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Anatomy of an Unemployed - My Story
On Monday March 4th after 14 years of gainful, fortuitous, gratifying employment in a major corporation I was laid off. It was 10am, the start of a new working day but it was the END of my career ...
Dumas EagerSeton 04/17/2013 24 11 - -
Steve's Real Food Recall - Canine
Here we go again. Heads up to all. Possible Salmonella ...
Dumas EagerSeton 03/08/2013 4 8 - -
Report It Campaign for Pets
Hello to all you pootie and woozle parents. I'm sending a link that sounds like a great idea to try to advocate for our four-legged children in case contaminated food/s is/are found. I think ...
Dumas EagerSeton 03/06/2013 4 4 - -
I Lost My Job Today
This morning at approximately 10:30am EST I was laid off from my job. I "felt" it was coming, had a very strong intuition that I was going to lose my job but someone from HR had the talk with me on ...
Dumas EagerSeton 03/04/2013 200 302 1 -
It's Said When One Door Closes...
February was a tough month for me on an emotional and spiritual level. As a result my physical body was also affected by a fever that worked its way through my body. I'm fine now of course but ...
Dumas EagerSeton 03/01/2013 10 5 - -
MORE Pet Food/Treat Recalls
Another short diary folks but I thought this was important news to protect your beloved four-legged family members: The Honest Kitchen Voluntary Recalls One more below:
Dumas EagerSeton 02/22/2013 14 23 - -
UPDATE 2/26: Voluntary Recall of Kassel Pet Products
This won't be a diary, just an FYI in case you feed your little friends this brand. Recall of Kassel Pet ...
Dumas EagerSeton 02/20/2013 1 3 - -
I Need New Friends
Really. I have no one in my life right now that I consider close enough to call friend. I have some acquaintances but they're very involved with their own things, etc. and that's all well and good.
Dumas EagerSeton 02/11/2013 23 10 - -
Letting Go of Amie?
Today my dearest and closest friend - actually the only person I called friend amidst a sea of acquaintances - left town. For how long? Unknown. What happened to cause her to flee in fear so ...
Dumas EagerSeton 02/06/2013 21 9 - -
New Cool Video - "Forward"
I hope this is ok to share with fellow Kossacks. Produced by the same folks that did the "Yes We Can" in 2008. Peace, enjoy then GOTV! Check This Out!
Dumas EagerSeton 10/26/2012 8 10 - -
It's Raining Dead/Very Sick Dogs & Cats and Nobody in Media is Talking
I've never done a diary until now. I've not seen anyone post about this - least I don't think so - and I thought this was important for people to be aware. Please follow me down below.
Dumas EagerSeton 02/16/2012 65 37 1 482
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