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The "White Power" signs were no accident
Many may recall the recent incident at the HS basketball game where students from a largely white HS that was playing a more diverse HS team held up signs in the bleachers saying "White" "Power". ...
Catte Nappe 02/20/2015 90 116 - -
"You've been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)"
Well, I haven't been. And as far as I know, you probably haven't been either. But my local paper announced they've disabled commenting because somebody was. I know many news site comment areas are ...
Catte Nappe 11/27/2014 9 12 - -
Conservative Think Tank Implosion (Pt. 2): Sex, torture and madness
Back in June I posted this diary - Pop the Corn. Conservative Think Tank Implodes (sexual misconduct?) in which we learned that The National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas’ most prominent ...
Catte Nappe 11/07/2014 11 37 1 -
Another school shooting. Near Seattle
A student believed to have opened fire at Marysville-Pilchuck High School Friday morning is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to two law-enforcement sources. Police have not ...
Catte Nappe 10/24/2014 9 9 - -
What will those crazy Texans do next?
A head of state is coming to town, and they slam the door in his face. Several doors, in fact. Seems Ugandan President Museveni (of the "kill the gays bill" fame) has planned a visit to North Texas,
Catte Nappe 09/20/2014 23 27 - -
Cruz and Perry get a slap in the face from GOP establishment?
Recently my city (Dallas, TX) pulled out all the stops to try to land the Republican National Convention. Nearly half a million was spent, and the sales pitches included live elephants and the ...
Catte Nappe 09/09/2014 9 37 1 -
Farewell to our fine furry friend - Updated
She came home with us during a freak late snow storm on March 6, 2008. The rest of her story is below the Itzl.
Catte Nappe 07/04/2014 99 146 1 -
Those thousands of children coming to the US? It's a scam. 1.3 M troops needed
Yes. It's all spelled out in this letter to the editor in my morning paper. And we can put an end to it. Just block the kids from having access to phones or internet service. It's an absolutely ...
Catte Nappe 06/28/2014 36 74 2 -
Pop the Corn. Conservative Think Tank Implodes (sexual misconduct?)
It will be interesting to see this story evolve. The National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas’ most prominent conservative think tank, erupted Thursday in personnel and management squabbles. ...
Catte Nappe 06/13/2014 68 125 3 -
A different angle on the urgency of the Bergdahl prisoner exchange
There is so much swirling around this story, including the inevitable partisan spin, that an important aspect may have gotten lost in the melee. That was brought home to me in something I read this ...
Catte Nappe 06/05/2014 16 23 - -
SF Man sought by FBI has posted a suicide note
No time for a proper detailed diary, but... The San Francisco man that is subject of a nationwide man hunt by the FBI, who found explosives materials during a search of his apartment, has apparently ...
Catte Nappe 06/02/2014 38 24 - -
Is Hell Freezing Over? A Muslim Student Attends Baptist Seminary
Yes, indeed, much to the distress of some. In the first instance of its kind, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention, acknowledged it has ...
Catte Nappe 05/22/2014 30 6 - -
Final update and redirect: BLM backing down on Bundy ranch stand-off
Final Update: It's time to back up from the trees and look at a bigger picture of the forest on this issue. While there will certainly be further developments on the specific activity affecting the ...
Catte Nappe 04/12/2014 670 180 2 -
Breaking: Feds drop 11 charges against Barrett Brown
The U.S. attorney’s office filed a motion Wednesday to dismiss the bulk of its criminal case against a Dallas man who has claimed to be the spokesman for the hacking group Anonymous. Prosecutors ...
Catte Nappe 03/05/2014 47 72 - -
Issa's dream health care plan? Surely this is a joke!
. @brownandbella Actually, here's the framework of my #ReplaceObamacare idea. Thoughts? — Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) October 7, ...
Catte Nappe 10/07/2013 11 1 - -
Want to get serious about Syria? - antidotes to the flame fests
Sometimes, when traveling or on vacation, I find that I've had a surfeit of tasty but not so healthy food. Heaping portions, or frequent intake of desserts, or rich sauces, or too much fried ...
Catte Nappe 09/06/2013 70 93 4 -
No feces, no diary to speak of either
Documents released Monday by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s provided no new evidence that officers found one jar of urine and 18 containers of feces at the Capitol before a July 12 debate ...
Catte Nappe 08/27/2013 13 23 - -
Couchbunker: Gun safe + bulletproof cushions
This story was featured on our local news last night, and was reprised this morning. At the Hunters Extravaganza at Will Rogers Coliseum, people are window shopping. And when they reach Booth 1229, ...
Catte Nappe 08/17/2013 55 22 - -
Tx. Lt. Gov. decides against arresting media(Update: "case is closed")
Good grief! Lt. Gov David Dewhurst says his office is reviewing video of the Senate filibuster and protest that doomed an abortion bill to see if the media should be arrested. Dewhurst told a ...
Catte Nappe 06/29/2013 112 150 1 -
Breitbart goes after Mikey Weinstein's MRFF
I do not have time to craft a decent diary, or tend a crap diary, but.... My Facebook page this evening is awash in agitation about the Obama administration's intentions to conduct courts martial ...
Catte Nappe 05/02/2013 33 8 - -
West, Texas begins to count its losses
As we all know, much more than homes and property was lost in the explosion in West, Texas earlier this week.The community is now beginning to learn the extent of those losses. Please refrain from ...
Catte Nappe 04/19/2013 23 29 - -
Another date, another rape...and a different kind of outcome
Local sports hero. Younger teen girl. Charges of rape. Victim blaming. All of these issues have been thoroughly discussed in multiple diaries lately. We've cheered the justice (though somewhat ...
Catte Nappe 03/21/2013 25 36 - -
Open Admission:If Obama proposes it they will oppose it
We knew this, but it is still jarring to see it out there as a sort of routine fact of the political process. Texas Republicans asserted Wednesday that President Barack Obama set back such pet ...
Catte Nappe 02/14/2013 17 19 - -
Breaking - Boy Scouts may end gay bans
Just out on MSNBC/NBC The Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest private youth organizations, is actively considering an end to its decades-long policy of banning gay scouts or scout ...
Catte Nappe 01/28/2013 59 38 1 -
Breaking: Anonymous spokesperson Brown arrested(w/Updates)
Barrett Brown , a self proclaimed spokesperson for Anonymous (and a recently banned DKos user) has been arrested in Dallas. More below the ...
Catte Nappe 09/13/2012 41 29 - 647
Memories of trials past, as we wait for a Sandusky verdict
Over the years there have been many "verdict wakes" - as people waited, and fretted, and speculated. If we have been part of any of those, this wait for the Sandusky jury is familiar territory. ...
Catte Nappe 06/22/2012 15 14 - 236
The Invisible Democratic Presidential Primary: Polling Place Here
In this diary earlier today we learned the story of an elderly veteran who went for his daily outing to his local rec center while wearing an Obama T-shirt. He got crosswise with election law ...
Catte Nappe 05/21/2012 7 1 - 58
Viagra is NOT just for sex….and we are ALL in this together
It appears Rush Limbaugh ignorantly supposes that a woman must use birth control every time she has sex, and the only time she would use it is when she wants to have sex. Perhaps this is because he ...
Catte Nappe 03/03/2012 19 24 1 256
Dear Mr. President (UPDATED with some observations)
The following letter (a response to an OFA e-mail) showed up in my FB feed: UPDATE The actual content of the response to OFA was created by someone who I believe is a Republican ...
Catte Nappe 09/01/2011 37 3 - 209
I just called my Congress persons - have you called yours?
I am a resident of Texas, DFW area, and just called the local offices of my Congress members to weigh in on the budget debate. Heres what I said, and the results:
Catte Nappe 07/29/2011 14 9 - 46
We are doing it wrong
Public radio has, as yet, not lost its funding. As a result I just experienced one of those "drive way moments" they talk about. At 8:20 p.m. on Sept. 21, 2010, Iraq veteran Brock ...
Catte Nappe 03/22/2011 20 41 - 150
James O'Keefe - again
They took down ACORN. They went after Planned Parenthood. So, should anyone be surprised that NPR got in the crosshairs?
Catte Nappe 03/08/2011 74 14 1 262
Scheduling (herding) the musical cats
Our first group contribution will be this evening, from Colorado is the Shiznit, on the history of electronic and techno music. We have loads of amazing ideas from other members - and no firm ...
Catte Nappe 02/19/2011 11 6 - 82
Legislators on the Lam - A Wisconsin swarm of Killer D's?
In one of the many diaries about the amazing actions going on in Wisconsin, including the quorum busting Senators who have disappered, I left a few comments about the Texas history of similar actions.
Catte Nappe 02/18/2011 8 10 - 84
Need new diaries in the An Ear for Music group blog
Current (and future) members: Some of you have indicated interest in posting pretty regularly, others expect to do so "now and then". What are you going to write about? Well, our ...
Catte Nappe 02/16/2011 25 9 - 152
An appreciative audience
I can't carry a tune in the proverbial bucket. I can do a bit better than plunking out Chopsticks or a two fingered version of Heart and Soul on the piano - just a tiny bit better. But I love many ...
Catte Nappe 02/13/2011 27 27 - 218
The couple behind the Va. textbook fiasco
By now most have seen the story: In the version of history being taught in some Virginia classrooms, New Orleans began the 1800s as a bustling U.S. harbor (instead of as a Spanish ...
Catte Nappe 12/30/2010 44 57 1 66
NAACP vs Tea Party - Not all fringes are equal
Lots of buzz about the NAACP calling out the Tea Party movement. Some rightfully pointing out that every movement has its fringe adherents. Of course not all Tea Party supporters are racist,
Catte Nappe 07/13/2010 9 3 - 45
Pro-Flip, Anti-Flop; NPR on abortion rights language
According the NPR Ombudsman they have been having quite a debate over abortion rights language. Some listeners have been confronting them with the problem of defining "pro-life". Don't we all ...
Catte Nappe 03/26/2010 33 6 - 17
We aren't all like that! (Texas Baptist church affirms gays)
I live in Texas. It ain't easy sometimes. We have more than our fair share of the nation's wing nuts. We have a governor flirting with secessionist language. We've recently learned of a ...
Catte Nappe 03/06/2010 277 176 6 58
"New" "government" "support" on Long Term [Health] Care!
Just got this in the mail - big bold header visible in the clear "window" The Government has Addressed the issue of Long Term Care! I've been following ...
Catte Nappe 08/13/2009 6 4 - 32
What’s for Dinner (if you don’t “cook”) Pt. II
Yesterday, in What’s for Dinner (if you don’t “cook”) Pt. I . I ...
Catte Nappe 04/26/2009 116 33 8 28
What's for Dinner (if you don't "cook") Pt 1
I consider myself a decent, but not spectacular, “home cook”. Thus, I am sometimes quite surprised when people around me are so amazed that I actually “cooked” the savory ...
Catte Nappe 04/25/2009 181 51 6 38
Blog Torcher - The Musical
Yep, this diary is stupid, lame, frivolous, and inappropriate to the seriousness of the matters at hand. It is also totally out of my usual genre, and should (hopefully will) be done much more ...
Catte Nappe 04/21/2009 16 6 - 2
Yeee-haw!!! Texas tea!
Oh, please, please, please, please. Let the April 15 festivities bring out the wingers, the nuts, the squirreliest of the squirrels. The white supremacists. The "morans" with all their best ...
Catte Nappe 04/13/2009 57 20 - 20
Call for help - Ike evacuees
I have just received an e-mail calling for volunteers in the DFW area to help thousands of evacuees who are fleeing ahead of Ike. Details below:
Catte Nappe 09/11/2008 17 51 - 17
Gettin' ready for Gus
I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We are 300+ miles from the gulf coast. I am not boarding up my windows, stocking up on water, or making sure I have batteries. Nevertheless, I am getting ready for ...
Catte Nappe 08/28/2008 9 13 - 3
Yes, WE can - tell the Dem Party where to go
We are the Netroots. We are powerful. We can lead the charge, and lead the change. Yes, we can! You know that slogan everybody is chanting? "Yes, we can"? Say it louder! That's "Yes, WE can!" Or ...
Catte Nappe 08/06/2008 40 17 - 13
How to Help the Flooded Mid-Westerners?
It may seem a bit presumptuous of me, sitting high and dry in Texas, to be pontificating on this subject. However, I learned a thing or two (or three) working on relief efforts after Hurricanes ...
Catte Nappe 06/13/2008 28 32 1 18
Latest salvo in the war on religion - this is tooooo funny!
I just got another chain e-mail from the relatives. Seems the Government has banned a recitation used during the flag folding ceremony at military funerals, due to religious content. True enough - ...
Catte Nappe 10/31/2007 30 11 1 4
My tax $$$ spent on THIS?
Any given day the letters to the editor stand a chance of raising my ire, hackles, and or blood pressure. Sunday is almost guaranteed since such a large number are printed that day. One letter today ...
Catte Nappe 08/12/2007 39 37 2 16
Bill O' is killing your children!!
Well, he might as well be. As I write this there are a couple of diaries on the rec list about the great BillO' feud. (There's also one that I think is at least the third I've seen today on the ...
Catte Nappe 07/25/2007 6 4 - 8
You broke Iraq, now pay to fix it
Most here will remember the so called Pottery Barn rule made famous by Colin Powell. This concept has been a troubling one for me ...
Catte Nappe 07/13/2007 22 6 1 7
A message from Rahodeb
"I posted on Yahoo! under a pseudonym because I had fun doing it. Many people post on bulletin boards using pseudonyms." He said that "I never intended any of those postings to be ...
Catte Nappe 07/12/2007 9 5 - 1
ACTION - GOP hit piece, response needed
Like many of you I get regular e-mails from my right wing kin. In fact, I will be sharing some dandies in a future diary. However, it is obvious that the e-mail I received today requires serious ...
Catte Nappe 05/04/2007 30 3 - 1
Catte Nappe 04/19/2007 427 124 3 157
Shaha Riza's new job - truth, not snark!
We know that Paul Wolfowitz's girl-friend is still being paid by the World Bank, but she no longer works there. So what does she do? Is she working on global warming, or alternative ...
Catte Nappe 04/14/2007 184 148 3 50
Walter Reed Chaplain asks: Where were they the last 4 years?
I am a regular recipient of e-mails on many topics from several (mostly) Republican, Libertarian, and generally right wingish relations. I often have to take a deep breath and count 10 before I even ...
Catte Nappe 03/15/2007 22 19 2 12
DeLay is baaack?? (w/poll)
Catte Nappe 07/07/2006 17 3 - -
You or Yours Graduating? Brag Diary, with Poll
Catte Nappe 05/11/2006 50 6 1 7
My History as a LEGAL Immigrant
Catte Nappe 05/03/2006 17 6 1 6
A Million Little BushAlitos (with POLL)
Catte Nappe 01/30/2006 - 1 - -
Katrina Taught Me How to Give
Catte Nappe 09/19/2005 12 14 1 7
Paul's (Major) Paint Job - A Parable & Poll
Catte Nappe 08/03/2005 17 3 - -
Fear and Loathing in Texas (w/Poll)
Catte Nappe 06/09/2005 18 9 - -
NPR says a blogger stole my message
Catte Nappe 05/05/2005 21 10 - 2
DeLay Stand Off at Ranch - Karen Ryan Reporting
Catte Nappe 04/01/2005 8 1 - 1
Where's Walda? - HELP Find the Lady Lib Opiners
Catte Nappe 03/16/2005 16 1 - 1
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