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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: "Do NOT Let Them Get Any Ideas....."
I am back to work, and actually excited about being a wage slave once again - the pay is good, but the training hours are brutal. 60 hour weeks are not what they were when I was 21. 51 is a whole '...
Diane Gee 09/07/2014 137 25 - -
Raising a Feminist Son as Anti-Feminism Grows
You cannot be a Leftist and not a feminist, no more than you can be Liberal and think racism is just. Hating Israel's genocide of Palestinians does not make me an anti-semite. Hating the US's ...
Diane Gee 07/31/2014 46 32 2 -
Ethnic Cleansing: State Terrorism in the Ukraine
Prior WWL installments on the Ukrainian Disaster, with firsthand accounts are here: Postcards From the Ukraine Postcard from the Ukraine II: Factions, Putin and Painted ...
Diane Gee 07/11/2014 66 9 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: A Letter to Leftist Mothers for Mother's Day
Disclaimer - this is for all women: You don't have to have given birth to be a Mother, either. Those who have not, by circumstance or choice still know well of what I speak, having witnessed as a ...
Diane Gee 03/30/2014 32 22 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Post Occupy Analysis
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This essay is in part a reply to AoT's "No, you don't want another OWS" - I agree we don't need another, but not entirely with the author's reasoning why...) ( SECOND EDIT - the ...
Diane Gee 03/02/2014 141 16 - -
The Fourth Wall by Michael Alton Gottlieb
There is an old saying, that one can never truly sing a duet unless they are in love, fully in love for the 2 minute duration of the song. Its an illusion, of course, an illusion that must come ...
Diane Gee 08/20/2013 4 3 - -
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: We Aren't Crazy. Capitalism Is.
Simple Reasons Capitalism Isn't Your Friend I realize our group here in the halls of orange-land are small. I think most dKos readers are truly interested in the general betterment of humankind. ...
Diane Gee 04/28/2013 68 46 1 -
Steubenville: It Takes a Village... to Vilify a Victim
Reams have been written about the horrific Steubenville case. So much so, that I know my thoughts may well be lost in the fray. But as I listened to the vilification of the young woman who was ...
Diane Gee 03/21/2013 108 169 10 -
Wild Wild Left 4 Year Anniversary Show w/ Michael Alton Gottlieb
Listen to Diane Gee and Michael Gottlieb live on WWL Radio Friday, January 11th at 6pm ET! Listen live by clicking the link below: LISTEN!
Diane Gee 01/11/2013 2 1 - -
Fairness and Sustainability - Taking the FAS-Track
“Why should we say no to socialism of the 20th century? Because socialism of the 20th century is purely a product of Western culture. It’s as if the West had two children: one greedy child that ...
Diane Gee 01/03/2013 6 7 - -
Confessions of a Reluctant NRA Spokesperson
The first thing you should know about me is I am a commie-pinko. Whatever vision of me that brings to the forefront of your brain is probably wrong. I'm not about Nanny. I hate helmet laws, check-...
Diane Gee 12/26/2012 192 21 1 -
Distractions of a "Nice White Girl..."
You all know their names. Jon-Bonet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway, Susan Smith's children. SANDY HOOK! You may even be able to name all 26 of them. Very, very rarely, someone of color slips through the ...
Diane Gee 12/21/2012 31 16 1 -
Michigan Rally Against Right to Work Coverage
This is my video report of the 1st 3 hours of the event, before the pepper spraying began. Its 10 minutes long, and I hear we lost anyway... but there had to be 35/40k people in the crowd as I left,
Diane Gee 12/11/2012 10 8 - -
Wild Wild Left Radio #177 Citizen Bane
Listen to Diane Gee live on WWL Radio Friday, December 7th at 6pm ET! Listen live by clicking the link below: WWL ...
Diane Gee 12/07/2012 3 4 - -
Michigan Schools at Risk Reply.
IN response to Brainwrap's essay "Update x3: MICHIGAN: HOLY F*CKING SH*T. Spread the word on this NOW." I offer this reply. This the letter I sent out to my reps, as well as my superintendent of ...
Diane Gee 11/29/2012 34 30 1 -
Cliff Notes: Its a Fiscal "Grift"
Praise the Pied Piper and Holy Coyote, man! We all know what a cliff is! Its that dangerous abyss looming from whence there is no return. A precipice, dudes. A void. A free-fall plunge into ...
Diane Gee 11/26/2012 6 14 - -
WWL Radio #175 Live Report from Gaza on Israeli Attack & Noam Chomsky
UPDATE: NOAM CHOMSKY HAS GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED MY REQUEST TO COME ON TONIGHT'S SHOW! Listen to Diane Gee live on WWL Radio Friday, November 16th at 6pm ET! Listen live by clicking the link below:
Diane Gee 11/16/2012 9 8 - -
Our Vaginas are not WMD's
I take the murder, rape or abuse of women seriously. I do. But, I really, really tire of our female gender being used to ramp up the wholesale slaughter of humans of any gender for the purposes ...
Diane Gee 10/22/2012 21 6 - -
Wild Wild Left Radio #171 Stop NDAA Plaintiff Tangerine Bolen Interview
Listen to Diane Gee with Special Guest Jennifer "Tangerine" Bolen live on WWL Radio Friday, October 19th at 6pm EDT! Listen live at 6pm EDT by clicking the link icon below: WWL ...
Diane Gee 10/19/2012 2 4 - -
Talking to my Angel...
He heard the murmur like a distant buzz for what seemed an eternity; it had become background noise to his slumber. She was imagining a unity with him, imagining he rose to her and gave her comfort ...
Diane Gee 10/08/2012 4 5 1 49
Jailing Journalists, Imprisoning Protestors - NDAA is a Deal-Breaker for Me
You all know I am no longer a big fan of President Obama. I don't buy into the chess game anymore. You can spend all day listing the things you love he did, and I could spend all day listing the ...
Diane Gee 09/18/2012 83 23 - 272
WWL Radio #167 Frack No! ~ With Maura Stephens
Listen to Diane Gee with Special Guest Maura Stephens live on WWL Radio Friday, September 14th at 6pm EDT! Listen live by clicking the link below: CLICK ...
Diane Gee 09/14/2012 1 - - 7
9/11: The K-12 Goebbel's Prize
My son dreaded going to school today. He dread his 8th grade Social Studies class to be exact. "We have to sit through the video again." This will be the 8th time he has had to. He has never ...
Diane Gee 09/11/2012 51 22 - 236
The Gospel According to Gee
"This is the day that Capitalism has made, let us Revolt and be Mad in it!" Its Monday, and if you are "lucky enough" to have a job? Chances are pretty good you are doing the work of 2 or 3 ...
Diane Gee 09/10/2012 6 6 - 54
The World is not Mad. We Are.
I was taught God is Love. Then religion spent a lot of time throwing caveats on that concept and twisted it all up until I gave up on Religion and its God. I kept the only thing of value, though. ...
Diane Gee 08/31/2012 9 8 - 73
Guns: The Deluded Dualistic Liberaloids Explode!
There is nothing that can show the binary thinking of modern man more a tragedy in the US. Tragedies are tragic in every sense, but somehow American Exceptionalism feeds into some need for a 24/7 ...
Diane Gee 07/31/2012 111 24 2 385
Desolation! Creation! Communication! (Obfuscation!)
In the beginning... I've been more than a little troubled lately. It started before the Kony thing. I suppose it started with Watergate, truth be told. I was 9 in '72. I had been given a ...
Diane Gee 07/16/2012 4 - - 50
In the Living Years....
My Jake and I took in the sunset last night. It was awesome, as always. This song has been stuck in my head all day, I suppose that means I should listen to it through. It will be a sob, I ...
Diane Gee 06/16/2012 5 21 - 91
"Blacks Out! " Tel Aviv Rioters Say - The Elites Win Another Round.
The headline brought me back to the race-riots of Detroit in my childhood. What a shameful and disgusting episode it was in the US's history when racism was mainstream, and abuse and alienation by ...
Diane Gee 05/30/2012 63 15 - 284
Burnout & Soul Survival
I have been fighting for years now. It seems like most of my life to me at this point. It kills me that people go hungry. I see the needless wars, death and dying all around this globe, and ask, " ...
Diane Gee 05/27/2012 58 89 1 315
WWL Radio #153 US Strategy: Murder and Entrapment of Our Own
Listen to Diane Gee live on WWL Radio Friday, May 25th at 6pm EDT! Listen live by clicking the link icon below: WWL LIVE!
Diane Gee 05/25/2012 6 2 - 49
F**K Bank of America. Really. I mean it.
Now, why don't she write? Well, Spring is here and the money isn't.... I've been cleaning out closets and getting stuff ready for an epic garage sale. I took down the dog pen - 10) 10x6 panels. ...
Diane Gee 05/15/2012 251 402 4 1979
WWL Radio #151 My Michael Parenti Interview
Listen to Diane Gee with Michael Parenti live on Wild Wild Left Radio Friday, May 4th at 6pm EDT! Listen live via Blog Talk Radio by clicking the link icon below: LINK TO ...
Diane Gee 05/04/2012 2 3 - 28
DPD & OCCUPY: "Detroit's NOT Oakland..."
all images within used with the kind permission of the talented Richard Etue - thanks! In fact, say what you will about my city. Our cops rock for the most part. I know they thought my kid rocked.
Diane Gee 05/03/2012 66 132 2 624
A May Day Civics Lesson
I am keeping my 13 year old son home from school today, to learn a real civics lesson. We are going to Occupy Detroit for May Day, join in the March and General Strike. Our voices will be loud, ...
Diane Gee 05/01/2012 14 17 - 94
So Rocky Anderson Called Me...
My life has gotten pretty strange lately. I remember way back years ago, when I talked Michael Alton Gottlieb into doing a radio show with me, mostly for a chance to rant and rave about the Bush-it ...
Diane Gee 04/26/2012 18 13 2 136
DCS: Abilify™ for Black Ops!
You've got your CIA, you've got your DIA, and even take your Special Forces daily. Still not feeling like your Espionage is Spooky, Droney, Infiltratey, or Black Ops wet-worky enough? New, from ...
Diane Gee 04/26/2012 35 31 1 199
Dear Mr. President: That "Technology to Keep Down Opposition" is Ours.
Its time we had another talk sir. Last time it was about Occupy. This time, its about espionage, high tech and privacy. Lets play a game, a children's game really. Its called connect the dots. ...
Diane Gee 04/23/2012 12 23 1 214
IV XX - All Hail 4-20 Day!
Its not like I'm some menopausal stoner. I don't wake and bake. The small amounts of (legal) stuff I keep on hand for when my slipped disc goes amok lasts me forever. But you have to admit it. ...
Diane Gee 04/20/2012 58 64 - 345
Humanae Tempore Ignis ~ Part 4
The slight rustle startled her awake, Jake's head was still down on the towel she put against the tree roots. She rolled into a crouch behind the Jeep, jagged rock in hand. Darby's head appeared, ...
Diane Gee 04/13/2012 3 9 - 34
Humanae Tempore Ignis ~ Part 3
Part one Part two There was a light misting rain beginning as they dropped out of the elevations. For the first time she decided to take the toll road, a decision she cherished as soon as they ...
Diane Gee 04/11/2012 6 8 - 47
Self-Stimulus Addiction
Its one thing being a sex-addict. I mean, orgasms rock. With the right partner, the myriad ways to explore your addiction can be limitless. Now that's what I call a Stimulus Package. Who can say ...
Diane Gee 04/10/2012 21 12 - 143
Humanae Tempore Ignis ~ Part 2
Part one here. Nuevo Laredo was much larger, prettier than she had imagined. She looked around and thought of the grubby border towns her late husband had told her about from his California days ...
Diane Gee 04/07/2012 6 5 - 55
Humanae Tempore Ignis (NDAA)
"The lawsuit was amusing," she thought as she heard the sticks cracking on shields, the clomp of the boots moving towards her, "but nothing came of it." Hedges lost. They had already raided her ...
Diane Gee 04/02/2012 30 44 - 360
White Uncle Toms
Provocative title, I know. When my friend Elian asked me to address whether racism and classism were separate constructs, or inextricably bound, it just kind of blurted out of my mouth. He loved the ...
Diane Gee 03/27/2012 71 9 - 236
If Trayvon "Stood his Ground"
You're a young man in your own neighborhood, when suddenly a huge man starts to chase you in the rain... you have no idea why... you run between homes dashing for the safety of hearth and home and ...
Diane Gee 03/24/2012 43 22 - 190
The Long, Hot, Occupied Summer
We are at low simmer right now, even as Summer pops right through Spring with record temperatures after a Winter that pretty much wasn't. I'm not complaining. Its been cold in the streets. It ...
Diane Gee 03/24/2012 50 39 1 314
Alexander/Mendoza Interview Tonight!!!
(My intended audience is the post-capitalist and anti-capitalist membership - this is not an endorsement by the greater kos community) WWL Radio #146 - Stewart Alexander / Alex Mendoza Interview ...
Diane Gee 03/22/2012 2 2 - 19
Tabloid Liberaloids
(This diary is intended for the Anti-Capitalist membership and hence may offend some of the Democratic-only readership - please take my target audience into consideration, thank you - d) The ...
Diane Gee 03/20/2012 26 17 - 123
URGENT: Hardship Comes in 3's: Love Comes From YOU
I've had a tough year. Nothing humbles you, or shuts up your inner dialogue of self-pity than seeing others pain. REAL pain. My friend Dusty? A tireless worker for the left, who is disabled ...
Diane Gee 03/04/2012 7 10 - 89
Tulum ~ A Book Review
David Seth Micheal's Tulum is a read that draws you in, grinning to yourself at the sweet honesty of the workings of the author's mind. I found myself reading ever quicker as the story unfolded, ...
Diane Gee 02/17/2012 6 8 1 73
Valentines Day - Ria D Needs Your Help
Note from Diane: Hey, friends. I have a friend who could use a little support. If I wasn't down to my last 12 bucks from my own back probs - to the end of the month, I would do something. This is ...
Diane Gee 02/14/2012 21 28 - 167
Perspectives On Hedge's "Cancer in Occupy"
There's one thing they tell you when you start a cancer treatment schedule, sitting there in wide-eyed horror and shock. "I know this all seems unthinkable right now, but believe it or not, it will ...
Diane Gee 02/07/2012 99 38 1 280
Oppression & Brutality from Sea to Shining Sea
Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left What good a revolution, have you no ...
Diane Gee 01/30/2012 10 8 2 72
WWL Radio #138 Norm Finkelstein Interview
Listen to Diane Gee with Honored Guest Norman Finkelstein live on WWL Radio Friday, January 20th at 6pm ET! ...
Diane Gee 01/20/2012 5 1 - 46
WWL Radio #133 Bill Ayers Interview
Listen to Bill Ayers live on WWL Radio Friday, December 9th at 6pm ET! Listen live by clicking ...
Diane Gee 12/09/2011 6 - - 45
2012: There is Only One Cure
There are many elements of change. This is a tough one for the Oligarchs. Really. I can't imagine their contingency plans, and all their think tanks could have come up with this. They expected the ...
Diane Gee 11/03/2011 19 16 - 113
Happy Birthday Michael.
See? I do remember your birthday. Heh. You always teased me when I said, "Is your birthday Wednesday or Thursday?" One of our jokes. Its only because I rarely know what the date is today, not the ...
Diane Gee 10/27/2011 10 5 - 57
I am NOT Moving - World Revolution Day!
I haven't seen this video highlighted here yet, and apologize in advance if its redundant. I just wanted, on THIS day to be sure it gets many eyes. Please respect the creator's wishes in reproducing.
Diane Gee 10/15/2011 5 6 - 61
Too Small to Fail / Where Were You?
He has the thick hard fingers of a carpenter, nails short and blunt, yet he can tie a micro-filament knot with the delicacy of a surgeon. Fly fishing season was nearly over, and there was little to ...
Diane Gee 10/15/2011 7 7 - 49
WWL Radio #126 Occupation Endgame
Join Diane Gee on WWL Radio Friday, October 14th at 6pm EDT! Listen live by clicking the link ...
Diane Gee 10/14/2011 1 2 - 27
The Road to Hell paved with merger signs.
Diane Gee 10/11/2011 12 5 - 67
WWL Radio #124 Bruce A Dixon Interview
SPECIAL GUEST BRUCE A DIXON live with Diane Gee on WWL Radio Friday, September 30th at 6pm EDT! ...
Diane Gee 09/30/2011 3 1 - 17
Champagne & Disdain: Your Global Collapse = Our Profit!
I'm not gonna say its time to hoard up, board up, arm up and batten down. They are. You see, according to a Trader speaking with the BBC yesterday, total collapse is coming within the year. And ...
Diane Gee 09/27/2011 9 7 - 53
Dear Mr President: That "Democracy Crushing Regime" is Our OWN.
Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left In too many countries, power has been concentrated in the hands of the few.
Diane Gee 09/25/2011 381 377 8 1813
WWL Radio #112 Ward Churchill Interview (PODCAST)
Diane Gee 06/24/2011 8 4 - 44
Anti-Capitalist Meetup: CONTROL!
Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left What better way for the Catholic Church to dodge responsibility for their ...
Diane Gee 06/19/2011 28 21 - 139
Clueless of the Carribean: A Study in US Empire
Diane Gee 06/13/2011 113 53 4 426
Spoons of Repression - Killing the "Isms"
Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left I read the Anti-Capitalist Meetup Sunday Essay by soothsayer this morning,
Diane Gee 05/09/2011 21 26 - 203
WWL Radio #107 Thanatos Nation: The Osama Question
Addressing the Osama Question LIVE Friday, May 6th at 6pm EDT! Listen live by clicking the link ...
Diane Gee 05/06/2011 3 1 - 28
WWL Radio #106 Noam Chomsky Interview #2
NOAM CHOMSKY LIVE Friday, April 29th at 6pm EDT! Listen live by clicking the link icon below:
Diane Gee 04/28/2011 5 4 1 46
WWL Radio #101 Postcard From the Class War
Friday, March 11th at 6pm EST! Listen live by clicking the link icon below:
Diane Gee 03/11/2011 9 6 - 61
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