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UPDATE: BigBank-friendly "centrist Dems" prepare attack on Warren and progressives
The DLC may be dead as an organization, but its zombie remnants rise again and again to ensure the Democratic Party doesn't upset its deep-pocketed sponsors who want less "economic fairness" and a ...
Bob Johnson 03/02/2015 340 261 3 -
Law enforcement pushes ATF to ban armor-piercing bullet; NRA stokes paranoia and fear to boost sales
The NRA is once again doing what it does best: stoking paranoia and fear in a bunch of scared white guys to sell guns and gun-related products, in this case, armor-piercing bullets. Move to Ban a ...
Bob Johnson 02/27/2015 167 75 - -
Could Hillary Clinton get outflanked on economic populism by a GOP nominee?
Hard to believe, I know. And many here will say, "Never!" That said, let's take a look at what is happening right now in the framing department... Today brings us this article from The New York ...
Bob Johnson 02/08/2015 363 253 3 -
I'm cleaning out my basement and I need to get rid of a bunch of these old diaries
Help yourself: Dads can't babysit... but they can breastfeed! Originally published January 10, 2005 I have a confession to make Originally published January 14, 2005 2008 Dem Hopefuls Spar in ...
Bob Johnson 01/08/2015 33 22 - -
The first 100 people who rec this diary get a free t-shirt!
Bob Johnson 01/08/2015 233 136 1 -
Ask me anything even though I don't work for the site
Since no one in authority here has put up an "Ask me anything" diary in a while, I have taken it upon myself to cover for their sorry asses by posting my own version of "Ask me anything" even though ...
Bob Johnson 12/24/2014 360 129 3 -
Bob Johnson 12/18/2014 183 110 - -
Yet another victim of racial prejudice
After penning my diary yesterday, "Conservative demonization of Obama allowed racists to crawl out from under their rocks," and reading through the comments, a sharp-eyed observer noted that I had ...
Bob Johnson 12/05/2014 82 150 4 -
Conservative demonization of Obama allowed racists to crawl out from under their rocks
Even before Barack Obama took the stage in celebration in Chicago's Grant Park on election night in 2008, the ugly racists in conservative leadership had already spent months stirring racial ...
Bob Johnson 12/04/2014 273 513 10 -
Repost of my diary (in its entirety) from June 10, 2013
The last time we had a huge meta shitstorm: HEY, YOU F--ING DUMBS--TS! What the f*#k is wrong with you f*#king a*#holes for f*#k's sake because sometimes name-calling is a f*#king must in order to ...
Bob Johnson 11/12/2014 31 18 - -
How many times have you voted so far this election?
I just voted for the third time, and it feels great! I plan on voting in person at the polling place tomorrow, too! Thanks for all the tips on how to vote multiple times from the former ACORN staff ...
Bob Johnson 11/03/2014 66 36 - -
21 Days
Okay, so I went to a yoga class because I am one of the most inflexible humans on the planet and my doctor told me yoga would do me some good, and wouldn't you know it, one of the people in the yoga ...
Bob Johnson 10/29/2014 107 256 2 -
Not making this up: David Gregory calls Beltway media "lazy"
It has been an irony-filled couple days for the pundit class. First, we had David Brooks bemoaning the dismantling of government entities and public institutions designed to combat big problems . ...
Bob Johnson 09/17/2014 119 220 2 -
BREAKING! Clinton (no, not THAT one) to "destroy and degrade" Islamic terror group!
President Chelsea Clinton to announce "full-out assault" against terror group Shabib ala Mode ( WASHINGTON, September 10, 2037 ) President Chelsea Clinton will appear holographically in living ...
Bob Johnson 09/12/2014 29 32 1 -
This guy actually may NEED his gun to be a penis substitute
I know, I know, there's way too much talk about how guns serve as penile extensions or penis substitutes for a lot of guys who feel the need to tote a weapon with them wherever they go. But this ...
Bob Johnson 06/18/2014 105 49 - -
How a "good guy with a gun" took a fatal bullet to the back
Joseph Wilcox should be at work or at home this morning. Instead, his family is mourning his death. Joseph had the misfortune of strapping on his concealed handgun two days ago and heading off to ...
Bob Johnson 06/10/2014 617 525 5 -
Societal regression: How the NRA and gun makers push perversion into the mainstream for profit
A recent spate of news (Isla Vista, Open Carry Texas idiocy) and resultant diaries on the subject of guns and the carrying of guns (open and/or concealed) has led to some rich discussion here on the ...
Bob Johnson 06/03/2014 32 38 1 -
Question for our resident gun rights advocates:
Do you agree with this statement? "But, as harsh as this sounds, your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights." Please take a moment and respond in the comments section. Thank you.
Bob Johnson 05/27/2014 910 238 - -
Racist, gun-totin' goofballs move on from Bundyville, but new camp-out plan likely to fail
Yes, most of the phony tough guys playing army in the Nevada desert have gone home to their pissed-off wives who were busy trying to make ends meet while their ignorant, dumbfuck spouses slept with ...
Bob Johnson 05/15/2014 296 278 1 -
Karl Rove admits Jeb Bush has brain damage
As we all know by now, Karl Rove has claimed that Hillary Clinton may be suffering from brain damage . Well, he doesn't really think that. But if we follow Rove's modus operandi , we know that one ...
Bob Johnson 05/13/2014 58 79 1 -
Yes, even liberals can internalize the NRA's paranoid rhetoric
I have noted in past diaries and comments that, at one time, the NRA was an organization that promoted hunting, competitive shooting and gun collecting. But when hunting began to decline in ...
Bob Johnson 04/27/2014 316 212 3 -
Where is RKBA on the Bundy ranch yahoos?
"Shhhhhhh... Be vewy, vewy quiet!" - Elmer Fudd Gun toters aiming their AR-15s at agents of the federal government. Gun toters talking about "making a stand" and yammering on about "...
Bob Johnson 04/17/2014 897 314 4 -
Confirmed: Jeb Bush to be GOP nominee in 2016
Yes, it has been confirmed: Jeb Bush will get the nod from the GOP in 2016: Bill Kristol: ‘No way’ Jeb Bush is 2016 nominee As you know, Kristol is always wrong about everything , and is, in ...
Bob Johnson 04/08/2014 167 154 3 -
The answer, as always: "More guns!"
If only soldiers had been allowed to carry concealed weapons on base. If only more people had guns to defend themselves. If only those damn anti-gun chickenshits hadn't banned guns from [NAME/TYPE ...
Bob Johnson 04/03/2014 627 167 1 -
Huge earthquake off Chile north coast; tsunami
Reports just beginning to come in. Possible 8.0 earthquake off Chile's north coast . Tsunami threat high not only to Chile, but also Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.
Bob Johnson 04/01/2014 110 172 - -
I wish all of you people would leave.
All of you. Every last one of you. At some point, just about all of you disagree with me about something. Which just proves that all of you are wrong. And by staying here, all of you are ...
Bob Johnson 03/12/2014 443 236 3 -
Where am I?
If I'm here, how can I not be over there? Over there is where I want to be. But if I'm here, I'm not there. But wait... Am I here? Am I actually here? Is it true that DKos 9 will include the ability ...
Bob Johnson 03/10/2014 216 144 2 -
Clueless, obscenely wealthy Illinois GOP governor candidate says, "Cut minimum wage."
Seriously. Bruce Rauner did that . Republican Bruce Rauner is calling for a $1-an-hour rollback in the state’s minimum wage in a move Democrats described as “class warfare” on Illinois’ ...
Bob Johnson 01/08/2014 24 39 1 -
[UPDATE] RKBA: Exploding the myth of gun toting in America
For the rather large white fellows pictured above, carrying around a handgun just isn't enough anymore. They want the right to lug around their assault-style weapons wherever they go, because, ...
Bob Johnson 12/31/2013 691 504 6 -
Dick Cheney babysits his grandchildren
A post here earlier today spurred me to go back and look through my diary history. I found this diary that I posted on October 7, 2004. It was one of the first diaries I posted here, and garnered ...
Bob Johnson 12/06/2013 22 22 - -
Transcript of actual NSA-intercepted Merkel call
According to The Washington Post , the NSA has claimed that it gathered "little reportable intelligence" from listening in to the phone calls of world leaders, including the cell phone of German ...
Bob Johnson 10/26/2013 166 192 - -
Here, have some delicious crow.
Just wondering if those here who predicted that this was really all about resurrecting the chained CPI and the "Grand Bargain"... Or those who predicted that this was a "fascist putsch" by the Koch ...
Bob Johnson 10/15/2013 329 102 - -
[UPDATE] Getting a gun is insanely easy in the good ol' U.S. of A.
All of the same old, tired arguments get dragged out of the closet after every mass shooting: Calls for restrictions on semi-automatic rifles. (Chryon on CNN this morning: "Shooter did NOT have AR-...
Bob Johnson 09/17/2013 237 141 1 -
Lemmings revolt! Opposition to Syrian strike up 15% in week.
I know we've been told over and over by a few folks here that the all-powerful media giants, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and corporate cartels are working in concert on their secret plan ...
Bob Johnson 09/09/2013 63 16 - -
New "instant posting" is not working out
I think we can safely say that the recent switch to allow newly registered members to post instantly is a failure (unless the purpose was to rapidly drive up registered user numbers). Comment ...
Bob Johnson 08/23/2013 370 326 1 -
Are you a sockpuppet? Take this simple test!
Take this simple test to determine if you are, indeed, a sockpuppet. 1. I disagree with you about an important political topic discussed at Daily Kos. o YES o NO 2. I disagree ...
Bob Johnson 08/12/2013 423 266 - -
Some very confused gun lovers among us
Logic seems to have escaped a few of our resident gun aficionados of late. Last week, one of our esteemed gun promoters dropped this gem in one of David's regular "Gun Fail" posts: Poor people buy ...
Bob Johnson 07/15/2013 685 273 1 -
F*** you Edward Snowden! F*** you, Edward Snowden! F*** you! Edward Snowden! (w/pole)
That about covers it, doesn't it?
Bob Johnson 07/03/2013 76 27 - -
Hey, kos, wake up and ban some people.
I don't care who you ban at this point. But, please, just pull out the banhammer and ban the living shit out of a whole bunch of these jackasses who want to argue endlessly about the use of ...
Bob Johnson 06/14/2013 420 151 - -
Hey, you f**king dumbs**ts!
What the f*#k is wrong with you f*#king a*#holes for f*#k's sake because sometimes name-calling is a f*#king must in order to try and get you sh*#-for-brains f*#king idiots to see the f*#king truth ...
Bob Johnson 06/10/2013 496 258 4 -
NSA exploits aroma technology to track farts back to source
In a breakthrough that has huge implications beyond national security, the NSA has increasingly come to rely on highly-sensitive aroma-sensing technology that can track the "genetic signature" of ...
Bob Johnson 06/06/2013 105 103 5 -
Meet a hero: one man forces a Catholic diocese to open their files
There is a powerful, infuriating, moving and heartbreaking story in today's Chicago Tribune . It is the story of one man's quest to see justice done, not just for himself, but for at least one ...
Bob Johnson 03/21/2013 96 319 3 -
I'm of two minds
I laugh at Dianne Feinstein and her silly Assault Weapons Ban. It's going nowhere. they're coming for our guns I scoff at President Obama's "They deserve a vote.
Bob Johnson 02/13/2013 32 39 - -
No, THAT won't work, EITHER!!!!
I have heard or read all the namby-pamby gun hater rhetoric about how this new law or that new law will magically stop the violence problem in our country, and I'm here to tell you:
Bob Johnson 02/09/2013 448 297 1 -
The opposite of "fear" is spelled G-U-N!
This gun confiscation talk has me on edge. It's a good thing I have my gun. Some people have security blankets. Some people have favorite stuffed animals. I have my gun. Okay, I actually have seven ...
Bob Johnson 02/03/2013 823 278 5 -
I'll let Mike Royko speak for me on guns.
The late, great Mike Royko , beloved Chicago newspaper columnist, wrote many columns on guns and gun control, all of them hilarious, pointed and smart. Sadly, Royko's columns, many dating from as ...
Bob Johnson 01/31/2013 147 317 9 -
Newtown first responders speak.
Offered without comment. I think this article from the front page of today's New York Times (uploaded to their site last night) is a "must read," regardless of where you stand on the gun control ...
Bob Johnson 01/29/2013 376 230 - -
I'll be running to the bathroom for a few minutes. My stomach hasn't been feeling great today, so I may be gone a while. By the way, this one poster here posted this really nasty diatribe against ...
Bob Johnson 01/28/2013 359 380 4 -
I will not shut up!
I will NOT be intimidated by the bullies and thugs here! The MAN won't keep me down! I will SPEAK MY MIND! The attempts here to shut down discussion of my pole on my ass are NOT -- I repeat NOT -- ...
Bob Johnson 01/06/2013 385 235 2 -
Pole my ass.
I have long been a proponent of using the pole feature on Daily Kos to measure local sentiment on key issues facing the community. In fact, I have used the pole feature many times here to "gauge the ...
Bob Johnson 01/05/2013 74 29 - -
I nearly froze my ass off. Walking a block. To a hip cafe. Pathetic. Give to the Propane Project.
I am such a whiner. Yesterday, the wind was howling out of the north. The temperature had dropped 30 degrees from Thanksgiving Day's unusually balmy high in the mid-60s. It was my wife's birthday,
Bob Johnson 11/24/2012 57 176 1 -
Fox News busts it WIDE OPEN!
This Petraeus incident was no accident! You know it, I know it and now the world knows it! All thanks to Fox News! So here's what really happened ! And guess who was right in the middle of it? ...
Bob Johnson 11/09/2012 253 345 5 -
Twit Watch: Dylan Byers at Politico tries to kiss up to Nate Silver; Silver tells him to take a hike
The ignorant little twit media "reporter" at Politico , Dylan Byers, pens a paean to Nate Silver's accuracy today, obviously trying to make up for the ignorant, snide, dead-wrong, anti-math, anti-...
Bob Johnson 11/07/2012 246 684 5 -
UPDATE! Sandy arrives just in time to save conservative grifters and pundits (and Romney camp, too!)
Dick Morris is thanking God and Mother Nature. So is Karl Rove . Yes, Sandy has been a godsend for the conservative con men who have been spinning straw into gold for their true-believer followers.
Bob Johnson 11/03/2012 82 165 1 -
How much has Karl Rove pocketed while delivering close to ZERO ROI to his fatcat funders?
It looks like Karl Rove has taken the deep pocket funders of American Crossroads SuperPAC and its spin-off, Crossroads GPS , to the cleaners. These wealthy, high-powered conservatives don't fool ...
Bob Johnson 11/01/2012 122 206 3 -
Politico frames Romney's Jeep lie as "he said/they said"
I know, I know, I should never be surprised at what passes for "reporting" at the pathetic online rag that is Politico . One of the publication's many lazy stenographers attempting to pass himself ...
Bob Johnson 10/26/2012 21 21 - -
Rand tracker explodes: O 51 R 45
Is this a sign that late breakers are moving to Obama? The Rand tracker is different in that it follows the same group of voters across the life of the campaign, but the indication that undecideds ...
Bob Johnson 10/26/2012 176 202 4 -
Ad suggestion: Romney on a woman's right to choose
Kaili Joy Gray's front-pager on the latest Romney abortion flip-flop contains Romney's claim earlier today that he has no interest in making abortion restrictions part of his agenda. Of course, Kaili'
Bob Johnson 10/09/2012 2 13 - 69
Even though the polls are skewed, Republicans beg Mitt to change course
Yes, I know the polls are skewed. I know that Mitt Romney is really ahead by a gazillion percent in every poll, once you "unskew" the polls. And, yes, I know the liberal media is at it again, ...
Bob Johnson 09/27/2012 48 76 - 642
Tammy Duckworth kicking Joe Walsh's scrawny ass
Yes, she is. A new poll from PPP has Tammy up 52-38 over loudmouth, know-nothing pea-brain, Joe Walsh. Good for Tammy. Soon, Joe will be back hanging out on his sofa in his boxers, scratching his ...
Bob Johnson 09/25/2012 144 395 4 2827
All polls are skewed! Romney is secretly ahead!
Hilarious article today from The Hill : GOP takes aim at 'skewed' polls Yes, the polls are skewed! Romney is really winning! And by a lot! The Romney campaign and other Republicans say polls ...
Bob Johnson 09/25/2012 28 33 - 289
Romney admits he is not qualified for the presidency (by his own standards)
A couple of days ago in my diary titled, "I'm confused. Is it GOOD or BAD for Americans to avoid paying taxes?" , I was reminded by citizenx that back in July, Mitt Romney said ...
Bob Johnson 09/21/2012 5 11 - 77
I'm confused. Is it GOOD or BAD for Americans to avoid paying taxes?
I know we're not permitted to see Mitt Romney's tax returns. We just aren't. So quit asking. But I believe we've been told by conservatives and Republicans, including Mitt Romney, that not only is ...
Bob Johnson 09/18/2012 153 439 4 1828
FINALLY! The "Whitey" tape surfaces!
And it don't get any whiter than Mitt Romney! (NOTE: I will take this down in a few minutes.)
Bob Johnson 09/17/2012 34 25 - 423
It's all downhill from here for the Romney campaign
Like a desperate quarterback heaving an ill-advised pass into double coverage, Mitt Romney and his brain trust (cough) have predictably lapsed into "throw-a-bucket-of-shit-at-the-wall-and-see-what-...
Bob Johnson 09/12/2012 32 35 - 475
Charles Koch: The New King of Comedy!
Look out, Letterman! Look out, Leno! Look out, Kimmel, Fallon and O'Brien! Chuckie Koch is moving in on your turf! Who knew the guy had it in him? Chuckie today pens an opinion piece in The Wall ...
Bob Johnson 09/10/2012 93 227 1 1627
Phony Beltway handwringers come up empty
Oh, what will Bill Clinton say on Wednesday night? Putting Bill Clinton on stage could be a huge mistake for the Obama camp! The Obama team can't trust him! (And we don't care if Obama's people say ...
Bob Johnson 09/06/2012 105 215 2 1717
Paul Ryan caught lying again. And again. And again.
Never has the old adage, "If his lips are moving, he's probably lying," been more true than in the case of Paul Ryan. He was at it again on Sunday, making up numbers and just flat out lying about ...
Bob Johnson 09/05/2012 94 351 12 2123
Politico hacks its way to reportorial glory. Again.
In an apparent fit of masochism, I was punishing myself this morning by perusing Politico's typically awful coverage of the Democratic National Convention when I stumbled across a bit of reportage ...
Bob Johnson 09/04/2012 64 196 1 1824
Has anyone ever blatantly lied about you to others -- repeatedly? How did that make you feel?
My title includes the two questions I want to ask voters in swing states. Nearly all of us have had, at one time or another, a malicious rumor spread about us. It is not a pleasant experience. Not ...
Bob Johnson 08/30/2012 21 33 - 164
Stop whining, get creative. Conservatives will continue to lie through election day.
I think we're doing too much whining about Romney's and the GOP's unending string of lies, from their bullshit claim that Obama ended welfare-to-work rules (race resentment tactic directed at whites)
Bob Johnson 08/24/2012 111 123 - 665
Perfect time to remind Floridians of GOP efforts to slash FEMA budget
With tropical storm Isaac (likely to be a full-fledged hurricane by Sunday/Monday) bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico and possibly Florida -- home of next week's RNC convention in Tampa -- it may be ...
Bob Johnson 08/23/2012 82 185 4 656
UPDATE: FBI investigating GOP Rep. Rivera, connection to fake Dem candidate
BREAKING UPDATE (11:00 p.m. EST) : FBI, Miami-Dade police target Democratic primary candidate with possible ties to Congressman David Rivera Federal agents are investigating the finances of a ...
Bob Johnson 08/22/2012 201 555 4 2926
Dear Baby Jesus...
Dear Baby Jesus, I want to thank You for so many blessings that You have recently sent my way. I want to thank You for Todd Akin who has exposed the entire Republican Party -- from Mitt Romney and ...
Bob Johnson 08/21/2012 28 37 1 203
Great news from Politico: GOP once again listening to Bill Kristol!
It's like a dream come true. The Republican Party once again is taking advice from the pundit who is never right about anything . Ever. In fact, in a field where incompetence, inanity, ignorance ...
Bob Johnson 08/12/2012 36 88 - 713
Mitt asks Ann to head up "Operation Mitt Swoon"
The Romney campaign announced today that Ann Romney would head up their "Women for Mitt" coalition. According to the campaign press release, Ann had this to say: “I’m proud to be heading up ...
Bob Johnson 08/08/2012 18 24 - 146
My favorite part of Mitt's NAACP speech
Sorry for the quick hit diary, but I wanted to share this with those who may have missed Mitt's NAACP speech this morning. Here's the end of the speech which was my favorite part: ROMNEY : When I ...
Bob Johnson 07/11/2012 94 226 5 2143
Santorum pulls the plug
Looks like God played yet another practical joke. Rick Santorum finds out that God was kidding when S/He told Ricky to run. Rick Santorum is expected to announce this afternoon that he is ...
Bob Johnson 04/10/2012 56 27 - 253
Walker turning state tech colleges into taxpayer-funded labor pool for favored industries
Yesterday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced the appointment of Timothy W. Sullivan, former president and CEO of Bucryus International (now part of Caterpillar), to a new position Walker ...
Bob Johnson 02/17/2012 37 110 3 516
UPDATE - Manufacturing "evidence" to fit conclusions: How the Komen fiasco is like the Iraq war
Reading The Washington ...
Bob Johnson 02/08/2012 48 115 2 671
An inspiring primer on how to convert grassroots energy into real action
By all rights, this diary should be written by Giles Goat Boy, noise of rain or one of our other esteemed, hard-working Wisconsin kossaks. And perhaps one of them will come along and do just that, ...
Bob Johnson 02/01/2012 7 18 3 97
Newt as nominee: What would it do to Obama's strategy?
Let's assume that, somehow, the coming Republican establishment onslaught against Newt Gingrich is survivable (I don't think it will be), and Newt becomes the nominee. What would this mean for Obama'
Bob Johnson 01/23/2012 41 27 - 277
Romney Parks Millions in Offshore Tax Havens UPDATE 2
Yep, that's the headline of an ABC News piece that was just posted online. ...
Bob Johnson 01/18/2012 309 337 4 2997
Hilarious Judas moment: "Evangelicals for Perry" backstab Rick for Newt!
Hilarious back-stabbing going on among the radical right today. The group "Evangelicals for Perry" dropped Perry ...
Bob Johnson 01/17/2012 24 35 - 284
Why would any progressive promote Ron Paul's worldview?
I just don't get it. I read David Mizner's diary that was the rec list earlier today and saw all the folks I know who recced the piece and all I could think was, "What the fuck is going on here? ...
Bob Johnson 01/05/2012 816 333 - 2352
Merry f*%#ing Christmas! UPDATED
Whoever it was who bought me a subscription, thank you. I appreciate the kindness. That said, I certainly didn't need anyone to buy me a subscription. I can afford my own. I just never bought one ...
Bob Johnson 12/14/2011 136 179 - 1260
Dark comedy: Defending the indefensible at UC Davis
Bob Johnson 11/20/2011 316 240 - 1548
The Circle Jerk of Attribution™ [UPDATED]
The great thing about the internet is that information spreads quickly. The shitty thing about the internet is that information spreads quickly. Here's an example that highlights that ...
Bob Johnson 11/16/2011 608 307 1 2453
UPDATE He's out. Did Joe Paterno just cut the knees out from under the Penn State Board of Trustees?
Will the Board of Trustees at Penn State do the right thing for Jerry Sandusky's abuse victims and the victims' families and tell Joe Paterno he has to go now and not at the end of the season?
Bob Johnson 11/09/2011 848 298 3 3615
Revolution Porn
The Occupy Wall Street protests across the country have been superb examples of how a movement starts. When the first few folks began this effort several months ago (before the actual occupation ...
Bob Johnson 10/12/2011 475 419 5 2584
Palin's Tea Party suckers turn ugly
I, like many others here, long predicted that Sarah Palin had no intention of running for president. Her never-ending tease was simply a ploy to keep her in the limelight and allow her to wring more ...
Bob Johnson 10/05/2011 466 553 8 4912
I see into the future... Sarah Palin decides to run!
NOTE: I originally posted the content below back on September 29th and the diary quickly scrolled off into oblivion. Given Palin's announcement today, I figured it was worth resurrecting.. .
Bob Johnson 10/05/2011 12 23 - 214
DATE: November 5, 2012 TIME: 7:23 p.m. SETTING: Dining room table of the Palin home
News item, September 27, 2011 : PALIN:
Bob Johnson 09/29/2011 41 35 - 341
Tables turned on Tea Bagger congressman, Joe Walsh
Well, it looks like Joe Walsh, the deadbeat dad/Tea Party hero who spends a lot of time on Fox News acting like a tough guy, ...
Bob Johnson 09/14/2011 253 393 4 2479
Enjoy, children!
The wheels on the bus go round and round Round and round, round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round All through the town. (Roll hands over each other) The wipers on the ...
Bob Johnson 08/28/2011 254 146 - 1491
How sweet! Hillary fundraiser backs Huntsman, makes racial crack about Obama
Not big news, but an item I found amusing... Former big-time Hillary fundraiser, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is now a big financial backer for lame-ass/going-nowhere GOP presidential candidate,
Bob Johnson 07/01/2011 234 111 2 1340
I hope I'm making myself clear.
This was originally a comment I posted in an earlier ...
Bob Johnson 06/08/2011 110 34 - 568
Sexual politics: Some things never change
A confluence of news events the past few days shows how little our world has really changed when it comes to powerful, influential men avoiding consequences for their sexual predilections, ...
Bob Johnson 05/19/2011 151 129 2 797
UPDATE: Ask GOP reps from devastated areas if they still back Ryan's budget that guts FEMA, NWS
I couldn't help but notice the GOP twitterati whipping out their instant and expected responses to the storms that devastated the southern tier. ...
Bob Johnson 04/28/2011 196 407 10 2266
Will any 2012 GOP hopeful carry the birther banner?
Contrary to much hand-wringing I have read here, I think the purpose in releasing Obama's birth certificate was quite clear: The loony 25% of racist birther scumbags who make up the GOP faithful (...
Bob Johnson 04/27/2011 11 9 - 107
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