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UPDATED x3: MI State Senator spews nonsense, Detroit News lets him cover it up.
Yup, I'm Rec-begging on this one 'cus I am *angry* (if not surprised). One week ago I posted en entry titled "Color me shocked: Michigan GOP State Senator spewing nonsense" , which documented an ...
Brainwrap 05/03/2015 70 455 4 -
Hillary Clinton & Diane Sawyer Read the Classics
In honor of dKos's new digs, I present:
Brainwrap 05/02/2015 4 1 - -
UPDATE x2: HOLY CRAP. Baltimore FOP channels their inner Frank Nitti
This may seem a bit self-centered since my other diary is already at the top of the Rec list, but a couple people suggested that my update deserves it's own diary as well to ensure maximum exposure, ...
Brainwrap 05/01/2015 64 74 - -
Holy Crap. "Depraved Heart Murder"? UPDATE: FOP channels Frank Nitti
Thanks to reporters Mark Puente & Wesley Lowery for the screen shot: The official list of charges against the 6 officers (not 1, not 2, not 3...*six*) is out:
Brainwrap 05/01/2015 327 415 7 -
FL Gov. Rick Scott: "Keep Your Government Hands Off My Obamacare!!" (Seriously)
Ho. Lee. Crap. Check out this press release from Florida Governor and Lord Voldemort impersonator Rick Scott:
Brainwrap 04/30/2015 34 50 - -
Freddie Gray, Malcolm X & True Believer
Last night I posted a simple diary called "A Scene from Malcolm X": NT. A HEARING ROOM - DAY A room, clinically empty; table, chair, and HOLWAY, putting papers into a briefcase; the hearing is ...
Brainwrap 04/30/2015 1 2 - -
A Scene From Malcolm X.
INT. A HEARING ROOM - DAY A room, clinically empty; table, chair, and HOLWAY, putting papers into a briefcase; the hearing is concluded. HOLWAY: There is just nothing l can do. LOUISE: What do ...
Brainwrap 04/29/2015 3 5 1 -
OK, this is just...surreal.
Well, this is flattering...I guess... Testimony before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship by MICHAEL F. CANNON April 29, 2015 ...If the Court sides with the challengers, ...
Brainwrap 04/29/2015 31 175 3 -
Color me shocked: Michigan GOP State Senator spewing nonsense re. Obamacare
I live in Michigan, but I've never heard of Patrick Colbeck. All I know about him is that he wrote an Op-Ed piece for the Detroit News on Friday which has more factual holes than the swiss cheese I ...
Brainwrap 04/27/2015 16 24 - -
UPDATE: Hoo-Boy. If you thought the immigration debate was ugly now, just wait...
I had read something about this a week or so ago but I didn't really think about the implications at the time. Now that I've read it...I can't for the life of me figure out why it hasn't gotten ...
Brainwrap 04/22/2015 15 30 - -
UPDATE x4: OK, perhaps not: Hillary bringing back 50-state strategy?
UPDATE x3: Just for the record, Howard Dean himself seems to be on board here: ...which means that either a) he's familiar with the Clinton campaign's actual strategy and ...
Brainwrap 04/22/2015 236 148 1 -
Updated x2: In which Hillary Clinton Avenges complaints about her logo.
Brainwrap 04/21/2015 25 13 - -
Presenting the Marco Rubio Healthcare Boondoggle Advisory Chart
Now that Florida GOP Senator Marco "Dry Lips" Rubio has officially launched his 2016 Presidential campaign, my long-time obsession with his ill-fated "Florida Health Choices" project from his days ...
Brainwrap 04/17/2015 10 15 - -
Blatant Plug: Help Rosemary Watson!
Regular readers know that I've been a long-time fan of the Hillary Clinton impersonator (along with a bevy of other celebrities, as well as being a skilled singer & comedienne) Rosemary Watson. ...
Brainwrap 04/13/2015 3 3 - -
ACA Signups: Gallup confirms uninsured rate drops to 11.9% (or lower!)
Cross-posted at Here's the main takeaway: WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The uninsured rate among U.S. adults declined to 11.9% for the first quarter of 2015 -- down one percentage point from ...
Brainwrap 04/13/2015 12 19 - -
UPDATED: Will the GOP seal their fate tomorrow morning?
The Gay Blade posted an excellent, top-rated analysis of Hillary Clinton's campaign launch video. In the comments, SouthernLeveller posted his own noteworthy addition to the diary: I think they won'
Brainwrap 04/12/2015 66 159 2 -
Instant Reaction to the OTHER "HC" website (that's Hillary Clinton, not Health Care)
For the past year and a half, I've been best-known as the guy. However, my actual profession (which I've had to remind myself from time to time recently) is a website developer. As ...
Brainwrap 04/12/2015 36 32 1 -
UPDATE: OK, I'm gonna go ahead and ask...
As noted in SemDem's top-rated diary , the jackasses are now trying to turn *everything* upside down by trying to claim that it's "discriminatory" for a bakery NOT to put an anti-gay message on a ...
Brainwrap 04/04/2015 73 68 - -
UPDATED x3: Who the F*** is running DCCC fundraising???
I know that the DCCC went into "desperation" mode and caught a lot of flack with their "ALL HOPE IS LOST!!!" money begs last fall. However, I never thought I'd see them LITERALLY say that "ALL HOPE ...
Brainwrap 03/31/2015 275 375 3 -
UPDATED x2: Has the 2015 U.S. Civil War just become formalized by Indiana & Connecticut?
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were discussing whatever the latest horrific discriminatory/misogynistic law was which had just been passed by some state legislature (I honestly don't recall ...
Brainwrap 03/30/2015 18 25 1 -
SHOCKER!! GOP think tank using GOP survey of heavily GOP pool finds that GOP voters don't like ACA!!
So, some outfit called the Foundation for Government Accountability released a Big Survey which claims that Americans hate Obamacare, that they "don’t expect or want states to bail out Congress ...
Brainwrap 03/28/2015 18 24 - -
A Message for Mike Pence
That is all.
Brainwrap 03/27/2015 9 19 - -
Dear Pete Sessions: "Bazillion" is not a real number either.
I can't even... Here’s why lawmakers should not speak without notes “If you just do simple multiplication, 12 million [insured individuals] into $108 billion , we are talking literally ...
Brainwrap 03/25/2015 24 16 1 -
ACA Signups: TEXAS: 1,205,174 4! (but how many will PAY???)
The last official 2015 QHP selection count for the state of Texas was 1,205,174 people as of February 22. It looks like I can update this to 1,205,17 8 today! After Pledging To ‘Repeal Every ...
Brainwrap 03/24/2015 15 17 - -
There, fixed it for ya. Just trying to help...
Brainwrap 03/23/2015 9 11 - -
5 YEAR FLASHBACK: The Day of Bread & Roses
I've been posting here at Daily Kos for a long, long time (my UID is 3,620, created on 11/22/03, FWIW). Prior to becoming known as the ACA Signups guy, I previously gained a bit of "acclaim" (if ...
Brainwrap 03/23/2015 3 8 - -
Presenting the Great Republican Party $21 Billion Middle Class Tax Hike!!
Cross-posted at ACA Signups The Kaiser Family Foundation has posted a very handy table listing how many people in each state are receiving federal tax credits for ACA exchange-purchased healthcare ...
Brainwrap 03/18/2015 6 26 - -
Is MA Gov Charlie Baker an actual, bona fide, for-real-no-BS decent Republican???
Help me out here, folks...all I know about new Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (the guy who beat Martha Coakley last fall) is that he's a Republican, but supposedly of the moderate variety, ...
Brainwrap 03/17/2015 50 25 - -
BREAKING: Avik Roy uncovers MASSIVE CONSPIRACY by the HHS Dept!!
Kaiser Health News correspondent Phil Galewitz, February 25th: Do I have this right?-- The GOP is upset the Obama admin does NOT have a contingency plan for their efforts to kill the health law ...
Brainwrap 03/16/2015 55 234 4 -
Israeli Election: OK, this has gotten plain weird.
Good heavens.
Brainwrap 03/16/2015 21 15 - -
Updated w/Poll: McCain: "I sign a lot of letters"
Senator John McCain , whom you may remember from that one time he nearly became the president of the United States, has a less-than-satisfactory explanation for why he signed Senator Tom Cotton's ...
Brainwrap 03/11/2015 21 9 - -
ACA Signups: The Final #OE2 Tables/Graphs
No, I'm not shutting down the site yet, nor am I stopping tracking enrollments (although they'll be both scarcer and harder to come by going forward). The Tax Season Special Enrollment Period is ...
Brainwrap 03/10/2015 5 22 - -
UPDATED:#ACATaxTime has already started in 6 states, & Burwell confirms 11.7M QHPs (actually 11.8M+)
Now that the King v. Burwell Supreme Court oral arguments are out of the way (with radio silence expected until they announce the decision sometime in June) , the next Big Development to keep an eye ...
Brainwrap 03/09/2015 1 5 1 -
White Privilege at my Mom's House
Over the past few years, there's been what seems to be a huge increase in incidents of police officers harrassing, arresting, beating up, tasing and/or flat-out shooting black people (and, admittedly,
Brainwrap 03/09/2015 8 30 - -
How many bites does it take to get to the center of an Obamacare Pop?
(yes, that's right, I'm cross-posting 3 diaries in a row tonight. Get over it.) Last night I got embroiled in a Twitter discussion with Ken Kelly and Seth Trueger about the various categories of ...
Brainwrap 03/06/2015 3 8 1 -
My take on King v. Burwell: Promising, but states should still move their butts NOW
Some people were disappointed (and others no doubt relieved) that after flapping my gums about it for the past 9 months, I didn't have anything to say about the actual King v. Burwell oral arguments ...
Brainwrap 03/06/2015 12 16 1 -
BOOM: Gallup + Basic Math = National Uninsured Rate Down to 11%
A couple of weeks ago, Gallup released a massive Health Insurance Survey which noted that the uninsured rate nationally fell from 17.3% to 13.8%. On the one hand, yay Obamacare! On the other hand, ...
Brainwrap 03/06/2015 8 33 1 -
Score One for Hillary: Smart response re. Emails
Hillary Clinton just posted her first Tweet since the email story broke a few days ago: I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release ...
Brainwrap 03/04/2015 319 129 - -
King v. Burwell, Red v. Blue & More Fun w/Numbers
OK, so here's a fun little King v. Burwell exercise: --First, look at the official Democratic/Republican lean of all 37 states operating via Healthcare.Gov. For this, I used Gallup's 2013 Political ...
Brainwrap 03/01/2015 19 20 1 -
Imagine That!!
Me, July 22nd, 2014: As for other states like Florida, Texas and Louisiana, consider the following attack ad, modelled on Mark Totten's press release above: "Tens of thousands of Louisianans will ...
Brainwrap 02/28/2015 7 21 - -
Leonard Nimoy on Obamacare and Hobbits.
Members of my family have been denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. They'll get coverage with Obamacare. LLAP — Leonard Nimoy (@TheRealNimoy) September 30, ...
Brainwrap 02/28/2015 7 21 - -
An Open Letter to Republicans re. King v. Burwell
I keep reading stories like this one at the Washington Examiner lately (about the GOP hand-wringing over the potential backlash if they "win" the King v. Burwell case at the Supreme Court): GOP ...
Brainwrap 02/27/2015 8 25 - -
Know your Llama. (UPDATED)
That is all.
Brainwrap 02/26/2015 28 28 - -
ACA Signups: Should've Stuck w/My First Instincts Edition
HHS released their final(?) weekly snapshot report today, along with a whole bunch of renewal data. But first... -- A shout-out to my brother-in-law. — Maryland (and Kentucky) join the #...
Brainwrap 02/25/2015 3 26 - -
Shorter Burwell to GOP: "Please proceed."
Recently, the House Republicans sent an incredibly " CHOOTZ-PAH " filled letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell in which they demanded that she tell them what the HHS Dept's "contingency plan" would ...
Brainwrap 02/24/2015 47 203 1 -
Golf Clap for my Brother.
I toot my own horn a lot around these parts. Tonight I'm giving a big fat shout-out to my brother.
Brainwrap 02/23/2015 21 36 - -
IT'S BACK!! The *COMPLETE* 2015 ACA Signups Graph: 32M People, 1 Image
Yesterday, the New York Times posted an infographic depicting the breakout of insurance coverage for everyone in the country, based entirely on my data. The grand total of ACA-specific health ...
Brainwrap 02/23/2015 8 52 - -
ACA Signups: #humblebrag Edition
A quiet day after the past crazy week. Only 2 posts, both of which are short enough that I'll just repost 'em right here: And then there was...Idaho (& Connecticut, sort of): Over the past 2 days, ...
Brainwrap 02/21/2015 6 27 - -
ACA Signups: #ACATaxTime Edition (IMPORTANT INFO HEREIN!!)
Yep, you knew this was sooner had every single state officially announced an enrollment extension period (either "full" or "standing in line by midnight") than a few states started ...
Brainwrap 02/20/2015 8 33 2 -
ACA Signups (Data Galore! Edition)
Whew! Busy day...a whole mess more state exchange updates, plus more overtime/tax season extension news and more... — Vermont Makes Three: Joins WA & MN with official Tax Season Enrollment ...
Brainwrap 02/19/2015 11 34 1 -
ACA Signups: HOLD EVERYTHING!! Edition
I wasn't able to put together the digest last night due to other commitments, and I'm especially sorry because there were a lot of developments yesterday...the chief one being: — Hold Everything!!
Brainwrap 02/19/2015 6 83 1 -
ACA Signups: I'm Only Human Edition
On the one hand, there was some great news today. Hawaii and Maryland blew away my expectations. Washington State didn't end up doing as lousy as I had feared. And in the end, 60% more people had ...
Brainwrap 02/17/2015 6 39 1 -
ACA Signups: #ACAOvertime Edition
Last year, on March 31st, received a whopping 31,000 unique visitors; the next day I had just over 30,000. This year, I received 2,400 unique visitors yesterday, and have hit roughly 2,
Brainwrap 02/16/2015 5 26 - -
In case no one noticed, Open Enrollment ended last night (sort of).
FYI, the 2015 Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period officially ended last night. It's rather astonishing how little attention this garnered last night/today, versus March 31st/April 1st last ...
Brainwrap 02/16/2015 7 13 - -
ACA SIGNUPS: "BIG FINISH...oh, wait, not quite yet..." Edition
No roundup last night, I know; I actually went out to dinner with my wife last night, seeing how it was, you know, Valentine's Day. As a result, you get the final 2 days of updates all in one shot...
Brainwrap 02/15/2015 2 34 - -
ACA Signups: No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn Edition
Things aren't nearly as crazy as they were the final few days of March last spring, of course, but today was pretty busy; I spent part of the day on the phone with reporters from the New York Times, ...
Brainwrap 02/13/2015 6 21 - -
Drat!! I was off by 0.008% this time!!
Busy, busy day today: Not only did the final weekly report come out, but so did updates from 4 other states... First up, a walk down memory lane: -- FLASHBACK: My really, really thin ...
Brainwrap 02/11/2015 7 25 - -
Hey, Jake Tapper/CNN: "Forced Marriage" = "Raped repeatedly", NOT "PAIRED WITH".
This. Is. Sick. The article at CNN: American hostage Kayla Mueller may have been forced into a relationship with an ISIS terrorist, intelligence sources report. CNN's ...
Brainwrap 02/11/2015 27 16 - -
West Virginia: Volume X of the GOP Rape Advisory Chart Underway
Just days ago, I posted Volume IX:
Brainwrap 02/11/2015 4 17 - -
30 MILLION (or, it's a lot more than just exchange QHPs)
Cross-posted at ACA Signups Last year, I started out tracking just 2 numbers: Exchange-based QHPs and Medicaid via official ACA expansion provisions. As time went on, I gradually added other types ...
Brainwrap 02/10/2015 9 30 1 -
HHS Dept. Confirms: GOP hoping to force $3,200 tax hike on 6.5 million working class Americans.
Cross-posted at ACA Signups Y'know, there's all sorts of ways to spin formal press releases. For instance: Moments ago, the HHS Dept. of the United States sent out this press release, touting the ...
Brainwrap 02/09/2015 33 150 1 -
UPDATE:King v. Burwell "Plaintiffs" suspiciously similar to Koch Bros. TV ad "victims"
This morning, Joan McCarter posted a diary which notes the recent Wall St. Journal / Mother Jones* revelations that the actual plaintiffs in the infamous King v. Burwell case, set to be argued in ...
Brainwrap 02/09/2015 17 27 - -
Will FOX start airing rape footage next?
In 1972, Harlan Ellison edited an anthology of sci-fi short stories called Again, Dangerous Visions (a sequel to "Dangerous Visions", naturally). One of the stories, by Edward Bryant, is called "The ...
Brainwrap 02/07/2015 71 84 1 -
UPDATE: VOLUME IX ADDED (trigger warning)
"Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in." --The Godfather, Part ...
Brainwrap 02/06/2015 9 20 1 -
ACA Signups: MD kicking ass, WA lagging behind Edition
Only a few updates today, but the first one is impressive: — Maryland breaks 100K QHPs milestone; on track to easily break my INCREASED projection Massachusetts will likely stay "quiet" for ...
Brainwrap 02/05/2015 2 11 - -
Holy crap, what a day. I know things will be even crazier on 2/15, and nothing will compare to the insanity of last March 31st, but this was definitely in the top 10. OK, so most people already ...
Brainwrap 02/04/2015 7 19 - -
THERE you go: Surgeon General Murthy everywhere today
Yesterday I threw a bit of a temper tantrum by pointing out (a bit rudely, I admit) that the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, appeared to be a bit invisible in the midst of the Measles/...
Brainwrap 02/04/2015 52 153 1 -
UPDATE x2: Stupid Question: Where the HELL is the Surgeon General??
We FINALLY have a Surgeon General confirmed. We have a REAL nationwide public health and education crisis going on here--both an immediate one (measles outbreak spreading fast) as well as a long-...
Brainwrap 02/03/2015 133 250 - -
FOLLOW-UP: It's Official: GOP Antivax Stupidity has reached Epidemic Proportions.
I'm reposting my diary from yesterday ...with several updates from today: Two days ago, after seeing that the White House (and President Obama specifically) had come out with an official (if ...
Brainwrap 02/03/2015 160 266 1 -
GOP realized some Dems were messing with their stupidity turf, but they're putting a stop to THAT!!
Two days ago, after seeing that the White House (and President Obama specifically) had come out with an official (if utterly obvious) statement stating that vaccinating children is absolutely ...
Brainwrap 02/02/2015 47 44 - -
King v. Burwell: Time is NOT on the states' side
Let's suppose that the Supreme Court, against all logic, legal precedent, reason and decency, does end up ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case and does indeed stop any ...
Brainwrap 01/31/2015 19 58 - -
ACA Signups: 10M Imminent, Underperformers & Overperformers
Not a lot of new numbers but a bunch of analysis today: — Republican Party Makes it Official: "F*ck the Poor!" (and the working class) (update) — Do I Hear 10 Million? Going once, going twice...
Brainwrap 01/30/2015 3 20 - -
ACA Signups: California Looking Dicey Edition
Kind of a strange day today... — No Sleep 'til Brooklyn: Tax Season Edition — Massachusetts: 112K QHPs, 211K Medicaid -- Vermont: 26.6K QHPs (80.5% paid), 9,800 Medicaid --
Brainwrap 01/29/2015 1 13 - -
ACA Signups: Gaba Blows It Edition
Updates to 39 states at once today, thanks to the weekly "snapshot" report (along with WA & RI). Sadly, the numbers are all pretty...well, anemic this week (no deadlines included for 37 ...
Brainwrap 01/28/2015 4 38 - -
ACA Signups: CA & NY Renewals at Last!! Edition
If you heard the Big News® today already, I know what you're thinking: Why isn't he making a bigger deal about the 9.5 million number?? Answer: Because, as regular readers know, I've been saying ...
Brainwrap 01/27/2015 4 21 - -
ACA Signups 9.5 Million Confirmed (9.9 Million Estimated)
Since the day I started this project (before it, really), I've been asking for the HHS Dept. to simply release the enrollment data in as much detail as possible on a frequent basis...and by frequent,
Brainwrap 01/27/2015 7 21 - -
ACA Signups: F*ck the Poor Edition
Pretty quiet fact, here's the Short Cuts from Friday night... Also: -- Texas: Holy Smokes! TX legislator does exactly what EVERY state SHOULD be doing! — WaPo Op-Ed: F*ck ...
Brainwrap 01/26/2015 9 19 - -
ACA Signups: Mixed Bag Edition
Great News out of Massachusetts, Maryland and in general... -- Massachusetts blasts through the 100K mark: 108,051 QHPs thru yesterday -- Maryland: 94K QHPs, 91K Medicaid, on track to hit ...
Brainwrap 01/23/2015 4 14 - -
ACA Signups: Not Cool, Guys Edition
A fairly quiet day data-wise, but some interesting developments: -- District of Columbia: 19.4K QHPs, 39.1K Medicaid, 15.5K SHOP (UPDATED) -- Not Cool, Guys (updated x2) -- Late-Nite Short ...
Brainwrap 01/22/2015 2 9 - -
ACA Signups: 33 States Achieve HHS Enrollment Goal
Today was a very busy day. -- Checking in on OFF-exchange QHP Enrollments... (UPDATED) (links to my latest exclusive, plus some important updates at the bottom) — District ...
Brainwrap 01/21/2015 7 26 - -
If a seagull flies over the sea, what flies over the bay?
Some think that Joni Ernst's ‪State of the Union response‬ means she's toast, but personally, I think her career is on a roll. I'm sorry to lavash praise on her, but It took a matzah guts to ...
Brainwrap 01/21/2015 41 32 - -
ACA Signups: Where Things Stand: 2015 vs. 2014
— Kentucky: 91.4K QHPs, 34K Medicaid thru 1/15, deadline surge definitely happened -- Hawaii: Hallelujah!! A full update at last: 16.1K QHPs, 2,400 SHOP, 50K Medicaid! --
Brainwrap 01/19/2015 6 25 - -
POLL: Which Blonde '80's Movie Asshole is Mitt Romney??
I posted this almost 2 1/2 years ago, but given the recent news that Mitt "Strap a Dog to the Roof of my Car" Romney has decided to take a *third* crack at the Presidency, I figured it was worthy ...
Brainwrap 01/18/2015 69 35 - -
ACA Signups: 9.5 Million Edition
OK, I've adjusted my "final" call for tonight upwards a bit, to an even 9.50 million nationally, 7.10 million via — The HHS Dept's next "weekly snapshot" should have around 7.10M QHPs ...
Brainwrap 01/16/2015 6 20 - -
ACA Signups: CA Throws Me a Bone Edition
Fairly quiet today considering that midnight tonight is the deadline for February coverage in 46 states & DC , but there are three state updates: – Connecticut: 90K QHPs, 132K Medicaid thru 1/09 �
Brainwrap 01/15/2015 1 11 - -
ACA Signups: PLEASE REC THIS ONE. (Updated w/clarification)
Yeah, that's right, I'm rec-begging this time...because there's a graph at the end which took a *ton* of time to put together, and I'd hate to see it go down the memory hole. First, a quiet, normal ...
Brainwrap 01/14/2015 53 587 4 -
ACA Signups: Lucy Yanks the Football Away Again Edition
Several of you send me ACA-related stories from time to time. Sometimes I post about them; sometimes I already have the same info/source from elsewhere; and sometimes I just get too backed up to do ...
Brainwrap 01/13/2015 8 21 - -
Jon Stewart reminds us who was just like Hitler: HITLER.
In light of the latest jaw-dropping idiocy to come out of the disturbed grey matter of the Republican Party... Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the ...
Brainwrap 01/12/2015 15 14 1 -
60 Minutes Strikes (Out) Again
Cross-posted at ACA Last night, "60 Minutes" had a segment about Steven Brill's new book, "Bitter Pill", which is an attempt to tell the comprehensive story of how the Affordable Care ...
Brainwrap 01/12/2015 18 48 - -
Huffington Post just got an upgrade
I know a lot of folks here aren't exactly fans of HuffPo, and I've had my issues with some of the articles I've read there in the past. On the other hand, they do some good work as well, and some ...
Brainwrap 01/11/2015 14 16 - -
Shorter John Cornyn: I'm aroused at the thought of hurting millions of people.
Given today's RAND Corporation report stating that nearly 10 million people would lose their health insurance and millions more would see a massive rate hike if the King plaintiffs end up winning ...
Brainwrap 01/08/2015 12 24 1 -
RAND Corp: If SCOTUS rules for King plaintiffs, 9.6M are screwed, the rest get a 47% rate hike
Last week I noted that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs in the King v. Burwell case (challenging the IRS tax credits given to over 85% of enrollees via the Federal exchange, ...
Brainwrap 01/08/2015 15 43 - -
ACA Signups: 9 Million, and where things go from here.
Two more horrific terrorist attacks happened in the past 24 at the Colorado Springs NAACP center (where thankfully no one was hurt), the other at a French comedy publication which left ...
Brainwrap 01/07/2015 4 29 - -
ACA Signups: Kirby Delauter Edition
This wasn't even a one-day joke; it got old before sunset, but posted this at 9am so I call shotgun: -- Off-Topic: Kirby Delauter. Back on topic... -- Oregon: Exchange QHPs up to 75.7K; OFF-...
Brainwrap 01/06/2015 5 21 - -
ACA Signups (2 Mysteries Resolved Edition)
Updates to two mysteries from last week... — UPDATE: "Identity Theft" story has a happy ending!! — Vermont data discrepancy mystery resolved: State reports included Medicaid In other news... �
Brainwrap 01/05/2015 2 13 - -
ACA Signups: Happy New Year Edition!
Yesterday was the first day in forever that I didn't have a single update to post. Today, if you'll forgive a bit of meta navel gazing: -- Here's what 15 minutes of internet fame looks like. In ...
Brainwrap 01/02/2015 11 19 - -
ACA Signups: The Final Graphs of 2014
As the year comes to a close, I wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and hope everyone has a great 2015. I very much appreciate everything everyone has done to support myself and the ACA ...
Brainwrap 12/31/2014 5 24 1 -
ACA Signups: What IS and ISN'T included in the monthly HHS Report
NOTE: This is a long post which gets into the weeds. Proceed with caution. As I noted on Saturday , I was out of town for a few days (at a water park resort in Ohio, if you really want to know) ...
Brainwrap 12/31/2014 4 21 - -
MERRY CHRISTMAS: 2015 vs. 2014, updated: Here's how far the ACA has come...
A week or so ago I overlaid the 2015 Graph on top of the 2014 Graph, adjusting the time scale of last year's open enrollment period to account for the fact that this year it's less than half as ...
Brainwrap 12/24/2014 8 29 - -
UPDATE: ACA Signups: Bad news: I was off by 9%. Good news: I *underestimated* by 9%!
Whoa, Nelly. Here's what I posted yesterday morning: Today should be a big day in ACA enrollment news. It's the deadline for January enrollment in 2 more states (Massachusetts and Washington State)
Brainwrap 12/24/2014 17 115 1 -
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