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Christie Tweets his Innocence
Talk about turning some damning news into a ray of sunshine. Several of them, if you count the number of frenetic Tweets. First the crux of the "bad news" for Chris Christie announced today ... ...
jamess 05/01/2015 90 67 - -
Christie ally pleads guilty in bridge scandal, others indicted
Gov. Chris Christie's high-school buddy and former Port ...
Joan McCarter 05/01/2015 83 63 1 -
Wildstein has just stated in open court that the GWB closure was revenge for not endorsing Christie
TPM has someone in the courthouse in Newark relaying the events. Link if you want the news straight from them. The headline item: David Wildstein is pleading guilty to and factual claims he is ...
SantaFeMarie 05/01/2015 142 288 2 -
Times: Wildstein, Baroni and Kelly to be Indicted Today in GWB Scandal
The NY Times is [reporting] that three figures in the George ...
Bethesda 1971 05/01/2015 50 55 - -
Uh-oh. Christie's Buddy to Plead Guilty in Bridge-Gate
The New York Times reports that David Wildstein, Chris Christie's high-school buddy and political appointee, is scheduled to plead guilty to ordering the closing of three lanes on to the George ...
john07801 05/01/2015 80 50 1 -
Wildstein to Plead GUILTY today on Bridgegate! Ding Dong !!!...
It has been announced that David Wildstein of Bridgegate Fame is set to plead guilty today in a supposed plea deal. From Bloomberg Business: David Wildstein, a former ally of New Jersey Governor ...
SeaTurtle 04/30/2015 27 41 2 -
Is It "Bridge-mas" Yet? Wildstein pleading guilty!!
Sorry for just the link but it's worth it!
Gurnt 04/29/2015 27 20 - -
Governor Christie in Hot Water Over Underfunded Pension Payments
Governor Chris Christie is under fire for reneging on his 2011 pension legislation that would bring the much underfunded system back above the line.
harryreardon 04/25/2015 31 21 1 -
Chris Christie to relaunch his presidential campaign, yet again
Why oh why is he not gaining traction?
Hunter 04/24/2015 123 54 1 -
Scott Walker and Chris Christie show off the GOP's job-creation chops
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) Republicans have been itching to show how much better ...
Laura Clawson 04/24/2015 27 46 2 -
Christiegate: Christie Funnelled Lucrative Contract to Brother's Firm
(illustration by DonkeyHotey) From International Business Times : As one of its first moves in its state takeover of financially strapped Atlantic City, Chris Christie’s administration has ...
ericlewis0 04/20/2015 21 59 - -
Why We Should Welcome Chris Christie’s Entitlement Reform Plan
It doesn’t get any better than this. Chris Christie unveiled his entitlement reform plan this week. First, he wants to means test Social Security and Medicare. Second, the earliest age at which ...
disinterested spectator 04/18/2015 25 3 - -
Chris Christie "Let's be honest" about Social Security
First of all beware of any politician who says "let's be honest" and especially beware of this politician who hasn't uttered an honest word in decades, if ever. The right wing approach to Social ...
arky70 04/15/2015 11 7 - -
Gov. Chris Christie on legalizing marijuana: 'If President, I will crack down on it'
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance on ...
Jen Hayden 04/15/2015 126 70 - -
The real basis of the Christie campaign
Support for Christie among Republican primary voters is in the low single digits -- very low. His favorables are underwater, and it's not as though they didn't know him. A significant segment of ...
Frank Palmer 04/15/2015 19 5 - -
Tough guy Chris Christie wants to beat up on disabled, elderly when he's president
Joan McCarter 04/14/2015 99 71 - -
Christie Speech on Social Security Reveals his New Goal: Job at a Wall Street Firm
At least that's what the Bridge and Tunnel Assailant's [speech today about "Entitlements"
Bethesda 1971 04/14/2015 16 13 - -
Is it Wrong to "Revel" in Another Christie Failure?
The answer, of course, is an emphatic "No," and it's OK that you're smiling too. "Revel" in this case is the bankrupt Atlantic City Casino project that Christie pushed as his legacy, but has ...
Bethesda 1971 04/10/2015 22 21 - -
Christiegate: Feds Investigating at Least 9 Christie-Related Scandals
(illustration by DonkeyHotey) The most recent Port Authority bond filing discloses all the subpoenas they have received in the past 18 months. It shows that 'Bridgegate' - the closing of ...
ericlewis0 04/09/2015 116 268 4 -
Christie Indictments Near?
Could it be that NJ Gov Christie and his minions will final face some music? Perhaps as early as next week?
TomFromNJ 04/08/2015 73 136 1 -
Breaking: Christie Appoints Self Senator
"F&#$k this President s$@t" was how former Governor Chris Christie began his news conference today in which he announced that in a multiparty deal: Sen. Bob Menendez will step down and Christie ...
Bethesda 1971 04/02/2015 18 20 - -
More Christie - How Deep Does Bridgegate Go?
Over at Talking Points Memo , a March 20, 2015 opinion piece by Brian Murphy takes a look at ongoing investigations into the deliberately manufactured traffic problems at the George ...
xaxnar 03/21/2015 22 20 - -
BREAKING: Christie Renames New Jersey to New Exxon
In a late Friday News Dump, the stunning revelation was released by the Christie administration that the governor has sold the naming of the state to the highest bidder, Exxon. Governor Christie ...
SeaTurtle 03/21/2015 4 7 - -
Christiegate: Crime in Progress! Christie Refuses to Release Details of Shady Exxon Settlement
(illustration by DonkeyHotey) From International Business Times : It's Sunshine Week, but you wouldn't know it in New Jersey. This week, Gov. Chris Christie’s ...
ericlewis0 03/20/2015 99 279 1 -
With Proceeds from the Exxon Lawsuit, NJ Should Re-Establish Environmental Science Education Program
While it is very upsetting, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's administration settled a decade-long, $8.9 billion pollution lawsuit against Exxon for $...
arrjay 03/19/2015 13 12 - -
This New Republican Standard of 'Email Purity' is really Dangerous -- for Them
Hot off the presses, as they say: Top U.S. Republican lawmaker to launch new investigation of Clinton emails : ABC by Amanda Becker, -- Mar 15, 2015 (Reuters) - Representative John ...
jamess 03/15/2015 22 19 - -
Jon Stewart slams Chris Christie for selling out his state
Egberto Willies 03/14/2015 15 70 1 -
Chris Christie still running for president, says Chris Christie's campaign team
"And if you don't believe me, let me tell ...
Hunter 03/13/2015 63 38 - -
After Governor Chris Christie dodges Hurricane Sandy survivors, they followed him to Iowa
You know what's hilarious? Mocking 15,000 still homeless New Jersey families! Unable to get his attention in New Jersey, residents who are still not back in their homes after Hurricane Sandy ...
Jen Hayden 03/10/2015 14 42 - -
Bridgegate: Jamie Fox's Problematic Lobbying Records
Last month the seemingly unending and ever-expanding political vortex known as Bridgegate sucked in yet another major figure in New Jersey politics and government, James P. "Jamie" Fox. A story in ...
DSWright 03/04/2015 13 8 - -
GOP’s Blind Hate of Labor Union Members
To Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, America's labor union members are the same as murderous, beheading, caged-prisoner-immolating ISIS terrorists. Exactly the same.  That's what ...
Leo W Gerard 03/04/2015 14 9 1 -
Chris Christie's approval ratings sink to yet another new low
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's poll numbers continue to ...
Hunter 03/03/2015 96 123 2 -
Christie Settles $9 Billion NJ Pollution Case Against Exxon for $250 Million
(illustration by DonkeyHotey) I just caught this on Maddow and found a late-breaking article in The New York Times : A long-fought legal battle to recover $8.9 billion in damages from Exxon ...
ericlewis0 02/28/2015 130 276 3 -
Chris Christie, CPAC edition, now a proud warrior against women
Playing to the crowd. Gov. Chris ...
Joan McCarter 02/27/2015 39 35 1 -
Breadth meets Depth: Laura Ingraham Q&A's Chris "Traffic Study" Christie
The Mouth that Rahwayed seems to keep trying to straddle that line, fence, balance beam of trying to sound conservative to the GOP big money folks and yet appear to the LIV that he's "moderate" or "...
annieli 02/26/2015 3 1 - -
The Truth about Chris Christie and Pensions in New Jersey
In war and politics, if you pick your battlefield you win. The current pension fight in New Jersey is a classic example. Nearly everyone in the state sees it as a battle between a broken pension ...
brilyn37 02/26/2015 6 9 - -
Chris Christie runs afoul of the law (again)
Proving again that he cannot effectively govern, New Jersey Republican Governor and presidential aspirant Chris Christie lost a lawsuit for failing to pay adequately into his state’s public ...
StewartAcuff 02/26/2015 7 15 - -
Chris Christie can't keep breaking pension law, judge says
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) A ...
Laura Clawson 02/24/2015 58 47 1 -
Chris Christie gets schooled by Judge
The pension woes in NJ are, to a great extent, the result of past governors' actions, but IMO Christie owned it as of his 2011 law/union negotiation package (that he is trying to renege on this year).
Zentrails 02/23/2015 76 207 2 -
Rudy's Hate-Whistle -- an unexpected 'Litmus Test' for would-be Republicans 'Leaders'
So this is what our hate-fed Nation has "devolved" into -- thanks to the constant drumbeat of hate from Fox News. This is what "respect for the Office" means in today's divided landscapes -- where ...
jamess 02/21/2015 21 13 - -
Chris Christie's Double Standard On Bush Cronyism
Cross-posted on Blue Jersey As the Christie for President 2016 bus hits heavy traffic some of us longtime Christie observers are finding glory in the evening. All the old critiques - shady travel ...
DSWright 02/20/2015 8 15 - -
Chris Christie still running for president, and it's still unclear why
'And in conclusion, screw you. Yeah, you.'
Hunter 02/18/2015 91 54 - -
In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie's polling numbers collapse
Love me or I'll rip your arms off.
Hunter 02/14/2015 98 85 - -
Wages -- When will Workers Earn what we Deserve?
Well, the President framed the next BIG debate: Middle Class Economics . We'd be fools, to not press the issue for all it's worth ... [...] Of course, nothing helps families make ends meet like ...
jamess 02/08/2015 16 21 - -
Christiegate: United Airlines Caught Bribing Christie Crony Samson
(photo courtesy of Aero Icarus ) From the New Jersey Star-Ledger : United Airlines ...
ericlewis0 02/06/2015 188 312 3 -
Christie vetoes 'Buy American' bills despite New Jersey's manufacturing jobs deficit
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) Gov.
Laura Clawson 02/06/2015 35 42 - -
Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Downton) Sells Home for Way Above Market Value to Political Donor
This comes on the heels of revelations that Rep. Schock accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of free interior decorating services (he had his DC office styled like a set from Downton Abbey -
ericlewis0 02/06/2015 124 268 3 -
WWJD About:  Unemployment
The next time Uber-Conservative, Trickle-down advocate Paul Ryan, complains about the " Economics of Envy " -- someone should ask him, if THIS is what he's talking about ... Matthew ...
jamess 02/06/2015 12 16 - -
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie target of new criminal investigation
Oopsies. ...
Hunter 02/05/2015 135 155 - -
Chris Christie floundering in NJ polls as campaign nears
The closer it gets to campaign season, the less zeal New ...
Kerry Eleveld 02/04/2015 50 45 - -
Chris Christie Will Not Let The Govt Stop You From Trepanning Your Kids
Parenting is about personal choice. Republicans like Chris Christie and Rand Paul understand that. Only you, the head of the house, should be the one to make important decisions about how to prevent ...
Paul Bibeau 02/04/2015 10 14 1 -
Chris Christie's extravagant travel has been even more extravagant than we thought
How could you say no to this face. The New York Times reports on Gov. Chris Christie's apparent obsession with lavish travel on other people's dime. His new ...
Hunter 02/03/2015 45 50 - -
As Democrats embrace vaccination, a horrifying split emerges with anti-safety Republicans
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R)
David Nir 02/03/2015 176 104 - -
The anti-vaccination bat signal must have gone out
because now Rand Paul is making the same remarks as Chris Christie. In an interview with the network ...
pat of butter in a sea of grits 02/02/2015 143 153 1 -
In 2009, Chris Christie sent letter endorsing anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory
Time for some measles problems in Ft. Lee While the CDC is warning that ...
Hunter 02/02/2015 44 45 - -
Chris Christie distances himself from medical science
Timeline of measles cases in the US vs introduction of first widely used measles vaccine. Even as the US Centers for Disease Control braces for a larger measles ...
DarkSyde 02/02/2015 95 35 - -
This may not be the Last we see of Mitt
After barely spending a Month running for President -- now perennial Republican contender Mitt Romney , is suddenly NOT running? What's up with that!? What is going on in his bottomless pit of ...
jamess 02/02/2015 73 17 - -
Chris Christie Kicks off Presidential Bid by Going Non-Science on Vaccines
We all knew that at some point, Chris Christie was going to start making noise ...
Chris Reeves 02/02/2015 57 36 - -
Christie Thinks We Should Give Anti-Vaxxers the Benefit of the Doubt
This guy has just demonstrated with absolute certainty why he should never be President. CAMBRIDGE, England _ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday said the government needs to strike a "balance"
Dartagnan 02/02/2015 171 120 - -
Chris Christie Falls Out Of Chair-Schadenfreude Ensues
This has happened to me a few times through my lifetime, but I just can't stop giggling like a teenager. I can just hear the comedians now. Enjoy-we need it. There is nothing more sacrilegious than ...
Pakalolo 01/31/2015 104 78 5 -
Rep. King's summit previews Iowa's crazy. Biggest winner—Bush; biggest loser—Palin
Red meat abounded at Rep. Steve King's Iowa "freedom"* summit over the weekend (*excepting gays, ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/26/2015 87 51 - -
"Let the pandering begin!"
“ Let the pandering begin! ” Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson joked in the event ’s opening speech, for Steve King's Iowa 'cattle call'. Pander 1) “I think that sends a powerful message to ...
jamess 01/25/2015 32 13 - -
The Koch Agenda kicks it into another Gear
The GOP brain (-less) -trust is about to get their new "Marching Orders' ... Koch primary kicks off by Tarini Parti and Kenneth P. Vogel, -- January 22, 2015 The Koch primary will ...
jamess 01/23/2015 32 27 1 -
Which GOP 2016 hopeful will be a casualty of Steve King's Iowa summit this weekend?
Jeb Bush isn't going to Rep. Steve King's crazy summit. Neither is Mitt or Marco Rubio. Chris Christie is attending (
Kerry Eleveld 01/22/2015 29 15 - -
BREAKING: Chris Christie appoints "Detroit-style" Emergency Manager for Atlantic City
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Back in November, I wrote about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie considering the possibility of appointing an Emergency Manager for Atlantic City which has ...
Eclectablog 01/22/2015 46 68 1 -
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: 'Governors who won't be president' edition
Chris Christie scheduled to make rare trip to New Jersey tomorrow morning for a summit in Atlantic City.
Greg Dworkin 01/22/2015 67 50 - -
Steve King hosting clown car conservative summit: Christie attending, Bush takes a pass
In two weeks, Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King will host what amounts to the clown car of 2016 campaign events. Featuring Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum—the Iowa ...
Kerry Eleveld 01/13/2015 26 19 - -
New Jersey foots Chris Christie's huge presidential campaign bill
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), the supposed "team mojo" for ...
Joan McCarter 01/12/2015 40 33 - -
Chris Christie Tears Are Delicious (Update 2)
Orange sweater and personal appearance didn'...
Puddytat 01/11/2015 237 158 1 -
Chris Christie - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Literally, With Pom Poms!
In case you didn't see this last Sunday, The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions in the NFC wild card playoff game: Face-down on the turf, Tony Romo pounded his hands into the ground. ...
unapologeticliberal777 01/11/2015 26 6 - -
Finally, We Have Him Under Oath.
A month ago, updating a number of my friends and interested acquaintances on new developments in Christie's slow-motion crash to Earth --specifically, the fact that Regina Egea and Christie had ...
sp2 01/09/2015 15 21 - -
Christie's 2013 campaign gets subpoena as traffic jam investigation widens
Laura Clawson 01/08/2015 43 43 - -
Bridgegate News: Subpoena!
I guess this is kind of Breaking... Just caught it on twitter as I was logging out for the day. Christie’s Re-Election Campaign Gets Subpoena
AnnetteK 01/08/2015 71 145 - -
Big money, big game and a big ... headache for Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ruffled a lot of tri-state ...
Joan McCarter 01/06/2015 88 54 - -
Vetoes protect their Port Authority Piggy Bank
When you can direct Billion dollar Funds like this, on just your signatures -- would you subject your 'deep pockets' benefactor to public oversight and transparent accounting? Not if your name is ...
jamess 01/02/2015 10 25 - -
Governor Christie has final say on bill that will privatize water without public oversight
Al Jazeera America is reporting: A bill that would allow New Jersey ...
Walter Einenkel 12/29/2014 113 161 7 -
Cuomo and Christie Perpetrate the Saturday Night Massacre of PA Reform; or "One Bill, Two Guvnors"
The unholy alliance of NY and NJ Governors struck again last night, as Governors Christie and Cuomo jointly vetoed Port Authority [reform bills that had been passed unanimously by both house of the ...
Bethesda 1971 12/28/2014 26 31 - -
Wall Street firm where Chris Christie's wife works is pulling in New Jersey pension fees
Mary Pat and Chris Christie Under Gov. Chris Christie, New Jersey has ...
Laura Clawson 12/17/2014 73 117 1 -
Why should We have to Pay their Ransom -- just to Keep our Government Open
Is this what Congress has devolved into -- a "last minute" ransom-demanding mechanical voice that creepily says: If you ever want to see your Government again , you'll shut the hell up , pay up ...
jamess 12/13/2014 183 130 4 -
Christie gets a little roasted around the edges
Looks like Gov. Christie just had some bad news break out. From WYNC (New Jersey Public Radio): ...newly disclosed phone records - supplied by AT&T to the New Jersey legislature and obtained by ...
polecat 12/08/2014 235 295 1 -
Christie Aides to be indicted - via MSNBC and WNBC
Hi folks - There was a report on MSNBC's Al Sharpton's Show, that aides close to Christie and some others are to be indicted. It was speculated that this would be to put more pressure on Christie ...
ZappoDave 12/06/2014 36 26 - -
New report can't reach conclusion on Chris Christie's involvement in 'Bridgegate'
Another investigation into Chris Christie ends up with decidedly non-resultish results : New Jersey lawmakers probing politically motivated traffic jams near the ...
Hunter 12/05/2014 54 32 - -
Chris Christie will have no opinion on immigration until he runs for president
Chris Christie, bravely waiting to see how President Obama's immigration action plays ...
Joan McCarter 11/20/2014 31 18 - -
In Iowa, Chris Christie promises to veto animal cruelty bill?
I'm so freakin' likeable.
Hunter 11/17/2014 107 116 1 -
Michigan exports its anti-democratic model: Chris Christie considers Emergency Mgr for Atlantic City
Originally posted at Eclectablog . Remember when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to Michigan to visit Governor Rick Snyder in March ? And when he came back ...
Eclectablog 11/13/2014 19 18 - -
When Simpletons rule the World: "Don't Work, then Don't Eat"
We are about to find out how deep that streak of mean, really goes: Don't work, then don't eat. Don't pray, then don't complain. Don't drive, then don't vote. Don't invest, then don't survive. ...
jamess 11/11/2014 7 6 - -
With no new rail tunnel on the horizon under the Hudson, New York faces a looming transport crisis
From Yonah Freemark : New York’s dependence on its rail system is why Amtrak’s announcement last week that damage from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy would require the eventual renovation of the ...
LeftistSkeptic 11/05/2014 4 15 - -
"Duce the Toad" Christie Locks $800 Million in Sandy $$$. Combo of Class War & Supersize Pay-To-Play
This is the $800 million in Sandy money that Jim Keady protested out at Belmont last week. It's the RREM program, set up in part to benefit working poor whose houses were trashed by Hurricane Sandy ...
waterstreet2008 11/03/2014 31 54 1 -
Perhaps the biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats
Democrats believe in democracy. They believe in representing everyone. Republicans believe in Republican rule. If you disagree with them, they will come after you Soprano style. “Time for ...
akadjian 11/03/2014 231 348 11 -
Christie say he's "Happy to Debate it" -- just doesn't say When or Where
No doubt you've heard the out-takes of Chris Christie's latest grand-standing at a public NJ event. Besides his total lack of respect, for a felllow-citizen representing the dire interests of the ...
jamess 11/02/2014 6 9 - -
America's Misunderstood Mission: Promoting the general Welfare
It is one of introductory principles upon which the American Constitution is based: Preamble -- We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ...
jamess 11/02/2014 19 21 1 -
Jim Keady Exposes $800,000,000 Slush Fund from NJ's Sandy $$$$$. Christie: "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP !"
Corruption on a grand scale in New Jersey. Wednesday was the two year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy coming ashore in New Jersey. Governor Christie went out for a presser at Belmont and ran into ...
waterstreet2008 10/31/2014 77 216 4 -
Chris Christie blows his top after angry constituent confronts him at press conference
Gov. Chris Christie telling an upset resident to "shut up and sit down." New Jersey's biggest bully, Gov. Chris Christie turned up for a press conference yesterday and had a surprising spat with a ...
Jen Hayden 10/30/2014 333 309 5 -
Democratic group calls Christie's bluff on 'sit down and shut up' bluster
Jed Lewison 10/30/2014 160 119 3 -
MA-Gov: Charlie Baker (R) Now Says He Regrets Chris Christie (R. NJ) Donation
I'm sure he is:
poopdogcomedy 10/28/2014 18 9 2 -
Paranoia Regarding Gov. Christie
I'm not sure what's worse; the hysteria over ebola "spreading" in the U.S., or the absurd hysteriabregarding the _very low_ probability Christie could ever run and win the Presidency.
Superpole 10/28/2014 22 7 - -
Christie: "Big Chicken" Earns His Name, Annoys Rush
Over the last few days, Christie has richly earned Charlie Pierce's name for him: [Big Chicken.] The phony tough guy was all bluster [...
Bethesda 1971 10/28/2014 5 9 - -
MA-Gov: Why Do Newspapers Who Scrutinize Terrible Candidates End Up Endorsing Them?
So I want to give a shout out to Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees for pointing something out. She recently did a diary about how newspapers the brutally scrutinize candidates' records end up ...
poopdogcomedy 10/27/2014 17 9 1 -
The ultimate idiocy of the Christie/Cuomo Ebola quarantine policy
As everyone knows, last Friday Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo announced that everyone flying into their two states who had been in contact with Ebola victims in West Africa (or something) would be ...
databob 10/27/2014 9 10 - -
Christie Cave On Quarantine: Obama Prevails
Chris Christie managed to bully his way through the bridge scandal but the optics of a healthy nurse being held prisoner in a tent in cold weather finally proved too much for him. Nurse in Newark ...
Richard Lyon 10/27/2014 166 94 3 -
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