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Video: GOP Bill to Undermine Your Overtime Pay
“Overtime pay is a line in the sand for labor” – 5/5/2013 Mark E. Andersen diary. I couldn’t have said it any better. Attacks on overtime pay are attacks on the 40-hour workweek, on the ...
Congressman George Miller 05/07/2013 3 22 2 -
New Legislation Would Help Shorten Voting Lines, Strengthen People’s Ability to Vote
Bill would require all states to have early voting for at least 15 days prior to Election Day.
Congressman George Miller 11/15/2012 162 419 4 -
GOP Plan to Win Power by Killing Jobs
There are a number of factors that are negatively affecting the American economy, the Euro-crisis being one of the most significant that is out of our control. But make no mistake about what we are ...
Congressman George Miller 06/01/2012 164 423 9 1400
Next GOP anti-worker bill coming up tomorrow
At a time when American families are struggling with a stalled recovery, why should they care about an inside the Beltway political fight over the National Labor Relations Board? For months, this ...
Congressman George Miller 10/25/2011 2 17 - 68
Wanted: your story about the jobs crisis
As a couple diarists have already mentioned, the House Education and the Workforce Committee Democrats are currently running an ‘eForum’ on the jobs crisis through our website. We are collecting ...
Congressman George Miller 09/29/2011 8 20 1 75
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