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Republican Voters want the Republican Victors to Rule, not Govern
I won't link to the screed-fest that is the website known as RedState, but if you want to put on your galoshes and wander over there, you'll find this little gem: Dear Republicans: No One Elected ...
Canid Micturate 11/05/2014 7 7 - -
This is Visceral: I want Scott Walker re-elected
A face you want to put your fist into If I awake on the Wednesday after Election Day to find that Mary Burke will be the next governor of Wisconsin, I'll be satisfied with that. However, if I ...
Canid Micturate 10/06/2014 45 2 - -
We need more & BETTER Democrats, Mr. Graves
Michele Bachmann's Sixth-District challenger recently penned an article for the StarTribune's business section, outlining his plans for overhaul of the tax code. While he laid out many progressive ...
Canid Micturate 03/28/2013 9 5 1 -
It's the 21st Century -- Time for Popular Election of the President
Gregg Easterbrook is one of my favorite writers -- penning the Tuesday Morning Quarterback column over on He writes passionately about football, which I love, and he weaves in topics of ...
Canid Micturate 11/14/2012 18 2 - -
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