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Elders of Zion

Group founded by wiscmass

Who we are:

We are Jews, proud and unapologetic. We practice our faith the way we see fit, not the way antisemites, the ignorant, fundamentalists of all stripes, or others who would wish us ill would like to pretend we do. Some of us are very religiously observant, others are deeply secular; Jewish identity is highly salient for some of us and just one identity among many for others. But all of us here are progressive Jews. And although we recognize that there are many paths to progressive ideology, many of which have nothing to do with religion or ethnicity, we identify our ethnoreligious identity as inherent to our progressive worldview.

You don't have to be Jewish to join, or even particularly knowledgeable. You just have to be willing to learn about Jews and Judaism from the group.

Organizational diary: Introducing the Elders of Zion

Dealing with trolls

From experience, we've found that diaries having to do with Jews and/or Judaism tend to draw the attention of trolls. Antisemitism of any variety will be hide-rated without warning. Members should not engage diary hijackers or those seeking to instigate pie fights over any topic, I/P or otherwise. Hijackers and pie fighters will be warned once and hide-rated thereafter.

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