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Angry Va. College Students Riot Over Obama Victory
It seems the bigots are losing their minds. I guess they figured Obama's 2008 victory was a fluke and, for once, maybe a white guy will get a shot at being POTUS. Main article is here. About 40 ...
Aspe4 11/08/2012 23 20 - -
UPDATE X2 BREAKING: Pelosi Says Votes Not There For Sen. HCR Bill
This is just coming in on Washington as of 11:25 am EST. I will add more as the story develops. There was the potential for the House to pass the Senate version of health insurance reform ...
Aspe4 01/21/2010 251 24 2 27
Rush Limbaugh Show Attacks a Teabagger
Teabagger and small business owner Mike Vines apparently did not know that he would get in trouble with fellow right-wingers when he applied for a Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loan ...
Aspe4 12/30/2009 23 36 1 99
GOP Political Stunt Backfires in NC
With all the tea baggers and angry voters who have never been interested in politics until now (NOT) frothing at the mouth on the teevee this summer, one would think that the Democrats and Obama are ...
Aspe4 10/22/2009 39 60 1 79
Michael Steele Townhall Interrupted w/ Video
Last evening, September 1, 2009, Michael Steele held a townhall at my alma mater, Howard University in Washington, DC. CSPAN broadcasted it live. The College Republicans and Democrats both sponsored ...
Aspe4 09/02/2009 13 4 1 45
Breaking: SCOTUS Sides with White Firefighters
The Washington Post reports that the U.S. Supreme Court today issued a ruling on Ricci ...
Aspe4 06/29/2009 123 9 - 31
BREAKING: Cooper Will Not Challenge Sen. Burr ***UPDATED
Taking out republican NC Senator Richard Burr was one of our good chances at flipping a Senate seat to the Dems but it looks like that is less certain than before. Burr now holds John Edwards' old ...
Aspe4 05/15/2009 40 8 - 24
Obama's New U.S. Attorneys
As this Washington Post story emphasizes, one of the spoils of the presidential ...
Aspe4 03/13/2009 16 7 - 36
Legally Kos: Recession Changes Law Firm Business Model
The Great Recession's tentacles reach everywhere. The Washington Post reports ...
Aspe4 03/09/2009 96 9 - 32
RNC Member: Steele Needs to Resign
Wow, Steele can't catch a break. Some republicans have been quietly complaining about RNC Chairman Michael Steele's performance thus far. Two Kos diaries documented such yesterday:
Aspe4 03/05/2009 46 5 - 19
Steele in Deep Shiznit with GOP?
Yo, check it! My man Michael Steele is gettin off to a shaky start and them bitches in the GOP are starting to get scurred according to this article ...
Aspe4 03/04/2009 68 25 1 30
Wednesday Republicoozles and Conservatizzles and Politeezles, Oh No!
Sure, republicans say all kinds of things in public and on tee vee. But what do they really say to each other in private and what do they think inside their own minds? Hmmmm... UPDATED:
Aspe4 02/11/2009 10 11 - 1
Michael Steele's Illegal Campaign Spending
Newly elected RNC chairman Michael Steele has been in the news lately for his "victory" in the recent race to be the leader of the ...
Aspe4 02/07/2009 33 18 1 15
Hilda Solis's Tax "Problem" Delays Confirmation
The Washington Post just posted a story on the delay of the confirmation of Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary.
Aspe4 02/05/2009 136 16 - 35
Obama Admin to Citigroup: "No Plane for You!"(UPDATED X3)
Yesterday I'm sure most have heard that Citigroup was about to buy a new corporate jet. Ellinorianne wrote a diary on it yesterday.
Aspe4 01/27/2009 347 371 2 51
Laid-Off? Whatchoo Talkin' Bout Willis??
Over the past 2 days or so a few diaries have popped up with authors informing the community that they were just laid-off. Here's Binks' ...
Aspe4 01/22/2009 29 7 1 20
Need a Job? TARP Investigators Sought by Senate
Now that it's considered cool to work for the federal government again, I was engaging in one of my routine job searches on . If you're not familiar ...
Aspe4 01/21/2009 11 17 - 84
Obama wants Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon Gen.
The Washington Post reported about 20 min. ago that Obama wants CNN personality and medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta to become the next surgeon general.
Aspe4 01/06/2009 148 7 - 29
Legally Kos: The Prosecution of GWB for Murder
Several months ago I was listening to the Thom Hartmann show on Sirius satellite radio and his guest was former Los Angeles County District ...
Aspe4 12/01/2008 125 15 3 28
Attn Lawyers: Legally Kos: First Edition
After recently reading noweasel's diary, I discovered that there are a lot of lawyers and aspiring lawyers on Daily Kos. I'm going to ...
Aspe4 11/21/2008 423 338 25 108
Yet Another Bad Poll for Bush(Elon University)
Aspe4 03/03/2006 8 10 - 17
VA Gov: Roanoke College Poll shows Kaine with 8 Point Lead
Aspe4 11/01/2005 5 4 - -
CNN Poll: Bush Would Lose Election if Held Today
Aspe4 10/25/2005 26 4 - -
Got Polled today by CBS/MTV
Aspe4 09/10/2004 10 - - -
USA Today: Chimp Bizkit AWOL Unresolved
Aspe4 08/23/2004 9 1 - -
I just got polled by CBS news and BET
Aspe4 07/10/2004 14 - - -
Tax plan to help reduce the deficit
Aspe4 07/09/2004 2 - - -
Kerry/Edwards as Batman/Robin (the Dynamic Duo)
Aspe4 07/06/2004 12 - - 8
More Kerry Bumper Stickers in VA
Aspe4 07/05/2004 8 - - -
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