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How The Florida Supreme Court Could Redraw The State's Congressional Map
In case you haven't been noticing what’s going on in Florida, last week the state’s supreme court ruled that legislators will have to testify in front of the court regarding the 2012 ...
BKGyptian89 12/28/2013 21 44 1 -
Kathleen Kane Continues To Make Tom Corbett's Life Miserable
What a real Attorney General looks like Only a month in office, and Pennsylvania Attorney Gen. Kathleen Kane has been on a roll. Last Friday she took a huge step in curbing gun ...
BKGyptian89 02/15/2013 14 21 - -
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
Sen. Saxby "Shameless" (R-GA) So by now you know last Friday, the senior Republican Senator from Georgia, Saxby Chambliss decided to call it quits. Knowing the he was going to face an inevitable ...
BKGyptian89 01/28/2013 15 9 - -
Romney Summed Up in A Nutshell
On occasion I watch, or at least follow The Young Turks. There's some days where I agree with Cenk, and there's other days when I don't. Whether you agree with him or not, this is one of those where ...
BKGyptian89 11/15/2012 5 13 - -
Harry Reid Lays The Smackdown To Scott Brown
Feel the wrath! I never cared for Scott Brown, and neither does Harry Reid. After ...
BKGyptian89 11/14/2012 274 473 4 -
'12 Senate Races: Final Edition
Arizona (D) Rich Carmona v (R) Jeff Flake Open seat: (R) Jon Kyl retiring This is a race that Jeff flake shouldn't be struggling in, but he is. Carmona has run a real strong race, and has this ...
BKGyptian89 11/04/2012 24 22 - 24
Thompson Caught Redhanded In Holding Iranian Stocks
Tommy Thompson has been going around Wisconsin, stating that his Democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin has been quote "soft on Iran". Thompson had made the statement in a ...
BKGyptian89 10/18/2012 12 37 1 -
PA-AG: Battled Tested Kane Still Standing Strong
Pennsylvania's next Attorney General Pennsylvania Democrats are poised to win an office that has eluded them for years. Since the Attorney General office ...
BKGyptian89 09/26/2012 14 15 - 173
Thank You Todd Akin!
I just want to thank Rep. Todd Akin for re-exposing the Republicans true feelings when it comes to womens health. Akin is not sorry for what he said. No, no, no he's sorry that he said what he and ...
BKGyptian89 08/20/2012 2 6 - 57
Obama Campaign To Blanket Tampa Airwaves During RNC
So this comes at a great time with Romney recently selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate. Whether he likes it are not, by essential picking Ryan as his VP, Mitt Romney has essentially embrace the ...
BKGyptian89 08/11/2012 6 14 - 223
Reading The Tea Leaves in Carolina
Let me just start out by saying North Carolina is a swing state, and it's here to stay. Some people in the beltway punditry still can't wrap their heads around that. Every legitimate or respectable ...
BKGyptian89 08/04/2012 30 6 - 264
Top 5 Races To Watch In Florida
These are the races that I think are worth keeping an eye in Florida during November election besides the Presidential race. 5. State House District 30: (D) Karen Castor Dentel v. (R) Scott ...
BKGyptian89 07/23/2012 28 10 - 210
Scott Randolph For FDP Chair!
This man should be next chairman of the Florida Democratic Party! For the last several years the Democrats in Florida have been nothing but a rug, just ...
BKGyptian89 07/02/2012 5 1 - 107
Rick Scott and Pam Bondi's Epic FAIL!
For those who don't know, Florida's has been the staunches opponents fighting against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. Which was led by the former AG Bill McCollum, and ...
BKGyptian89 06/29/2012 9 10 - 213
'12 Senate Races (June-4-12)
Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On Updates: MI, MO, MT, NM, OH, WI Arizona Open Seat: (R) Jon Kyl retiring Democrat: Former Surgeon Gen. Richard Carmona Republican: Rep. Jeff Flake Rating: ...
BKGyptian89 06/04/2012 16 6 - 169
'12 Senate Races (Mar-28-12)
I know it's been a while since I'd did my ratings, DKos Elections has already put their predictions. So I'll make mines brief. Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On Updates: AZ, CT, FL, MA, MI, MO,
BKGyptian89 03/28/2012 20 5 - 215
Making The Case For Chellie Pingree
As of now everybody has heard the shocking news last night of Maine's senior senator Olympia Snowe announcing her retirement instead of seaking re-election. Also to mention on her way out she had ...
BKGyptian89 02/29/2012 24 9 - 196
Michigan Is Obama Country
Some folks think that Michigan may be in play this November. Particularly because Michigan is the birthstate of Mitt, and his father was a former Governor back in the day. Those who think Michigan ...
BKGyptian89 02/14/2012 4 12 - 146
'12 Senate Races (Dec-27-11)
Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On Updates: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin Note Indiana, Nebraska, Utah are off the list.
BKGyptian89 12/27/2011 20 10 - 213
Year of the Woman & Beyond
Just like 1992, 2012 election cycle is being dubbed "Year of the Woman". With high recruited female candidates for the senate next year such as Elizabeth Warren, Shelly Berkley, Tammy Baldwin are ...
BKGyptian89 12/08/2011 66 3 - 396
'12 Senate Races (Nov-29-11)
Previous updates: Florida, Nevada, Utah, Virginia * Note * Arizona & North Dakota have officially made the list! and updates are on Maine, Montana & Nebraska Marquee Races &
BKGyptian89 11/29/2011 13 2 - 145
Georgia On My Mind
Georgia the Empire State of the South, was once a solid Democratic state. Giving us figures such as President Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn, Wyche Fowler, and yes even Zell Miller who was a good Democrat ...
BKGyptian89 11/18/2011 26 5 - 202
'12 Senate Races (Nov-14-11)
This week updates: Florida, Nevada, Utah, Virginia * Note * Until we see how the Arizona race develop, I'm not ranking it as marquee or one to watch. Also to mention West Virginia ...
BKGyptian89 11/14/2011 13 2 - 153
'12 Senate Races (Oct-25-11)
This week updates: Hawaii, Missouri, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On Connecticut Open Seat: (ID) ...
BKGyptian89 10/25/2011 12 5 1 173
'12 Senate Races (Oct-18-11)
This week updates: Hawaii, Massachusetts, & New Jersey Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On Connecticut Open Seat: (ID) Joe ...
BKGyptian89 10/17/2011 8 3 - 170
'12 Senate Races (Oct-10-11)
Marquee Races & Ones To Keep An Eye On *Note* West Virginia was added on 10-12-11 Connecticut Open Seat: (ID) Joe Lieberman ...
BKGyptian89 10/10/2011 16 1 - 252
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