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Ted Cruz goes full Black Helicopter over Jade Helm 15
I love me the Black Helicopter alien autopsy crowd. It helps me feel so ... normal. Anyway that's what I tell the voices ... voices I keep hearing: "Go to tupperware parties .. Jimmy Hoffa is ...
Cartoon Peril 05/02/2015 78 64 - -
Wingnut xenophobe's "expert" gets taken down as racist twit -- ZING!
The House Republicans, led by Steven King (R-Paint Huffing) to denounce their Number One Enemy, babies , or at least, the wrong colored ones anyway. Now, a baby doesn't have much except the love of ...
Cartoon Peril 04/29/2015 3 15 - -
Special Guest Spammer! Dr. Sanden and his Electric Belt!
For all you planning on heading to the Klondike any time soon: This may be the long awaited Republican alternative to Obamacare, no?
Cartoon Peril 04/26/2015 12 7 - -
Curious how a dictatorship can be established in a democracy? Look no further than Arizona.
I wondered how America's toughest sheriff, our very own tin god Joe Arpaio was going to react when he was confronted with charges of contempt of an order of a federal judge. Joe ...
Cartoon Peril 04/24/2015 70 127 1 -
Law school applications down almost 50% from 2004-- good?
Maybe. WaPo sez : Nearly 46,000 people have applied so far to go to an accredited U.S. law school in the most recent admissions cycle, a figure that puts applications on track to hit just short of ...
Cartoon Peril 04/22/2015 47 10 - -
I'm firing you. I'm not hiring you either.
I'm not renting to you. In fact I'm evicting you. You can't get a bank loan approved by me. You can't get a car loan approved by me. You can't order food in my restaurant. I think you need to ...
Cartoon Peril 04/15/2015 16 13 - -
Oh goodie! Tennessee Legislature (50% anyway) declares Bible as "State Book".
Because there's nothing like perusing some good old-fashioned, and, now, state-sanctioned (sort of) smut to move you closer to the Almighty.
Cartoon Peril 04/15/2015 22 6 - -
Attention power structure: do you want 1,000 Fergusons?
Because that's what you're gonna get if you keep letting police officers and vigilantes gun down black men, children, and the mentally ill. To borrow a saying: fix it now. Obviously the lives of ...
Cartoon Peril 04/07/2015 11 12 - -
Anti-Islamic bigots stir up hatred in Texas
Beth Van Duyne is the Mayor of Irving, Texas , a rather large city which is in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. It seems that some Muslims participate in a non-binding arbitration system to resolve ...
Cartoon Peril 03/22/2015 9 10 - -
Republicans will keep you safe from babies
Terror babies. Or Rosamary's Baby. They're threatening you, sez Dave Vitter (R-Fool) and others of the wingnutariat. Vitter introduced an amendment to the trafficking victims bill that would, if ...
Cartoon Peril 03/19/2015 34 38 - -
Tom Cotton -- who is he, really?
I'm not buying all that Harvard Law School rubbish. I've discovered Tom Cotton's real identity: Tom Cotton at the family ...
Cartoon Peril 03/18/2015 10 14 - -
Wannabe Caudillo Lindsey Graham threatens military coup -- "It's a joke, son!"
Yep that's right, according to , quoting another source, the Tin Foil Caesar told a local Republican committee last week:
Cartoon Peril 03/11/2015 8 13 - -
Eugene Volokh is a law professor and a fool
Or are those two things synonymous? Anyway, if you go to UCLA law school, here's the calibre of instruction you can expect (re: those now-expelled SAE racist punks ), from ...
Cartoon Peril 03/10/2015 12 9 - -
Google exec sez humans will live for 500 years
Has something to do with eating your spinach or something . I ask, what could possibly go wrong? ...
Cartoon Peril 03/10/2015 21 8 - -
Conrad Hilton's wit and wisdom
Conrad Hilton, twenty years old, very rich and very white, has some words to share with the rest of us. From CNN : "I will fucking kill you." "I will fucking own anyone on this fucking flight. ...
Cartoon Peril 03/05/2015 35 17 - -
One cold drink sez Cartoon Peril, Psychic to to the Stars, calls it right on King v. Burwell
But first, to show I am in earnest, the cold drink in question: Here, the petitioners are going DOWN, 5-4, with the dissenters being the usual three idiots, plus Roberts. The deciding vote will ...
Cartoon Peril 03/04/2015 11 4 - -
I may have found the dumbest guy in Texas
And yes, he's a Republican, and yes he's in the legislature. Check out Raw Story : A Texas lawmaker, currently in his fifth marriage, has submitted a hand-written complaint against a Texas judge —
Cartoon Peril 03/01/2015 40 11 - -
I'll bet you a cold drink that I can predict NOW the R nominee.
And to back me up, here's the cold drink: Oh, the nominee? George Bush, of course, or whatever his brother's name is, "John Ellis", I believe. Reason? Who else can raise $1 billion? Ted "...
Cartoon Peril 02/28/2015 170 37 - -
Another beheading announced by religious fanatics
You'll never guess who. Or maybe you will. Yes, it's our "ally" the crime syndicate ... oops ... Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the offense is (shudder) apostasy , which means, basically, making up ...
Cartoon Peril 02/24/2015 15 14 - -
K-9 off police force for biting cop and doughnut shop worker
Now, what would that pattern of doggy malfeasance tend to indicate? Just as you might expect according to the Sun-Sentinel : According to Margate police, Renzo and his handler, Officer Carl DiBlasi,
Cartoon Peril 02/19/2015 35 10 - -
Breaking: Wingnut @$$Hole du Jour "Judge" Hanan enjoins Obama immigration deferred action
Yep, that's true. Here's Hizzoner's wisdom . The Republicans got their feelings hurt and managed to find a sufficiently supine federal "judge" in Texas to accommodate them. Jackass saw fit to ...
Cartoon Peril 02/16/2015 22 39 - -
Failure of drone warfare
A few years ago I wrote, in The Myth of Precision Bombing , these points: 1. So-called “precision” bombing, though the use of JDAMs and drone-carried devices, has greatly increased the ...
Cartoon Peril 02/15/2015 10 8 - -
Memorials for lynch victims? The time is now.
At least according to Bryan Stevenson, whom the NYT reports has, through his organization, Equal Justice Institute, published a new report (summary) (.pdf) on lynching in the south, finding that it ...
Cartoon Peril 02/10/2015 17 9 1 -
Another AUMF, this time for ISIS? Please, no!
NPR reports that the Obama administration may ask Congress for a three year Authorization for Use of Military Force, this time against ISIS. link . This is a bad idea for several reasons. First,
Cartoon Peril 02/06/2015 42 11 - -
Handy health tip: Beer could "help protect brain from Parkinson's and Alzheimer's"
Oh yeah, this is some great news : Protect thyself!
Cartoon Peril 02/02/2015 31 19 2 -
Send home Israel's ambassador. Or something.
Well, enough is enough. Israel's ambassador to the United States is an American-born former Republican operative, Ron Dermer, who once worked with Frank Luntz and who was involved in the Republican'...
Cartoon Peril 01/29/2015 26 15 - -
Pentagon sponsors essay contest to honor late Saudi crime lord; my entry
In case you had not noticed, our government is the lackey of the Saudi crime ... er ... royal family. Until recently the office of Chief Thug was occupied by Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, who shuffled ...
Cartoon Peril 01/26/2015 17 14 - -
Use the naturalization citizenship test for all HS grads? Another damn bad idea.
Arizona just passed legislation which requires students to pass the same civics and history test that immigrants must take to become naturalized citizens if they want to graduate from high school. (
Cartoon Peril 01/19/2015 67 22 2 -
The symbiosis between terrorism and the surveillance state
When everyone is a suspect, then no one is a suspect. Or, to paraphrase Mao, the terrorist swims among the population like a fish in the sea. All the more apt where the population itself is ...
Cartoon Peril 01/12/2015 10 9 - -
So, tell me again how torture helped us.
Because I'm not seeing it. In 2013 it was the Boston Marathon bombings. In 2014, we had the attack on the Canadian Parliament. Now cartoonists (!) are murdered in France.
Cartoon Peril 01/07/2015 19 10 - -
I'm not anti-gun.
I'm anti-stupid. If you are going to carry a firearm, then CARRY the firearm. Don't leave it in your purse with the car keys and the credit cards. BTW, from a self-defense perspective, it makes ...
Cartoon Peril 01/02/2015 61 20 1 -
Classic science-fiction movies
Science fiction is a way of telling something about the present that for some reason can't be said, or said as effectively, by ordinary means. In the still stunning 1956 production of Invasion of ...
Cartoon Peril 12/29/2014 272 72 2 -
What did you do in the Great War on Christmas, Daddy?
Don't let this happen to you in future days: By the way, are you getting what you want for Christmas? I hope I do!
Cartoon Peril 12/20/2014 8 4 - -
There's more to that Anatole France quote than you think.
You've probably heard this famous quote from Anatole France (1844-1924): The majestic quality of the law which prohibits the wealthy as well as the poor from sleeping under the bridges, from begging ...
Cartoon Peril 12/20/2014 11 25 - -
I'll bet you a cold drink you can't guess who wrote this:
And NO GOOGLING, ye scurvy dogs! From the Maryland Gazette (Annapolis), 20 August 1761: Fairfax County (Virginia) August 11, 1761. RAN away from a Plantation of the Subscriber's on Dogue-Run in ...
Cartoon Peril 12/19/2014 37 10 - -
Paul Revere's 1795 time capsule found in Beantown!
Yep, that's right. From the CNN : ... based on historical records, the box is believed to contain coins, a plate and a Revere-inscribed plaque -- but no one knows for sure. "It may contain other ...
Cartoon Peril 12/12/2014 9 7 - -
Dick Cheney, you are a Goddamn War Criminal.
Check out what the All-Highest hath wrought, as he dragged our nation through the mud. From pages 44 and 45 of the Senate Report:
Cartoon Peril 12/09/2014 12 13 1 -
Why are the Republicans angry over immigration?
Because they are weak. Here they are about to control both Houses of Congress for the first time in 10 years, and what do we hear? Danger ...
Cartoon Peril 11/24/2014 33 4 - -
UVA "pulls plug on fraternities"? I don't think so.
The teaser on Huffpo says "University Of Virginia Pulls The Plug On Fraternities Amid Rape Controversy". That's far from what happened. The actual story says: The University of Virginia has ...
Cartoon Peril 11/23/2014 28 10 - -
OMG! Ebola -- Right here in Portland, Oregon!
Is it the apocalypse? Second Coming of Ronald Reagan? New Coke? Ripped from today's headlines : A Liberian woman who recently arrived in Portland and was monitoring herself for Ebola symptoms ...
Cartoon Peril 11/01/2014 72 22 - -
Repeal of birthright citizenship: its demographic effects
Under present law, with a tiny number of exceptions, every child born in the United States is a citizen, regardless of the citizenship or immigration status of the child's parents.
Cartoon Peril 11/01/2014 22 7 - -
Democrats, you are destroying America.
That's right, sez Dennis Prager , wingnut crankmeister. Here's the short version: The Democratic party has been become a wholly destructive force in this country. Even though you may not intend to,
Cartoon Peril 10/28/2014 14 6 - -
Green Bay alderman Chris Wery is a racist jackass
Actually that's an insult to the docile and useful equine . You see, Herr Wery had received an email from Heba Mohammad, age 22, asking about transportation arrangements for the forthcoming election.
Cartoon Peril 10/23/2014 5 4 - -
Joni Ernst: My cute little gun will protect me from dictatorship
Yep, it's that old mythology again, this time voiced by Joni Ernst, candidate for the U.S. senate, reported recently but but said back in 2012 to an NRA gang: "I have a beautiful little Smith & ...
Cartoon Peril 10/23/2014 10 7 - -
Silhouettes (on the shade) -- updated Second Amendment edition
Remember this classic from the Rays? Well, I think it's gonna need some updating to fit in with the Second Amendment culture : Lost control and rang your bell, I was sore Let me in or else I'll ...
Cartoon Peril 10/20/2014 2 1 - -
Michael Dunn, one man lynch mob, gets life without parole.
And deserves too. (See CNN report ). But this doesn't mean I am glad that Mr. Dunn was sentenced for his cold-blooded execution of Jordan Davis. Now instead of educating children, or caring for ...
Cartoon Peril 10/17/2014 16 13 - -
I put the hurt on the Rs today -- you can too.
If you live in Oregon at least. Oregon votes by mail, and my ballot arrived yesterday. Voted mindlessly straight D (they brainwashed me a while ago), except I could not vote for Governor Kitzhaber ...
Cartoon Peril 10/17/2014 1 1 - -
Theory and Practice of Wingnut "Scholarship"
Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University writes this day over at National Review ... the congressional elections this year are overwhelmingly national, just as ...
Cartoon Peril 10/14/2014 8 6 - -
Rand Paul goes to Ferguson, MO
Time Magazine (which I haven't read since they put Anne Coulter on the cover) reports that Rand Paul has gone to Ferguson, MO and met with community leaders there. From what was reported, he ...
Cartoon Peril 10/10/2014 19 8 - -
Progressives: Meet your new friend, Section 3(c) of the Voting Rights Act.
Vote suppressors, like the wingnuts in charge of the Republican party, need to get to know this fellow too. Yesterday, Texas was enjoined from enforcing its ridiculous and racist voter ID law. ...
Cartoon Peril 10/10/2014 6 21 1 -
Latest wingnut meme: Obama = Robespierre
Oh, yeah, I'm loving this one. Obama = Hitler, Obama = Stalin, and Obama = Phil Spector are starting to get a bit shopworn, so now we've got Obama = Robespierre, or at least so sayeth VICTOR! DAVIS!
Cartoon Peril 10/09/2014 19 3 - -
Another cop-committed homicide in "war on drugs"
This may be yet another triumph of stupidity to add to the pile. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a car thief stole a pickup truck and, later, an SUV from a home in Laurens County, ...
Cartoon Peril 10/05/2014 23 20 - -
ISIS beheads another hostage -- let's not take the bait
ISIS is jerking us around by beheading another hostage . What these jerks are trying to do is get us to start up the Iraq war all over again. Somewhere in history I remember reading that when ...
Cartoon Peril 10/03/2014 59 4 - -
"Justice" Scalia grows hobbit feet, compares self to Frodo Baggins
Okay, one those things isn't true, I think it's the justice part. Anyhoo, alleged legal thinker Antonin Scalia, currently warming a chair at SCOTUS, claims that this or that whacked out legal ...
Cartoon Peril 10/03/2014 31 5 - -
Can I ask a dumb question here?
Uh, what kind of security agency does this : ... during Mr Obama's visit to Cartegena, Colombia, his bodyguards didn't wait until the President had left town. Eleven agents were sent home after ...
Cartoon Peril 09/30/2014 19 15 - -
Here we go again: wingnut squawks that "English isn't just another language"
This time the wingnut is Daniel Pipes, professional Muslim hater, who is offended by the offer, extended by his health insurance company, to provide translation services in 16 different languages. ...
Cartoon Peril 09/30/2014 56 17 - -
Stamp nook: Stamps, bilingualism and wingnut xenophobia
Now that the beloved daughter has started university (Go DUCKS!), I am reclaiming my desk that was formerly heaped with high school homework, dishes, etc. and the usual teenage accoutrements, and I'...
Cartoon Peril 09/28/2014 40 33 - -
Kansas is balancing its budget by selling ... sex toys
Yep, that's right. The Topeka Capital Journal reports : Kansas state government is on the verge of a financial windfall with the auctioning of thousands of sex toys seized by the revenue ...
Cartoon Peril 09/26/2014 18 6 - -
An interesting letter from Abraham Lincoln on marriage equality
I just learned about this interesting letter from Abraham Lincoln to Sen. Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts. Lincoln had been visited by the widow of Major Lionel F. Booth, who had been killed at ...
Cartoon Peril 08/29/2014 15 10 - -
America under the Swastika! Starting in 1918!
That explains a lot. Black helicopters, fluoridation of water, New Coke AND World War One! Here's the proof: Source: ''Morning Oregonian'
Cartoon Peril 08/21/2014 12 4 - -
Time for some good old-fashioned internet pornography
And I'm gonna deliver on my promise: As featured in The Morning Oregonian, May 6, 1908, page 2.
Cartoon Peril 08/21/2014 17 4 - -
Rand Paul gets it (mostly) right on over-militarization of police
Over at, Rand Paul gets it mostly right on the over-militarization of the police and the targeting, literally, of black citizens ( link ): Anyone who thinks that race does not still, even ...
Cartoon Peril 08/14/2014 22 3 1 -
Law and terror -- how they work together for anti-abortion movement
There is a decision out today by a federal judge in Alabama ( here that shows that at least one judge gets it. And by it, I mean the fact that the campaign of terror against abortion-providers is ...
Cartoon Peril 08/04/2014 4 3 - -
Tell me the difference here ...
Case 1. A man is murdered by police (or manslaughtered, whatever you want to call it) for the "crime" of selling unlicensed cigarettes. Case 2. A man is not arrested for carrying an AR-15 into an ...
Cartoon Peril 07/29/2014 22 15 1 -
Keeping Portland Weird, Vol. 45,083
Kossacks of Oregon, are you doing your bit to keep Portland weird? For example ...
Cartoon Peril 07/22/2014 14 4 - -
Micro-history in Seattle
History is sometimes thought of as a sequence grand events, but really it's a vast collection of small things. In 1900, there were just 13,824 automobiles in the United States, and only 1 in 9,500 ...
Cartoon Peril 07/12/2014 6 9 - -
God, guns and ... uh ... derp.
Yessir, this the Plan Nine from Oregon Right Wing Victimology Emporium! Come on down, WE'RE C-R-A-Z-Y. This week, it's the previously little-known Holly R. Fisher who's been Standing Up For Freedom�
Cartoon Peril 07/08/2014 108 197 4 -
The Greatest Generation in FSA photographs
Between 1939 and 1944 the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information collected a large number of color photographs which show the lives of the people during this critical point ...
Cartoon Peril 07/03/2014 4 13 - -
"He screamed at me to 'sit down and shut up.'"
Yep, that's your modern militarized police force in action, having just tossed a flash bang grenade into a toddler's crib. The mother's statement, published in Salon (6/24.14), gives further details:
Cartoon Peril 06/26/2014 29 36 1 -
RIP Eli Wallach
The great actor Eli Wallach has died at the age of 98. You never read any scandals about him, he was married to the same woman for 65 years, and kept working as long as he could. From what I have ...
Cartoon Peril 06/25/2014 69 75 1 -
I don't give a flying f*@k about your "right" to keep and bear arms.
That's right. My son is at this minute at a Portland area high school. Then I click on DKOS during a quick break and see: 'Active shooter' reported at Portland, Oregon high school. I have to ...
Cartoon Peril 06/10/2014 333 392 4 -
Fellow Republicans: Impeach Hillary Clinton NOW before it's too late.
Hello fellow white people ... er ... Republicans . I was making a list of the people we needed to impeach (the Kenyan Usurper, Joe Biden, John Kerry, John Roberts, Batman, the AFLAC duck, etc.). ...
Cartoon Peril 06/10/2014 6 6 - -
Well, that didn't take long: FBI says Bergdahl parents getting threats
Apparently we've discovered a new feature of modern conservatism: From CNN The FBI is investigating threats against the parents of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the latest development in a case that ...
Cartoon Peril 06/07/2014 136 149 2 -
Dolchstosslegende: theory and practice
After the German army surrendered in 1918, the so-called stab-in-myth (" dolchstosslegende ") arose, to the effect that Germany was sold out to the Allies by the leftists, socialists and Jews. This ...
Cartoon Peril 06/07/2014 36 50 - -
Call for community action on flash-bang grenades
Flash bang grenades are no joke, they are a lethal weapon. The wiki has a partial list of some of the casualties, including deaths and serious burns, that have been caused by these things.
Cartoon Peril 06/02/2014 20 18 2 -
Our only POW in Afghanistan is now free
Bowe Bergdahl, our only POW in Afghanistan is now free. Apparently this required some sort of prisoner exchange for 5 Taliban leaders held in GITMO, who have been transferred to Qatar. Here's the ...
Cartoon Peril 05/31/2014 44 46 - -
National Review: "Teach Holocaust Denial and Be Proud of It"
Yep, that's what Charles C.M. Cooke, National Review writer sez . Seems that somewhere in California, some dim bulb proposed the following as a critical thinking assignment: The original ...
Cartoon Peril 05/07/2014 45 18 - -
What conservatism did for South Carolina
James De Mint says conservatism freed the slaves during the civil war, and not government action . Here's some visuals on what conservatism did for South Carolina in a few short years, with ...
Cartoon Peril 04/11/2014 7 28 - -
War, fanaticism and a lynching 150 years ago in Virginia
Tufts University maintains a wonderful resource consisting of the digitalized Richmond Times Dispatch for the entire civil war years, running from November 1860, just prior to the election of ...
Cartoon Peril 03/08/2014 3 11 - -
War in the Outposts of the Empire: the Sahel
Operation Enduring Freedom Trans-Sahara (OEF-TS), operates across 10 countries source , those being Algeria, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal. OEF-...
Cartoon Peril 02/28/2014 22 20 - -
Question on tech DKOS issues: posting pix and embedding videos
Hi, all. I wonder if anyone can help me on posting pix and embedding videos in diaries on DKOS. I figured out how to do this a while back, and it worked great for a while. But now nothing I do ...
Cartoon Peril 02/26/2014 24 5 2 -
AZ Gaypocalypse bill going down (if not, I owe you a Coke.)
I'll bet everyone here that the Arizona Anti-Gaypocalypse bill is going down. Check this out from National Review (2/25/14): With the exception of Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.), Senate Republicans who ...
Cartoon Peril 02/25/2014 11 5 - -
Capitalism brings down the death penalty (?)
The bad thing about capitalism is that it reduces all human desires to the urge to make money. That's also the good thing about capitalism. Right now, states that want to execute people via lethal ...
Cartoon Peril 02/20/2014 19 24 - -
Nazi "memorabilia" and the internet
There's a strange trade these days in Nazi memorabilia. This was discussed a couple of years back in The Independent , which noted among other things that the infamous Arbeit Macht Frei ...
Cartoon Peril 02/19/2014 21 8 - -
Dear Gun Nuts: Could you please stop shooting kids?
Yes, it happened again, this time in Little Rock, Arkansas. Some kids were egging some guy's car , and guess what -- time to step outside unlimber the artillery and blast into the teenagers' car as ...
Cartoon Peril 02/18/2014 145 22 1 -
National Review: you ain't protecting your family if you ain't packing heat.
That's right. National Review, per David French, tells us now : “The people who most want to carry are those who most clearly understand their responsibilities to their families, their friends, ...
Cartoon Peril 02/17/2014 27 16 - -
Democrats -- watch out -- OCARE has a lot of unintended consequences
I just found out today that my insurance plan (also covers my whole family) will be cancelled effective 4/1/14. The reason is unimportant, the point is that this apparently is required by the ...
Cartoon Peril 02/03/2014 113 3 - -
Backyard observatories and amateur science
As a child I was fascinated by the Mount Palomar telescope , then the largest in the world. I never grew up to be the scientist I wanted to be, but I kept my interest in science, as have many others,
Cartoon Peril 02/02/2014 22 21 1 -
Human! Whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS DIARY!
I warned you, Earthlings -- too late!
Cartoon Peril 12/15/2013 26 1 - -
Hey, Democrats! You're losing me over Obamacare (and that's a bad sign).
I've voted for Democrats going back to the days of St. Ronnie the Blessed. I was even a precinct chair for a while (not much to do there in Portland, Oregon). Nor am I a concern troll. But right ...
Cartoon Peril 12/11/2013 106 10 - -
Bill Porter has died.
The Oregonian's Tom Hallman Jr. reports this morning that Bill Porter has died. He was a door-to-door salesman for the Watkins Company in Portland, Oregon. I cannot match the splendid and ...
Cartoon Peril 12/06/2013 10 29 - -
UTex wingnuts (Jr.) plan "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" Day.
That ol' conservative movement -- so maligned when it comes to their reach out to the Hispanic community for votes. First there's Jason Richwine, Supergenius, claiming (or something close to it) ...
Cartoon Peril 11/18/2013 7 7 - -
Rules for Horror Films.
IMHO the best horror stories are the ones that don't tell the whole story -- there must be a possibilty of something diabolic at work, but not the clear certainty. There should also be a clash ...
Cartoon Peril 11/10/2013 25 11 - -
Obamacare website problems -- a minor rant.
What's depressing about the Obamacare website problems is that this was something that the progressives were supposed to get right. We've been going around breaking our arms patting ourselves on ...
Cartoon Peril 10/27/2013 31 3 - -
Need to break rocks in the hot sun? I've got a rock crusher for you.
Only 47 years old, just as good as new. In lieu of fighting the law, may I suggest the 2012 pie recipe contest winner of the Oregon State Fair: 1st Place Oregon Marionberry Chocolate Hazelnut ...
Cartoon Peril 10/22/2013 36 7 - -
I solve Obamacare web site problems in ONE WORD!
Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky? Yes ... that ... word ... is ... EBAY! Here's a market for pretty much everything, and with a bit of tweaking I would say it could readily handle a ...
Cartoon Peril 10/21/2013 24 3 - -
Stop the government shutdown in four words! (If this works, you all owe me a Coke!)
We need to speak with our friends the Republicans in a language they'll understand. Klingon ( Hab SoSlI' Quch! ), the Black Speech ( Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul ), Pig Latin ( Ixnay ...
Cartoon Peril 10/13/2013 12 20 - -
Charles Krauthammer sez "Boehner must list demands" -- Let's help out!
Everybody's favorite wingnut philosopher, Charles "Nostrodamus" Krauthammer, now says, per National Review Online (in turn quoting the great one on Fox News) that what John Boehner needs is an ...
Cartoon Peril 10/07/2013 20 9 - -
Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee --> Filibuster? Shagadelic!
You gotta love (or maybe not) the three wingnut nerdlings, Rand Paul, Ted "The Gorn" Cruz, and Mike Lee trying to stop history with their massive ... vocabularies. They absolutely need a theme ...
Cartoon Peril 09/24/2013 5 4 1 -
Two reasons to move to Oregon now! (Plus secret code word!)
Obamacare is actually going to work in Oregon. Our governor (Kitzhaber) is himself an M.D. and he's been working on these issues for years. Republicans are plentiful, but few are of the wingnutius ...
Cartoon Peril 09/20/2013 37 21 - -
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