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Wisconsin Would Save More than Any Other State by Expanding Medicaid
National Analysis Illustrates Budget Benefit of Expanding BadgerCare From a budget perspective, no other state has nearly as much to gain as Wisconsin from expanding Medicaid coverage for low-income ...
WI Budget Project 05/06/2015 6
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 5/5/2015: Animals In War Memorial
Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones -- the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically. ~ Rabindranath ...
belinda ridgewood 05/05/2015 134
Mother Nature Please Lay Off ! I'm Gonna Die if You Don't !
Welcome to the south. We have officially started summer here. Yesterday and today we had temps up in the mid 80's and they are calling for 90's before the week is out. Kind of sucks to be ...
funtony47 05/05/2015 6
On "identity politics" and income inequality
While I've been hesitant to join in some of the more heated conversations about these topics of late, I have read with interest a few diaries and comment threads related to them. Forgive me for ...
BoiseBlue 05/05/2015 70
Texas State Senate passes bill to prevent local fracking bans
What about this gas tank's rights???? Because it wouldn't be the Lone Star State if there weren't oil and natural gas dripping from the ...
Walter Einenkel 05/05/2015 11
DEA agents left student in cell for 5 days without food or water, barely punished
Daniel Chong left for 5 days, handcuffed, without food or water or toilet—in a holding cell The LA Times is reporting on Daniel Chong, a 23-year-old UC San Diego engineering student who was ...
Walter Einenkel 05/05/2015 55
Black Kos, Tuesday Chile
(Some) white folks haven't changed in over 40 years.* (Image courtesy of The Center of the Study of Political Graphics. Cartoonist is possibly Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture for the Black ...
Black Kos 05/05/2015 116
New Pennsylvania pipeline a potential death knell to trout
Over the last decade, Pennsylvania has emerged as a powerhouse when it comes to drilling and pumping and making money off of natural gas— ...
Walter Einenkel 05/05/2015 5
A Kossack Needs a Little Help
There are times when life gets a little financially rough. We have been asking for donations to help out elenacarlena . So far, we’ve raised enough to cover her rent payment (which was due ...
Ojibwa 05/05/2015 123
Texas high school that doesn't teach sex ed surprised by chlamydia outbreak
Gee, who would have guessed ? A Texas high school is in the middle of a chlamydia outbreak, officials say. But according to the school district's student handbook, it does not offer ...
FaithGardner 05/05/2015 102
A Body Camera Won't Bring a Dead Boy to Life Nor Revoke a License to Kill.
Police pull up suddenly on some young black men. One of them runs. A cops gives chase. "Shots fired." One more dead. "I feared for my life." This is a script that is running on loopback in cities ...
jpmassar 05/05/2015 47
GEO Corp Holds Annual Shareholders' Meeting; Dream Defenders Show Up
On Wednesday, the 29th of April, GEO Corporation held its annual shareholders' meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. A little back story: GEO Corporation, if you don't know, is the largest prison for ...
nancyjones 05/04/2015 24
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 5/4/15
Welcome to Kitchen Table Kibitzing! Tonight is Open Thread Night. Please make yourself at home and enjoy the company of our community!
remembrance 05/04/2015 94
Kansas Democratic Party Names New Executive Director
The Kansas Democratic Party has completed their search for the next executive director of the party, and the answer came from within. Kerry Gooch, formerly political director for the Kansas ...
Chris Reeves 05/04/2015 5
Satanists in Missouri argue that abortion 'waiting periods' violate their religious beliefs
The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings It's hard to figuratively pick up the newspaper these without seeing something concerning ...
Walter Einenkel 05/04/2015 86
Ohio abortion clinics cut in half following stringent abortion measures enacted by Gov. Kasich
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed ...
Kerry Eleveld 05/04/2015 46
This Should Be Interesting
I have Reid home from the hospital. The foot doesn't look as bad as I feared it would. He doesn't appear to be in pain and is glad to be home. Because of the long narrow shape of his foot I don't ...
michelewln 05/04/2015 6
John Oliver explains the fundamental problems with standardized testing
Full disclosure: I hate everything about standardized testing. John Oliver took on standardized testing last night. John Oliver: Standardized tests—the fastest way to terrify any child with ...
Walter Einenkel 05/04/2015 18
Boehner: 'Ask any employer' about Obamacare, so hey, ask me!
Obamacare is such a failure, it can't even kill the jobs Republicans said it would!
kos 05/04/2015 83
Pro-lifers? I think not
My first of hopefully many diaries. Please be kind.. I will no longer dignify those that want to call themselves pro-lifers and will, instead, call them what they are...anti-abortionists. After ...
CatKnipND 05/04/2015 16
Mitt Romney denies the reality of mass incarceration
Wow, Mitt Romney. Just wow. At a time when even many Republicans are pretending to care about ...
Laura Clawson 05/04/2015 74
Over half of California's national forest permits related to water are expired
Water schmater, who needs it?
Walter Einenkel 05/04/2015 8
10 Year Old Rape Victim denied abortion
In Paraguay, a 10 year old girl was being raped by her step-father. Her mother reported the abuse to authorities but was ignored. The child's stomach began to swell and the mother, thinking ...
Sydserious 05/04/2015 25
Bobby Jindal won't reduce Duck Dynasty tax breaks
I like to take but not to give, it's the Christian in me. Louisiana's shining star Governor Bobby Jindal has a problem. His policies and sagging oil prices have sunk his state.
Walter Einenkel 05/04/2015 4
One cop makes up 93% of town's revenue with tickets
Officer Viner works a speed trap. Campo, Colorado's single police officer Brad Viner works a speed ...
Walter Einenkel 05/04/2015 37
Police at Station with #FreddieGray's Limp Body: "We gave him a run for his money"
Now that charges have been filed in the Police Murder of Freddie Gray we've begun to hear the excuses and counter claims that the Prosecutor " Overcharged ", was "Politically Motivated" in ...
Frank Vyan Walton 05/04/2015 223
UPDATE X 2: URGENT! Fellow Kossack Needs a Little More Help
Please keep tipping and recommending so as many people as possible will see this diary! We only have a day to accomplish our goal. THANK YOU! Due to a situation far beyond our control, the Derby ...
Most Awesome Nana 05/04/2015 119
Governmental restrictions on abortions violate a woman’s religious freedom.
Progressives have been on the defensive when talking about a women’s right to make choices about continuing pregnancies and family planning. In addition, social conservatives have been successful ...
dgrhoads 05/04/2015 11
You are amazingly helpful people, and I thank you with all my heart
To my kind and caring friends here on the GOS: I'm still recuperating from a painful bout of pleurisy (an inflammation of the lining of the lung, a common complication of the more severe forms of ...
aitchdee 05/03/2015 34
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: May 3
Trees We are blessed with a property which has many trees. The house has a row of Cyprus trees along one side which were planted about 100 years ago as a windbreak. Their lifespan is ...
side pocket 05/03/2015 119
Silence Won't Stop An Epidemic
MAYDAY! Take A Bite Out of Lyme and Thunderclap for ME/CFS/ME are some of the campaigns occurring in May for NEID awareness. Also new, a major lupus study seeks participants.
Besame 05/03/2015 22
Prickly Pears and Bluebonnets - Central Texas
johnatx 05/03/2015 18
Fighting Lyme & Co-infections (13): A Letter to My Former Self
[Note: A group asked me to write an article especially for Lyme Disease Awareness month, but I have not seen it, so I am putting this out (first or not) on my own blog. It's slightly re-edited from ...
lisakaz 05/03/2015 28
TX Republican Lawmaker Wants Women To Carry Nonviable Fetuses To Full Term
Last week in Texas, a Republican lawmaker proposed an amendment so outrageous, that even some of his own GOP colleagues were repulsed. ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/03/2015 495
4 ShelterBoxes and 525 towards 5th and Matching funds still not exhausted!
There are still matching funds available!!!!! Donate here! Can print the donation form here https://35409.thankyou4caring....
TexMex 05/03/2015 17
The C.T. Freaks Win: TX GOV Panders to Paranoia
Out of the clear blue sky Greg Abbott, the recently elected Governor of the once great state of Texas, decided to outdo his usually over-the-top tea party rhetoric the other day. I mean, is this ...
Libby Shaw 05/03/2015 12
Top Comments: Non-Story Story of the Week Edition
Chrislove 05/01/2015 44
California's low wage workers are making less than they did in 1979
UC Berkeley released their study of low ...
Walter Einenkel 05/01/2015 3
Texas has dramatic decrease in uninsured—still the worst insured state
Turns out "The Texas Way" means "with an illness" Episcopal Health Foundation and Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy have released a study on Texas ...
Walter Einenkel 05/01/2015 1
How does South Gate, California seize more money than cities 10 times its size?
That's against the law, officer. Civil forfeiture laws have been covered here before. John ...
Walter Einenkel 04/30/2015 6
Tennessee schools served 6-year-old meat to students
Really? Yup, plural on schools. From Tennessee's ABC affiliate Michael Herrell is a concerned parent ...
Walter Einenkel 04/30/2015 31
Tennessee swingers club may be becoming a church
If you can't beat em, join em? When the owners of the The Social Club bought a property across from Goodpasture Christian School, they began a controversy. ...
Walter Einenkel 04/30/2015 8
Americas declared first in the world to eliminate rubella
Vaccines are amazing According to ...
Walter Einenkel 04/30/2015 7
SEC has proposed rule to force CEOs to disclose pay vs. performance—guess who opposes new rule
Can they help to fix Wall Street? New rules proposed today by commissioners in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The draft ...
Walter Einenkel 04/30/2015 23
Orlando PD begins investigation into brutality of handcuffed victim—and it is getting messy
Mr. Liese is kneed by Officer Delio, rupturing his spleen The Orlando Police Department, like many other police departments, must now investigate one of their own because ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 51
Los Angeles settles civil rights case with DOJ and victims—agree to 'bias-free policing'
Things are broken and need fixing. Systematic fixing. Los Angeles County's Board of Supervisors voted to reach a settlement with the Department of Justice over their findings that the sheriff's ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 5
Freddie Gray only the latest victim of Baltimore's 'rough rides' in police vans
Victim of a "rough ride"? The Baltimore Sun has a pretty illuminating piece on the Baltimore Police Department's criminal technique of "rough rides" in police vans. It turns out that Baltimore ...
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 25
AT&T just confirmed they fired president for racist texts
Aaron Slator is now the former president of AT&T's content and advertising sales for the U-verse TV services wing of AT&T. What cost him his job managing billions of dollars? Probably the recently $
Walter Einenkel 04/29/2015 122
Good Morning Texas! News and Political Information That No Texan Should Miss
The Texas Progressive Alliance hopes that Blue Bell can get its act together before it's too late as it brings you this week's roundup. Off the Kuff cheered on the latest effort by the federal ...
Libby Shaw 04/29/2015 2
School is trying out no-seat desks—standing room only
Standing room only A Marin County elementary school has decided to ditch the traditional desks with chairs for a more modern standing-desk ...
Walter Einenkel 04/28/2015 40
83-year-old AOL/AT&T customer has a $24,000 phone bill, has to go to news to get it fixed
The Los Angeles Times reports the surprise that 83-year-old California resident Ron Doriff had when he started receiving strangely priced bills from his internet provider. Dorff told me he was ...
Walter Einenkel 04/28/2015 10
Wyoming is losing the ACLU and that really says something
Wyoming has just become the only state in the union without a chapter of the ACLU. Linda Burt, the now ex-executive director of the ...
Walter Einenkel 04/28/2015 8
Confidence Pastor Creflo Dollar attacks critics of his $65 mil private jet fundraiser
Try selling some of those expensive suits maybe? Pastor Creflo Dollar is the the head of Prosperity Church that follows ...
Walter Einenkel 04/28/2015 9
Carroll County, Georgia high schools will begin random drug testing of students
It works for the military in Guantanamo Bay! Carroll County, Georgia has decided to randomly drug test its student body. “It was done ...
Walter Einenkel 04/28/2015 20
Stephen Hawking explains why humanity must go live in space or perish
Preeminent scientist Stephen Hawking is doing holographic talks around the world, via his Cambridge office. At one such talk projected at the Sydney Opera House,
Walter Einenkel 04/27/2015 27
Electric car batteries just passed the affordable cost rubicon
You've come a long way, baby. Electric car sales have been steadily increasing over the years, and more recently they have jumped: ...
Walter Einenkel 04/27/2015 63
LGBT Literature: We Are Everywhere (and a call for writers)
LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. From fiction to ...
Chrislove 04/26/2015 14

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