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Please don't ignore the health of your loved ones.
Enough time has passed that I can finally write about my father's death. He was far too young at 72 and died unnecessarily after brushing off the consequences of a fall in February. I was a complete ...
DuzT 08/09/2014 43 90 2 -
Learning To Climb A Utility Pole (Harder Than You Probably Think)
Pole climbing class was the final step in the process of getting hired to be a phoneman and it was clearly designed as a test of one’s willpower, a “weeder” class as we used to say in college.
DuzT 03/01/2014 66 93 1 -
To Everyone Else Who Has To Work Through The Holidays
Maybe you're a cop or a firefighter or, like me, a utility worker. Maybe you're working a cash register at a gas station. Or selling concessions or parking cars at a sporting event. Or driving an ...
DuzT 12/21/2013 53 64 - -
My cat (and best friend) has passed
Little Mister, the cat who was my best little friend in the world, died in my arms the other day. One minute he was fine; running around, meowing and just generally being a cat, happy to see his “...
DuzT 10/26/2013 148 205 1 -
Animal Encounters In The Life Of The Phoneman Part 2
A while back I wrote about being attacked by a customer's dog while on the job as a utility worker, and how my company then proceeded to blame me for the whole incident. The following is a story ...
DuzT 03/26/2013 7 9 - -
Animal Encounters In The Life of The Phoneman Part I
As a utility worker I encounter animals, wild and domestic, on a daily basis. Sometimes these encounters are beautiful, more often they're annoying and sometimes they're seriously dangerous. Below ...
DuzT 03/08/2013 11 28 - -
My Love Of Disc Golf
I've been playing disc golf since the mid '70s when me and my friends, the other neighborhood kids, would go through the cul-de-sac streets of suburbia throwing our discs at mailboxes and street ...
DuzT 01/20/2013 12 7 1 2
Stories Of Death And Near-Death From The Phoneman
Winter, the season of death. Waiting for rebirth. There will be a Springtime rebirth to be sure, but in January life seems at an ebb; all is cold and gray and lifeless. Working outdoors the long, ...
DuzT 01/11/2013 9 27 1 -
More Adventures Of The Phoneman
I stopped working for a moment, lit a cigarette and thought to myself, “How did I get here?" How did I come to be standing in a muddy ditch, chin deep in thorn bushes wiping mouse piss off my hands?
DuzT 12/29/2012 63 169 2 -
I Go Into Peoples' Homes For A Living
I go into people’s homes for a living, from suburban McMansions to dumpy apartments. I see their family photos on the mantel; I smell what they’re cooking in their kitchens, and what they’ve ...
DuzT 10/28/2012 169 536 6 -
"You can't stay home sick today, there's too much work."
That's what my manager told me recently when I tried to call in sick. I was suffering from one my occasional migraines and, if you've never had one, you just can't begin to understand what it's like.
DuzT 09/09/2012 35 47 - 257
There Aren't Any Good Days At Work Anymore
I used to really love my job. So did my co-workers. I don't know too many people who could make that claim with a straight face but when we said it, we meant it. Not anymore. I work for a ...
DuzT 05/19/2012 388 534 14 2153
Tonight I finally got the chance to apologize to the cashier I F-Bombed
In early March I wrote a diary about losing my temper and swearing at a cashier who was bad mouthing president Obama. It was my first diary and it garnered quite a lot of discussion here. I got ...
DuzT 04/27/2012 125 46 1 505
Today I told off a cashier who was trashing the president
I stopped to pick up some groceries on the way home from work tonight. It had been cold and blustery most of the day and I work outside. I really just wanted to get home, peel off all the layers of ...
DuzT 03/09/2012 853 495 5 4846
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