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Update on Dean Chambers' Reneged Bet (Nov. 15)
Before my first diary in which I outlined how he reneged on a wager he lost to me on the outcome of his "UnSkewed Polls," Dean told me that he had emailed me for the last time. But since posting ...
David John Wellman 11/15/2012 52 60 1 -
Dean Chambers Has Reneged.
If I ever hear someone use the words "Republican" and "responsibility" in the same sentence, I will tell them the following story. About two weeks before the election, someone finally made me aware ...
David John Wellman 11/13/2012 222 877 5 -
IT'S ON!! My bet with Dean Chambers of "UnSkewedPolls"
(The following was emailed earlier this afternoon.) Subject: A Proposition re: Polls. At 11:59pm EST on November 5th, I will take screenshots of the projected EV total for Mitt Romney at ...
David John Wellman 10/28/2012 9 11 - -
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