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The Dogs of Christmas Past
There was Ben, Smoky, Oscar, Shadow, Sydney, Jayda, and now Bryce. It seems like a lot, especially since none lived to meet their successor. However, each of them was used or pre-owned, with ...
B52D 12/24/2014 25 55 - -
The Other Vets
These are the spouses who held families together while the vet was off who-knows-where. As a then-young guy with no kids, I watched and heard my older crew members try to keep in touch with their ...
B52D 11/11/2014 3 8 - -
The Thanksgiving Barney Came Home
The adage that you don't know what you have until it is gone is learned the hard way. It seemed so to us kids, as we watched our big friend disappear into the forest. Our family home, in today's ...
B52D 11/27/2013 32 149 1 -
Why I Listen To Rush
This morning, Rush gleaned this kernel of “truth” from a caller's drivel: That, since women are not as clued in to physical attractiveness (in a mate, I think he means) as men are, then, ergo, ...
B52D 03/12/2013 4 2 - -
Maybe not my best idea
I awoke to an email from a Red state cousin, who entreated his complete email address book to vote in a purported USA Today poll. His headline: Eric Holder Says We Have No Right to Own Guns." The ...
B52D 12/16/2012 9 14 1 -
"Have you tried our sausages?"
Staffing a sample station at a Big Box store is not for the faint-footed. You show up well ahead of store opening time. You get your station assignment from the boss---What you will prepare and ...
B52D 12/05/2012 9 18 - -
Thanksgiving on a small farm
Hopefully, it hadn't snowed overnight....because in a few hours, Dad would crank (literally, no starter on our old 1937 relic) up the Farmall tractor and inch it down to the annual site of our ...
B52D 11/22/2012 23 60 1 -
Fox: Where's your Sandy Benefit Program??
I note that Fox News is bemoaning NBC's decision to stage and broadcast a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Springsteen, et al, are appearing. Fox seems to be rending garments and gnashing ...
B52D 11/02/2012 18 7 - -
Rush on Birth Control
Oct. 25 Today I tuned into Limbaugh, and am reassured that he is distraught with the way the campaigns are going. Rush opines today that it could be that women who favor fewer controls, and more ...
B52D 10/25/2012 18 6 - -
I'm probably not alone here?
As the only atheist Democrat in my five-sibling very Catholic Republican family, I get a good portion of “faith-based” conservative bilge and birther items email forwarded to me. 'Not sure why, ...
B52D 10/19/2012 12 12 - -
Public Union Viewpoint?
While we readers of DailyKos regularly decry the erosion of labor unions, I expect that the general populace does not. First, most statistically don't belong to one, nor are they of the family of ...
B52D 06/10/2012 7 - - 68
USDA: Don't privatize inspectors
Twelve years in the poultry business, including many days slaughtering and processing the meat you eat, was a great incentive to claw my way up the educational ladder. It is also a great incentive ...
B52D 04/05/2012 3 7 - 33
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