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1/12th of 365 (Part 3)
New Month, new photos but it's the same deal as the last two. Below are thirty photos, one from each day in April. It's a retirement activity for me. The object being to get out there and take one ...
Eddie C 05/01/2015 17 34 - -
1/12th of 365 (Part 2)
At the end of February I posted Part 1 , one photo from each day in the first two months of 2015. This is the same deal, a single shot to capture each day in March. Too much snow and the flowers ...
Eddie C 03/31/2015 34 47 - -
Stand By Me
It was twenty years ago this week, a voyeuristic experience that happened during my first solo vacation and on my first day in Florence, Italy. A magic moment that came after five days in Rome, a ...
Eddie C 03/29/2015 50 123 1 -
1/6th of 365 (Part 1)
Since I stopped working the rumor in my social circle is that I just stay home to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is true that I do a lot of that but the photos below, one from each day since ...
Eddie C 02/28/2015 42 90 1 -
NYC Windows ver. 12-25-14
This Christmas story is about the imagination of the many window designers who present the Holidays through New York City store windows. Both through the glass and bounced off the surface of ...
Eddie C 12/24/2014 72 104 2 -
Saturday Morning Garden Blog Vol. 10.43: Christmas Windows
This was supposed to be a report on the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden. But while I now have photos taken with a much better camera, I can't improve the text on All Aboard: The ...
Eddie C 12/20/2014 293 49 - -
A Tiny Glimmer of Hope
There's not a lot of hope to be found anymore and change is so six years ago. But in this section of The New York Times called First Draft that is also linked below Spending Bill Heads to Senate ...
Eddie C 12/12/2014 8 15 1 -
Why does partisanship trump morality?
After six years of protecting Barack Obama so he could run to the far right of every campaign promise he ever made, morality is probably the last thing anyone at DailyKos would want to discuss. But ...
Eddie C 12/09/2014 62 30 - -
Every Mother's Son
In this street art that is located at 22 E 2nd St. in New York City, you might need to click on the photo to read the names of the sons. The mothers are Iris Baez , Lesley McSpadden ,
Eddie C 11/25/2014 3 28 - -
Luis Gutierrez: Kicking ass and taking numbers
It's so rare to see a Democrat call a Republican on their lies anymore. But credit where credit is due because this little slice of Rep. Luis Gutierrez tearing Rep. Raul Labrador's story to shreds ...
Eddie C 11/23/2014 19 75 - -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 10.39
This diary is a first in a series of New York City visitors guides for gardeners. This first garden for you to explore in the Big Apple is right in Central Park and called the Conservatory Garden. ...
Eddie C 11/22/2014 174 64 - -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 10.34: Kiku at NYBG
This is a story about the chrysanthemum in Japanese culture and how these Japanese traditions came to be exported to the Bronx in 2007. It is also about the ancient Imperial arts of Kiku at Shinjuku ...
Eddie C 10/18/2014 367 78 - -
Monster on the Hudson: from San Fran to Tappan
One of the world's largest floating cranes is about to make its debut on the Tappan Zee Bridge project. I looked out my window this morning and saw the "Left Coast Lifter" on the last leg of its ...
Eddie C 10/06/2014 38 39 - -
Seasonal Bronx Views
Good morning. How's about a little sun filled Cappuccino from Wave Hill to start your day? The three photos below are of the Bronx River on the second day of autumn. Still looking pretty ...
Eddie C 09/28/2014 20 39 - -
Elaine Stritch, I Remember Her Well
I just did a quick browse to see if anyone had already written a tribute to the late great actress and found this recent diary, Tuesday Night at the Theater: Elaine Stritch at Liberty. Well, as ...
Eddie C 07/18/2014 27 83 5 -
Photos from the 2014 Pride March in NYC
This year in New York City, the LGTG Pride Parade to commemorated the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots was held on June 29th. This year's Boy Scout color guard said a lot about progress.
Eddie C 07/04/2014 34 67 - -
Do you have a favorite flower?
I do...
Eddie C 06/29/2014 96 53 1 -
LG is a Scumbag Company
The New Jersey Palisades designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a National Treasure offers natural beauty from the George Washington to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Here's a ...
Eddie C 06/19/2014 153 297 5 -
What Dreams May Come
Although I overheard many in the Azalea Garden at the NYBG say “It’s like I died and went to heaven,” the title is not about gettin all existential or offering a reminder of Hamlet's Soliloquy.
Eddie C 05/26/2014 16 44 1 -
I can say 'April' in 115 snapshots
Since dumping Photobucket to become a member of the Flickrati my photostream has evolved into a visual diary. It's fun to keep track of my movements that way and it seems I'm not yet ready for ...
Eddie C 04/30/2014 30 59 1 -
I've got Orchids up the Wazoo Two
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the garden... Orchids 2 Consider this a public serviced announcement, Monday is the final day of Key West ...
Eddie C 04/20/2014 36 86 1 -
Dawn Chorus: Birding the Great Indoors (Part 2)
Two weeks ago this story began in the World of Aquatic Birds at the Bronx Zoo. It was sort of a progress in architecture meets nature story, the state of the art of buildings for plants and animals ...
Eddie C 03/23/2014 64 55 1 -
I've got Orchids up the Wazoo
It is in my favorite glass house. It is called Key West Contemporary.
Eddie C 03/23/2014 60 126 3 -
Dawn Chorus: Birding the Great Indoors (Part 1)
This is a Bronx Tale from an ersatz birder. As most real bird watchers are all excited about the spring arrival of those funny colored sparrows, my birding season is coming to an end. I’m like one ...
Eddie C 03/09/2014 96 68 - -
"Come in" she said "I'll give you..."
Eddie C 02/27/2014 136 375 5 -
What's the Pointe?
Eddie C 01/31/2014 29 91 1 -
An Autumn Walk in Central Park
It's a bit late to enjoy autumn views. It's even too late to enjoy kicking through colorful leaves on the ground. I did enjoy four colorful autumn walks in the park this past autumn and came away ...
Eddie C 01/12/2014 33 48 2 -
"The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" H.R. 3309
Can't do anything about it now. House already passed this so called “Innovation Act” and at 325 - 91 it sounds like the bill has smooth sailing ahead. The text doesn't sound all that damaging ...
Eddie C 12/06/2013 35 28 1 -
Why is a clear cut case of insurance fraud still legal?
What I heard Jon Stewart say last night about a Blackstone credit default swap scam was about the most repulsive thing I've ever heard. Considering what credit default swaps have already done to ...
Eddie C 12/05/2013 15 21 - -
Codere or Code Red: What Jon Stewart Said
What I heard Jon Stewart say tonight about a Blackstone credit default swap scam is about the most repulsive thing I've ever heard. The story begins with an October 22nd story in Bloomberg ...
Eddie C 12/04/2013 24 47 2 -
The Sad End of 5Pointz
You have probably already heard the sorry vandalism story about how the United Nations of Graffiti came to an end. The NYT offered several points of view in Night Falls, and 5Pointz, a Graffiti Mecca,
Eddie C 11/20/2013 97 213 7 -
Last Chance for Kiku at the NYBG
In Japan there is a National Chrysanthemum Day that is called "The Festival of Happiness." For anyone who lives close enough to the New York Botanical Garden, Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden ...
Eddie C 10/25/2013 22 57 2 -
Photos from the End of Crafts on Columbus Avenue
These twenty-seven photos were taken last Saturday between 77th and 81st Street on the sidewalk that separates the dinosaurs from the Columbus Avenue traffic. The scene is the 34th Annual: Autumn ...
Eddie C 10/19/2013 30 75 1 -
Frank Rich "State-Sponsored Terrorism!"
Has there ever been a better frame to put around the politicians who are running scared of the NRA? Frank Rich came right out and called America "Soft on Domestic Terrorism." After being asked if ...
Eddie C 09/18/2013 197 241 4 -
Five Pointz for You
The name "Five Pointz" was chosen over the original "Phun Phactory" to establish an abandoned factory in Long Island City as a destination for graffiti artist from all five boroughs. Today artists ...
Eddie C 08/24/2013 21 90 1 -
Must be the Quote of the Year
It is getting to the point where the mark of international distinction and service to humanity is no longer the Nobel Peace Prize, but an espionage indictment from the US Department of Justice.
Eddie C 06/22/2013 107 159 2 -
Face the Nation looked at Climate Change
Memorial Day weekend must produce very low rating numbers for the Sunday talk shows. Perhaps today when Face the Nation waited until the show is no longer a national broadcast and started the second ...
Eddie C 05/26/2013 5 28 - -
Views from an Azalea Forest
Had a rough week? Well this might help get you into weekend mode.
Eddie C 05/17/2013 51 122 - -
The Truth About Workforce Age Discrimination
In a nation where everything boils down to the bottom line someone need to point out the reality that has gone unnoticed about hopeless job seekers in their fifties and early sixties. Perhaps for ...
Eddie C 05/07/2013 83 194 1 -
A Child's Garden of Orchids
For me the Orchid Show in the New York Botanical Garden is like Christmas is to a child. It began on first day in March and for years those orchids represent my first signs of spring. There are only ...
Eddie C 04/19/2013 86 121 10 -
Harold Hayes and the Golden Age of Journalism
It was Thursday, March 14. 2013. On the subway ride downtown to view the documentary Smiling Through the Apocalypse and hear thoughts about the movie from Tom Hayes, Gay Talese and George Lois, I ...
Eddie C 03/23/2013 15 39 1 -
The Last 50 of my 125 Favorite Snapshots
My Flickr photo project has ended. I guess the time has come to let this dedication to a recovering city go. It isn’t easy, like sending the children I never had out into the world but perhaps it ...
Eddie C 11/03/2012 45 84 7 -
Rainy Day Photos from Strawberry Fields
Today would have been John Lennon's seventy-second birthday. It was a rainy day at Strawberry Fields in Central Park but many fans showed up to remember. I was there for a short while and took a few ...
Eddie C 10/09/2012 16 60 1 184
About Romney’s $90 billion in green jobs
Well he did say that half the recipients failed and that a bald faced lie. Nowhere near half the companies failed and the stimulus was not just about these green subsidies. The fact checkers are ...
Eddie C 10/03/2012 9 28 1 178
Photos from the 2012 San Gennaro Feast
These photos are from last Sunday at the San Gennaro Feast in New York City's Little Italy. I've long been a big fan of greeting the friendly faces and enjoying the tasty treats. Perhaps you will ...
Eddie C 09/29/2012 53 53 1 277
How about another 25 of my best 125 photos?
These photos, that are for your viewing pleasure also represent a Flickr project where I went back through the six years since I got my first digital camera and tried to find the good ones. Pictures ...
Eddie C 09/22/2012 76 174 7 760
Snapshots from Zuccotti Park Today
The first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Below are twelve more photos of the people.
Eddie C 09/17/2012 17 47 2 173
Want to see 25 more of my best photos?
This is a continuation of Want to see 25 of my favorite 125 photos? I've been know to occasionally show a photo or two here but the pictures are always current. Both of these diaries were the ...
Eddie C 09/08/2012 77 167 8 737
Come Walk With Me
Eddie C 09/03/2012 63 83 - 414
Some Really Great Articulations on Our President’s Economy
Tonight The PBS NewsHour went on an economic fact finding mission in Charlotte, N.C. Paul Solman, the economics reporter there has already moved on from the Tampa tax cuts, deregulation talk and ...
Eddie C 08/31/2012 12 48 5 180
Deleted Photos
Just go see this diary instead.
Eddie C 07/28/2012 24 42 1 276
Want to see 25 of my favorite 125 photos?
Some people here know that I'm a bit of a photo buff, more like totally snap happy. But did you know that I take DailyKos seriously in that I only post current photos in diaries and comments and ...
Eddie C 07/21/2012 154 264 9 1236
Criminalizing Student Behavior
On the PBS NewsHour tonight, Early Punishments Can Have Lasting Impact for Some Students starts off with education Texas style and then offers a report by the Center for Public Integrity that ...
Eddie C 06/26/2012 21 45 - 248
Photos from today in New York City
More Pride photos below...
Eddie C 06/24/2012 40 100 - 539
I Went to a Garden Party
reminisced with my old friends A chance to share old memories and play our songs ...
Eddie C 05/28/2012 116 180 4 915
Photos from a Sunday Walk in the City
This is more a Greenwich Village guide and another of my walks on The High Line than a photo diary. But clicking on any one of these little pictures will open a better and larger photo in a new ...
Eddie C 05/19/2012 76 158 10 606
Last Chance New Yorkers
I just thought you should know that the best Orchid Show I've ever seen ends tomorrow. It is Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens at The New York Botanical Garden. You can read the New York Times Review ...
Eddie C 04/21/2012 51 75 1 252
GUS: By Court Order
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are appreciated. We avoid discussion ...
Eddie C 02/28/2012 80 22 1 223
Crosstown Traffic (a photo diary)
New York City residents have long enjoyed reputations as walkers and I’m happy member of that group. For the past two and a half years there was usually a trusted friend in either my pocket or my ...
Eddie C 12/21/2011 32 41 - 219
Photos from the Farmer's March on Wall Street
On December 4th there was a food policy protest in Manhattan. The farmers joining Occupy Wall Street was a co-production of Occupy Wall Street's food justice committee ...
Eddie C 12/05/2011 78 283 6 1052
Pretty Nice Sunset Today
Eddie C 11/26/2011 19 44 - 161
I went to Zuccotti Park
If I didn't have my camera with me it would have been a five minute walk from where I parked my car. But I did... …so I meandered a bit.
Eddie C 11/23/2011 97 169 4 834
Health Care Rationing and Workers' Compensation
I was injured on Saturday and I have still not seen a doctor. I'm pretty old and with a long work history I've been injured on the job a few times, always a rough ride through red tape and always ...
Eddie C 11/15/2011 75 63 1 378
Snowtober in Central Park
Trick or Sleet anyone? With the finish line of the New York City Marathon being just across from the Tavern on the Green, Sunday is a big day on the Central Park calender. Last Sunday Central Park ...
Eddie C 11/05/2011 51 84 1 353
This is an excellent video
Eddie C 11/03/2011 7 23 1 122
Vows Taken Before an Angel
I witnessed a wedding yesterday. I didn't actually know any members of the wedding party but it was one emotional ceremony that marked the joy in the fact that equal rights is coming to America. I ...
Eddie C 10/31/2011 6 37 - 165
Just a Drive in the Park
After getting out of work early yesterday, I took a relaxing drive through Harriman State Park. Tiorati Brook Road was looking good in the afternoon sun.
Eddie C 10/21/2011 22 39 - 128
"Civic Virtue"
Yesterday morning I woke up to the phrase "civic virtue." It was a rude awakening. The alarm clock went of and I heard words that I had once had a definition for. Civic virtue had meaning as early a ...
Eddie C 10/19/2011 5 11 - 61
Poison in the Water, Corruption in the Air
Just like this nation’s wealth imbalance, that people are finally protesting, this story is the result of ingrained and condoned corruption. Destroying the water supply is a commonplace practice ...
Eddie C 10/16/2011 22 37 3 185
To Be Back on the High Line Again
Usually I feel lucky to get just one decent photo in the course of a day...
Eddie C 10/08/2011 63 95 2 492
Healing Waters in Central Park
There is an Angel that represents the center of New York City. Today it is said that if you stand by that Angel long enough, you will eventually see everybody in New York. That famous Angel, that ...
Eddie C 09/24/2011 31 38 - 164
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today!
Today's anniversary is on many people's minds. I enjoyed a laughable Tuesday Soundcheck Smackdown between Nirvana and Pearl Jam but ...
Eddie C 09/24/2011 28 23 - 201
I Like to Watch
Eddie C 09/16/2011 63 64 1 396
Once Again, my 2007 Labor Day Diary
This diary was not a hit in 2007 and yesterday there was no evidence of anyone here actually reading or acknowledging some of the great Americans who made Labor day what it is. It wasn't a hit today ...
Eddie C 09/05/2011 7 17 1 71
People to Remember on Labor Day
This diary was not a hit in 2007 and yesterday there was no evidence of anyone here actually reading or acknowledging some of the great Americans who made Labor day what it is. So I'll just post ...
Eddie C 09/05/2011 15 32 2 91
Once Again, my 2007 Labor Day Diary
Cross-posted at Docudharma and Progressive Blue.
Eddie C 09/04/2011 9 29 3 100
Paterson Preview - Photos and Videos
Cross-posted at Progressive Blue. Hearing that the President will be touring Paterson, N. J. on ...
Eddie C 09/03/2011 38 40 - 161
Becoming a Friendly Voice at Congressional Offices
This is an action diary. A surprisingly simple action that the biggest sunrise is the fact that progressive groups have not been exploring this method for years. Not the statement of being ...
Eddie C 08/24/2011 10 38 1 178
So do you want to know about Eric Schneiderman now?
On September 27, 2010 I wrote Want Progress? Try Eric Schneiderman It was a very tough sell. The ...
Eddie C 08/24/2011 83 244 10 1636
Reflections: a photo free photo diary.
This morning I had a fond weather induced memory. It seemed so cool for an August morning in this city. After a long and wonderful nature walk in Van Cortlandt Park yesterday I woke up feeling very ...
Eddie C 08/18/2011 16 24 - 146
Rick Perry is Phil Gramm's Protégé?
Since Phil Gramm "the man most responsible for the 2008 economic meltdown," endorsed Rick Perry, it has been mentioned several ...
Eddie C 08/17/2011 25 34 - 121
Seventeen Million Former Middle Class Families
It was just one sentence on NBC Nighty News, a lead in to a Dateline special "America Now The Town That Jobs Forgot." Jacob Hacker said ...
Eddie C 08/15/2011 81 105 - 566
What if Barack Obama had a real job?
Sometimes you just need to know when to walk away. Like when you take a late but popular satirical comment and turn it into a diary. ...
Eddie C 08/04/2011 49 12 - 204
July in Riverdale Sunset Photos
Riverdale is the very quiet Bronx neighborhood where Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica come from. I often attempt to transform Riverdale into the Key West of New York City sunsets. From my window ...
Eddie C 08/01/2011 63 55 2 189
Last Week in Photos
Cross-posted at La Vida Locavore. As a blogger I have so little to offer anymore. Now as a totally obsessed photo ...
Eddie C 07/22/2011 53 65 2 276
The Quote of the Day
This morning on Brian Lerher the topic was Deductions and Loopholes. Peter in Armonk, New York called in and said;
Eddie C 07/12/2011 116 505 12 2375
Happy Birthday to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge
Today is the Sliver Anniversary of the bridge formerly know as the The Triborough Bridge. The New York State Assembly voted to rename the ...
Eddie C 07/11/2011 10 17 - 79
Yesterday on the The Leonard Lopate Show there was a very disturbing interview. It was another story of ...
Eddie C 07/07/2011 7 35 1 179
A Coney Island Greeting on the Fourth of July
This started out as a gray day in New York City. Instead of a view of the Palisades and an armada of small boats slowly making their way down river for the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks, my ...
Eddie C 07/04/2011 50 85 1 312
Photos to make “Hot Coffee” more palatable
Okay so this has nothing to do with the documentary that will be on HBO in few minutes But since my ...
Eddie C 06/27/2011 16 30 1 277
"Hot Coffee" the real "True Blood" on HBO
HBO is on tonight! What is Hot Coffee ? It is a feature documentary by Susan Saladoff about "what really happened to Stella Liebeck, the ...
Eddie C 06/27/2011 16 36 - 274
The Nation's Most Ambitious Energy Efficiency Program
It is not easy finding good news or working government information anymore. So seeing "New York can now claim the nation's most ambitious energy efficiency program" in a letter from the ...
Eddie C 06/23/2011 8 46 1 199
Open Thread and Lunchtime Photos
I was just looking around and there was no Open Thread this morning. Just in case you are not in Minneapolis or have something "off topic" to post, what does "Welcome" look like in about a 100 ...
Eddie C 06/17/2011 32 21 - 137
"Public employees have become targets of anger and criticism."
The quote "Public employees have become targets of anger and criticism" that was followed by "and that's leading to a growing number of them calling it quits," came from Lester Holt last night on ...
Eddie C 06/11/2011 110 174 5 873
Was there a National Nurses United rally today?
Apparently so and with 50 million American still uninsured and millions more underinsured these are the people who need promotion the most. Today's events, real people seeking real solutions, ...
Eddie C 06/07/2011 46 70 2 311
New York City Health Insurance Cost!
The title in today's Daily News story is Health care ...
Eddie C 05/31/2011 31 36 - 234
Memories of an Artistic Watering Hole
I have some fond memories to share. After reliving the experience of seeing The Dizzy Gillespie Dream Band, thoughts drummed up about ...
Eddie C 05/22/2011 75 64 5 397
The Steaming Forest Sunset
It has been so long since I've seen a sunset from my Bronx window.Finally this evening the clouds cooperated and for the first time in months I saw steam rising from the Palisades. Here's the ...
Eddie C 05/21/2011 35 64 - 244
House Bill to authorize War anywhere in the world, including inside US borders!
With the House of Representatives at recess it can't happen this week but Sec. 1034 of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that was ...
Eddie C 05/18/2011 36 38 - 224
An Executive Order to Stop Union Busting?
The headline on this video page that has a transcript is White House could use power of federal contracting to enforce labor laws, but has no plans to do so.
Eddie C 05/16/2011 30 30 1 268
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