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Dems, Agree to Repub Demands and Delay Obamacare -- Provided the Affordable Care Act Is NOT Delayed
If the Republicans will only fund the government and raise the debt ceiling if the President and Senate agree to a delay in the implementation of Obamacare for one year, I say let's offer it to them,
Dave G 10/03/2013 5 1 - -
I Need Help Understanding the Sequester, Please
I know that by and large the cuts have to be made across the board for all agencies. But can the President, for example, in making the cuts to agency X, decide to close all offices serving agency X ...
Dave G 02/21/2013 16 1 - -
Why We HAVE To Let The Bush Tax Cuts On Income Over $250K To Expire - To Crush Grover Norquist
There is a hugely important practical and symbolic reason why the Democrats absolutely, positively, MUST allow tax rates on net income over $250K to go back to the levels under Bill Clinton. But I ...
Dave G 11/16/2012 18 18 1 -
NO, NOT AGAIN !!! Mr. President, and all Dems - please stop saying "We" when you mean "Republicans"
I don't know why Democrats, including the President, are so terrible at messaging and so willing to make it look like they are part of the problem. For example, in today's press conference, the ...
Dave G 11/14/2012 38 24 - -
Mr. President, This Is How You Should Frame The Tax Cut Issue (In Two Clear Sentences) * UPDATED *
Just say the following, which everyone can understand and makes a key point that most people are missing: "Under my plan, everyone, including millionaires, gets a tax cut on their first $250,000 in ...
Dave G 11/10/2012 144 488 10 -
Thank You, Karl Rove and GOP Donors and PACs - We Couldn't Have Done It Without You
You may think that your $ billion plus money spent on Romney and your Republican Senate candidates has all gone to waste, but you're wrong.
Dave G 11/09/2012 2 1 - -
Markos, We Love You (and don't say it often enough)
You are a great American. You have done more for the progressive movement than anyone I can think of in the last 50 years. When we could no longer fully trust the New York Times and the Washington ...
Dave G 11/07/2012 12 27 - -
If you are aware of any voting problem in NY State, call us - we can help
We are the New York Democratic Lawyers Council and we are the main voter protection project in NY State. We have poll watchers observing voting across the entire state, and they call in to our ...
Dave G 11/06/2012 13 15 - -
Sam Wang of Princeton Elections Offers To Eat A Really Big Bug On Camera If Obama Loses OH PA or MN
The latest odds of an Obama win hit 99.8% according to the Princeton Election Consortium: Electoral Votes: Obama: 323 Romney: 215 Meta-margin: Obama +3.02% Probability of Obama re-election: ...
Dave G 11/03/2012 69 59 - -
Bob Kerrey (NE) Has Been Added To My ActBlue Page To Win The Senate
I've set up an ActBlue page to Win the Senate. It lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in what I think are the most competitive 2012 Senate races -- that list has been ...
Dave G 10/28/2012 5 12 - -
Princeton Univ. Election Consortium - Obama Odds of Winning Now 97% !!
According to Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium, whose models are based on current state by state polling after running 2.3 quadrillion possible outcomes, Obama's chances of reelection ...
Dave G 10/27/2012 43 35 - -
Win The Debate - Romney Wanted To Outsource Our National Security And Killing Bin Laden To Pakistan
Please, Mr. President, use the above line in the foreign policy debate and it is what people and the media will be talking about the next day. And please handle Romney on this like I suggest below.
Dave G 10/22/2012 2 2 - -
Win The Debate - Romney Wanted To Outsource Our National Security And Killing Bin Laden To Pakistan
Please, Mr. President, use the above line in the foreign policy debate and it is what people and the media will be talking about the next day. And please handle Romney on this like I suggest below.
Dave G 10/14/2012 5 7 - -
Do Something Great While Waiting For Today's Polls - Help Win The Senate Without Leaving Your Chair
I've set up an ActBlue page to win the Senate. We are now approaching $15,000 in donations from fellow Kossacks. It lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in what I think are ...
Dave G 10/11/2012 5 5 - -
When Romney is speaking. Shake it side to side to say "NO" not nodding up and down like you agree with his nonsense.
Dave G 10/03/2012 19 5 - 175
Take A Break From Football and the Ryder Cup (Don't Worry - No Spoilers)
and help keep the Senate Democratic ! I've set up an ActBlue page to win the Senate. It lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in the 11 most competitive Senate races -- that ...
Dave G 09/30/2012 1 1 - 20
Romney Is Toast - Let's Focus On The Senate
Now that I hopefully have your attention, of course we should not take our foot off the pedal in the Presidential race. But it looks more and more like the real race is going to be for control of ...
Dave G 09/26/2012 16 5 - 106
New "We Ask America" Wisconsin Poll (With GOP Leaning Sample) -- Obama up 53-41, Baldwin up 52-40
Pollster We Ask America, not known for leaning Democratic, has come out with a new poll of Wisconsin today, taken from Sept. 20-23, with a sample of 1,238 Likely Voters and a margin of error of only +
Dave G 09/24/2012 25 34 1 331
Keep the Senate Democratic on ActBlue - Our list goes to 11 (+1)! (UPDATED to add Chris Murphy)
I set up an ActBlue page that lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in what I think are the 11 most competitive 2012 races -- that list has been expanded to 12, by popular ...
Dave G 09/13/2012 17 10 - 93
No Change In Obama Gallup Approval (Still 50-44) Is Great News UPDATED!
Yesterday, Obama's approval/disapproval figures were 50/44 or +6 favorable. Today's figures were the same 50/44. Why is this great news and sign of a continued strong bounce? Look at the daily ...
Dave G 09/10/2012 25 9 - 326
Link Wall St. Bailout To McCain Tax Cuts For The Super-Rich
Most public opposition to the "bailout" or "recovery plan" is based on the perception that the plan will benefit the wealthy on Wall St. far more than the middle class on Main St. Republicans, who ...
Dave G 09/30/2008 2 3 - -
Obama Had The Wrong Response To McCain's Sex Ed Ad; Here's The Right Response
Obama's response that McCain has shown that he has "no honor" by running his misleading argument is a loser. People don't care about honor in political campaigns; in fact, they prefer someone who ...
Dave G 09/09/2008 129 58 - 31
Gallup: Obama Increases Lead to 7%, 49% - 42%
Today's Gallup tracking poll shows Obama increasing his lead over McCain by 1%. Obama has held steady at yesterday's 49%, but McCain has slipped a point to 42%.
Dave G 09/04/2008 27 12 1 -
Why Sarah Palin's Acceptance Speech Tonight Is Irrelevant
As the world waits with bated breath for Sarah Palin's speech tonight accepting the Republican nomination for Vice President, it is important to remember what an empty and meaningless event it will ...
Dave G 09/03/2008 46 13 - 10
Sarah Palin: The Abraham Lincoln Of The 21st Century
Despite all the claims of Sarah Palin's lack of experience, she is actually the candidate with the knowledge and experience most similar to that possessed by Abraham Lincoln, our greatest President, ...
Dave G 09/02/2008 9 1 - -
What Obama should have said today about Palin
I don't know much about her. I've never met her. Which means I've met her ONE less time than John McCain had before he decided to make her his Vice Presidential nominee, one ...
Dave G 08/29/2008 15 4 - -
Obama Campaign, Stop Using Terminology Favorable To McCain
As we probably all now know, people do not remember all of the nuances of a campaign statement. In fact, if a story comes out saying that "Candidate A opposes X," most voters will link Candidate A ...
Dave G 08/08/2008 18 7 - -
Why Tracking Polls Don't Correctly Identify Trends
Many of us, including me, wait with baited breath for the daily 3 day tracking poll results from Rasmussen and Gallup. However, I suspect that most people do not understand that these polls are ...
Dave G 07/28/2008 22 1 - 3
Rasmussen shows bounce for Obama
Today's Rasmussen daily tracking poll shows Obama with a 5% lead over McCain, 46 to 41. The lead remains at 5%, 49 to 44, when leaners are included.
Dave G 07/25/2008 49 29 - 25
Franken takes lead over Coleman in latest Rasmussen poll (Updated)
On the eve of Jesse Ventura's announcement of whether or not he will enter the Minnesota Senate race, today Rasmussen released a new poll showing Al Franken with a 2 point lead over Norm Coleman, 44 ...
Dave G 07/14/2008 67 39 - 26
RASMUSSEN: McCain Plummets Nationally To 39%, Arkansas Within Single Digits
Sunday's Rasmussen national three day tracking poll shows Obama with 46% and McCain with only 39%, the first time that McCain has fallen below 40% in a head to head matchup with Obama. When leaners ...
Dave G 06/15/2008 35 35 1 30
BREAKING POLL: McCain Bleeding Support In Iowa (Rasmussen)
A Rasmussen poll taken on June 10 and released this morning shows Obama expanding his lead in Iowa to 7 points, 45% to 38%; a month ago, Obama led by just 2 points, 44% to 42%. Obama's support has ...
Dave G 06/12/2008 79 35 - 26
BREAKING: Obama Takes Lead In MICHIGAN (Rasmussen) (updated)
In a 4 point turnaround, Obama now leads McCain in Rasmussen's latest Michigan poll, 45% to 42%. The poll was taken six days after Obama clinched the Democratic nomination.
Dave G 06/11/2008 147 191 3 27
Obama Maintains 8 Point Lead In Latest Rasmussen Poll: UPDATED
Sorry for the brevity of this entry, but it is breaking news and I wanted to post it ASAP.
Dave G 06/10/2008 26 3 - -
I just got this email from Hillary
In response to her request in her speech on Tuesday night to visit her web site and let her know what I think, I did and urged her to drop out of the race and endorse Barack Obama. I just received ...
Dave G 06/05/2008 28 6 - -
10 Ways To Beat John McCain In November
By highlighting the following 24/7:
Dave G 01/30/2008 75 11 1 -
Edwards Closing Fast In South Carolina?
Clemson University's Palmetto Poll of Saturday's Democratic primary, released earlier today, shows Obama with 27%, Clinton with 20%, and Edwards close behind with 17%; 36% said they were undecided. ...
Dave G 01/24/2008 48 18 - 6
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