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John Boehner and Gerry Mander: How to Avoid Women & Minorities
If you look at John Boehner's district, it is laughably gerrymandered to keep the worst Speaker of the House in office...
Brian Ross 08/10/2014 12 6 - -
Guides to Right Wing Evil Need DemoCat
Americans love fast. Fast cars. Fast food. Fast information. You can write killer investigative news and get 10,000 reads or put out a meme and get 200,000. That is, if it is attention-grabbing ...
Brian Ross 07/12/2014 2 10 - -
Bobby Jindal "Nanny State" Loves Bubba and BP, Hates Dogs & Women
On Friday, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal vetoed a Republican bill requiring dogs in the beds of pickup trucks to be put into appropriate pet safety containers on interstate highways. It was ...
Brian Ross 06/15/2014 7 10 - -
10 Reasonable Retorts to the Obamacare Obsessed
The drumbeat about "Obamacare" has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or even with fiscal conservative values. If your friend or neighbor has been watching too much Fox News, here are ...
Brian Ross 10/22/2013 29 20 1 -
29 Year Study Finds More Guns More Gun Violence But Causes?
A twenty-nine year long study of guns makes the amazing linkage between more guns and more gun violence, but, like all research work in the shadow of the mighty gun lobby, shies away from cause. ...
Brian Ross 09/20/2013 35 10 - -
Whacking Gun Zealot Beehives And Why They ' Own' Anti-Gunners
People who love their guns are iron tigers. People want meaningful gun violence reform are another type of cat. A recent experiment confirms why the NRA could arm blind dogs and no one will stop them.
Brian Ross 09/11/2013 49 5 - -
Working with the Kochs' ALEC: KOSers Kan Help Corporate Condundrum
Your help sought for a smaller American corporation that has a very real ethical dilemma that involves the Koch Brothers' American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Brian Ross 08/23/2013 9 5 - -
A Reasonable Gun Debate at the Gun Victims Wall
We're having a debate with pro-gun owners at the The American Gun Victims Wall . We started it because the Slate variation doesn't include injuries, just deaths. We figure that the injured are ...
Brian Ross 05/27/2013 40 8 - -
Jesus and the Handgun
There are only two sacrosanct figures in American life: Jesus and the handgun. To their adherents, both are acmes of good and righteousness. Yet the latter American deity generates more suicides ...
Brian Ross 02/17/2013 20 12 - -
4 Must-Watch Multimedia Political Ads
Years ago I departed from the Hollywood scene to work on something called "multimedia" with my friends at Apple. This is what the dream was all about: The day that average people could use ...
Brian Ross 10/16/2012 1 1 - -
People in Glass Houses: Wealthfare is the Rich at the Government Trough
3% of the richest people in the nation take the biggest entitlements offered to Americans: Capital gains tax breaks, estate tax avoidance, stock option payroll tax swindles, and corporate tax breaks ...
Brian Ross 09/21/2012 2 3 - 28
Do Romney's Rash Remarks on Libya Remind You of Someone?
I think this graphic says it all very nicely:
Brian Ross 09/14/2012 10 9 - 171
Liberals Aren't Big Picture, Which is How the GOP Crushes Us
Don't you ever wonder why, when poll after poll show that GOP dogma is totally out of step with the majority of the American people, they keep WINNING? We Liberals focus on the trees, not the forest.
Brian Ross 09/02/2012 37 8 - 198
The Meme & Political ADD
They are now a staple of facebook and other sites: The meme. It's a visual shorthand to communicate with Americans who lack either the time or the attention span to read anything of any substance. ...
Brian Ross 08/17/2012 7 3 - 25
Romney Legal Violations Continue: The London Fundraisers
Mitt Romney's off-shore accounts are the beginning of the next pending scandal: His fundraisers in London, strictly prohibited by the Supreme Court in January. Can you imagine what Fox News would ...
Brian Ross 07/13/2012 30 10 - 188
America, the Ignorant is Killing Democracy
We are devolving rapidly into America, the Ignorant. How does Democracy thrive in a nation of 344 million Americans when 2 in 10 of us take in any kind of newspaper, electronic news, or television ...
Brian Ross 06/25/2012 9 11 - 96
Creating the Far Right's 10 Most Wanted
Most of you good information consumers still aren't looking up your strings to see who is pulling them. As liberal as you want to be, you live in the puppet theater of the Far Right. If you want to ...
Brian Ross 04/17/2012 7 1 - 67
The One Thing Upon Which Rick Santorum and I (gag) Agree
I am not apt to ever say this again: Rick Santorum and I agree. Over the last few weeks we've been tracking the specifics of the Republican primaries. Romney hasn't been a big winner in hard-core ...
Brian Ross 04/05/2012 3 - - 80
For Romney, It's a Vulnerability, not Inevitability Factor
We've been tracking the aftermath of the GOP primaries and watching the superficial spin by the mainstream media. Where you win, county by county, is almost more important than by how much in ...
Brian Ross 03/11/2012 5 4 - 50
The Rubber Stamp President
Grover Norquist is smarter than Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum combined. He knows what a fool's errand running for President is. As a matter of fact, Norquist, our future leader, a ...
Brian Ross 02/26/2012 43 66 - 332
Gingrich Momentum May Be Alive and Well in Florida
To the richest who can advertise longest, the spoils. That should be Florida's official electoral motto. After more than a year of saturation marketing, if Romney doesn't beat Gingrich by 20% or ...
Brian Ross 01/31/2012 11 3 1 127
What A State of the Union Speech Should Be: Rebuttal Free
I don't care whether it's Dick Gephardt or Paul Ryan, the people entrusted with the "rebuttal" to the State of the Union come off looking like jackasses. Perhaps the Founding Fathers were smarter ...
Brian Ross 01/24/2012 8 7 - 63
Cindy Lou Romney
Brian Ross 01/22/2012 2 2 - 181
Mitt Romney Has Organization, Votes, but No Mandate
Researching my article for this week over at t2P on Mitt Romney's claims of a mandate, I ...
Brian Ross 01/14/2012 7 5 - 51
Meet Foster Friess, Billionaire who Bought Iowa for Santorum
Remember the name of Foster Friess. The Wyoming born-again billionaire mutual fund manager has been lauded by the Koch brothers at their 2011 secret shindig for giving more than $1M to Koch-friendly ...
Brian Ross 01/07/2012 35 111 1 706
Occupy Grover Norquist
There's an old saying: "Know your enemy." The problem with the Occupy Movement is that they keep hitting the symptoms, not the root causes, of the problems that they see around them. If they want to ...
Brian Ross 12/08/2011 9 10 - 75
Cain Campaign as Racial Distraction
Brian Ross 11/05/2011 10 3 - 47
Losing Oreo America: One Nation, Divisible
Brian Ross 09/21/2011 33 - - 251
In the Shadow of the Tea Party Revolt: Where are the Jobs, Jobs Jobs?
Brian Ross 09/03/2011 2 - - 36
Beneficent Big Brother or Malignant Monopoly? Is Google is the New Borg?
Brian Ross 08/22/2011 22 5 - 97
Blue-Eyed Terrorism: The New Knights Templar of the Right Wage War Against Diversity
Brian Ross 07/24/2011 1 4 - 78
U.S. Economy 101 (in Plain English, with Humor!): The GOP & the Media Are Shucking You
Brian Ross 07/21/2011 2 - - 43
U.S. Economy 101 (in Plain English, with Humor!): How the GOP and the Media Are Shucking You
Be honest: You and most people are affected by the economy, but you only have a glimmer of an idea why it’s screwed up. There is the massive disinformation campaign put on by the billionaires who ...
Brian Ross 07/14/2011 1 1 - 53
More Tales of Shameless Partisan Hackery
Brian Ross 07/09/2011 4 10 - 92
Eric Cantor's Shorts Exposed!
Read the piece about Eric Cantor's investment in an index fund that is betting on a fall in Treasury prices that would land him a nice windfall should Mr. Cantor, as the chief negotiator ...
Brian Ross 06/28/2011 20 17 - 185
Mr. Obama is not the 3/5ths President - GOP is addicted to 50 Years of Racism
Brian Ross 06/24/2011 9 14 - 78
Made In America: Gates’ NATO Slam Is About Selling Death & Destruction, Our Top Export
Brian Ross 06/13/2011 40 1 - 52
Rethinking Defense Dollars to Peaceful Purpose
Our military industrial complex is our largest exporter. That is both a good and a horrible thing at the same time. On the one hand, it goes to correct the trade deficit of trillions in oil exports ...
Brian Ross 06/09/2011 3 1 - 23
Stop Commodities Trading Abuse Before the Next Bubble Pops
We did not fix our underlying problems on Wall Street. The Obama Administration installed Elizabeth Warren to be top-cop for the financial industry, but their considerable bank accounts, along with ...
Brian Ross 06/05/2011 15 11 - 74
Voice of the Clueless Generation. American: The Bill Hicks Story
Dustin Hoffman doesn’t play him in the movie.
Brian Ross 06/04/2011 14 19 - 143
Guerrilla Truth to Power – The Times Square Fox News Hack Heard Round the World
Brian Ross 06/01/2011 10 5 - 178
Touting TARP
It's an inconceivable idea. After years of Republican bashing of the scheme that George W. Bush cooked up, and Obama had to reinterpret to put some curbs on a Wall Street Giveaway, the Troubled ...
Brian Ross 05/29/2011 23 2 - 52
Will the Koch Brothers be Indicted for Oil Manipulation?
Gasoline is at $4+ a gallon nationally. Supply is high. Demand is decreasing. So, in a free market, where supply and demand are supposed to be the yin and yang of price control, how does it happen ...
Brian Ross 05/25/2011 9 21 2 137
Dissecting Right Wing Political Extremism
OPINION - Democrats stink at branding and messaging. They still ...
Brian Ross 05/24/2011 1 5 - 53
Tea Party Quicksand in the GOP Presidential Landscape
When Newt Gingrich is too moderate for the Republican Party, the Tea ...
Brian Ross 05/18/2011 16 15 - 149
GOP 2012: Running for the Sidelines, Not the White House
Most of the "GOP hopefuls" know that they do ...
Brian Ross 05/15/2011 5 7 1 109
Citizen Cain
OPINION - As it comes to all men, 15 minutes of fame have befallen Herman Cain..
Brian Ross 05/13/2011 2 1 - 52
Bin Laden Made Big Oil Rich; GOP Means to Keep Them That Way
Brian Ross 05/06/2011 5 9 - 46
No V for Victory
I’m going through the airport. My shoes are off. My liquids are in an ...
Brian Ross 05/05/2011 16 2 - 68
New Orleans: Ground-Zero in the Cultural War
The Founding Fathers defined the boundaries of liberty and freedom. New ...
Brian Ross 05/01/2011 18 45 3 326
Superman Disavows US Citizenship – We’re Not The America He Repped
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!
Brian Ross 04/29/2011 22 4 - 113
Two Million More Reasons the Birther Myth Won't Go Away
The birther myth won't go away, Mr. Obama. Facts don't interest the birthers. At least facts that do not suit their needs. The White House produced a long-form birth certificate for the media ...
Brian Ross 04/28/2011 8 2 - 101
Ability to Vote? Priceless. The Card That Should be in Every Wallet
In states around the country, Tea Party-backed xenophobes and racists are launching legislation to make it harder for the poor and for people of color to vote. The GOP does not want convenience, ...
Brian Ross 04/27/2011 9 1 - 40
Gary Johnson: The Guy Who Barack Obama Should Worry About
Former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson announced his intention to run on the Republican ticket for President in 2012 to a crowd estimated at 18 people yesterday. Here's why Barack ...
Brian Ross 04/22/2011 61 8 - 316
Big Brother's Big Government
Every day there is a new story of Republican excess. Every day, somewhere that angry voters "threw the bums out," last November, the current crop of Tea Party bums is trying to put wildly radical, ...
Brian Ross 04/21/2011 2 5 - 49
Budget in Bypass, Not Impasse
Our three party system is in gridlock, hours away from the Republicans and the Tea Party forcing a majority shut down of the operation of the United States government. It's not about numbers. It is ...
Brian Ross 04/08/2011 3 3 - 30
John Boehner's Voyage of the Darned
It's unseemly to take a certain level of joy in the dilemmas of others, but in the case of the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Democrats have to be grinning from ear-to-ear. Boehner, whom Matt ...
Brian Ross 04/07/2011 4 - - 17
One Fish, Two Fish, Radioactive Fish, New Fish
The damage done to the tsunami-stricken nuclear power station in Japan may change the ecology of the ocean around it permanently. ...
Brian Ross 04/04/2011 159 59 2 492
Obama Ups the Ante in Health Care Poker
Barack Obama continues to be a lot smarter than the GOP and the media, especially when he appears to be caving to the GOP. There was much hand-wringing and liberal gnashing of teeth over Obama's ...
Brian Ross 04/01/2011 13 23 - 170
Mr. Obama, Our Grown-Up-In-Chief
The moniker "No Drama Obama" has long-since evaporated from the political dialogue, but that maturity and statesmanship that brought an end to a generation of political drama queens, from Reagan to ...
Brian Ross 03/25/2011 104 43 3 341
They Know How to Party, but Do Tea Baggers Get Government?
Republicans like to rant a lot about big government and constitutional intent and judicial activism, yet, when push comes to shove, most, including those elected to office, don't seem to have a ...
Brian Ross 03/23/2011 38 27 1 242
Arianna Huffington or Keith Olbermann: Who is Crazy Like Fox?
The liberal media world has had two tectonic earthquakes in this short year: Keith Olbermann is headed to Current TV, and Arianna Huffington announced that the Huffington Post is becoming part of ...
Brian Ross 02/13/2011 25 13 - 183
Judge Vinson Opens Pandora's Socialist Box
Thank you, Judge Vinson, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, for freeing us from the burden of mandatory health, auto, and flood insurance. Thank you, too, for ending the tyranny of toll roads, ...
Brian Ross 02/04/2011 45 9 - 128
Olbermann's Out, Limbaugh Lives in Our Civil Cold War
Political horror film: Sarah Palin is put into a time machine and unleashed on John F. Kennedy in the 1960s. "How's that 'civility's not a signy of weakness' workin' out for ya', Mr. President?" In ...
Brian Ross 01/22/2011 4 12 1 130
John Boehner's Statesmanship Sailed and Just Sank the GOP
John Boehner stayed in D.C. to play politics at a GOP dinner rather than hitch a ride on Air Force One to be at the memorial of the victims of Jared Lee Loughner. It was a horrible miscalculation ...
Brian Ross 01/13/2011 500 515 9 485
Dump the Tea Party in the Harbor! Boycott Fox & Koch Brothers' Goods & Services
Earlier this week in my blog for the Huffington Post, ...
Brian Ross 10/02/2010 31 14 - 110
Brian Ross: Pay No Attention to Those Men Behind the Curtain
You have to shovel a lot of fertilizer to start up a "grass roots" movement, and that takes money. So it is not a huge surprise that the Tea Party "movement" is little more than the public ...
Brian Ross 09/03/2010 35 3 3 86
Florida Teachers Under Attack by Obama-Inspired State Republicans
President Barack Obama called for "accountability" from our nation's teachers. Unfortunately, that call is being twisted by Republicans in the Florida state legislature, who are using the president'...
Brian Ross 04/06/2010 19 11 - 100
We Liberals Whine Too Much
Blue states are rapidly becoming Whine Country. Everyone yearning for their pet peeve or social agenda item to be passed, or those who have felt repressed under eight years with the village idiot ...
Brian Ross 12/27/2009 36 11 1 92
Mastering the Dog Question
Some people are looking at President-Elect Obama under the microsope of policy and personnel picks. My judgment of how he "walks the walk" was his master of the First Dog question. You can prepare ...
Brian Ross 11/09/2008 27 5 - 2
USA! USA! USA! Patriots, My...
Jingoism is a term that we never hear much any more, but describes perfectly the Reagan era of Republican politics, which both on Wall Street and at the ballot box, will hopefully come to a ...
Brian Ross 10/31/2008 4 1 - 3
Is John McCain's Pollster Right Or Is This Disinformation?
When John McCain looks to be losing the race, and they want people from the base to turn out, lie about the polling numbers. Hey, what's one more, right? Jerrying the viewpoint of polling numbers ...
Brian Ross 10/30/2008 46 3 - 25
The McVote May Make A Difference in Florida
In Florida, where the race will be tight, turnout of both young, and African-American voters will be critical. The question is, will many of them get the time to vote? The new scanner-based ballot ...
Brian Ross 10/27/2008 11 8 1 2
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