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Sen. Warren the Crusader Attacks Obama for Trade Deal but Supported Israeli Bombing of Gaza Schools
Yes, Elizabeth Warren is a crusader and all, but not when it really counts, not when "she has skin in the game" as they say.
Constance Hilliard 04/23/2015 39 - - -
What Do You Call Apologists for Racism?
This Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity scandal at the University of Oklahoma did more, far more then finger a couple of racists on a bus. And it's time to recognize who was caught under this sting's ...
Constance Hilliard 03/14/2015 42 17 - -
Dick Cheney, Meet Your Future Sidekick, "Jihadi John" (And Yes, You Two Really Are on the Same Side)
ISIS was created by the disintegration of Iraq during the United States invasion. This phenomenon of war is called unintended consequences. Thoughtful foreign policy and intelligence analysts ...
Constance Hilliard 02/28/2015 3 1 - -
Was Crazed Cop Killer a Police Plant Whose Goal Was to Stop Anti-Police Protests?
Maybe reading passages of the CIA Torture Report did something to my psyche. But my mind no longer processes news and information in the linear fashion it once did. Maybe that's a good thing. Or ...
Constance Hilliard 12/22/2014 99 2 - -
GOP Leaders Should Travel to Nigeria to Study How African Nation Eradicated Ebola
The GOP's efforts to protect Americans from Ebola thus far have involved demanding that all flights to and from Africa be stopped; pretending that Republicans in Congress did not cut the budget of ...
Constance Hilliard 10/20/2014 14 6 - -
Lives of Black Voters in Mississippi Could Be in Danger (for Helping Thad Cochran Win over Chris McD
I've watched developments in Mississippi with growing horror. No, I'm not using hyperbole. Sore loser Chris McDaniel seems to have snapped. The Neo-Confederate cannot handle the fact that he lost ...
Constance Hilliard 07/17/2014 12 18 - -
President Obama Please Send Unaccompanied Immigrant Kids Home Immediately
Sorry, folks. It is precisely because I do love kids that I have no sympathy whatsoever for this wave of unaccompanied minors being allowed to cross the border into the U.S. I don't care what ...
Constance Hilliard 06/20/2014 203 2 1 -
The Secret Strategy Behind the Las Vegas Shooters' 10 Minute Revolution
I was puzzled at first. What kind of revolution begins with two cops getting shot point blank while they're eating lunch and ends ten minutes later with the shooters engaging in a suicide pact?
Constance Hilliard 06/09/2014 201 172 1 -
How Racial Profiling Helped Elliot Rodger Murder 7 People in Isla Vista
Everyone involved in this tragedy was white. So, why do I bring up racial profiling? Please hear me out. The parents of Elliot Rodger contacted the police and informed them that they were concerned ...
Constance Hilliard 05/25/2014 85 16 - -
Fort Hood Could be Seen as Secret NRA Experiment
The Fort Hood shooter had not been to Iraq, and therefore did not suffer from combat related mental illness, and had no previous evidence of violent behavior or thoughts. He just got it in his head ...
Constance Hilliard 04/04/2014 40 1 - -
Why Gun-Owning Parents Give Their "School Shooter" Children Access to Weapons
Since 1991, 323 American children have died in school shootings. The most notorious of these tragic events was the December 14, 2012 murder of twenty children and six adult staff members at the ...
Constance Hilliard 01/31/2014 23 13 - -
Did Hospital Perform Unauthorized Experiments on Dead Pregnant Woman?
There is no law in this universe that forces a hospital to keep a dead female on a ventilator for nine months, on the off chance that the corpse will give birth. John Peter Smith Hospital was ...
Constance Hilliard 01/27/2014 98 5 - -
Jahi McMath & The Cult Worship of Advanced Medical Technology
The story of thirteen year old Jahi McMath, who was declared brain-dead after complications of a tonsillectomy is becoming more and more heartbreaking by the hour. The family has the child's corpse ...
Constance Hilliard 01/26/2014 9 7 - -
Should Perpetrators of Heinous Crimes be Allowed "an Honorable Death"?
The British rock star, Ian Watkins, filmed himself raping an eleven-month old baby and sexually assaulting other young children. He admitted his guilt in court and has been placed under suicide watch.
Constance Hilliard 12/01/2013 88 - - -
When the Black Guy's Term in the WH is Over, Watch How Fast the Tea Party Closes up Shop
In some ways Americans are too polite for their own good. For instance, I've been waiting for six years now for someone, anyone with political clout to stand up and expose the Tea Party for what it ...
Constance Hilliard 11/22/2013 45 19 - -
Real Immigration Reform Would Deport CBS's Lara Logan, Birther Orly Taitz and Ted Cruz's Crazy Dad
In the debates about immigration reform, far too much attention is being paid to the quantity of immigrants rather than to their quality. Yes, it is true that thousands of Mexicans cross into the ...
Constance Hilliard 11/12/2013 31 17 - -
How FOX News (Accidentally) Blew Up the GOP
FOX News did not set out to destroy the Republican Party. To the contrary, it sought to strengthen its conservative base. By twisting and filtering news to make the right-wing feel triumphant, it ...
Constance Hilliard 10/10/2013 157 375 8 -
Tea Party Takes Cues from Bin Laden Playbook
As bizarre as it may seem, history is replete with examples of groups borrowing the tactics of an enemy, to impose its will on others. How do you think gun powder made its way from China to Europe ...
Constance Hilliard 10/05/2013 14 4 - -
Dying Child's Hospice Care Turned into Reality TV
The latest FOX News media stunt is so far over the top that it leaves me shaking with rage. A little girl named Sarah Murnaghan, who suffers from end-stage cystic fibrosis, endured two double lung ...
Constance Hilliard 09/22/2013 25 11 1 -
Why I'm Tearing up my Organ Donor Card
I have over the past two months watched a beautiful little girl, who suffers from end-stage cystic fibrosis, being butchered to death on network television. Of course, FOX News commentators pretend ...
Constance Hilliard 08/13/2013 55 15 1 -
The GOP "Gullibility Factor"
On June 13, Alaska, ex-governor, Sarah Palin, tweeted: "Sarah Murnaghan had a successful lung transplant; God bless her & docs & judge who said 'yes' after death panel/HHS Secy Sebelius said 'no'."
Constance Hilliard 07/29/2013 11 9 - -
Cute White Kid Gets Double Lung Transplant/Cute Black Kid Gets Fatal Bullet in Chest
This is a tale of two "cute kids, Sarah Murnaghan and Trayvon Martin."
Constance Hilliard 07/22/2013 6 6 - -
Black Journalists Should Cancel Florida Conference
Fate hands us all "a defining moment," forcing moral decisions upon us at the most inopportune of times. How the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) handles the George Zimmerman ...
Constance Hilliard 07/17/2013 23 8 - -
Is "Evil" Colorblind?
Does evil discriminate on the basis of race, or national origins or socio-economic status? Of course not. It is today and has always been the penultimate equal opportunity, colorblind employer. ...
Constance Hilliard 03/25/2012 6 1 - 34
Nature's Answer to Hard-Core Racists like 81 Year Old Billionaire Harold Simmons
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal 81 year old billionaire, Harold Simmons, explained his reasons for donating $18 million to conservative super PACs: "Any of these Republicans would ...
Constance Hilliard 03/22/2012 23 38 1 353
One Question the Media will Never Ask about Soldier's Killing Spree
What if Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the soldier who confessed to killing sixteen Afghan civilians in their sleep, wasn't crazy? I don't recall any of the soldiers who urinated on the dead body of ...
Constance Hilliard 03/20/2012 9 13 - 132
Did Soldier who Killed 16 in Afghanistan Receive his Diploma from the Rush Limbaugh Show?
Let me get this right. Several American soldiers burned copies of the Qur'an on a military base, mistaking these sacred books for trash. While Afghans rioted, most Americans dismissed this episode ...
Constance Hilliard 03/11/2012 184 296 3 2881
Why are Today's Most Vocal Bigots, White Female Politicians?
I'm genuinely stumped by the social phenomenon, of white female politicians like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and others, who have taken on the role ...
Constance Hilliard 04/18/2011 30 9 - 154
Does GOP Take its Lead from African Politicians?
The most difficult aspect of a democracy is learning to accept defeat graciously. President Laurent Gbagbo in the West African nation of Ivory Coast refused to step down, after losing the 2010 ...
Constance Hilliard 04/06/2011 1 - - 13
Does America Really Want to Hear what Afghan Women Have to Say?
I am nauseated by the ways in which we American feminists have allowed ourselves to be dragged into the war in Afghanistan. The pretext is that the U.S. is making life better for Afghan women, by ...
Constance Hilliard 07/30/2010 22 14 - 198
Stop Ignoring the Real Reason We're in Afghanistan
While the Wikileak of 91,000 classified Afghan war documents offered valuable insights, those of us who ...
Constance Hilliard 07/27/2010 40 6 - 55
In Battle between Science & Religion in the West, the Winner is  Asia    
I’ve never really understood the "science" of Creationism. The most vital and meaningful ideas and innovations are almost always exportable, from the country of origin to the rest of the ...
Constance Hilliard 07/10/2010 28 13 - 76
My Beef with NPR
In North Texas where I live, the only radio station with serious news coverage is National Public Radio. But I have long harbored a love-hate relationship with that station, even though I have no ...
Constance Hilliard 07/08/2010 44 13 - 34
If US Really Wants Mideast Peace, Confront anti-Semitism at its Roots
President Barack Obama needs to initiate a national conversation on one of the greatest moral failings of our time -- anti-Semitism. This soul-searching should have happened after World War II. But ...
Constance Hilliard 06/29/2010 159 2 - 99
Maybe Helen Thomas was Right
The remarks of former White House correspondent, Helen Thomas, were raw and injudicious. But I’m glad somebody said them if only because it should push to the fore, one of the greatest moral ...
Constance Hilliard 06/08/2010 112 26 - 210
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