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RioGram: 100 Days Out; Hawken re 2nd "Dark Ages;" & Win Trip to Rio+20
A fabulous event Friday night in San Francisco as environmental superstar Paul Hawken spoke about the state of the world 100 days out from Rio+20. Hawken was on hand to introduce UK Barrister and ...
boatsie 03/12/2012 6 6 1 66
"Africa is a crime scene and we want the climate criminals stopped."
boatsie 12/03/2011 24 25 1 147
Earthship COPernica I
boatsie 11/25/2011 11 17 2 157
Patrick Bond: Time to "Occupy Durban"?
There they fell during 2011, one after the other in past-their-prime domino ...
boatsie 11/21/2011 1 6 - 37
Mic Check: 1% Says NO 2012 Climate Deal? We Say "350 Airwaves
boatsie 11/21/2011 7 17 - 78
Occupy & the Climate Negotations
Cross posted with permission of author, Tom Athanasiou, from ecoequity. Anyone who claims that the fate of the climate talks is bound to the fate of the Occupy movement ...
boatsie 11/20/2011 9 21 - 75
Durban Daily I: Climate Train & Carvan of Hope en route to COP17
With 18 days remaining until the November 27th opening of the UNFCCC ...
boatsie 11/09/2011 3 9 - 45
2 DK Eco Writers Finalists in MIT Climate CoLab Contest
Two Daily Kos eco writers, beachbabe in fl and gmoke are finalists in the final ...
boatsie 11/05/2011 23 69 3 321
CGIAR Challenges Address Adequate/Equal Access to Water
The 3rd International Forum on Water and Food, an international assembly of water and food scientists working on food and water issues in the ...
boatsie 10/17/2011 5 7 - 45
Climate Talks End: Developing Countries Forge Pre-COP17 Alliance
The Panama Conference ended today on a positive note, as the Group of 77 and China issued a statement asserting progress had been made in moving closer to the ratification of the second phase of the ...
boatsie 10/07/2011 11 11 1 45
The Panama Talks: Day 1 in Countdown to Durban
And they're off! It's Day One of the official ...
boatsie 10/02/2011 3 5 - 41
Strings For The Planet: MA Climate Action, 11/11/11
Yup, it's time for another Climate Concert. This one's gonna be a doozy.
WarrenS 09/05/2011 7 15 - 57
48forEastAfrica: If I Were Anderson Cooper ...
W ell, it looks like the MSM finally gets it. Yup. Anderson Cooper is off to Mogadishu. He'll be reporting live next week, as he ...
boatsie 08/07/2011 60 63 - 206
East Africa Famine: Epic Crisis
James Orbinski, former director of Doctors Without Borders [MSF], ...
rb137 07/29/2011 32 67 2 256
You Think It's Hot Now? Wait for Thermogeddon
Odds are, if you're in the U.S. right now, you're trying to cope with the record heat wave cooking most of the country. You're probably sick of cliches like "Hot enough for you?" or "It's not ...
xaxnar 07/22/2011 218 268 17 2129
Somalia: This is the Children's Famine
Somalia suffers from worst drought in century: Women rush to a feeding centre after the soldiers of the Transitional ...
boatsie 07/22/2011 15 35 - 101
East Africa Drought: You say La Niña & I'll say ... HELP!
Children aged five and under are especially vulnerable to malnutrition and the illnesses that frequently accompany it, ...
boatsie 07/14/2011 48 88 1 277
Arctic Ocean ice: gone in 7 years
Keith Pickering 07/13/2011 212 274 12 1395
East Africa: Famine II
Khadra Suleiman, at Ali Hussein IDP camp, Somaliland. Ali Hussein camp is one of several large camps for Internally ...
boatsie 07/13/2011 16 53 1 142
eSci: The New Normals
The United States has warmed one half a degree F in the past decade and 1&1/2 degrees ...
FishOutofWater 06/30/2011 19 44 2 130
Climate Talks: "Dead in the Water"
As IPSO yesterday officially warned the "world's ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history"
boatsie 06/21/2011 56 38 - 148
Bonn Talks Conclude: "You Can't Negotiate with Science"
As the Bonn Climate Talks sputtered and choked past the finish line today, the general consensus was that immediate high ...
boatsie 06/17/2011 64 37 2 217
Bonn Talks: The Cochabamba Protocol?
As the Executive Director of a respected international development thinktank and a senior scientist from the prestigious Stockholm Environment Institute today expressed concerns over the impending ...
boatsie 06/16/2011 9 10 - 46
Bonn Talks: It's the Weather, Stupid!
UNFCCC executive secretary Christiana Figueres today predicted that continuing weather disasters, coupled with a reviving global economy, could, sooner rather than later, catalyze governments to ...
boatsie 06/15/2011 10 22 - 106
Bonn Talks: Bangladesh & Robin Hood Rule!
"In the maelstrom of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen and Cancun, developed ...
boatsie 06/14/2011 9 13 1 51
Bonn Talks: Youth Demand Diplomats To "Increase Ambition!"
Efforts at fashioning a joining stitch between negotiators for rich and poor ...
boatsie 06/13/2011 10 15 - 57
bonn talks: open the door & let 'em in
Make no doubt about it. No way a week's work wraps on Fridays at the Bonn Climate Talks. ...
boatsie 06/11/2011 6 20 - 72
Bonn Talks: YOU Listen
Climate Action Network International (CAN) released their expectations ...
boatsie 06/10/2011 13 18 1 86
eSci: Fires, Climate Change & Water Supply
FishOutofWater 06/09/2011 22 44 - 130
Bonn Talks: Day 4 Agenda Finalized
Make no doubt about it. Christina Figueres gets it. In a meeting today with youth activists at the Bonn Climate Talks, the UNFCCC executive secretary reiterated her clear understanding that climate ...
boatsie 06/09/2011 7 22 - 127
Bonn Talks: US Wins Fossil of Day Award Day 3
CAN awards the United States Fossil of the Day Award, June 8, 2011. Day 3 at the UN Bonn ...
boatsie 06/08/2011 8 25 - 88
Bonn Talks: Hope in a Stalk of Grain
“All countries need to do their fair share to tackle climate change. Yet rich industrialized countries which are most responsible for the climate crisis are not pulling their weight. “It’...
boatsie 06/07/2011 16 39 1 132
Climate CoLab Contest: Design 21st Century Green Economy
Attention! DK climate specialists. Come out! Come out! Come out, wherever you are! It's time for some serious cohesive teamwork! MIT's Climate CoLab yesterday ...
boatsie 05/17/2011 8 21 - 106
Rio+20: "4Ds" = Deny. Dilute. Delay. Divide
Bangladesh UN Under-Secretary-...
boatsie 05/16/2011 18 36 1 121
Green diary rescue: Can the world grow economically without terminally wrecking the environment?
Meteor Blades 05/14/2011 39 67 4 279
ExxonMobil ‘Linked to 9 of Top 10 Climate Skeptics’
Drum roll, please. All cards are on the table! The ExxonMobil climate 'beast deck' ...
boatsie 05/11/2011 49 168 8 608
Climate Change and Food Insecurity Burden Women in Nigeria
Climate change is affecting agriculture across Nigeria, threatening food security for millions. Women here say they bear the brunt of the insecurity, as they are responsible for ...
Global Press Institute 05/09/2011 5 5 - 22
Mom's Sick: Mother's Day Edition Climate Change News Roundup
Mom's sick. She is burning with a fever ...
boatsie 05/08/2011 26 32 - 110
Green Climate Fund Fraud: Another World Bank Coup
It's official. South Africa's neo-liberal politico, the World Bank ...
boatsie 04/27/2011 4 10 1 44
neoliberal Trevor Manuel appointed cochair of green climate fund
It's official. South Africa's Planing Minister Trevor Manuel will co-chair the 50-member committee to design the $100 billion Green Climate Fund!
boatsie 04/24/2011 6 19 1 99
cochabamba +1: climate justice protocol
The second major conference calling for an alternative to the COP process convened ...
boatsie 04/19/2011 9 23 - 76
The Malia-Sasha Horizon & the Cosmological Commons: Ecojustice
boatsie 04/18/2011 26 49 1 236
Would you risk arrest to disrupt Climate Disruption? -- UPDATED
Do you recognize Climate Disruption as -- quite likely -- humanity's defining challenge for the 21st century? Have Russian fires, Pakistani floods, Australian droughts and floods, shifting bird ...
A Siegel 04/17/2011 118 60 1 306
Science Tidbits
Here we are once again. Monday arrived on schedule. The time has come to gather around and take a well deserved hiatus from the politics of the day. Science talk is here. New discoveries, new ...
possum 04/11/2011 54 41 1 151
eSci: Rivers in the Sky Move N, Floods Get Worse
The likelihood of extreme precipitation grew 7% over the 20th century. According to a report published in the journal Nature ...
FishOutofWater 04/10/2011 29 51 4 146
Ecocities Illustrated: The Art of Richard Register
I truly believe that art and creativity must play a vital ...
citisven 04/10/2011 37 48 4 259
Dr Chu takes part in International Initiatives targeting a Clean Energy Future
Here's some good news on the Clean Energy front. The U.S.A. was an active participant , in the latest International Meeting of the minds, on how to best tackle the Clean Energy and CO2 ...
jamess 04/10/2011 14 20 2 107
Artifical Trees could assist in the Carbon Capture and Storage of CO2
Carbon Capture and Storage offers Science-based hope of averting a planetary Climate Change disaster, in ways that perhaps you have not considered ... "Carbon Capture and Storage" Huh?
jamess 04/10/2011 56 37 4 247
black swan sunday: bring on a climate justice protocol!
Dateline: USA. Spring 2011 (Combined N(y)o͞oz Services) Record breaking wildfires devastate Texas ... ... Over half an Iowa town dessimated by tornadoes: "It was huge, just ...
boatsie 04/10/2011 27 47 1 168
2 1/2 planets or 6 billion ways
“… the context may be different, but the content is the same. My struggle is your struggle, my humanity is your humanity, my fight is your fight…when we have had a good dream, it is not the ...
boatsie 03/06/2011 20 28 - 146
Fossil Fools: World Bank Day of Action
World Bank Action - London 'Free us from fossil fuels’ demands climate ...
boatsie 03/01/2011 7 17 - 48
climate justice & global democracy: COP17 leadup: II
Another world is possible, Dakar, Senegal. The March, Feb. 2011 By Pambazuka News "We are at an unprecedented ...
boatsie 02/25/2011 9 21 - 57
bold climate action & a psychological toolkit
Sanjay Khanna, a recent advisor to the Post Carbon Institute, today publishes an ...
boatsie 02/22/2011 11 26 1 97
battle for COP17 @WSF
Protestors outside the library/media centre at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop during the World Social Forum, ...
boatsie 02/21/2011 9 19 - 70
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