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Iraq War III Underway. Obama Admits: "Long-Term Project"
From the Guardian Obama pledges long-term campaign to fight Iraq's spreading jihadist crisis Obama ...
CitizenOfEarth 08/09/2014 128 11 1 -
The FBI, Manufactured Terror, and The Newburgh Four
How does the US Terror Industrial Complex (TIC ®) keep doubling it's budget, even as Austerity decimates all social programs? By keeping the Sheeple scared shitless, that's how. See this HBO ...
CitizenOfEarth 07/22/2014 41 42 1 -
Welcome Back to a "Progressive Voice"
Just a quick shout out to Ray Pensador to welcome you back from your visit to the Third Floor. Visitors feel free to help yourselves to some Special Punch. There's a secret ingredient (and it ain'...
CitizenOfEarth 08/16/2013 24 19 - -
Breaking: Terra-Palooza Weekend! We're All Gonna Die!
CNN headline: GLOBAL TERROR ALERT, U.S. warns travelers, shuts embassies So which is it? 1) Are they just trying to scare us all into thinking that the NSA crapping on the 4th Amendment is good ...
CitizenOfEarth 08/02/2013 111 30 - -
Gov. Rick Perry Offers Texas Women Medical Advice
Rick 'The Coat Hanger' Perry (Gov, R-TX) offered sage advice to Texas women last night at a fund raiser for a Republican Renaissance-Faire with an Inquisition theme.
CitizenOfEarth 07/02/2013 11 10 - -
Odds of Dying by Terrorist Attack: 20,000,000 to 1
That's 20 Million to 1 The mission of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is to "Keep Us Safe.". That's been the government mantra by Bush and Obama. Ok, let me get this straight. So for the sake of ...
CitizenOfEarth 06/14/2013 246 106 5 -
Of Fevered Brows and AR-15s (w/ video)
IMO This is why they call them Gun Nuts and why it scares the hell out of me that they are allowed to walk around society carrying rifles. Army Master Sergeant C. J. Grisham is a serving American ...
CitizenOfEarth 04/20/2013 14 5 - -
Hell No! Obama & The War on Seniors
Yes, deficits matter. We all agree that US Debt growth is unsustainable. But then the question becomes what is the sane and moral solution. Let's review our Major Deficit Problems. The US ...
CitizenOfEarth 04/11/2013 29 25 - -
Obama: I will not make cuts to Social Security (w/ video)
In this Youtube video, Obama boldly silences critics who say he is going to make a dirty deal with Republicans to make cuts to Social Security.
CitizenOfEarth 04/05/2013 414 213 5 -
Sincerely yours, Mitt Romney
If you turn off the sound to one of Romney speeches, you will notice the most bizarre facial expressions. I wish I was a face reading expert like Dr. Lightman on that teevee show "Lie To Me" .
CitizenOfEarth 11/04/2012 4 2 - -
MA-Sen: Warren / Brown debate 7PM EDT tonight
Watch Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown square off in their third debate on Wednesday, October 10th at 7:00 PM. (Springfield Symphony Hall, Springfield, Massachusetts) Tune in locally in Western MA ...
CitizenOfEarth 10/10/2012 50 4 - 267
Romney Surrogate: Lying is just Good Campaign Tactics w/Video
This is from a short piece at Think Progress, Campaign Surrogate Admits Romney Is Changing Positions Just To Win Votes , which explains that the Romney who showed up at the debate was completely ...
CitizenOfEarth 10/06/2012 14 31 - 179
Greenwald, Uygur, Ratigan on "Progressives Left Behind" (Video & Poll)
Dylan Ratigan, Glenn Greenwald and Cenk Uygur have a very interesting discussion about the Obama presidency, progressives and the Democratic Party and the sorry state of affairs that led to the Dem ...
CitizenOfEarth 11/08/2010 165 20 1 52
TONIGHT! FRONTLINE -  "The Spill" - BP Gulf Disaster w/ Poll
Spread the word!!! On air and online October 26, 2010 at 9:00pm (check local listings) See 30 second promo video and read Press Release - [FRONTLINE AND PROPUBLICA INVESTIGATE THE BUSINESS CULTURE ...
CitizenOfEarth 10/26/2010 4 8 - 107
Marcia Angell to Moyers: HCR "shouldn't pass"
Dr. Marcia Angell, a single-payer advocate, doesn't think there's much in the President's plan to feel good about. Her interview on [ Bill Moyers Journal
CitizenOfEarth 03/06/2010 143 21 2 36
Conan O’Brien and Robert Reich: Hilarious video.
Robert Reich is one of the few recovering politicians with a sense of humor. Nuff said.
CitizenOfEarth 01/29/2010 33 14 4 29
Robert Reich: Obama’s middle class package is small potatoes.
Robert Reich blogged yesterday on the Obama plan to help the middle class. [Obama's Tiny Jobs Ideas for Main Street, A Big Spending Freeze for Wall Street] Reich has a new ...
CitizenOfEarth 01/26/2010 26 9 - 10
1X update - Analysis Of HCR Bill Provisions. Will YOU win or lose? w/ Poll
Since Al Franken (who I like) has declared HCR bill is a " Historic Step Forward ", I decided to look at some of the key provisions to see who wins and who loses. The White House spin ...
CitizenOfEarth 12/21/2009 56 13 - 38
MOYERS: w/ Taibbi & Kuttner on Money and Politics
BILL MOYERS JOURNAL: Money and Politics (approx 30 mins) December 18, 2009 [Video and transcript] If you watch one online show this week, ...
CitizenOfEarth 12/19/2009 27 53 1 64
Greenwald: Obama's Governing Strategy -- And What Just Happened With HCR
I was reading Glenn Greenwald's piece today, [The underlying divisions in the healthcare debate] and I have to agree ...
CitizenOfEarth 12/18/2009 121 29 - 38
Robert Reich on expanded Medicare: "you're smoking medical marijuana" w/ Poll
Robert Reich's blog post on December 10, [How a Few Private Health Insurers Are on the Way to Controlling Health Care], was very clear. And ...
CitizenOfEarth 12/15/2009 51 5 2 20
Matt Taibbi: PhRMA’s Big Bribe Comes In (w/Poll)
There's interesting blog post by Matt Taibbi if you haven't seen it. [PhRMA’s Big Bribe Comes In] I've excerpted some ...
CitizenOfEarth 09/17/2009 11 21 - 53
Moyers Special Comment to Obama: "Mr. President. We need a fighter."
If you missed Bill Moyers Journal last night, you missed a doozie (although you can [watch the replay] ). Bill concluded the show with a Special ...
CitizenOfEarth 09/05/2009 576 862 31 217
Bill Moyers Journal on health care reform - MUST SEE!!
This episode of Bill Moyers Journal is NOT going to make you happy, but miss it at your peril . The punchline is that unless and until we move to Single Payer, any so called reform ...
CitizenOfEarth 07/25/2009 56 40 3 200
Durbin/Grassley introduce bill to limit H1B visas (Updated)
Finally someone has stepped forward. From this article, [ Work Visa Bill Threatens Indian Outsourcers] comes news that ...
CitizenOfEarth 06/03/2009 113 13 - 214
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