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death of the republic & latest US coup d'etat
if one can take a break from the personality driven politics in the US in a country where 36% of the "citizens" cannot name the current VP and consider that in this country which was the first ...
Don midwest 04/26/2015 245 256 10 -
New Gilded Age -Social Protest Dominates Oscars
There were probably few of the daily kos regulars who watched the Oscars awards last evening. I had a live feed from the NY Times that I looked at occasionally. Here is an article by Juan Cole, ...
Don midwest 02/23/2015 31 38 2 -
Secrecy as core value of Obama administration: Talk to NYT and you will be destroyed
The only company in the US constitution is the press. Here is how important Thomas Jefferson thought the press was to government "The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the ...
Don midwest 01/27/2015 108 59 2 -
American media features torturers, but not victims
Dick Cheney says that even if innocent people die in captivity, that is OK because US must be protected. The disappearance of victims continues so that Americans don't have to confront who we are. ...
Don midwest 12/16/2014 10 17 - -
Larry King interviews Jesselyn Radack
Jesselyn doesn't post much here these days but she continues to do good work. Here she is on about a 15 minute interview with Larry King. What do you think about Larry's demeanor during the ...
Don midwest 12/12/2014 10 33 1 -
Torture defilement of US is self-evident and indisputable.
This is from the interview below. And this is what makes the fact that there’s even something called “the torture debate” so ridiculous. This debate, quote-unquote, has been settled not for ...
Don midwest 12/11/2014 56 83 - -
Founding Fathers - banning Torture Foundational to constitution
The Founding Fathers knew about torture. Two types of torture were common during the lifetimes of the Founding Fathers. In France, the judiciary typically had arrestees tortured to make them ...
Don midwest 12/09/2014 105 59 - -
Gaza Film Festival - NYU 9/5-9/6 Free
I live in Ohio so I won't be able to make it here is the schdeule UPDATE: This screening series has been relocated to the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center Auditorium (1st Floor) at 53 Washington ...
Don midwest 09/05/2014 1 3 - -
Another casualty of the security state: journalists and attorneys
It was long ago, in a far off place, that brave soles fought for freedom and liberty. One of the concerns they had was that the state should not be able to enter their homes without a warrant, ...
Don midwest 07/28/2014 6 35 1 -
joke at NSA - at war with terrorists or congress?
This diary is based on two excellent pieces on NPR on the NSA. They interviewed Thomas Drake who is a member of DK and a client of Jesselyn Radack. The links for the articles came from her twitter ...
Don midwest 07/23/2014 20 36 2 -
The Fall of Mosul and the False Promises of Modern History
Juan Cole, Univ of Michigan mideast history professor has been writing about the wars in the middle east since 9/11. Rather than being a specialist that was only known in a small circle, he has ...
Don midwest 06/11/2014 15 32 1 -
Leaving USS Liberty crew behind
Israel attacked a US navy ship 47 years ago and killed 34 sailors and wounding another 170 out of a crew of 294. They were going to sink the ship and kill everyone on board. A communications sailor ...
Don midwest 06/08/2014 77 21 - -
Representative Democracy is a cruel hoax
the people are pushing back i added the bold Our so-called representative democracy is neither representative nor democratic. It is a hoax, a paradox, a cruel joke. It’s an open secret that ...
Don midwest 05/22/2014 155 83 2 -
Glenn Greenwald on Meet The Press today
10:30 EST not sure about your time zone search the web for David Gregory Glenn Greenwald, I put quotes on both names, and get the following Glenn Greenwald Destroys David Gregory this was right ...
Don midwest 05/18/2014 21 12 - -
Obama - citing Snowden leaks punishable - truth???
in the days before the release of Glenn Greenwald's new book on May 13, the administration and the surveillance state seems to be more nervous than ever now we also get official policy about "...
Don midwest 05/09/2014 105 76 2 -
my son fired from a job of grading fifth grade essays
The essays generated by the education system in the US requires people to grade them. My son was one of the top 2 out of 100 people in the room grading essays for the fifth grade. He was fired. He ...
Don midwest 04/24/2014 203 196 2 -
Canadian Govt Targets Environment NGOs
it wasn't that long ago that I respected Canada maybe I was naive but with the "conservative" or should I say, "extract any resource" government of Harper, things have been getting worse the ...
Don midwest 03/17/2014 6 10 - -
Lakota: Dead or Prison before KXL
Around the world indigenous people have been getting recognized. In some cases, like Native Americans, their land was stolen and they were pushed off to "reservations." In other cases, like ...
Don midwest 03/16/2014 15 28 2 -
Epic Treachery - Sabotage of Most Important Climate Talks in 50 Years
How about the following for a title of an article? The Environment is THE most important issue facing humans and now we find out that the USA is using the tools to fight terrorism to fight the ...
Don midwest 01/30/2014 29 53 - -
Live twitter feed Egypt - jump off bridge
Live Feed from and Nation correspondent with photos of jumping off the bridge after full fire from military ...
Don midwest 08/16/2013 8 10 - -
Please Help - Does NN14 registration end in 5 hours
for early rate of $250? in the past I got registered very early sorta let it slip this year cannot find out how to contact anyone at NN the registration is outsourced this is what the ...
Don midwest 08/13/2013 8 1 - -
Live blog of Bradley Manning outcome at guardian
there is a commentary at the top that is updated as events unfold and comments at the bottom that can be viewed by oldest first or recent first going on now verdict at 1 PM but restraints on ...
Don midwest 07/30/2013 238 46 - -
Egyptian blogger Sandmonkey with real time updates
1 hr ago Just passed by the presidential guard building. Protesters are there and won't let him escape #morsi another blogger Mai Sirry ‏@TheLazyShaman 1h There's a global paradigm shift that'...
Don midwest 07/03/2013 26 20 - -
amphibians & earth - very bad news
This week we heard about the depleted aquifers in the US. It will take hundreds or even thousands of years of rain to replenish the aguifers. In the US of reality shows, quarterly profits and wars, ...
Don midwest 05/24/2013 6 18 - -
Obama sells out liberal democrats
It only took 6 weeks. I was worried that Obama would sell out the progressive agenda. The good news is, the anticipation is over. Liberals who worried that Obama would sell them out need worry no ...
Don midwest 12/25/2012 177 14 - -
Going Over a Cliff Better Than Deal President Has Offered
Do the citizens have any power or have we had a corporate coup d'etat to use the phrase of Chris Hedges? Obama is working for the plutocrats. They are hell bent on curtailing the New Deal. They ...
Don midwest 12/19/2012 41 25 1 -
Will arctic ice be gone in my lifetime?
I am 69 years old. We are now 45% less than the average ice coverage from 1979-2000. Our ice volume is down 75% from the average from 1979-2000. I am in fairly good health, so I can probably ...
Don midwest 09/02/2012 12 7 - 71
Obama sneaks in and out in the dark
Our wars have gone badly since WW II. Now we hear that Obama had to sneak in and out of Afghanistan under the cover of darkness. That was the level of security achieved in Iraq as well. The ...
Don midwest 05/02/2012 165 7 - 541
Obama justice department argued for prison searches
I was shocked by the Supreme Court decision granting prisons the power to strip search any of us. If I am arrested in an OWS action this spring, or in an environmental action say with, they ...
Don midwest 04/03/2012 38 14 1 151
OWS must resist violence to succeed
OWS is confronting the power structure. The two political parties for the most part support the power structure. To raise systemic issues and confront the pillars of the power structure, broad ...
Don midwest 02/06/2012 33 11 1 113
End of First Amendment - Juan Cole
Short piece today by noted mid east historian at Univ of Michigan Juan Cole. "NYPD Attack on OWS and the End of the First Amendment" The billionaire mayor of NYC orders the attack on free speech. ...
Don midwest 11/15/2011 17 27 1 150
Will OWS continue? Capitalism failure keeps the fire going
Many have pointed out that OWS has opened up the space for issues that have been buried for years. Bill McKibben said that 6 months ago the tar sands protest had a 1 in a hundred chance of being ...
Don midwest 11/11/2011 2 4 - 32
Oakland General Strike from a 1960's radical
I was at Berkeley in the academic years from 1965 to 1967. That first fall, on October 15, 1965, there was a big march against the Vietnam War. The leaders were Mario Savio and Jerry Rubin. When ...
Don midwest 11/03/2011 1 5 - 49
Dan Froomkin on "Has DC Disconnect Ever been worse?"
A few years ago, before I spend so much time on dailykos, every day I would check the Washington Post for Dan Froomkin's columns. He aggregated other works and added some comments. Dan was the star ...
Don midwest 08/04/2011 11 15 1 108
Ohio Catholic Leaders call on Bohener to do the right thing
The Tea Party comes up against the established Catholic church. Tea Party willing to harm the world economy for ideological reasons. And along with this to harm the middle class and the poor. They ...
Don midwest 07/29/2011 7 7 1 65
Time for Civil Disobedience
It seems all our systems are broken. This is what it looks like when an empire collapses. Chris Hedges has for some time claimed that things are so bad that now is the time for civil disobedience. ...
Don midwest 07/27/2011 8 12 - 97
Attend Netroot Nations Conf and Need Roommate
The Netroots Nation 2011 conference is right around the corner. June 16-20 in Minn/St. Paul. Because it is right next door to Wisconsin, expect to hear a lot about what they are doing. Amy Goodman ...
Don midwest 06/09/2011 3 - - 46
Room Sharing at NN11
Hi, I have a room at the Millennium hotel which is the closest hotel to the convention center for NN11. The room has 2 queen size beds and I hope to find someone to share the expenses.
Don midwest 06/04/2011 3 4 1 35
Obama and Dems Learn from Gov. Walker
With all the crazy behavior by the Republicans, one can loose sight of the big issue which is the collusion between the Democrats and the Republicans in support of corporations, wars and the general ...
Don midwest 05/22/2011 2 13 - 156
Juan Cole hits a home run: Islam Law Violated by 9/11
The Republican party has won elections on wedge issues for decades. I well recall the robo call to the everyone here in Ohio from the Secretary of State on the eve of the 2004 election to be afraid ...
Don midwest 09/11/2010 12 14 - 39
Will labor and NN09 win the day for health care?
I attended my first Netroots Conference a couple of weeks ago in Pittsburgh. What an experience to be able to walk up to any of the 2,000 people and have an intelligent discussion. One of the ...
Don midwest 09/07/2009 1 - - 3
Dan Froomkin on Obama and Healthcare
For many of us, the reason we checked the Washington Post each day was to read Dan Froomkin's column. You may have heard that he was the leading source of on line traffic to the paper and they fired ...
Don midwest 09/05/2009 3 1 - 3
A small victory - comment on Krugman's column
Paul Krugman's column in today's NYT is on the right wing tactics of shutting down the debate on health care. It is an excellent column which can be found at
Don midwest 08/07/2009 14 15 - 58
Corporations behind Hillary meltdown?
Could it be that there is a major effort from the corporate elite, including the military contractors, that is putting so much support/pressure on her, that coupled with her ego, that she is breaking?
Don midwest 05/24/2008 12 5 - 1
AT&T Uverse Eliminates Free Speech TV from Dish NW
I am a customer of Dish NW which is owned by AT&T. For the basic channels you get Free Speech TV, Linkmedia, University of Calif TV, University of Washington TV, etc. Free Speech TV and Link show ...
Don midwest 01/12/2008 4 15 - 1
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