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The "O"hana just blew out of Kailua
Not much of a diary, but as I was out walking my baby grandson the Obama motorcade cruised down Kalaheo ave. in Kailua, on the way to Hickam and a return back to the soon to be frigid east coast. ...
Denver11 01/03/2015 11 19 - -
After WAY too many words, George Will finally writes a sentence of truth (with poll)
In Today's opinion page in the WaPost George Will uses way too many words to talk about his version of the Cuba Derangement Syndrome. But after, in his usual psuedo-professorial style, he Will-...
Denver11 12/25/2014 15 6 - -
Finished Business
Yesterday I said This Today I finished what I started. Just wanted to let those who responded know..... Have a great day, everybody.
Denver11 04/02/2014 1 - - -
I gave $5 to Brainwrap and for each $50 more I'll chip in another $5, up to $75 (+20% tip)
So - if you say you gave - after seeing this message, I will believe you. And 24 hours from now (or when the total adds up to $750) I will pony up the rest, plus a tip to ActBlue. A small token to ...
Denver11 04/01/2014 42 31 - -
A Ten Question Obamacare Quiz to Test if You Are Talking to the Unhinged
In a diary a couple of days ago in a diary about a Facebook Obamacare discussion I mentioned that I gave a teahadist FB commenter a ten question quiz Obamacare quiz to ascertain whether he even knew ...
Denver11 10/04/2013 10 12 - -
Eggnog - in the spirit of Rachel Maddow
OK .... it is approaching that time of year, when we create some really wonderful holiday concoctions to celebrate the season AND our November election results. So let me be the first to share. ...
Denver11 12/01/2012 14 13 3 -
Romney Revealed - he is everything we believed him to be
Haven't seen this yet, but it is so revealing. Slate has the story about the latest recording of Romney after the election: But now we have a second recording. It documents another conversation ...
Denver11 11/15/2012 17 14 1 -
I've lost my pearls, can anybody help me find them?
First I went Here but couldn't find them. Then I went to This site run by an ex-pat and couldn't find them there. Next, I tried 538 but they weren't there either. When I went to Sam's place he ...
Denver11 11/06/2012 2 - - -
EDITED to Correct: RAND has interesting battleground state findings this morning - with poll
Generally speaking, the RAND poll seems to have settled down into a relatively stable 49/45 Obama lead, now that we have passed the post-debate volatility. Very little movement the past four days. ...
Denver11 10/09/2012 21 14 - 542
PPP: Updated: Obama still up in VA 50-47
Saw their tweet from 4 minutes ago. No numbers yet (updated - now noted below - 50-47 as compared to 51-46 before debate. If a swing, only two points, if not, just noise within MOE), but this, in ...
Denver11 10/07/2012 40 15 - 513
PPP Wisc. Obama up by 2
Hardly a diary --- but thought I'd get the numbers out there. More to follow at 7P EDT Obama - 49 RMoney - 47 No numbers but not much impact on Baldwin ...
Denver11 10/06/2012 135 9 1 979
ADP report + 162,000 jobs
Employment in the U.S. nonfarm private business sector increased by 162,000 from August to September, on a seasonally adjusted basis. The estimated gains in previous months were revised lower: The ...
Denver11 10/03/2012 10 6 - 121
Got one right and sorta half full on the other one
So I have - like everybody else here - been marveling at just how bad a campaign RMoney can run, and just how unlikeable he (and Lyin' Ryan) can be when cut loose to say what is on his mind. And so ...
Denver11 09/21/2012 1 - - 22
RMoney redefines "middle class"
Can he get more clueless? BOSTON (AP) — Mitt Romney is promising to reduce taxes on middle-income Americans. But how does he define "middle-income"? The Republican presidential nominee defined it ...
Denver11 09/14/2012 13 8 - 106
I wonder: Searching for Sugarman
Within the past three weeks I have seen Bill Maher live, gone to a great showing of The Book of Mormon, and been dragged by my wife to see a little indie documentary called Searching for Sugarman. ...
Denver11 08/27/2012 4 - - 36
Swiftboat, Chapter 2? This Ain't 2004
So, for those who might not have seen it, we have a bunch of "non-partisan" SEALS and such attempting to take Obama to task for taking credit for the killing of OBL .... Special ops group attacks ...
Denver11 08/14/2012 20 20 - 230
Alleged shooter's mailing: Cry for help or "F*** You"?
I haven't seen this posted yet, but it seems that Holmes mailed a notebook with sketches of a shooting. Denver Post Article Fox News claimed this lay in the mail room for eight days, but ...
Denver11 07/25/2012 7 3 - 238
Quinnipiac- Obama +3
Short diary - Q has Obama up 46-43: Driven by a yawning marriage gap, and a 2-1 lead among single women, President Barack Obama gets 46 percent of American voters to 43 percent for Gov. Mitt Romney, ...
Denver11 07/11/2012 10 3 - 116
Take this quiz and be amazed at the political ignorance in this country
I was reading Steve S's diary about polls today, and somebody mentioned waiting for a Pew poll. So that got me a bit curious and I went to their website to see if there were any clues about when ...
Denver11 05/23/2012 76 26 1 444
Newt-Mentum Unraveling Already? Bummer
Our dear friend Nate at 538 is suggesting that Newt is starting to flag already .... which is really a bummer because I'd like nothing more than to see a nail-biter in FL that would keep the popcorn ...
Denver11 01/25/2012 29 16 1 300
When a bully stops being scary the payback is usually something fierce.
So I was reading a diary about the NYT and Murdoch-gate, and in the comments was the title quote for this diary from blue aardvark - giving credit where credit is due ...... and that got me to ...
Denver11 11/14/2011 1 5 - 139
Occupy Denver goes "cult of personality" - with poll
I haven't seen this diaried yet, so if it has, please let me know and I can delete if appropriate .... but I think everybody here should know that Occupy Denver has capitulated to the concept of "...
Denver11 11/09/2011 36 24 - 215
Assault at Occupy Denver while being interviewed by a Fox reporter?
Not much, as I wasn't there, but this from the Occupy Denver website: "Occupiers Tanner Spendly and Caryn Sodaro were assaulted by two passersby during a media interview. Immediately following the ...
Denver11 10/30/2011 10 8 - 211
Depressed and angry about the debt deal? Do what I did. (w poll)
This past week or so has been a major bummer. I think if Obama and the Dem leadership had been dealing with sane adversaries, that actually thought about consequences, things might have been ...
Denver11 08/01/2011 16 23 - 217
NYT - The Times - and Physicians' Politics - They are A Changing
Last night BrooklynBadBoy had a very busy diary about whether or not physicians should "share the sacrifice" and have their incomes cut. Most of the commentary was (from my review) in opposition to ...
Denver11 05/30/2011 4 8 - 89
Late Night Political Surrealism with Debbie Georgatos
My apologies if already posted. And double apologies for such a short diary. But the entertainment value of this is just too good to pass up. Anderson Cooper brought to our attention, but here is ...
Denver11 05/19/2011 1 - - 24
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