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Maureen Dowd Goes Full High School
Question : Who do you get when you combine a high school newspaper reporter, a dog eared copy of a Roget’s Thesaurus, and a penchant for writing a high school gossip column? Maureen Dowd, that’...
DuvalDem 04/21/2015 15 17 - -
Why Hillary Will Not Be The One
Though I'm yet at the point of putting in a lot of mental resources into the 2016 elections it's hard to ignore when all the social media sites I frequent keep bringing it up. I'm more concerned ...
DuvalDem 10/08/2013 56 5 - -
History vs. Rice vs. Rice
The current and ongoing politicizing of the 9/11 attacks on the Benghazi consulate by the political right begs for a study in contrasts to previous incidents that trivializes the tragic aftermath in ...
DuvalDem 11/26/2012 10 27 1 -
Breaking: 30 Citibank customers arrested for closing their account [With Citibank Statement Update]
Was just watching Global Revolution live stream where they were live at a Citibank in LaGuardia watching the police holding 30 customers in a Citibank branch where they were in line to close their ...
DuvalDem 10/15/2011 745 352 4 4517
It's The Guns, Stupid
I don’t know what it is about watching national and state elected Democratic officials when they face off with their GOP counterparts but more often than not it’s usually a deer in the ...
DuvalDem 02/22/2011 26 7 - 152
No Room For Children In Gov. Rick Scott's Vision For Florida
One of the less endearing traits of conservatives is their tendency to not let practicality or the human condition get in the way of ideology. Let’s forget for a moment the GOP/Conservative ...
DuvalDem 02/18/2011 8 20 - 100
Sargent Shriver's Legacy Vs. Today's Tea Party
This evening’s NBC News broadcast with Brian Williams had a beautiful piece about Sargent Shriver who epitomized the liberal ideal through good works for the people of this country. He did so ...
DuvalDem 01/18/2011 4 2 - 68
Obama's AIPAC Speech (Live)
I'm sitting here with my class on the next to last day of school watching Sen. Obama speak before AIPAC. What a difference 11 hours make. He's already taken on the mantle. As he is speaking you ...
DuvalDem 06/04/2008 83 20 1 19
Happy Birthday, Mr. President (JFK)
On this day in 1917 our 35th President was born. Along with his two brothers, Robert Francis Kennedy & Edward Moore Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, Franklin Delano Rosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and ...
DuvalDem 05/29/2008 5 2 - 1
An apology to the Dkos community
Yesterday I acted in an insensitive manner posting a diary contemplating my mixed emotions regarding Sen. Kennedy as lay ...
DuvalDem 05/18/2008 18 19 - 31
Ted Kennedy In Context & Perspective
Before I begin this diary I want to make it clear I only hope for the best for the Senior Senator from Massachusetts and a full and hearty recovery to continue his work for liberal and progressive ...
DuvalDem 05/17/2008 33 3 - 11
Another (yawn) GOP sex scandal and the culture it exposes
When I saw the story breaking on yet another hypocritical, Clinton impeachment voting, GOP congressional ...
DuvalDem 05/09/2008 3 4 - -
Deja Vu All Over Again
I've had about all the agony I can stand in this primary season. I'm more than past ready for it to be over. Yes, I know how wonderful it is for GOTV and increased Democratic voter rolls as each ...
DuvalDem 05/08/2008 2 - - 1
My lapel flag pin epiphany
This weekend I was exposed to a variety of commentaries about the ABC "debate" criticisms regarding the lapel flag pin "issue." I just can't seem to get past the fact that no where does anyone ...
DuvalDem 04/21/2008 6 3 - 2
Everyone's Health Care Plan Stinks
As a former Edwards supporter my choice between the remaining two campaigns, Obama and Clinton, was made for purely academic reasons. The three most important issues for me right now are the Iraq war,
DuvalDem 02/09/2008 13 4 - -
The Obama Moment [with poll]
Yesterday while perusing Chris Bowers' and Matt Stoller's Open Left I ran across a video of Obama Stoller had posted where he was addressing the editorial board ...
DuvalDem 01/17/2008 42 19 - 1
Why Edwards Won The Nevada Debate
As usual the MSM talking heads refuse to address the issues that were discussed this evening while instead talking about personalities ad nausem like this was a hollywood gossip programmer. Here is ...
DuvalDem 01/15/2008 25 32 1 3
New Florida Anti-Gay Amendment  not dead yet
I know there have been a couple of diaries about this but their is no doubt the anti-gay marriage amendment here in Florida is in trouble due to the lack of proper signatures to make the ballot. ...
DuvalDem 01/14/2008 6 10 - -
Darwin In My Classroom
There has been a lot of news today about Creationism rearing its ecumenical head again, especially here in Florida. As ...
DuvalDem 01/11/2008 19 31 1 171
Obama Defeats Clinton
There is a famous photo of a victorious Harry Truman grinning from ear to ear holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune proclaiming "Dewey Defeats Truman" that could not be more relevant than this ...
DuvalDem 01/09/2008 11 2 - -
Iowa Caucus Then & Now
What a contrast in narratives for this cycle's Iowas caucus as opposed to 2004's. For 48 hours after the 2004 Iowa caucus the narrative was the "Dean Scream." The continious loop of that moment on ...
DuvalDem 01/04/2008 3 3 - 2
Iraq Has Our Infrastructure Monies
I'm really tired of heartbreaking examples of what Bush's excellent Mid-East adventure is costing our country in lives and money. The incompetence of the man notwithstanding there is the residual ...
DuvalDem 08/02/2007 18 14 - 166
Bush v. Truman
Devilstower's regarding David Halberstam's last missive to America regading the dauphine of the Bush family currently ...
DuvalDem 07/05/2007 5 3 - -
Live Blogging Edwards Event: Update
After a couple of logistical problems my plan to live blog John Edwards' appearance on my blog here in Jacksonville, FL is on. For those of you ...
DuvalDem 04/11/2007 5 13 - -
Live blogging Wed. Edwards Event
I've just discovered that's it's very likely I'll be live blogging the Edwards event here in Jacksonville, FL on Wednesday, April 11th on my blog .
DuvalDem 04/08/2007 3 4 1 -
John Edwards In Town
John Edwards is coming to northeast Florida Wednesday, April 11th. He'll be appearing in Jacksonville at the local community college campus. My wife and I are pretty excited. This will be the ...
DuvalDem 04/07/2007 14 20 2 8
Cry me a river
As the son of a WWII, Korean War & Vietnam vet and a brother to a Desert Shield vet, each day that goes by while this war drudges on I feel I can't get any angrier than I already am at the human ...
DuvalDem 03/31/2007 3 14 1 -
Dennis Hastert, meet your Democratic Party Opponent: John Laesch
DuvalDem 09/30/2006 8 11 - -
The "Joe Lieberman" of the South
DuvalDem 09/23/2006 36 - - 1
Character AND Principle? Please......
DuvalDem 03/25/2006 1 1 - -
What about Gore?
DuvalDem 03/21/2006 13 13 1 1
Michael Dukakis Vindicated
DuvalDem 03/01/2006 27 13 - 5
Iraq: Still Not "Getting It"
DuvalDem 02/25/2006 - - - -
Gov. Mark Warner's Holistic Politics
DuvalDem 02/18/2006 54 2 - 9
A new blog: Truman's Conscience
DuvalDem 02/12/2006 1 2 1 -
Juan Cole Strikes Back With A Rant
DuvalDem 04/25/2005 3 13 - -
A Society Adrift
DuvalDem 04/13/2005 2 4 - -
DuvalDem 11/05/2004 2 - - -
An Endorsement Shocker For Senator Kerry
DuvalDem 10/22/2004 16 6 - -
No Fla. National Guard For Hurricane
DuvalDem 08/12/2004 13 3 - -
I Get To Meet Sen. Edwards Today! w/poll
DuvalDem 08/02/2004 1 - - -
New USAToday/CNN/Gallup Poll - No K/E Bounce
DuvalDem 08/01/2004 10 - - -
Junta Matrix: Reloaded
DuvalDem 05/29/2004 3 - - -
Priam's Stepchild
DuvalDem 05/26/2004 5 - - -
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