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Dear Daddy, Super Bowls Remind me of You & I MISS You!
Dear Daddy, I Miss You so much! What would you say about tonight’s Super Bowl? Yes, my non-sports-fan ass watched the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials, though I was seriously disappointed ...
Deja 02/01/2015 1 1 - -
Crying Fowl
No, this is not a political diary. Frankly, I’ve had my fill of those for a while. Have to take a break, and spend a little time decompressing. Crying foul makes me angry. Being disappointed can ...
Deja 11/09/2014 4 5 - -
My Texas Ballot was Incomplete? WTH? UPDATED! Mom Got Wrong Ballot
I voted Monday, and the only non "race" on my ballot was the state one. NONE of my county-specific bond proposals were there! However, county races were listed. What the hell? Here is the only ...
Deja 10/23/2014 30 5 - -
Watch TX Gov Hopeful Wendy Davis(D) Debate Greg Abbott(R) TONIGHT!
It's tonight, people; and I'm so excited! I really want to watch Wendy make the Weasel squirm! I want to see him sweat! poopdogcomedy posted about it on Wednesday, but I wanted to repeat it on the ...
Deja 09/19/2014 33 17 - -
Forced to Take Class by Instructor I’ve Complained About 2x for Sex Harassment
Spring 2012, I complained about sexism, sexual harassment, and ineptitude with the Dpt. Head about this particular instructor twice . I dropped his class after he creeped on me when no one else was ...
Deja 07/14/2014 69 24 - -
Tx Repub Judge Sentences Black Father to 6 mos Bec Employer Made Child Support Deduction Error
Yes, his child support was deducted by his employer, AT&T, but it was the wrong amount. So, he surrendered himself to serve a six month sentence. The sentence is not mandatory and is at the ...
Deja 06/26/2014 13 24 - -
Wife Beater Killed in Act - Stepson Charged with Murder - Tx Deadly Force Law Laughs @ DV!
Forgive me if this Diary is lacking the bells & whistles others possess. It's my first diary, but I was so enraged, I had to bang it out on my keyboard & share it with someone! The Austin American ...
Deja 03/07/2014 144 310 2 -
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