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Danny Schmidt gets me again
My favorite modern day singer/songwriter has never shied away from telling it like he sees it. I love his voice, I love his music, and his heart. And I really love the way he expresses his views ...
Bisbonian 01/06/2015 1 4 - -
Old Joe Clark, by Rooster Rick
I play Old Time banjo. Much has been written, by some of the best in the field, to explain what that is, exactly. I won't try ...suffice it to say that it is music that's been around a while, and ...
Bisbonian 09/18/2013 24 13 - -
My Grandmother turned 100 years old today.
Today was my grandmother's 100th Birthday. She wanted to have a party on the beach, so we met there with her this afternoon, for an absolutely gorgeous day on the Silver Strand, near San Diego Bay.
Bisbonian 09/07/2013 57 74 - -
The Place Where It Rains
The Place Where it Rains As a kid, I grew up in and around San Diego, but it seems the most formative experiences were all in the mountains in the eastern part of the county. The day after I ...
Bisbonian 08/21/2013 22 54 1 -
Cochise County Kossacks meeting
Last night, AZ Sphinx Moth and I hosted an Old Time music jam at our house. We have a good view of the fireworks from our front yard, as well as a really nice porch, and a good livivng room for a ...
Bisbonian 07/05/2013 13 17 - -
Theme Song for a New Vision
Yesterday, OPOL posted a diary calling for a fundamental change in our society, and our way of thinking. I would like to propose a theme song. It is from an Old Time/Bluegrass band called Old Crow ...
Bisbonian 05/17/2013 7 4 - -
Bisbee Arizona, a photo diary.
Bisbee has been in the news a bit lately, from the City Council approving Civil Unions for any couple, regardless of gender, to ...
Bisbonian 04/05/2013 98 72 3 -
Bisbee, first City in Arizona to honor Civil Unions
Crowded meeting hall at the City Council Bisbee Arizona has long been an oddment in this deeply red, often backward thinking state. Last night, our City Council really went out on a limb, bucked ...
Bisbonian 04/03/2013 108 89 1 -
Cupeños Denied Homeland, again.
Last August, I wrote a diary about the Cupeño band, how they had been removed from their land in 1903, and how they had a chance to actually buy it back. They had been saving their share of money ...
Bisbonian 03/25/2013 6 16 - -
America's Most Unoriginal Sheriff
I came home last night, after four days on the road, to find that our newly elected Sheriff of Cochise County has recently joined the bandwagon of at least 242 County Sheriffs vowing to refuse to ...
Bisbonian 02/01/2013 26 9 - -
Another Shooting Tragedy
Just the story of yet another shooting tragedy. Two boys, playing in the house, find a gun, one of them dies. 'Just the facts, Ma'am.' Follow me below the powder flash.
Bisbonian 01/26/2013 12 30 - -
Biplane Cross Country
I have been reading a lot of diaries about airplanes here on DK lately. Talk of experimental aircraft, warbirds, KC-135s, and especially biplanes really gets the juices flowing, and I feel the ...
Bisbonian 01/24/2013 81 90 6 -
"This is Our Home."
Cecilio Blacktooth was the democratically-elected captain of Cupa (aka Kupa), an Indian village centered on the hot springs at the northern end of a valley that had become part of "Warner's Ranch", ...
Bisbonian 08/05/2012 15 37 1 239
The Trail of the Buffalo
I first heard the song as a young boy, recorded by Arlo Guthrie on the album One Night . Of course, Arlo learned it from his father's version, (though there are slight differences between them). ...
Bisbonian 05/29/2012 28 22 - 195
Spectrum Results
Yesterday I did a diary on one of those Political Spectrum Tests. A number of people played along, and I thought it would be interesting to chart the results. The site makes that possible (if a ...
Bisbonian 05/22/2012 15 9 - 87
Have You Ever Taken One Of Those Political Spectrum Tests?
I've taken quite a few, over the years...some better than others. I've taken a lot of psychological evaluations over the years, too (a consequence of the type of jobs I have had), and these type of ...
Bisbonian 05/21/2012 89 12 1 361
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