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"Freddie Gray Never Had a Chance"
is the title of this short piece by Eugene Robinson in the Post Partisan section of the Washington Post . Robinson reminds us that the entire incident reeks of racial bias. Gray was on a street ...
teacherken 05/03/2015 49
Must-read from Ta-Nehisi Coates on Baltimore
When nonviolence is preached as an attempt to evade the repercussions of political brutality, it betrays itself. When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, ...
teacherken 05/02/2015 14
Some context to recent events in Baltimore
If you want some context to the recent events in Baltimore, read the piece linked below. Let me note as one who has taught just outside Baltimore for the past two years (first in Glen Burnie and ...
teacherken 05/02/2015 3
an update on Felicity
Yesterday, in this posting , I explained about our youngest (at 12 years 7 months) rescued cat, her cancer, and her forthcoming leg amputation because of a tumor that encircled the leg. She had to ...
teacherken 05/01/2015 11
Democrats introduce KOCH Act–Keeping Our Campaigns Honest–would require PACs to name donors
Democrats are trying to create a bit more transparency around campaign ads ...
Jen Hayden 05/01/2015 18
Watch Jon Stewart's farewell to 'the most senior correspondent on The Best F#@king News Team Ever'
Good night and good luck, Samantha Bee! Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart bid a fond farewell to Samantha Bee, "the most senior correspondent of The Best F#@king News Team Ever." She'...
Jen Hayden 05/01/2015 9
While visiting Congress, young boy finds loaded gun left by Capitol Hill police
Image of a Glock, like the one found by a young visitor to Capitol Hill The Capitol Hill police might want to get their act together when ...
Jen Hayden 05/01/2015 17
Sometimes what matters can change in an instant
and all your previously decided priorities get tossed out. Earlier this month my wife discovered a growth on the right rear leg of one of our three remaining rescued cats, Felicity, the shyest. She ...
teacherken 04/30/2015 31
D'var Torah: Our Duty to Aid and Respect those in Need
This week's parsha is Aharay Mot and Kedoshim, Leviticus chapters 16 to 20. During leap years, it is split into two parshas, but this year is not a leap year so the two parshas are read together. ...
Navy Vet Terp 04/30/2015 18
Watch MSNBC's Chris Hayes nail media double standard when talking about race
It is time to have a frank conversation about white culture. An oldie but a goodie, let's flashback to 2013, when MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Cord Jefferson from Gawker used satire to highlight the ...
Jen Hayden 04/30/2015 7
Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy caught brutally attacking inmate (VIDEO)
David Prejean and dog attacking Marcus Robicheaux Background from The Advocate: It was Dec. 6, 2012, and Marcus ...
Jen Hayden 04/30/2015 14
Jon Stewart and his wife bought a farm, plan to create an animal sanctuary
Farmer Jon? Jon Stewart is ...
Jen Hayden 04/30/2015 105
Georgia pastor has a message for the gay community: 'Homosexuality is a death worthy crime'
Religious extremism on display in Georgia The American Taliban is alive and well in Georgia. This time in the town of Milledgeville, Georgia where resident Robert ...
Jen Hayden 04/30/2015 206
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Wed. 29 April'15: Basic How-To at a Diary Saying a Kosak Needs Our Help
Input for improvement welcome: comment or kosmail to diary writer. Revision is in process. JOB 1: Someone with permission of the kosak in trouble has written a diary stating who's the kosak in ...
mettle fatigue 04/29/2015 87
Watch a Baltimore protester hand Geraldo Rivera (and the media) his ass
"Don't walk away, just listen to me. Talk to me." A protester in West Baltimore confronted Geraldo Rivera last night before he went to his live shot for Fox News. He went OFF on Geraldo, asking ...
Jen Hayden 04/29/2015 256
University of Florida shuts down fraternity after members taunted veterans at a retreat
A promotional piece for the Wounded Warrior Retreat Fraternity parties are not known for being most well-behaved events, but the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at the University of ...
Jen Hayden 04/29/2015 25
The world wants to know—what exactly happened to Joseph Kent?
Moments before Joseph Kent vanished on live television Joseph Kent is a well-known activist who has been a leader in organizing nonviolent protests–first in Ferguson, Missouri and now in Baltimore,
Jen Hayden 04/29/2015 96
Pope Francis calls for 'radical equality' for women's pay
Thumbs up on income equality for women! In a new speech this week, Pope Francis is continuing his radical ...
Jen Hayden 04/29/2015 12
Jon Stewart on Baltimore and the police brutality lottery
Jon Stewart unleashes on the situation in Baltimore. Jon Stewart came out punching Tuesday night, in defense of the citizens of Baltimore. Full clip and transcript is below the fold.
Jen Hayden 04/29/2015 46
2 Shelterboxes bought! 275 towards a new 500 match!
A Response Team volunteer message to donors. ShelterBox Response Team volunteer Becky Maynard has a message for donors and supporters which we're releaseing as she's 30,000 feet in the air flying ...
TexMex 04/28/2015 9
National Football League to voluntarily give up tax-exempt status
Tired of the "distraction," the NFL is moving on.
Jen Hayden 04/28/2015 117
Strong winds blow train off a bridge in Louisiana (VIDEO)
Seconds before this train was blown off the bridge. This is one scary moment: WGNO reporter Jabari Thomas captured the ...
Jen Hayden 04/28/2015 14
Maine food stamp reform could include banning deli meat, pickles and more
Maine Governor Paul LePage In the last year alone, Maine has kicked 9,000 people off the welfare rolls. Now, Maine ...
Jen Hayden 04/28/2015 97
BFSkinner bled again. Back in hospital, awaiting surgery.
Sigh. Our friend BFSkinner returned to the emergency room on Friday due to intestinal blood loss and extreme weakness. He remains hospitalized at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, ...
2thanks 04/27/2015 57
Baltimore facts and a message from 'The Wire' creator David Simon
A Baltimore resident trying to restore ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 89
Police withheld video of officers laughing, mocking, re-enacting brutal beating of Floyd Dent
Beating an innocent is so hilarious! Police officers in Inkster, Michigan pulled Floyd Dent over for maybe, possibly not completely stopping at a stop sign and ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 125
Wisconsin Police Association puts up billboard featuring officer who shot two people in 10 days
Too soon? Officer Pablo Torres may yet face charges. Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer Pablo Torres was involved in two shootings in only 10 days. One involved a mentally distressed veteran who was ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 35
Baltimore police issue warning: credible threats gangs are going to target and 'take-out' officers
Baltimore police arresting Freddie Gray. The Baltimore Police have issued a bulletin they want to share nationwide with other police departments. They claim to evidence that gangs are working ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 29
A sports-team executive who gets it right
is John Angelos, COO of the Baltimore Orioles, outside whose stadium a protest about the killing of Freddie Gray got out of hand. The words came about as part of a twitter exchange after a comment ...
teacherken 04/27/2015 9
Department of Justice investigating the Tampa Police Department
The Department of Justice is actively investigating the Tampa Police Department. The investigation stems from an investigative report by ...
Jen Hayden 04/27/2015 23
‘Lynch Mob’: Misuse of Language
is the title of this powerful New York Times column by Charles M. Blow . He is reacting in particular to the inflammatory statement by the head of the Baltimore Police Union to the demonstrations ...
teacherken 04/27/2015 21
Straight high school student shocks his gay best friend with prom proposal
Awesome prom proposal! Ahhh, spring is in the air. Birds are nesting, flowers are blooming and tuxedo rental shops are bustling with business for a busy prom season. Anthony Martinez is an ...
Jen Hayden 04/24/2015 75
Michigan Catholic school dismisses 12-year-old leukemia patient for missing too much school
Rose McGrath, a 12-year-old Michigan girl has spent nearly 3 years fighting for her life. She's in recovery, but still dealing with the physical effects of leukemia treatments. Although she has ...
Jen Hayden 04/24/2015 106
California Assembly votes unanimously to rename famed tunnel after Robin Williams
A sweet gesture from the California Assembly: The California Assembly on Thursday unanimously approved a bill to rename the Waldo Tunnel after late ...
Jen Hayden 04/24/2015 23

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