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I thought I was dying: Part II
This is a story that I hope will help someone somewhere. Here is the link to the back story. I was crying almost all the time, and I felt so vulnerable. I could not eat because everything tasted ...
COwoman 06/30/2013 11 39 3 -
I thought I was dying: part I
This is a very personal story. I only tell it here because if it helps one person, then it was worth recounting in detail.
COwoman 06/30/2013 11 44 - -
It Feels like there has been so much death lately....
It feels like there has been so much death, and it only makes me want to live better.
COwoman 02/18/2013 10 22 - -
Goodbye Sweet Girl
I am discombobulated and my heart aches today. I will say goodbye to a life cut short this week. My sadness for her is beyond the lost life, but also the skewed and distorted way the world presented ...
COwoman 01/20/2013 10 47 1 -
Richard Myers' Family has a message for Daily Kos
I want to tell you what an amazing community we have here when we step up to help one of our own in true hardship. I was reading a diary the other day about our own Richard Myers of Flush Rush ...
COwoman 01/09/2013 34 237 5 -
UPDATED: Fund for Flush Rush/ Richard Myer's Family
I read about Richard Myers sudden passing and it struck me. I was struck by the fragility of life. I have read Richard's diaries and I thought of what he must have been like and what his family ...
COwoman 01/08/2013 61 127 4 -
OMG...Scott Brown pulls out of debate
Talking Points Memo has broken this story as far as I can tell. Scott Brown had asked for "unprecedented" demands.
COwoman 06/19/2012 68 68 - 625
Kossack's Help Needed please....
Relax, I just need your itchy "send" fingers. Won't you help me? Colorado had its March Against the War on Women. We had a great turnout from all over the state. I put together a photo diary here .
COwoman 05/07/2012 4 19 1 143
Flash Mob: A Musical Tribute
To those that seek to control women's reproductive healthcare, while they abandon the children we bear. This is my contribution to the fight against the war on women. I had no idea how hard this ...
COwoman 05/05/2012 5 11 1 97
Rush: Obama is the most delusional POTUS ever and and There's "Shariah Law" In Parts of the U.S.
What is it when you have a massive concerted effort to make it almost impossible for the POTUS to get anything accomplished and he still manages to accomplish so much? You get a whiny little snivel ...
COwoman 05/02/2012 33 4 - 203
Colorado ROCKS it!! March Against the War on Women (Photo Diary) UPDATED with flash mob vid
On April 28th, on a beautiful day at 10:00am, people gathered from the four corners of Colorado to protest against the War on Women. It was a grassroots led campaign that was the idea of a woman ...
COwoman 04/30/2012 22 75 1 342
A Serious Question and a Parlor Game
When I read dairies like the one The Nephew wrote, I start to imagine sending these corporate ...
COwoman 01/28/2012 3 2 - 48
Unable to Demonstrate at OWS?
Remember when we, as a nation, have come together in visual symbolic ways? Remember the flags all over the nation after we were attacked? It moves people's deepest emotions to support a unifying ...
COwoman 10/22/2011 12 22 1 119
Colorado Judge issues ruling saying that ballots can be mailed to "inactive" voters
Denver Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson may send ballots to inactive voters, a district court judge ruled this afternoon.
COwoman 10/07/2011 9 27 - 161
A Letter to the School
I got this letter from our very small public charter school about President Obama's speech. I had to let it sit for some days before I felt that I could produce any semblance of a reasonable ...
COwoman 09/07/2009 17 8 - 15
Anybody else get these calls? I was able to get a call back number. It is from Opinion One.
COwoman 08/14/2009 13 2 - 10
Freedom Through the Internet
This is going to be a short diary about how you can help opressed people around the world achieve freedom of information. I am very interested in the Iranian situation. It is so profound on many ...
COwoman 07/07/2009 2 - - 9
A Woman Cries
There are few words that could possible describe how I feel after I hear and see this bit of film. h/t to Nico Pitney and his army of translators. I have listened to this and watched it over ...
COwoman 06/19/2009 7 3 - 9
Iran Tonight....
I have been unable to un-glue myself all four days and I dunno how many nights from Twitter. It seems like this is an event that is monumentous in scope for the meaning for polical movements, media ...
COwoman 06/16/2009 9 25 1 38
One of the most amazing stories of our time is the uprising in Iran by moderates. Moderates that simply want to have electoral representation that is fair and accountable. The debate that ...
COwoman 06/15/2009 68 43 - 85
SHUTUP you M8TherF*&%ing Poop Pile
I am so sick of these guys treating me like I am completely stupid. I am so sick of these guys trying to tell the country that going to war with Iraq was a good thing. That we should thank Bush "...
COwoman 03/12/2009 63 7 1 5
Bleed the RNC Dry
I keep getting robo-calls here in Colorado. They are all really sick calls and afterwards they always speed through the toll-free number for the RNC. I wrote it down and call it and give my own robo-...
COwoman 10/29/2008 5 4 - 3
Breaking: ABC NEWS
COwoman 09/11/2008 6 3 - -
Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aide of their country. No, Really. It is time for you to quit whining and wringing your hands. We are a movement that needs to move. Move ...
COwoman 09/08/2008 9 1 - -
Must See: American Prayer
Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics wrote this. Short Diary but I thought it was worth a share. Love to Forest Whitaker. You are the bomb. Enjoy, Pass it on and maybe someone could Digg it.
COwoman 08/22/2008 32 42 1 51
Dear Papa
This is the first of two letters in an ongoing correspondence with my beautiful grandfather. He is an Oklahoma man. He is one of those "Salt of the Earth" kind of men. I respect him and love him ...
COwoman 08/20/2008 3 2 1 -
The Bush Legacy Tour
I found this blog by Robert Creamer on HuffPo. It talks about the outrageousness of the shrub to give up golf to show solidarity for the soldiers he sent to die for nothing.
COwoman 05/15/2008 9 5 - 1
My Open Letter to Barack Obama
I was struck by your 2004 Keynote Address. I want what you want . I want a nation that sees its own humanity for what it is. Human. I believe that there should be no red states, no blue states, ...
COwoman 04/29/2008 9 3 - 2
Hillary's Michigan Delegate Roundup
I have learned the hard lesson of winning despite everything else. I want to win too. I want to win the Millennial Generation's hard core vote for the years to come. I want to win a new strategy for ...
COwoman 04/24/2008 15 7 - 3
Obama's Kenyan Grandmother
This is a short diary, but I wanted to share this.
COwoman 03/27/2008 16 7 3 1
I do love REAL journalism
Ok, whatever you think of journalists, I for one really like objective and verifiable facts. This is important to me especially in the jaw-droppingly subjective world of journalism today.
COwoman 03/21/2008 4 5 - 4
Now This Is The Way It Should Be Done
I just love the way the Obama Campaign handled this press release by Team Clinton. I think all of these memos should have this touch of humor. "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For."
COwoman 03/13/2008 3 4 - 18
BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Releases Test to be CIC **UPDATE**
Here it is...Clinton's very own made up CIC test? It is an essay exam to be completed under Mark Penn's supervision.
COwoman 03/12/2008 48 15 3 10
What Kind of Movement is this???
I have felt pit in the stomach sick, then so full of rage, and now I want to see what kind of movement we really have here. I need to make sure that I do EVERYTHING I can to outright end this with ...
COwoman 03/08/2008 12 5 - 1
Call to Action
My determined march towards making Senator Barack Obama our Democratic nominee has been renewed. The equivocating on 60 minutes regarding Senator Obama's faith and her picking John McCain over the ...
COwoman 03/07/2008 2 2 - -
Licking my wounds
I am trying to gather myself today. I told myself that I would impose a news blackout in my home for at least today. I am depressed after a long weekend of wringing my hands and checking the news ...
COwoman 03/05/2008 7 5 - -
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