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When Republicans gloat over their gains, remind them...
... about 1986. What happened in 1986? Why, the Republicans lost control of the U.S. Senate, which they had held since GOP patron saint Ronald Reagan had swept into office in 1980. How many Senate ...
Boris Godunov 11/05/2014 7 7 - -
Unbelievable: Texas Court Rules Nonconsensual "upskirt" Photos are Legal
Ladies... do you think you should have the right to not have a picture taken up your skirt against your will by some pervert who will later use it for his own gratification? Think your child should ...
Boris Godunov 09/20/2014 118 17 - -
Neal Boortz goes off on social conservatives
Now this is is DELICIOUS. Neal Boortz gives his summary of why Romney lost, and he seems to be one of the conservatives who gets it: social issues are costing Republicans elections and will ...
Boris Godunov 11/07/2012 31 19 - -
Narrative: Last night was a national turning point
Folks, don't let the Republicans get away with the spin that we all know is pure BS. They say it was status quo. They say it was "razor-thin" for Obama. They say Obama has no mandate. They say ...
Boris Godunov 11/07/2012 5 13 - -
Rasmussen exposed as Republican shill
Not much of a diary, I know, but I'm about to pass out from exhaustion. Happy exhaustion! But let it be known: Rasmussen polling is a fraud that exists to prop up Republican candidates. Oh, sure, ...
Boris Godunov 11/07/2012 117 317 9 -
UPDATE - New York Marriage Equality PASSES! Open Thread 2
Other one was getting unwieldy.
Boris Godunov 06/24/2011 139 87 - 630
DKos At The Movies: Inglourious Basterds
I know this isn't a political diary, but I thought maybe some would like a break from healthcare debates and what not to discuss one of my favorite subjects... movies! Herein is my summation ...
Boris Godunov 08/27/2009 82 12 1 86
Remember: IGNORE Exit Polls today
This is a plea to all of my friends on DKOS to not fall into the trap of living and dying by the purported exit poll results that are leaked throughout the day. Folks like Matt Drudge love to ...
Boris Godunov 11/04/2008 16 1 - 2
CNN, ABC pundits unanimous: Obama wins
CNN strategists predict Obama victory Even the Republicans put ...
Boris Godunov 11/02/2008 95 29 2 21
We're the opposition, stupid. FIGHT Bush, dammit.
There is a new AP-Ipsos poll out on MSNBC that gives Congressional Democrats proof of what they need to do going forward to fulfill the will of ...
Boris Godunov 05/11/2007 6 5 - 10
Roman Emperors worse than Bush - History for Kossacks
Given the absolute furor that erupted in today's Cheers and Jeers edition over certain assertions that the Emperor Augustus hosted ...
Boris Godunov 11/30/2006 65 21 4 83
Official Kulongoski (OR) Victory Diary
Boris Godunov 11/07/2006 14 3 - 13
Treachery in Oregon - How to help
Boris Godunov 10/25/2006 5 4 - 14
Mark Foley is not a pedophile, period.
Boris Godunov 09/30/2006 1010 241 7 102
Pieta, rispetto, onore...
Boris Godunov 09/15/2006 6 5 2 7
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