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What AlyoshaKaramazov said ... my birthday
AlyoshaKaramazov had an interesting diary yesterday where he proposed that we share uplifting thoughts or stories that celebrate what we stand for as well as focusing on our problems. So here is my ...
CorinaR 10/23/2013 26 46 - -
My Church and Syria
This will be a hit and run diary but I am so proud of my church that I had to share with you. Today the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) put out an action ...
CorinaR 09/05/2013 10 12 - -
In the Land of Sarin
WARNING: Triggers My daughter sent this to me. Her friend N posted it on her Facebook page. N is a pediatric cardiologist who is with an ...
CorinaR 08/24/2013 46 8 1 -
How to Win Friends and Influence People
A friend is in Dallas today and ran into a scary group at the hotel where she is staying ... the Heritage Action Sentinel Program, HASP (catchy acronym, wouldn't you say for gatekeepers to protect "...
CorinaR 08/21/2013 1 - - -
Sticker Shock ... with Update
This is a short diary because I am in shock. Yesterday I refilled two of my prescriptions ... Levemir Flex-Pen and Novalog Flex-Pen. Both are insulin and I have been taking them since 2007. ...
CorinaR 08/15/2013 49 15 - -
Lately, I have been thinking about reading: what we read, why we read, how we respond to what we read, how/whether our world is shaped by what we read. I grew up very poor ... we had a flush ...
CorinaR 08/07/2013 53 74 1 -
Gus Garcia: Frequently Forgotten Civil Rights Hero
This is a short diary. A friend who teaches Chicano Studies posted this article from HuffPo and I thought I would ...
CorinaR 07/23/2013 1 1 - -
A True Parable: The Story of Hilda the Fish
This is a true story about Hilda the Fish. Hilda was an Oscar, a gold and black South American fish that is very popular for aquariums. Some time ago, when Clinton was still president, my ...
CorinaR 04/22/2013 3 2 - -
Just What is Happening?
I don't normally get involved in meta diaries and I try to stay away from pie fights ... I am simply not clever enough or involved enough. BUT what is happening? Both Jim and Melanie in IA are ...
CorinaR 02/26/2013 176 53 2 -
Dogs Can Be So Clever
Like most of us here, I have been hyperventilating about the fiscal cliff, the GOP internecine struggles, the Progressive dislike of the current compromise, the inequality of our system, global ...
CorinaR 01/03/2013 24 27 - -
Gift subscription ... Oh, my!
A short diary to say thanks ... but since my gift elf is "An anonymous benefactor," my only option is to say thanks to all. Last year when al the gift subscription push was going on, I held back ...
CorinaR 12/13/2012 10 11 1 -
Crafty People Please Avoid Hobby Lobby
For those of us who like to do crafts or sew or just think about that sort of project, Hobby Lobby has sometimes been a convenient place. For me it was the only place in town until very recently. I ...
CorinaR 09/12/2012 49 61 1 327
Read TomDispatch: Jeremiah Goulka, Confessions of a Former Republican
A short diary in case you have not read TomDispatch today. The article is titled Tomgram: Jeremiah Goulka, Confessions of a Former Republican.
CorinaR 09/09/2012 5 13 1 127
What does it mean to "Have It All?"
Recently, I read a remarkable article by Anne-Marie Slaughter, a professor at Princeton, first woman director of policy planning at the State Department under Hilary Clinton and a mother of two: Why ...
CorinaR 07/31/2012 18 20 1 205
Can this be true?
I have no reason to believe that it is not true ... and yet, it is so outrageous that I find it hard to believe. I have a friend ... we have known each other since we were in Junior High (before ...
CorinaR 07/28/2012 42 22 - 472
Mitt's IRA ... I want, I want
This will be short both because there is not much for me to say other than WOW! and because I do not know how to embed. Professor Edward Kleinbard of the USC Gould School of Law and former Chief ...
CorinaR 07/04/2012 19 8 - 209
I have given myself premission to hate my ex
Let me clarify my title. I am not really a hating person. I am normally considered a goodie two shoes, a strong caregiver and someone you can take for granted ... all around liberal earth mother ...
CorinaR 06/15/2012 142 187 - 1215
In the Church: Same-Gender Spouses
Sometimes I am very proud of my church. Today I got an notice, that beginning January 1, 2013, same gender domestic partners will be covered by the Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church USA. ...
CorinaR 03/03/2012 19 16 - 96
Today: An Apology in California
Forced repatriation is not a new thing. Today in Los Angeles, there will be a ceremony to apologize for the forced repatriation after the Great Depression. From Wikipedia: The Mexican Repatriation ...
CorinaR 02/26/2012 12 5 - 52
Schema -- how we see the world
I was browsing around, kind bummed because I had written most of a diary and then accidentally erased it. So I was doing sour grapes: They wouldn't read it anyway because it was religious in nature.
CorinaR 02/19/2012 17 - - 79
What next after garnishment?
I am planning to call the legal hotline or advice line or whatever it is called, but I have not had much luck with them in other places. So I thought I might ask the legal eagles here ... not for ...
CorinaR 09/05/2011 68 8 1 243
The Youth Gave Me Hope
I've been following what's happening in Congress, reading way too much here, calling, emailing, worrying, retching, worrying some more. I have not been in a happy place. So I did two things today ..
CorinaR 07/31/2011 2 - - 18
Sojourn in Distraction
Caution: This is a personal diary about my thoughts in church today. It is not a church or Christianity bashing diary nor (I hope) is it a sermon, just my thoughts and maybe a hope.
CorinaR 07/10/2011 3 - - 19
On Heroes and Feet of Clay
I have been away from here for many months and it has been difficult for me to come back to Daily Kos for various reasons, but mostly because of the passion ... often mindless and sometimes ...
CorinaR 06/19/2011 5 7 - 46
The Mindnumbingness of Dead End Jobs
I am going to quit my job as a census enumerator tomorrow. I have been semi/underemployed for about 3 years and the census job seemed almost perfect. It seemed like a great way to make some ...
CorinaR 05/23/2010 60 25 2 36
Thinking About Faith and Community
For some reason, maybe I am just being sensitive, much of my reading here on DKos has me thinking about faith and community and what they mean together. The diary about the National Day of Prayer ...
CorinaR 04/18/2010 96 8 - 30
Mixed Feelings About Compassion Fatigue
Back when I had a paying job, we talked about compassion fatigue, you know, when you get tired of doing good. I always thought that it was an excuse for people who had no compassion ... now I am ...
CorinaR 11/18/2009 21 4 - 88
Today I opted for short term survival
Today was one lousy day. I had wanted to go to the Health Care Reform demonstration in Oklahoma City, but I did not. I wanted to go because I feel strongly about healthcare. I have always had a ...
CorinaR 09/13/2009 15 31 - 34
Need a Snappy Slogan a for Health Care Reform Sign
I am going to a friendly demonstration outside a place where Rep. Frank Lucas is speaking in Stillwater, OK. I am supposed to take sign but I happen to be rather long-winded. Can some of you ...
CorinaR 08/26/2009 48 4 - 18
There is somethig wrong with me
I think there is something wrong with me ... not physically. I have the usual aches and pains of a 60 year old, the usual problems that being uninsured brings (Can I afford to go to the doc and get ...
CorinaR 08/23/2009 32 16 - 17
Some Different July 4 Thoughts
This is a little late but I have been thinking about the 4th of July and how its meaning has changed for me. Until several years ago, I did not pay much attention to it ... the best celebration I ...
CorinaR 07/05/2009 5 11 - 172
Help! I need information
I need information about what credut card companies can and cannot do. I have been stupid about money all my life. But things really came to a head about two years ago. Now the credit card ...
CorinaR 06/25/2009 18 6 - 3
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