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If it were only 800,000
but it is SO many more - probably you as ...
DrSocMama 10/01/2013 5 7 - -
This is not amusing!
my rant about the upcoming budget cuts - profanity and ...
DrSocMama 02/25/2013 3 6 - -
Failing at going plastic free
As someone who is concerned about the environment, who educates others about it, and who believes I should practice what I preach, I have made some serious changes in the life of my family. This ...
DrSocMama 02/17/2013 135 71 1 -
Shut your mouth and stop eating: the myth of weight loss in America
If you just eat less, exercise more, make better food choices, diet, and whatever other social wisdom that people put forth about losing weight and solving the weight issues of American sound great ��
DrSocMama 02/10/2013 269 187 8 -
Can one person make meaningful change to the environment?
I wrote my first blog a few weeks ago and one of the commenters pointed out that my suggestions for green resolutions were small and not necessarily going to have a major impact if only one person ...
DrSocMama 01/19/2013 40 54 2 -
Having a Green Resolution for the New Year.
This morning, as I was reading Mother Jones, I saw Kiera Butler list of environmental resolutions and was inspired to make one here. So these are suggestions for the rest of us to have for our new ...
DrSocMama 01/02/2013 4 1 - -
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