - -
From South America to North America: A Lesson From Brazil
Matt Drudge has been gleefully editorializing about the Brazil protests by suggesting -- through deceptive labeling of article links -- that they are against 'big government'. He could not be more ...
james321 06/21/2013 41 41 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: From Detroit to Honduras and Back: Capitalists Immigrate To Usurp Rights.
From This in Michigan... To This in Honduras....
Justina 06/16/2013 44 56 3 -
GOP’S Newest Hispanic Outreach Idea: Deport Them
This week to a chorus of boos House Republicans voted 224-201 to approve an amendment, authored by Rep. Steve King (R-IA), that defunds the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The ...
HS News 06/10/2013 6 5 - -
What Is He Thinking? Sen. Rubio Endangering Immigration Reform Passage - Proposing Key Change
No one is sure where Senator Marco Rubio obtained his negotiation skills but someone should of told him it is not wise to change the rules of the game when the game has started and when you wrote ...
HS News 06/03/2013 10 5 - -
What Makes J Lo Mobile Phones So Latino?
Have you heard Jennifer Lopez is trying to sell you something again – no it’s not another pair of tiger print stretch pants THANK GOD - it’s mobile phones in partnership with Verizon. When ...
HS News 05/29/2013 7 3 - -
You are on Indian Land.
It's Proud to Be Indigenous Week, and I've written this piece in honor of my cousin Mel Rasmussen of Lac Du Flambeau, who recently (May 11) passed to the other side. You are on Indian Land. Over ...
grumpelstillchen 05/23/2013 131 89 3 -
2,300 Year Old Mayan Pyramid Bulldozed for Belize Road Project
This is a terrible shame. An ancient Mayan pyramid was bulldozed by a construction crew building a road project in Belize, for road fill. Not the least of the shame is that archeoligists believe ...
eXtina 05/15/2013 28 63 - -
Almost Latina
There are two stories of my name. Growing up I was given the Gaelic version. The European heritage matched the narrative of my face: eyes that faded to gray-blue in spite of my mother’s campaign ...
CayceP 04/19/2013 15 17 1 -
Jay-Z ‘Open Letter’ Rap to His Cuba Critics – Yes that Means You Sen. Rubio
Rapper Jay-Z has just addressed his Cuba-trip critics that include well known Cuban-American politicians, with a rap titled ‘Open Letter’. The music mogul and his wife Beyonce celebrated their ...
HS News 04/11/2013 3 4 - -
Divorce or Abdication: Princess Cristina of Spain’s Difficult Choice
There is a scandal brewing in Spain that is so riveting Spaniards are taking time off from focusing on their economic woes to weigh in and watch with bated breath what happens next. It involves the ...
HS News 04/08/2013 5 10 - -
Is There Something Worse Than Being Called a Wetback?
Have you heard the one about the “50-60 wetbacks” picking tomatoes that were replaced by a machine? If you haven’t, your head is in the sand or in the Rio Grande. Republican U.S. ...
HS News 04/01/2013 21 7 - -
Rand Paul May Support Path to Citizenship – Latinos Say Who Cares
There is a lot of buzz about Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s sudden embrace of immigration reform and a possible ‘path to citizenship’ but not from Latinos. Coming from a man who is ...
HS News 03/21/2013 5 4 - -
Poll Shows Scandal Plagued Sen. Robert Menendez Not As Popular in Home State
A recent political poll from Quinnipac reflects the affect rumors of romping with under-aged prostitutes and questionable friendships can have on your approval rating as an election official. The ...
HS News 02/22/2013 10 2 - -
Tragic fire at student party kills 232 in Santa Maria, Brazil
May the victims rest in peace. May their families and loved ones get the support they need. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
distraught 01/27/2013 7 7 - -
Puerto Rico: Inauguration Day (live)
Today Puerto Rico celebrates a holiday, Inauguration Day. The swearing-in ceremony of the tenth popularly elected Head of Government, Alejandro García Padilla . García Padilla belongs to the ...
Lrios 01/02/2013 3 1 - -
There's always a 'worst' day on a trip - did it have to be Christmas Day?
Textile from the modern Uros This diary is an extension ...
angelajean 12/29/2012 15 25 - -
G'bye, dKos. I will miss you.
You might recall this. Dimly, if at all. Your Bloguero took a blog hiatus back on October 8, 2012. Why? As your Bloguero stated in his recent TTFN message : Well, I'm going to go off and have an ...
davidseth 11/08/2012 41 31 - -
¡Si Se Puedo! – Obama Wins Re-election and Says Gracias to Latino Voters
¡Si Se Puedo! – President Barrack Obama won re-election last night winning the electoral vote at 303 and the popular vote by 50%, thanks in great part to near-record levels of Latino support. ...
HS News 11/07/2012 6 4 - -
On Election Day Latinos Need to Make History with Record Voter Turnout
I am urging everyone I know, don’t know, don’t like, and even talk bad about to get off their Laz-y Boys and go out and vote tomorrow. No excuses- not even from all my aunts whose backsides ...
HS News 11/06/2012 4 5 - -
Puerto Rico's general elections - The Great Debate tonight
Tonight is the last debate between the 6 (yes, 6!) candidates who are running in Puerto Rico's general elections. One of these six men will become Puerto Rico's next head of government. This is not ...
Lrios 10/25/2012 7 5 1 -
Latin America Drops from the Map: Ignored in Last Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy
Last night’s final Presidential debate, focusing on foreign policy, covered a lot of geography but on the whole ignored Latin America. To listen to President Barack Obama and Republican candidate ...
HS News 10/23/2012 18 6 - -
Disney’s First Latina Princess is Suffering from Neglect. Why?
Disney’s latest fictional phenom comes in the form of Princess Sofia, the first Latina Princess. The young princess will make her debut in the animated film ‘Sofia the First: Once Upon a ...
HS News 10/23/2012 3 1 - -
I was thinking that I'd just walk away, and stop posting for a while, and that I'd come back in November, after the election, and see whether I felt like posting and/or commenting. I could just go. ...
davidseth 10/07/2012 26 47 - 538
Not Columbus Day: Baracoa, The Beginning
Note: This essay was originally posted at NION in 2008. That site no longer exists. And it was reprised and updated in 2011 at The Dream Antillles . It was expanded to form a central part of my 2011 ...
davidseth 10/07/2012 9 5 - 51
Travel: Shopping For Tequila In Cancun Airport
Blue Agave ( Agave tequilana ) Your Bloguero is a frequent flyer between New York and Cancun’s Airport. It’s an airport designed so that when you are catching a departing flight, you ...
davidseth 09/09/2012 33 41 4 354
Ecuador Says “F**k You” to UK and Grants Julian Assange Asylum
In the face of global criticism and possible revocation of its diplomatic status in Britain, Ecuador has decided to grant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange political asylum. Why would Ecuador grant ...
HS News 08/16/2012 11 4 - 105
Huffington Post: Romney Started Bain With Blood Money
What a surprise. Romney defied his own beliefs to get ahead. The Huffington Post headline reads: Mitt Romney Started Bain With Money from Families Tied To Death Squads. The article by Ryam Grim and ...
rem123 08/08/2012 102 295 6 1777
The Importance Of Being Ernesto
This seems now like an annual ritual . I see a map like the one above. I write this essay or one like it. The hurricane projections seem to be pointed directly at my ...
davidseth 08/03/2012 12 17 - 81
Wowie! Zowie! Time for Ka-Powie!
Thanks in large part to your efforts, the latest ad, "Wink," has gotten more than 11,000 views in a bit over three days, the first of any of my vids to break 10K. The speed of its spread suggests ...
Crashing Vor 07/16/2012 139 296 1 1651
Amnesia And Election Fraud In Mexico
Yesterday, tens of thousands of Mexicans went into the streets of Mexico City to protest against fraud in the claimed election of Enrique Pena Nieto (EPN), the PRI ...
davidseth 07/08/2012 8 9 - 58
UPDATED with video link - Mexico vote buying scandal - Is WalMart involved? Please Help!
The alleged distribution of thousands (some say millions) of prepaid retail store cards of Mexican retailer Soriana to Mexican voters by the PRI, Mexico's longtime ruling party, to buy votes for ...
tavoNYC 07/06/2012 24 12 - 97
Mexico Votes On Sunday: Will This End The Killing?
Yo Soy 132 demonstrators on May 1 Mexico goes to the polls on Sunday to elect a president. It’s ...
davidseth 06/29/2012 31 28 - 315
That Was No Coup In Paraguay
While the US continues to ruminate about whether what happened in Paraguay is appropriately categorized as a coup, Mercosur is meeting in Mendoza, Argentina. And deposed President Lugo won't be ...
davidseth 06/27/2012 28 15 - 156
Paraguay's Coup, The US's Weak Response
There's a feeling of deja vu about this. Another coup in the Americas, another golpe de estado displaces a left leaning president, another opportunity for the US to shy away from swift condemnation. ...
davidseth 06/26/2012 37 24 - 204
Juarez, I Still Hear You Crying
(I've written about this before, here (fiction), here and here . I confess that I can't get this out of my head. I can't just forget about this and move on. So here is ...
davidseth 06/24/2012 14 17 1 93
Today's Marches In Mexico: Crickets in the US Trad Media
Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. I think I told you that something important was happening today in Mexico. I wrote about it yesterday , and I then rescued my own diary to tell you about it ...
davidseth 06/10/2012 16 27 - 165
Support Today's Marches Throughout Mexico!
I posted this essay yesterday, and it received virtually no attention. I think it's important to tell this story. Especially today. So I suppose I can rescue my own essay. Here it is.
davidseth 06/10/2012 20 19 - 96
Solidarity With YoSoy132!
Something extremely important is happening Sunday in Mexico. I don't think you're going to hear much about it on the Trad Media TM . Especially English language Media. Or on the blogs. So I'm ...
davidseth 06/09/2012 4 6 2 55
Dawn Chorus - The Braying of Penguins
Just a few short weeks ago, during late March, my family and I took a road trip through parts of Northern Patagonia and the Lake District of Argentina. I have lots to share but thought I would ...
angelajean 05/27/2012 107 67 - 267
Juarez, I Hear You Crying, Part 3
(This is the third and final post of a series. The first post was fiction . The second was a factual discussion of the political corruption of the narco-dystopia in Mexico. This third post is ...
davidseth 05/23/2012 4 18 1 65
Juarez, I Can Hear You Crying, Part 2
Mexico hates you, EPN This LA ...
davidseth 05/22/2012 2 10 - 74
Puerto Rico: new political status poll (May 2012)
The most recent scientific poll conducted by Puerto Rico’s main newspaper El Nuevo Día about the political status of Puerto Rico shows 45% would vote for the Sovereign Commonwealth-Free ...
Lrios 05/16/2012 14 8 - 111
Juarez, I Hear You Crying
Ciudad Juarez. 1.3 million souls across the Rio Grande from El Paso. The murder rate is supposedly down from a record of 3,000 in 2010. I am waiting for the bus at a bus stop. I don’t have cash ...
davidseth 05/12/2012 26 23 - 153
Anti-Cap Meet-Up:Dead or Alive, Venezuelans Will Follow Chavez; Americans Would Gain by Joining In!
With the Chavez Socialist Government, which includes articulate young leaders, many of them women, Venezuelans have these rights, benefits and protections, which the government is mandated to enforce.
Justina 05/07/2012 66 24 1 203
Arizona’s SB1070 Get’s Its Day in Court, Won’t Change Anti-Latino Sentiment It Spawned
The Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday for and against Arizona’s two-year old immigration law known as SB1070. SB1070 was the pioneer in anti-immigrant legislation that gave seed to 36 other ...
HS News 04/26/2012 2 1 - 26
Hollywood Latinos Getting into the Dating Game Business
Latino Hollywood stars, Eva Longoria and George Lopez, recently announced plans to get into the reality dating game craze through separate projects. Let’s forget the fact that both have failed ...
HS News 04/25/2012 3 - - 32
Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Socialist Venezuela in Top Five of Happiest Countries; Capitalist US is ...
How is it that a relatively small country (population 28 million), with a Gross National Product (GNP) one-fourth that of the United ...
Justina 04/09/2012 116 63 2 428
Fear and Uncertainty for the Undocumented Like Oscar Molina in Alabama
Oscar Molina looks proudly at his son, Angel, 11, who often makes the honor roll at school. “If I take him to Mexico, his education will go,” says Oscar. Oscar and his wife are ...
HS News 04/02/2012 2 2 1 34
Cessylia’s Road from Teotihuacan to Life in Fear in Alabama
Cessylia didn’t want to move from Mexico. “That wasn’t important to me. I had work all the time,” she says. In her early twenties, she was an administrative assistant at a Renault car ...
HS News 03/28/2012 7 4 1 79
Yet Another Broken Heart
President Obama got it entirely right when he said , “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” That captures it in a sentence. A broken heart, and profound sadness and anger at the shooting ...
davidseth 03/23/2012 11 46 1 244
A Visit to the Peruvian Amazon
Although a lurker since UIDs were in the low tens of thousands, I’ve only recently joined DK and never diaried. Selecting a subject for my first was a difficult process, since I didn’t want to ...
Rileycat 03/08/2012 9 10 - 57
HERvotes coalition formed
I'm a strong believer in coalition building. Which is why I was very pleased to see the following announcement of yet another effort to fight back against the current war on women being waged ...
Denise Oliver Velez 03/02/2012 132 368 11 1145
The Old Peak - Machu Picchu
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation - An Untold Number of Diaries to Come about our family vacation to Peru and Bolivia. Diaries are part travel, part photos, part politics and ...
angelajean 02/29/2012 33 47 1 150
Camino del Inca - The Many Faces of Machu Picchu
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation - An Untold Number of Diaries to Come about our family vacation to Peru and Bolivia. Diaries are part travel, part photos, part politics and ...
angelajean 02/21/2012 21 37 - 137
Tulum ~ A Book Review
David Seth Micheal's Tulum is a read that draws you in, grinning to yourself at the sweet honesty of the workings of the author's mind. I found myself reading ever quicker as the story unfolded, ...
Diane Gee 02/21/2012 6 8 1 73
Camino del Inca - Valley of the Rainbows
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation - An Untold Number of Diaries to Come about our family vacation to Peru and Bolivia. Diaries are part travel, part photos, part politics and ...
angelajean 02/14/2012 16 51 3 140
Camino del Inca - 5 Steps at a Time
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation -
angelajean 02/07/2012 37 62 1 269
Take The Stoopid Out Of The Super Bowl. Please.
Yes, this is too short to be a post. Yes, you probably don't need me to say this because you already know it. And maybe I don't have to say it. But how much can it hurt? Please do not drink and ...
davidseth 02/05/2012 33 41 - 375
Camino del Inca - Hitting the trail!
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation -
angelajean 02/01/2012 46 56 2 241
Cusco, Peru - Part 2
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation -
angelajean 01/26/2012 41 32 1 119
Cusco, Peru - Part 1
This diary is an extension of 2 Weeks of Vacation -
angelajean 01/24/2012 53 44 2 150
How To Drink Mate Like An Argentine
angelajean 01/20/2012 97 103 16 607
‘Leave and Get in Line’ Romney Tells the Undocumented at the SC Debate
Yesterday’s South Carolina Republican debate set in idyllic Myrtle Beach belied the chaotic and boisterous verbal dueling going on inside the Myrtle Beach Conference Center. There didn’t appear ...
HS News 01/17/2012 3 3 - 59
The Banning of Mexican American authors in Tucson
By Salomon Baldenegro Estimadas/os: First, let’s get the media-driven nonsense out of the way: “Ethnic Studies” was not dismantled in the Tucson Unified School District. Mexican ...
dcampbell 01/16/2012 22 23 2 195
2 Weeks of Vacation - An Untold Number of Diaries to Come
My arrival to Machu Picchu For those of you who don't know me, I am a military wife currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
angelajean 01/12/2012 22 29 2 154
Mitt Romney ‘Nosotros’ Spanish Ad - Bad Latino Vote Pandering Effort
Mitt thank you for your ‘Nosotros’ (‘Us’) en Español ad. I thank you for recognizing (finally) that some people in the U.S. speak something else beside English no matter that this is vote ...
HS News 01/11/2012 5 10 - 91
Buenos Aires Becomes A Tropical City
Front page news in the Buenos Aires newspaper, Clarín: "Buenos Aires se está ...
angelajean 01/11/2012 22 35 1 181
Puerto Rico: new political status polls (Nov/Dec 2011)
The most recent scientific poll conducted by Puerto Rico’s main newspaper El Nuevo Día about the ...
Lrios 01/10/2012 116 44 4 679
Occupy Wall Street and the Scent of Revolution
Growing up in a diplomatic family you learn to keep your nose to the wind, and read the writing on the wall, in case political turmoil suggests a flight for the border. The skills were useful doing ...
Nicholas Carroll 01/09/2012 252 541 35 2209
Today: Melchior, Gaspar And Balthazar
davidseth 01/05/2012 53 71 1 453
TUSD loses an appeal to save Mexican-American Studies
The friction between Baja and Alta Arizona grinds on: Tucson Unified School District on ...
LandruBek 12/31/2011 65 46 3 350
Punta del Este, Uruguay; A Travel Diary
angelajean 12/04/2011 26 20 - 90
Brazil shuts down Chevron's offshore drilling after "negligent" deep water spill
Now this is how you handle an oil company that cuts corners. Brazil suspends Chevron's drilling ...
Lefty Coaster 11/24/2011 26 70 2 261
A different kind of Thanksgiving on Alcatraz Island & in Oakland
Alcatraz Island sits in the middle of beautiful San Francisco Bay. Oakland is across the water to the east of the island. I can catch a glimpse of Alcatraz if I walk up a hill or ride up an elevator.
catilinus 11/24/2011 10 31 - 140
Feliz Cumpleaños, El Galpon!
Back in May, I told you about one of my favorite places in Buenos Aires, El ...
angelajean 11/22/2011 7 6 - 33
The Real Right To Life: Venezuela Expands Benefits for Elderly while the U.S. Pepper-Sprays Them.
"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." Mahatma Ghandi In Chicago on November 7, 2011,
Justina 11/21/2011 196 82 6 533
Don't Cry for Greece, Argentina
So the very country that invented democracy, is now denied the benefit of it. The banks of France and Germany have successfully stopped the referendum on Greece to allow austerity to proceed. Troika ...
TPau 11/17/2011 87 66 5 372
Ocupemos El Barrio!
I haven't been out to Occupy Boston much this week, as I'm nursing a cold that doesn't want to die off. But, Friday night, there was an indoor event: the premier meeting of Ocupemos el Barrio. The ...
UnaSpenser 11/17/2011 23 49 1 158
Latinos fill voids in dying towns
Amazing chart from the NY Times :
kos 11/14/2011 102 62 5 407
Farmworkers Reality Tour: A Smack in the Face.
Having lived my entire life within a 1 hour drive of Watsonville I was not completely naive of the migrant farm worker’s plight. My early years were spent growing up in a “comfortable” lower ...
Glen The Plumber 11/13/2011 66 92 2 480
Fighting Privatization of Sacred Lands: Occupy Tucson Joins Native Grass Roots 'Protect Chuk-Shon'
Big business development interests are trying to buy up public lands considered sacred to many in Tucson, the very birthplace of this ancient city, lying in the shadow of Sentinal (A) mountain. ...
cosmic debris 11/13/2011 33 110 5 346
Standing by MB with the most hated of this land (this is the end)
This series has tried to present the excursion of a group of us kossacks to visit with farmworkers in Watsonville, California as it appeared to me (& in no way meant to speak for others in our group).
catilinus 11/09/2011 69 107 3 579
Wandering thru a Watsonville Migrant Camp (w/ Video)
Last Sunday a group of Kossacks including MB, Navajo, Citisven, Norm, Glen the Plumber, Remembrance, catilinus and myself mad a trip down to Watsonville in the Pajaro Valley to visit ...
BentLiberal 11/08/2011 51 92 3 315
(Updated) Standing by MB with the most hated in this land (Part II)
UPDATE: Please check out BentLiberal's new Diary with excellent video on Watsonville immigrant camp. ------------------------------------- For background please see Part I . For even better diaries,
catilinus 11/08/2011 28 94 2 362
Standing by MB with the most hated of this land (Part I).
Yesterday a group of DailyKos kossacks sojourned down to meet with some of the most scape-goated, reviled, & hated people in our country. It was a journery I wish every kossack could make at some ...
catilinus 11/07/2011 115 446 7 2334
Wall Street ocupada y preocupada - An opinion piece from Argentina
Wall Street Occupied and Preocuppied Yesterday I read an opinion piece in the ...
angelajean 11/04/2011 75 90 6 487
Nov 2 Strike: Why I'll be carrying Fort Laramie on my back
I'll be doing two inter-related things November 2. First, I'll be participating in Occupy Oakland's STRIKE against the 1% that have stolen what belongs to the 99% of us. Second, I'll have the ...
catilinus 10/31/2011 13 25 2 101
A Fascinating Study on Mexican Immigrants Who Can’t Speak Spanish
By: inoljt, Picture a Mexican immigrant, and several images generally come to mind. The average American might imagine tacos and his or her gardener, for instance. ...
Inoljt 10/23/2011 55 77 1 657
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