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Community Spotlight
Community Spotlight, formerly Diary Rescue, is dedicated to finding great writing by little-known or unknown diarists whose work hasn't gotten the visibility it deserves. We rescue and promote these diaries based on the original vision set out by Susan Gardner, Matron Saint of the Rescue Rangers, who single-handedly began our mission and has supported us vigorously over the years. We hope you enjoy our efforts.
Music and Arts forum and archive at Daily Kos. Arts are essential and evolutionary.
Genealogy and Family History Community
We are a Group interested in the research, analysis and discussion of genealogy and family histories, our own and others. We invite all those who desire guidance in getting started in their research, those who are looking for suggestions for getting past a problem in their on-going projects (brick walls), those willing to share resources, or those who simply want to talk about their projects (and we KNOW how family historians love to talk about their projects). All family backgrounds welcome an...
Les Miserables
Discover the masterpiece Les Miserables from the perspective of Victor Hugo, the humanist and the activist.
Monday Night Cancer Club
Monday Night Cancer Club is a Daily Kos group focused on dealing with cancer, primarily for cancer survivors and caregivers, though clinicians, researchers, and others with a special interest are also welcome. Volunteer diarists post Monday evenings between 7:30-8:30 PM ET on topics related to living with cancer, which is very broadly defined to include physical, spiritual, emotional and cognitive aspects. Mindful of the controversies endemic to cancer prevention and treatment, we ask that both...
Readers and Book Lovers
Where readers, writers, bibliophiles, and lovers of all things literary find their favorite series and one-of-a-kind diaries, including "Bookflurries," "Write On!," and "What are you reading?" Plus newer series like "Books So Bad They're Good," "Books in My Life," (formerly "Books That Changed My Life"), "Monday Murder Mystery," "Contemporary Fiction Views," "LGBT Literature," and "Books Go Boom!" We hope you'll visit Readers & Book Lovers for the same reasons you get together with a friend -- ...
Saturday Morning Home Repair
A weekly forum of advice and encouragement for Kossak DIYers repairing and improving their homes.
Seed Sharers
This is a group for gardeners, farmers, and anyone else who wants to offer, trade, gift, give, or ask for plant seeds. We can also talk about our work with plants here. It will be okay to go off topic.
Slavery in the United States - History
This purpose of this group is to review the historical record without revisionism about the inhumane institution of Slavery in the United States.
Virginia Kos
This group is for Daily Kos members who live in or are interested in Virginia.

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