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SN@TO 15: Rat Pack Rigoletto Edition
Time for the newest in the occasional opera series initated by Demi Moaned, continued by chingchongchinaman, and hosted tonight by Blue State Redhead, a new comer to this thread and to writing about ...
BlueStateRedhead 02/16/2013 15 7 - -
True the vote: know the enemy, a blog, articles to help you
Rick Hasen's (UC-Irvine law school) provides one stop shopping for 1. results of appeals to state and federal courts on recent voting laws (mostly won by the good guys , from our ...
BlueStateRedhead 10/31/2012 1 6 - -
Breaking: Bloomberg disembowels James Murdoch? No, it was James himself whot done it
Bloomberg reports that when Ofcom, the British regulator, gave News Corp's UK broadcaster BSkyB the clear today, declaring it fit and proper BUT condemning James Murdoch in a career ending fashion (...
BlueStateRedhead 09/20/2012 6 22 - 158
Breaking: corporate charges vs. News Corp preped in England.
Gurardian headlines says it all: News Corporation directors could face charges for neglect of duties Lawyers for Rupert Murdoch's company have protested against criminal charges amid fears over ...
BlueStateRedhead 07/31/2012 64 29 1 243
6:05 EDT, pls move to ceebs' diary for discussion of Rupert Murdoch steps down
FYI The Guardian has reported in the last 20 minutes the above news.I am posting to get the news out and suggest a dot needing connecting, as I must run to an appointment and will delete afterwards ...
BlueStateRedhead 07/21/2012 27 33 - 307
Breaking FYI: Strauss-Kahn accuses enemies of set up in NYC hotel rape arrest
A Friday news dump par excellence . Dominique Strauss-Kahn gave the Guardian an exclusive interview this afternoon in which he (they say) "state[s] that he believes the highly public undoing that ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/27/2012 30 5 1 140
Rupert Murdoch, Testimony Day 2, selection from live blogs
RM has been testifying for the second day before the Leveson Inquiry. Several newspapers have live blogs up. Here are my selections from their selections of what they found newsworthy. Earlier ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/26/2012 74 21 - 139
Murdoch Senior Testimony : warm up act
While waiting for ceebs, the maestro of Murodch investigators,to post, here is your EDT correspondent, priming herself, and those among you who are awake, for watching the Main act, the central ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/25/2012 115 26 1 222
Tmr, James and Rupert Murdoch testify: all you need to watch except the popcorn
First James Murdoch and the Rupert Murdoch will testify before the Leveson inquiry this Tuesday (JM) and Wednesday And Thursday (RM). While it is not guaranteed that it will be a popcorn worthy ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/23/2012 19 16 1 144
Breaking. Murdochgate returns to its beginnings with the Sun's royal editor arrested
It all began with the arrest of the (now defunct) News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire over allegations that they hacked into the mobile phones of ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/19/2012 60 84 - 543
BREAKING: Sky News admits email hacking, defending itself on legal grounds it makes up itself
Sorry for the short diary, this is being done in a foreign country on a public connection, so the least time spent on line the better. The news is worth the risk, however. The Guardian and New York ...
BlueStateRedhead 04/05/2012 3 16 - 130
Can Money buy you justice? Hack victims' case judge decides justice needs less money
High cost is one of the few complaints that the opponents of the Leveson inquiry, mostly pols with strong Murdoch connections, has been able to raise in attempts to contain the judicial ...
BlueStateRedhead 03/22/2012 17 10 - 86
Milly Dowler revelation, now its the police leaking to NoTW
I can't give more factual information than that provided by the Guardian. So consider this an FYI diary. And, warning, while breaking news, the information is not of another nail in the voldemordoch ...
BlueStateRedhead 08/12/2011 2 9 - 154
Update Can it happen here, research inspired by MP Watson on life as the antiMurdoch MP
Update: Title change, to reflect research taken up in response to a challenge received from commentator (H/T) Grannus who opines that it wont happen here. So I did research and found one learned ...
BlueStateRedhead 08/02/2011 15 37 1 141
2010 Intentional deletions emails at NI. Call for Kossian expertise. Is it the Enron/endrun of NI?
The Guardian posted this headline at 21:00 BST. The headline says it all. News International ordered mass deletion of emails nine times Lawyers for firm contracted to NI said it deleted ...
BlueStateRedhead 08/01/2011 5 4 - 57
Certain knowledge of NoTW knowledge of criminal behavior. Prepare popcorn
This is a question. And barely a diary. The facts are these: The NYT has just posted a story detailed the contents of the letters retained by NoTW's solicitors Harbottle and Lewis which 'led' the ...
BlueStateRedhead 07/29/2011 104 205 4 1447
Morning Feature: MA Democratic Convention - Big Exercise in Small-d Democracy
Massachusetts Democrats are about to primary each other ...
BlueStateRedhead 06/10/2010 134 42 1 118
It's against House rules to call President a liar.
This is not much of a diary. The news is not breaking. In fact, the news is that the rules have been in place since at least 1909. So rather than just opine about what might, should happen to Joe ...
BlueStateRedhead 09/09/2009 111 90 1 75
A rescued diary and 2 clinching arguments for Jews to vote Obama
ItsJessMe has a rescued diary [ttp://] that is entitled a "Powerful Jewish Perspective on Obama." The diarist recommends using Deborah ...
BlueStateRedhead 11/01/2008 3 1 - 1
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