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Where have our liberties gone?
This diary should have come a long time ago. I write this now in hopes there is still a silent majority out there that will have ears to hear and eyes to see. In the 21st century, are we still ...
Captain Janeway 04/01/2013 48 14 - -
Bagging rice for the inevitable
This diary is dedicated to the people who suffered the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, gun owners, and everyone who thinks the solutions are out there.
Captain Janeway 02/03/2013 48 14 - -
Is there any need for this firearm in our Democracy?
Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some ...
Captain Janeway 08/03/2012 180 17 - 489
More madness of a lost society on Black Friday
Hello Kossacks. I haven't written a diary in some time. My mother passed away in July, and my taste for politics and most everything else has been curtailed since then. Grief is a process, and time ...
Captain Janeway 11/24/2011 8 9 - 131
My mother has gone to hospice
Or more precisely, she is starting week 3. After a 3 year battle with multiple myeloma, she is ready for hospice care.
Captain Janeway 07/10/2011 59 79 1 354
Food stamp usage is up 39% since October 08
This is a follow up diary to one I wrote back in August about the increased use of food stamps ...
Captain Janeway 01/26/2011 33 16 - 66
RKBA: The armed progressive and why
RKBA is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a ...
Captain Janeway 09/07/2010 203 27 - 57
Our top national security threat has changed.
And military action won't be able to fix this one. Is it Al-Queda? No. Is it the BP oil spill? No. Is it unemployment? Not exactly. Is it China? Not precisely. Is it Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill ...
Captain Janeway 08/29/2010 88 4 - 71
Spreadsheet Reality, August Edition
11 Trillion. That's 11 with 12 zeros after it. That's how much our leadership has committed in bailouts to all financial institutions, banks, corporations, etc. to date to save them from the ...
Captain Janeway 08/18/2010 7 1 - 35
Food stamp usage is up 31% since October 08
I learned today from the Christian Science Monitor that food stamp usage has sky rocketed.
Captain Janeway 08/04/2010 29 26 - 36
Credit card defaults are up again
This is a short diary to just to report some of the default rates for the most common consumer debt vehicles.
Captain Janeway 07/27/2010 11 4 - 36
Nice immigration speech. Cue reality stage right.
The president gave a model speech for what we may like to happen with the broken American immigration system. However, it seems that the approach he prescribes, while not on par with the bat-shit ...
Captain Janeway 07/02/2010 29 2 - 39
Employed again and yet no small measure of peace
After 11 months of unemployment, today I accepted a job with a company, and while this should be a joyous moment, I find it to be one of difficult pain.
Captain Janeway 04/15/2010 14 21 - 38
This "Cardholder Services" scam must be shut down
This is a rage diary about a sophisticated credit card scam and I am tired of these criminals getting away with their rip off.
Captain Janeway 04/06/2010 33 12 1 156
If you aren't already green to the gills, this is what I say about HCR
I just wanted to say a few words about health care reform. If you are still reading, you probably have a high tolerance for politics. I know I am certainly tired of it. This is not going to be Obama ...
Captain Janeway 03/31/2010 2 - - 22
For unemployed Kossacks and their families
This is just a quick diary and survey to find out more about unemployed Kossacks.
Captain Janeway 03/06/2010 6 4 - 15
The GOP 2010 Obama Agenda Survey
My late father was a career military man. He served for 35 years in the Army. He also was a life long Republican. But I would say that if you polled him for how he stood on issues, he definitely ...
Captain Janeway 02/02/2010 3 1 - 30
I am gripping the sides, trying to hang on
I wanted to reach out the Kos community and update my story about where I am in life, and I am afraid to say that my well being is, umm, not so well.
Captain Janeway 11/30/2009 23 12 1 68
Health Care Reform - Did we just lose?
I have commented before on the health care reform effort, and my skeptical view on the eventual outcome of this legislation. I am still skeptical.
Captain Janeway 10/29/2009 47 8 - 22
The party of NO takes it to the next level on health care
Apparently sensing a 'democratic win' on health care reform, the GOP is now targeting the application of NO on a state level.
Captain Janeway 09/12/2009 25 12 - 42
Barack's Health Care Speech Left Me Flat
I wanted to put my two cents for anyone who cares to hear it on this particular issue. Do what you like with it. It is not my intention to tear down the progressive march forward to justice and ...
Captain Janeway 09/10/2009 47 10 - 16
Health Care Fight Redux
Obviously, like many Kossacks, I have been following the health care fight for some time. Over the last 24 hours, it 'seems' that Americans have lost a major battle, but I am not sure. I want some ...
Captain Janeway 08/17/2009 2 1 - 3
I have moved my mother into assisted living
This diary is a continuation of a previous series, which you can look at my page if curious. My mother has gone into assisted living, after many weeks of turmoil for both her and myself. Things are ...
Captain Janeway 08/01/2009 15 14 - 23
Passages for my mother, passages for me
This is a personal diary update to the chronicle of me caring for my mother, as her health declines.
Captain Janeway 07/01/2009 17 5 1 243
Caring for my mother, caring for me
This is a continuation of a journal I started here . It's a personal diary about the final ...
Captain Janeway 06/29/2009 35 15 1 29
I find myself walking down a dark path
This is a personal diary about honoring thy father and mother. It's also very hard to write as my whole being is exhausted, especially my brain. This is also a medical diary.
Captain Janeway 06/25/2009 77 52 1 37
I am no longer angry at Wal-Mart
and if you are angry with them, I won't try to take that away from you. There are many legitimate reasons to be, especially if you are an employee. I fully support the Employment Free Choice Act, ...
Captain Janeway 06/07/2009 110 15 1 31
I have a proposition for California
After reading both the majority and minority opinions on the issue of the Proposition 8, I have an idea as to who should be denied their civil rights next.
Captain Janeway 05/26/2009 10 4 - 21
The barriers to high speed rail
There was a nice nice diary which threw the question out about regional high speed rail and why can't we have it like ...
Captain Janeway 11/22/2008 56 22 - 34
Is it legal for a bank to foreclose on you?
Today as I was driving to visit my mother in rural New Hampshire, I was scanning the AM dial looking for hate radio (what can I say, I love to know what the nasty people are out there saying). I ...
Captain Janeway 10/04/2008 22 16 1 1
The SEC protection racket: Who are they protecting?
This will be a short diary just to talk about some of the companies that made 'the cut', meaning those who are being protected from the market practice of shorting.
Captain Janeway 09/19/2008 13 5 1 -
The economic terrorists have won
and those terrorists live amongst us. Yes, the terrorists have won, and they have done more economic damage than the fallout of 9/11. More after the fold.
Captain Janeway 09/15/2008 42 9 1 -
Catholic League: Daily Kos is too radical for the DNC
The Catholic League has called for the Daily Kos not to have access to the Democratic National Convention. How democratic!
Captain Janeway 08/22/2008 97 19 - 24
Michelle Malkin is a racist, classist wonder
Michelle Malkin published a hit piece on Obama's proposed social renewal plan for America, and ...
Captain Janeway 08/20/2008 56 10 1 -
Mukasey proliferates the failure of gov't: no prosecution
Attorney General Michael Mukasey announced today that there will be no prosecutions in the cases of the HIGHLY ILLEGAL hiring & firing practices at the Department of 'Justice'. More after the break.
Captain Janeway 08/12/2008 19 14 - -
BREAKING - McSame says oil price drop is due to Bush!
I almost fell out of my seat when I read this one. McCain claims Bush is to be thanked for lifting the offshore oil drilling ban, ...
Captain Janeway 07/23/2008 25 15 - 31
Bear Stearns II and III coming to wallet near you
Yes folks, be prepared. BushCo is meeting with 'regulators' today to discuss the insolvency of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Any idea who will be footing the bill on this?
Captain Janeway 07/10/2008 27 10 1 -
Analysis shows oil wars fail - surprise!
Well imagine that! reports Clifford Singer (
Captain Janeway 03/31/2008 13 8 - 17
Henry Paulson is an a$$hole
The U.S. Treasury secretary, Henry Paulson, defended today the government's move to use public money to prop up ...
Captain Janeway 03/17/2008 36 7 - 1
Bear Stearns went under today
Bear Stearns, one of the largest investment banks, went under today. Ok, not completely. They became insolvent to the ...
Captain Janeway 03/14/2008 25 12 1 -
Mortgage lenders get a free pass on all our backs
Yesterday the Fed gave a sweetheart deal to banks, and you and I are now bearing the risk of it.
Captain Janeway 03/12/2008 17 9 - 4
Gingrich is a sociopath
And just for a laugh, I picked up (not purchased, just thumbed through) Gingrich's new piece of trash, 'Real Change', a dig on Obama's campaign theme. In it, he has the most RIDICULOUS concept of ...
Captain Janeway 03/10/2008 32 3 - -
Cash that 'stimulus' check and steal from your grandchildren
Currently, the Bush administration is flaunting 'stimulus checks' to help bolster the flagging economy. So where is this money coming from?
Captain Janeway 01/22/2008 44 9 - 17
French Inventor Brings Air Powered Car To Market
A French inventor has developed an hybrid automobile that runs on compressed air for its primary energy source, any number of other liquid fuels for the "gas" component.
Captain Janeway 01/03/2008 42 23 3 3
The Mormons at my door
While enjoying the remaining days of my vacation, I got a knock on the door - surprise! It was the Mormons, and they are here to help me get clear about God!
Captain Janeway 12/29/2007 101 10 2 4
Here comes stagflation
Bonddad gave us another excellent article today about how bad the economy is. ...
Captain Janeway 12/12/2007 9 3 1 1
You don't need to shoot your television - it's dying anyway
NBC and others have had to start making refunds to their customers.
Captain Janeway 12/11/2007 22 5 - -
Bush appointee Leavitt agrees letting poor kids die is better
Mike Leavitt, the BushCo appointee for both EPA and now the director of the department of Health & Human services published a piece of asinine trash last week lauding Bush's plan as the "better" ...
Captain Janeway 10/03/2007 13 6 - -
Fundies take a swipe at DailyKos
The majority of DailyKos readers know about Bill O's meritless attack on DailyKos, but now thanks to Bill, the right wing evangelicals are jumping on board to defend their hero.
Captain Janeway 08/15/2007 22 11 - -
First ripple of the subprime collapse?
By now, many people are aware of the sub-prime meltdown in the credit market, especially if you are one of those unfortunate families or individuals who have not been able to make ends meet and ...
Captain Janeway 08/12/2007 31 8 - 9
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