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Reporting From Third World America
As I write, bunkered here in my so-called "first world nation," near the heart of one of the world's greatest cities, I cannot be sure my words will ever reach the outside world. You see, we here in ...
Captain Frogbert 01/12/2015 4 6 - -
"Forgetting" your gun should be a crime
There’s a brief editorial in today’s New York Times regarding the staggering number of guns discovered in people’s carry-on bags at the airport. 18 in one day on June 4th of this year! They ...
Captain Frogbert 06/19/2014 63 31 1 -
Superman Don’t Weep for Collateral Damage
Superman wins! At least he wins the question, “Who can destroy Manhattan more, the Avengers or Superman?” (OK it's "Metropolis" in Man of Steel. Whatever.) Spoiler Warning: I’m assuming you ...
Captain Frogbert 06/18/2013 32 5 - -
There Are No Job Creators: Putting a Stake in the Heart of a Toxic Lie
“Job Creators,” are held up as near god-like paragons, revered, nearly worshipped by pundits on the right, and far too many on the left, as well. We are told they deserve all this praise, this ...
Captain Frogbert 06/02/2013 41 13 2 -
My idiot gun fail tale (and a policy idea)
This will be a short diary. I just have to tell about an event I recently heard about. It seems a Responsible Gun Owner (TM) was holstering his weapon when it "accidentally" went off, shooting ...
Captain Frogbert 04/27/2013 17 14 - -
Ted Cruz: Liar or fool? Or both?
This diary began as a comment to Teacherken’s Friday diary which can be found here . Teacherken suggested I expand it into a diary of its own. So here it is. I wanted to point out that Texas ...
Captain Frogbert 03/17/2013 11 7 - -
Just another small way Conservatism hurts America
OK, so here in the Northeast, today, we’re going to have a snow and ice storm. Not that big a deal, right? But no, it is. Why? And why is it conservatism’s fault? Let me count the ways... The ...
Captain Frogbert 01/28/2013 7 10 2 -
Calling Bull on David Brooks’ Hagel Fable
In his column in today’s New York Times, David Brooks rapidly trots out three standard conservative fairy stories (a charitable way of describing willful and outright lies) that are at the core of ...
Captain Frogbert 01/08/2013 4 4 - -
The Hobbit is a very small movie with very big feet
Look, I know the Hobbit is a book written for children. It is less dramatic than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has a lot more whimsical content. Fine. The problem with Peter Jackson’s new ...
Captain Frogbert 12/14/2012 191 52 1 -
New York Post insults and ignores Paramedics and EMTs on 9-11
Eleven years ago today, 43 Paramedics and EMT’s were killed in the line of duty in the 9-11 attacks. Hundreds more EMS personnel responded, from around the nation, to the crisis sites in all three ...
Captain Frogbert 09/11/2012 5 7 - 94
Don’t worry America, if Romney wins, we won’t let him be President !
Since the Ryan coronation, the conservative message has been clear: Paul Ryan is our Presidential nominee. Paul Ryan embodies our ideals and ideas. He is the intellectual light of the GOP. If elected,
Captain Frogbert 08/14/2012 5 3 - 108
Vote Obama or die
This is a slightly modified response to a poster over on Americablog, who was responding to a post about a report from Gallup on ...
Captain Frogbert 12/22/2011 20 3 - 173
America has been evicted
Republicans in congress have devised a final solution to the debt-ceiling crisis: All Americans earning under $500,000 a year will be evicted from the country on August 2nd. "Face it," said ...
Captain Frogbert 07/16/2011 3 4 - 99
SCOTUS decrees: All your secrets are belong to us!
Once again, the SCOTUS has stepped up to explain to us lesser minds what freedom truly is: marketing, marketing and only marketing. Just as, years ago, the paternalistic SCOTUS patiently explained ...
Captain Frogbert 06/24/2011 17 7 - 106
SCOTUS decrees: imaginary people with imaginary friends cannot commit crimes!
OK so, what they actually ruled was that corporations who create dummy corporations with no assets or employees, and use those dummy corporations to commit fraud and other crimes, cannot be sued; ...
Captain Frogbert 06/15/2011 121 245 8 1795
Anandola in the Well: A fable for modern times
One day not so very long ago, in a village not unlike our own, a boy named Anandola walked along a hillside in the sun. Now, Anandola was not the wisest boy in the village, nor most foolish. Not the ...
Captain Frogbert 05/12/2011 14 6 - 108
The moral failure of America’s “Market-driven” health care model
As a paramedic, I see the failure of health care in the United States on a daily basis. I see people continually fighting a system designed more to deny them care, and extract their money, than a ...
Captain Frogbert 05/10/2011 8 13 1 56
I am NOT ashamed of America
I'm ashamed of far too many Americans In response to a current diary on the rec list I'd like to suggest an alternate viewpoint. I am not ashamed of America, I am ashamed of what far too many ...
Captain Frogbert 04/03/2011 25 17 - 186
TRUE RULES (money and religion edition)
This is a brief attempt to define the rules we all live by, as gleaned from my readings and viewings of current politics and media. They are not all the rules, just a handful that apply to Money and ...
Captain Frogbert 01/02/2011 2 1 - 67
Republican Paladino plots to confiscate hundreds of billions of dollars of private property.
Republican, New York state gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, as reported in today's New York Times , has ...
Captain Frogbert 08/24/2010 23 11 - 26
Why do republicans hate private property and freedom?
Seriously. The Islamic community center story is about a group of free people, in a free country, trying to do something on their own private property. *When did the republican party turn against ...
Captain Frogbert 08/18/2010 34 7 - 26
Ross Douthat is very silly about Gay marriage
In today's New York Times, their resident "intellectual" conservative, Ross Douthat, (as opposed to their resident "populist" conservative, David Brooks), serves up a healthy portion of conservative ...
Captain Frogbert 08/09/2010 34 28 - 42
Help with a quote please...
Been trying to find a quote on the net and haven't been able to find the right combination of phrasing for google to search it out. It goes something like: The ruling classes can always find enough ...
Captain Frogbert 08/03/2010 10 - - 25
Is lack of money censorship?
Republicans have created and disseminated, over the last few years, an idea that equates money with freedom of speech. This is ludicrous on its face, but logic never stopped conservatives from ...
Captain Frogbert 02/08/2010 32 8 - 9
Nita Lowey, one of the good guys
I contacted my member of Congress, Nita Lowey, a week or so ago with a note expressing my feelings about the health care debate in America and today I was surprised to find an e-mail back, which I ...
Captain Frogbert 07/09/2009 3 5 - 2
Don't lend money to junkies
Have you ever loaned money to a junkie? They never leave you alone after you do until you so no forcefully enough. And isn't this whole wall Street bailout little more than a gang of strung out ...
Captain Frogbert 10/01/2008 4 3 - 1
McCain broke under torture
John McCain loves to remind us that he was a POW and was tortured...
Captain Frogbert 08/10/2008 108 7 - 28
Huffington re-opens comments on W. film (updated)
I'm sorry I missed it... After posting the video trailer for Oliver Stone's new film W., Huffington Post had to ...
Captain Frogbert 07/28/2008 52 4 - 30
$2.50 gasoline coming soon!
It was late July back in 2006, back when gas cost around $3.00 a gallon, that a miracle happened! Suddenly, the price of gas dropped precipitously. From around $3.00 to $2.50 and stayed there for ...
Captain Frogbert 07/11/2008 34 13 - 32
Hillary for Supreme Court
That's it. Not much of diary, but so what? She's never going to be VP and she shouldn't be, it's not the job for someone of her temperament. But the court? She's perfect. An attack dog with a ...
Captain Frogbert 06/04/2008 113 1 - 17
How quickly will the Next Prez pardon Bush?
If the Democrats can't bring themsleves to impeach Bush & Cheney, how will they, once a new Democratic AG is confirmed, avoid arresting and prosecuting them after January '09? (Edited to change ...
Captain Frogbert 11/08/2007 61 17 1 76
Donate to Dodd
Chris Dodd stood up for America and the constitution today, something Obama and Hillary have failed to do.
Captain Frogbert 10/18/2007 25 13 1 -
Amazon, NBC, CBS, FOX screw Mac users
Oh, what a surprise! First NBC tries to jack up its fees on iTunes to 5.00 a show. Then they decide to dump iTunes altogether. THEN NBC decides to GIVE AWAY its programs FREE -- pre-broadcast! -- on ...
Captain Frogbert 09/22/2007 124 12 - 4
Hillary Hearts Insurance Companies! Clinton Healthcare plan revealed! Insurance companies and IRS to merge. In a stunning move today Hillary ...
Captain Frogbert 09/17/2007 59 11 - 2
Krugman finally reveals the truth
In his Times column today, Paul Krugman finally reveals the truth of the bush* plan. Sure, everyone knows that bush* plans to dump his toy war on the next president's doorstep, covered in poop and ...
Captain Frogbert 09/14/2007 4 7 1 1
The Crisis Diaries #4: Prometheus edition.
This diary may be a form of mission creep, but I got a few requests for this specific content. Here are links to the first three diaries: #1:
Captain Frogbert 08/26/2007 14 18 17 155
The Crisis Diaries #3
This third diary will cover crisis management basics, affording the cost of preparing and how to prepare a Bug-Out Bag for times when staying at home just isn’t an option.
Captain Frogbert 08/18/2007 9 7 8 28
The Crisis Diaries #2
This is the second in a series of crisis diaries. It deals with the subjects of stocking food for a long-term emergency, dealing with human waste and other trash and finding places to store water, ...
Captain Frogbert 08/14/2007 14 24 20 167
The Crisis Diaries #1.
Floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, not to mention man-made disasters from bridge collapses to nuclear accidents to terrorist attacks. We cannot know when the next “...
Captain Frogbert 08/11/2007 22 33 37 182
Whom do you shoot?
There you are, in school (work, on the street, the grocery, at the beach, whatever) and someone pulls a gun and starts shooting. What do you do?
Captain Frogbert 04/17/2007 774 659 25 112
LGF hearts terrorists and assassination!
Well that didn't take long. Just a few weeks after the right wing and the MSM were driven into a fan-fluttering, hysterical tizzy over a handful of anonymous comments on Huffington Post suggesting ...
Captain Frogbert 03/17/2007 4 4 - 3
Zampolits in the USA
Well, it's official: we have become the Soviet Union. Premier for Life Bushlenko today signed an order requiring officially appointed Zampolits (poltical commissars) to ensure all government ...
Captain Frogbert 01/30/2007 3 1 - -
John Wayne fans...
Got into a discussion about modern working attitudes the other day and tried to quote an old John Wayne line I remember, but I don't know the movie it comes from...
Captain Frogbert 01/28/2007 9 1 - 2
Hey Bush! Give us our money back!!!
There's a fascinating article in today's Times (the Saturday paper, of course, the least-read edition of the week -- that way the Times can claim they covered the story while ensuring that as few ...
Captain Frogbert 12/09/2006 3 1 - -
Who paid for the ABC "Docudrama"?
Captain Frogbert 09/06/2006 26 29 1 -
Where are the chemists? re: liquid explosives.
Captain Frogbert 08/13/2006 61 11 - 11
The Anthem... like a pirate
Captain Frogbert 05/02/2006 7 3 - -
One problem Democrats have
Captain Frogbert 03/06/2006 14 5 1 -
Samuel Alito: Former Communist
Captain Frogbert 01/13/2006 10 - - -
Rita headed straight for Crawford!
Captain Frogbert 09/20/2005 29 6 - -
The Gore and Dean presidencies: a look back...
Captain Frogbert 09/09/2005 10 12 1 2
Troll busses
Captain Frogbert 09/06/2005 12 15 2 7
Hey George! I want my money back!
Captain Frogbert 08/20/2005 1 3 - -
Hilarity from the NYT... no wait, what's that 'H' word?
Captain Frogbert 08/12/2005 4 2 - -
Why doesn't Bush trust Roberts? or America?
Captain Frogbert 08/11/2005 - 1 - 1
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