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DKE Election Night Discussion Thread #4.5
Well tonight ...
BeloitDem 11/04/2014 333 - - -
DKE Election Night Discussion Thread #3.141592
For those of you so inclined.
BeloitDem 11/04/2014 401 1 - -
DKE Election Night Discussion Thread #2.5
Chat away, folks. New ...
BeloitDem 11/04/2014 355 6 - -
DKE Election Night Discussion Thread #1.5
The thread we hijacked is getting crowded, so we're moving over here. Keep chatting in the comments. New ...
BeloitDem 11/04/2014 345 2 - -
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen
Ted Cruz was born to an American mother in Calgary, Alberta. He was an American citizen at birth and never had to go through the naturalization process. The "natural born citizen" requirement was ...
BeloitDem 02/23/2013 101 19 - -
WA Redistricting: What could have been
The result of Washington's bipartisan redistricting commission was an embarrassment for Democrats. The Democratic negotiators fairly clearly sacrificed the interests of the party to give our ...
BeloitDem 02/09/2013 50 6 - -
Drawing a Democratic Florida
Florida is a state where Democrats are fairly naturally packed, and where Republicans currently hold 17 seats in Congress to Democrat's 10. Because if this, I decided to try to draw a fairly ...
BeloitDem 12/09/2012 23 9 - -
Cleanish 10-4 Democratic Michigan
Statewide: Detroit Area: This map is basically an improvement off a old map I drew here , and more or less represents about the strongest gerrymander I think we could get under a Democratic ...
BeloitDem 11/24/2012 23 4 - -
Marriage equality: Where next?
We had some great victories for marriage equality this November, with three states voting to legalize it and a fourth voting down a constitutional ban. Furthermore, the Supreme Court is likely to ...
BeloitDem 11/20/2012 229 53 2 -
Wyoming Rule: Michigan and Ohio
So yeah, I'm slipping some. I've been fiddling around with DRA, although the Michigan Map came from a couple of months ago. As with my previous Wyoming rule diaries ( WI , IN ,
BeloitDem 12/25/2011 2 2 - 117
8-3-3 Democratic Michigan
This map started out as an exercise in trying to draw a district for Gretchen Whitmer ( who is awesome, but the way ) to run for congress in. I turned into an attempt to drawn a semi-clean statewide ...
BeloitDem 11/06/2011 22 4 - 179
Theoretical Framework of Partisan Redistricting
I know anyone who's messed around with DRA a lot knows that there are certain patterns in gerrymanders that can be seen across different maps. The other day I was wondering if it were possible to ...
BeloitDem 10/17/2011 3 1 - 70
North Carolina Style Wisconsin Redistricting
One of the more puzzling things about Wisconsin's recent round of redistricting was the contrast between the legislative and congressional maps. The legislative maps were diabolical pieces of work, ...
BeloitDem 10/03/2011 17 - - 188
Wisconsin by Riding
This is my attempt at drawing Wisconsin into Canadian Riding sized districts, or approximately 110K people per district. It was inspired by SaoMagnifico'...
BeloitDem 06/22/2011 9 2 - 183
Wisconsin State Senate Redistricting as a court might draw it
Synopsis: It is clear that if Republicans get their way with redistricting, they will pass a map that does it's best to screw over democrats. While this wouldn't necessarily be fatal for ...
BeloitDem 06/15/2011 13 11 - 231
Wyoming Rule: Minnesota
This is my Wyoming Rule map of Minnesota. As with my Wisconsin and Indiana maps, the districts are based on communities of interest. The map would generate 3 solidly democratic seats, 1 Solidly ...
BeloitDem 06/13/2011 4 1 - 107
Wyoming Rule: Indiana
This is my attempt at drawing a Wyoming rule map of Indiana. I tried my best to draw it along community of interest lines, but this is also my first attempt at redistricting a state I've never lived ...
BeloitDem 06/12/2011 17 7 - 154
Wyoming Rule: Wisconsin
This is my stab at a Wyoming rule map of Wisconsin. It's pretty much totally based on communities of interest, I wasn't even pay attention to the partisan numbers when I drew it. It would have a ...
BeloitDem 06/11/2011 13 5 - 234
Hippiepunching Redistricting Challenge (Madison in a McCain District)
So I was wondering the other day whether it was possible to create a congressional district that contained all of Madison and still voted for John McCain for president. With a bit of work, I came up ...
BeloitDem 06/07/2011 12 6 - 199
Resources for Recall Junkies
Over the time that I've been following the state senate recalls, I've found myself going back to a lot of the same pages, and referring a lot of other people to said pages. I decided it wouldn't be ...
BeloitDem 05/04/2011 4 7 2 85
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