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D'var Torah: Our Duty to Aid and Respect those in Need
This week's parsha is Aharay Mot and Kedoshim, Leviticus chapters 16 to 20. During leap years, it is split into two parshas, but this year is not a leap year so the two parshas are read together. ...
Navy Vet Terp 04/30/2015 18 14 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Wed. 29 April'15: Basic How-To at a Diary Saying a Kosak Needs Our Help
Input for improvement welcome: comment or kosmail to diary writer. Revision is in process. JOB 1: Someone with permission of the kosak in trouble has written a diary stating who's the kosak in ...
mettle fatigue 04/30/2015 87 43 1 -
2 Shelterboxes bought! 275 towards a new 500 match!
A Response Team volunteer message to donors. ShelterBox Response Team volunteer Becky Maynard has a message for donors and supporters which we're releaseing as she's 30,000 feet in the air flying ...
TexMex 04/28/2015 9 27 - -
BFSkinner bled again. Back in hospital, awaiting surgery.
Sigh. Our friend BFSkinner returned to the emergency room on Friday due to intestinal blood loss and extreme weakness. He remains hospitalized at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, ...
2thanks 04/28/2015 57 165 - -
D'var Torah: Passover
I have posted things before that I wrote for writing classes held at my synagogue by my friend Lynn. They have usually been related to the High Holidays, but this year the class is less focused, and ...
ramara 04/10/2015 6 17 - -
Afikomen prizes for adults
If you no longer have young children at your Passover Seder, I have a suggestion for an alternative approach to the Afikomen tradition that brings in more of the Jewish sensibility of the ritual ...
Greg306 03/29/2015 14 25 - -
D'var Torah: Parshat Tzav and Shabbat HaGadol
Having gotten into the Book of Leviticus, it can be hard to relate to the Torah. We enter a period of discussing sacrifices, and in this particular weekly section (Leviticus 6:1-8:36), that’s ...
JLan 03/27/2015 13 8 - -
D'var Torah: Vayikra and Shabbat Hachodesh
Seven years ago this week-end I had asked to do the d'var Torah at my synagogue. My birthday was on Shabbat, and it was my first birthday after having cancer, my 60th. I was still recovering and weak,
ramara 03/19/2015 15 12 - -
Three Words for Love: Selma, Aloha, Ahava
SELMA . A few days ago, an estimated 40,000 people descended on Selma, Alabama, for the 50th anniversary of the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (and recently ...
arlenegoldbard 03/15/2015 1 5 - -
D'var Torah: Power Corrupts
First Torah reading: Exodus Chapters 35 to end of Exodus. Second Torah reading: Numbers Chapter 19. Haftarah: Ezekiel 36:16-38. For a diary on this week's regular Torah reading, check out my ...
Navy Vet Terp 03/13/2015 38 21 - -
D'var Torah: Ki Tisa
Torah reading: Exodus 30:11-34:35 Haftarah: 1 Kings 18:20-39. And so now we come to the story of the Golden Calf. The Israelites, impatient and worried that Moses has vanished forever on Mount Sinai,
Eowyn9 03/06/2015 21 8 - -
D'var Torah: Purim
Purim begins today at sundown. It is customary to dress in costume; we read the Megillah (the Book of Esther) and whenever Haman's name is mentioned we make as much noise as possible to drown it out.
ramara 03/04/2015 49 28 - -
D'var Torah: Tetzaveh
Torah Reading: Exodus 27:20-30:10 Haftarah: 1 Samuel 15:1-34 Here we are on the 16th anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah, and here I am still trying to find something relevant and contemporary in a ...
GoldnI 02/27/2015 13 14 - -
Dvar Torah Volunteer Schedule & Resources - thru March.
Some writing/reading sources come first, then the dates, stated for Saturday readings but diaries can post pretty much anytime from Thursday through Saturday, even earlier if you have prior ...
mettle fatigue 02/26/2015 3 2 - -
DvarTorah: Terumah - To Build Is Human
A s I was assembling the Dvar-Torah volunteer schedule a few weeks ago with a little introduction for each parsha, the one for parashat Terumah came from Liel Leibovitz's 5772 (2011) commentary at ...
mettle fatigue 02/19/2015 8 8 - -
D'var Torah: The Money Changers in the Temple
There are two Torah readings for this special Shabbat. The weekly reading, Mishpatim, chapters 21 through 24 of Exodus, forms the backbone of the legal code of the ancient Israelites. Two years ...
Navy Vet Terp 02/12/2015 50 19 1 -
D'var Torah: Yitro (or, A Visit From the In-Laws)
Yitro: Exodus 18:1 - 20:23 Isaiah 6:1 - 7:6, 9:5-6 (Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) Sometimes, in-laws can be annoying, when they drop in offering unsolicited advice.
quarkstomper 02/06/2015 30 14 - -
D'var Torah: Beshalach
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves that we are underlings. There are many things this parsha brings to mind for me and I thought about writing each of them so long that I ...
ramara 01/30/2015 30 6 - -
D'var Torah Upcoming Schedule Volunteer Sign-Up With Source Links
Some writing/reading sources are below. Dates are after that, stated for Saturday readings but diaries can be posted between Thursday and Sunday if you have prior commitments — please arrange in ...
mettle fatigue 01/26/2015 3 4 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Prequel
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) Ages ago when Atlantis was young and the World still flat, when Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and Reagan occupied the White House, I drew ...
quarkstomper 01/26/2015 59 72 2 -
"And There Came All Manner of Flies" (D'var Torah: Va-era)
Torah reading: Exodus 6:2 to 9:35 Haftarah: Ezekiel 28:25 to 29:21 First, some buzzing music from Handel to set the scene (we sang "Israel in Egypt" when I was in undergrad choir, and this is ...
Eowyn9 01/16/2015 15 10 - -
Religious Freedom Day: How 8 Jewish Soldiers Brought Religious Freedom to Maryland
Friday January 16th is National Religious Freedom Day. All of us should be observing this event, because the Right is warping religious freedom to create "a right" to impose religious convictions ...
Navy Vet Terp 01/12/2015 53 82 5 -
Seize the Day -- Religious Freedom Day
Two weeks ago, I wrote here about the most important national day most of us have never heard of: Religious Freedom Day. That post was also a call to action. What if we seized this day to think ...
Frederick Clarkson 01/12/2015 24 25 - -
Terrorists win - US & UK media surrender
One of the sad consequences in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack on satirical magazine CHARLIE-HEBDO has been the widespread decision by US and UK media to hide and/or pixelize and/or ...
Lupin 01/10/2015 120 84 2 -
Dvar Torah Calendar With Parsha & Source Links
Here are some sources that D'var Torah diary writers may find useful. Right now, other than ramara for January 31st, we have no volunteers, so Please Volunteer!
mettle fatigue 01/08/2015 15 10 - -
D’var Torah: Parshat Vayechi
This week we reach the end of the book of Genesis, as we read Genesis 47:28-50:26, and its accompanying Haftorah, I Kings 2:1-12. Having dispensed with most of the action of the book, and with most ...
JLan 01/02/2015 39 13 - -
D'var Torah - Vayigash and Public Schools
Torah reading for this Shabbat: Genesis 44:16 to 47:27 Haftarah: Ezekiel 37: 15-28 Last week's Torah reading ended when Joseph announces that he will keep Benjamin in Egypt as his slave, the ...
Navy Vet Terp 12/26/2014 5 14 1 -
Good Ol' Down Home Country Hanukkah
. . . because what could be more country than a holiday involving deep-fried goodies and hunky Maccabean men?
PsychoSuperMom 12/23/2014 3 5 - -
The Story of Hanukkah
Hanukkah is a relatively minor holiday on the Jewish calendar that has become amplified in importance to compete with Christmas. In this diary I will try to explain its historical significance and ...
Navy Vet Terp 12/20/2014 30 44 1 -
D'var Torah: Mikketz
Last week, we left Joseph in prison, forgotten. Two years later he is remembered - the cupbearer remembers him when none of Pharaoh's wise men can interpret two dreams that Pharaoh had, the dreams ...
ramara 12/19/2014 5 9 - -
Technion's Chanukia-Lighting Machine
Technion's Chanukia-Lighting Machine at youtube. Chag Chanuka Sa'me'ch to all readers - Happy Chanuka! (Note: "Rube Goldberg" reference deleted post-publication.)
mettle fatigue 12/18/2014 3 4 - -
D'var Torah: Vayeshev - Joseph the spoiled brat
Torah reading: Genesis chapters 37 to 40. Haftarah reading: Amos 2:6 to 3:8. This paraha begins the story of Joseph, a novella within the Bible that starts with chapter 37 and continues to the ...
Navy Vet Terp 12/11/2014 48 24 - -
The Silencing of Dinah (D'var Torah: Vayishlach)
Torah: Genesis 32:4 through chapter 36 Haftarah: Obadiah (full book). For today's D'var Torah, I've decided to focus in on the story of Dinah in Genesis 34. The setting is the land of Shechem in ...
Eowyn9 12/05/2014 57 37 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: "Take My Sister... Please !"
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) I have long fancied that the Book of Genesis was written in part to discourage the Israelites from the practice of ancestor worship. ...
quarkstomper 11/30/2014 55 73 2 -
D'var Torah: Vayetse - Giving Everyone the Benefit of the Doubt
Torah Reading: Genesis 28:10 to 32:3 Haftarah Reading: Hosea 11:7 to 12:12 or 12:13 to 14:10. In this week's parasha Jacob, having tricked his father into giving the better blessing, flees from ...
Navy Vet Terp 11/27/2014 21 13 1 -
D'var Torah: Toledot
I'm sorry this is late - medical issues have been consuming a lot of time and energy this week. This week's Torah reading is the story of Jacob and Esau, whose fighting began in their mother's womb ...
ramara 11/21/2014 8 6 - -
The real sin of Sedom (Sodom) -- Dvar Torah, Parshat Vayera
In this week's Torah portion we read about the destruction of Sedom (Sodom), something that has been widely misinterpreted by Christian sources to the point that the very name of the city has made ...
charliehall2 11/08/2014 73 83 5 -
D'var Torah: Lech Lecha, The Prequel
This parsha begins the story of the Jewish people. Until now we have had a history of the world up until Abraham. Last week we learned about his father's family, which was from Ur, in Mesopotamia. ...
ramara 10/31/2014 6 7 - -
D'var Torah: Noach
At ramara's request, I'm re-posting this piece from my "Ones You Didn't Hear" series for this week's D'var Torah reading. (cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) The pious ...
quarkstomper 10/25/2014 10 9 - -
D'var Torah: Bereshit
Torah Reading: Genesis: Chapter 1 through 6:8 Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5 to 43:10 This diary supplements the excellent diary of A DC Wonk , published earlier this week. With the right wing's ...
Navy Vet Terp 10/15/2014 12 12 - -
Oct. 14, 1943: Jewish Rebellion at Sobibor Death Camp
There is an image of Jews going tamely to slaughter in the Holocaust. And it is true, for various reasons, this did happen all too often. But some Jews stood up and fought, even at times defeating ...
mole333 10/15/2014 127 178 4 -
D'var Torah: Bereishit: The Creation of Humankind: Mission Not Accomplished (Yet)
Torah Reading: Genesis: Chapter 1 through 6:8 Haftarah: Isaiah 42:5 to 43:10 Bereishit . In the beginning. It sounds so magisterial. G-d begins to create the world -- culminating in the ...
A DC Wonk 10/13/2014 5 9 - -
D'var Torah: Sukkot
I originally published the body of this diary a year or two ago, when I had signed up to write a d'var Torah for Sukkot and was late doing it. This year I haven't seen another one, and though I will ...
ramara 10/12/2014 7 11 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Jephthah's Bargain
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) There have been times where I needed to make a decision about something, and so I would sort of leave things to fate. If such-and-...
quarkstomper 10/06/2014 67 46 2 -
Angel Wings on Yom Kippur
When Kol Nidre is sung on the eve of Yom Kippur, Jews everywhere are wrapped in spiritual emotion as they pray to be entered in the Book of Life. The chant of Kol Nidre captures this spirituality ...
Nospinicus 10/02/2014 44 29 1 -
The Sound of Ancient Israel
To commemorate the upcoming Jewish High Holidays: The Temple in Jerusalem is gone. The priests who walked its halls are gone. The smoke that rose from the sacrificial alter has long since ...
Nospinicus 09/30/2014 16 30 - -
D'var Torah -- Rosh HaShanah
According to Jewish thought, on Rosh HaShanah the world is judged, and we are judged. And G-d determines what kind of a year we will have. (As the famous liturgical poem goes, “Who shall live, ...
A DC Wonk 09/22/2014 39 32 - -
Repost: Sounds of the High Holidays
I have posted this diary other years as well. These sounds are worth hearing again and again. There are many sounds we associate with the High Holidays. Perhaps the best known is the blowing of ...
ramara 09/19/2014 6 7 - -
D'var Torah: Nitzavim-Vayelech
We have reached the part of the religious year when we prepare for the High Holidays and the cycle of festivals that lead to the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of the next on Simchat ...
ramara 09/18/2014 9 26 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Mrs. Cain
(cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday Schoo l) “You’re a Pastor’s Kid,” a friend once said to me; “Maybe you can answer this one. Where did Cain get his wife? I’ve ...
quarkstomper 09/15/2014 86 37 2 -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: The Mark of Cain
(cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) In his comic book SANDMAN, writer Neil Gaiman sometimes used a couple of characters who had earlier appeared in a couple of the horror ...
quarkstomper 09/09/2014 92 65 4 -
D'var Torah: Ki tetse
Deuteronomy 21:10 - 25:19 Isaiah 54:1-10 Like much of the Book of Deuteronomy, this section jumps around to a lot of subjects. We have laws regarding what to do with a captured war bride; the ...
quarkstomper 09/05/2014 20 10 1 -
D'Var Torah - Shoftim and the SCOTUS Majority
Torah reading: Deuteronomy 16:18 to 21:10 Haftarah: Isaiah 51:12 to 52:12 The name of this week's parshah "Shoftim" - means "judges." The parsha begins: You shall appoint for ...
Navy Vet Terp 08/29/2014 10 14 - -
D'var Torah: Re-eh (So Why All The Intolerance?)
Torah reading: Deuteronomy 11:26 to 16:17. Haftarah: Isaiah 54:11 to 55:5. (3rd Haftarah of Consolation). Today, I'm going to focus on the Deutoronomy passage. To a modern reader, this section --
Eowyn9 08/24/2014 31 10 - -
D'var Torah: Va-etchanan
Imagine this: You are a young king of a small country. Your northern neighbor, which worshiped the same god as you, has been conquered by a powerful empire, and its people dispersed. Your country ...
ramara 08/08/2014 14 16 - -
Flowers of the Forest in No Man's Land on Tisha b'Av
Instagram ( well, at least my feed. ...) over the last few days has been full of pictures of various European royals and government officials placing wreaths to commemorate the centennial of the ...
mayim 08/07/2014 5 20 - -
Tisha B'Av 70 and 2014 CE - Zealots Then and Now
On Monday night August 4th until dark on Tuesday August 5th, observant Jews will endure the 25 hour fast of Tisha B'Av. Tisha B'Av means, simply, the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av. But why is ...
Navy Vet Terp 08/03/2014 16 17 - -
Plato, the Prophets, and Peace (D'var Torah: Devarim)
D'var Torah: Devarim Torah reading: Deuteronomy 1:1 to 3:22. Third Haftarah of Rebuke: Isaiah 1:1-27. Today's Torah reading comes from the beginning of Deuteronomy, which I've always found a ...
Eowyn9 08/01/2014 17 14 - -
As A Black Liberal Who Supports Israel
The past 7 weeks have been very difficult for me; both personally and in general. You see, in addition to being a "Black liberal", I'm also Jewish. And I saw the news on 6/12/14 about three ...
MsShona 07/31/2014 110 24 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 7/24/14: A Spiritual Challenge
With each passing year we pause to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special events with our families and friends. But for those who have been affected by violence, these special days ...
remembrance 07/25/2014 62 43 - -
Moses and the Drama Triangle: D'var Torah (Shabbat Chukat) Part 2
So I'd meant to post this a few weeks ago, but... Ah, well. Just like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for forty years, we've gotten here eventually! :D In Part 1, we were looking at the ...
Eowyn9 07/22/2014 3 6 - -
R.Steven Wernick: Update #2 from Israel (rec'd July 16, 2014)
The below email contains information I hadn't heard or seen before. Without agreeing or disagreeing on the views expressed, or independent verification of whether the information is accurate, I'm ...
mettle fatigue 07/17/2014 4 11 - -
Dvar Torah: Parshat Mattot -- Words Matter
Torah reading: Numbers 30:2-32:42 Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3 Greetings and blessings. This week’s torah portion is Mattot. Additionally, today (Tuesday) marks the beginning of what is called “
A DC Wonk 07/16/2014 22 16 1 -
Dvar Torah: Parshat Pinchas
This week we have one of the longest single parshaot in the entire Torah, Parshat Pinchas, Numbers 25:10-30:1. The parsha begins with God giving Pinchas, the Zealot introduced at the end of the ...
charliehall2 07/10/2014 28 12 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: The Reverend King, His Rabbi Friends, and My Dad
It is the summer of 1964 and my mother is pregnant with my older sister. My future family lives in the Jewish section of Squirrel Hill and have their pick of Kosher delicatessens and bakeries. ...
remembrance 07/04/2014 41 50 - -
Water, Power, and Conflict: D'var Torah (Shabbat Chukat) Part 1
(Preliminary note: as I began writing this D'var Torah, I soon realized that it was ballooning into something much longer and in-depth than I'd intended. I've therefore decided to split it up into ...
Eowyn9 06/27/2014 8 11 - -
Jewish and Gay Reading List
This is not really a diary, since I don't have time to write one and haven't read the books on this list. But I really thought this community would appreciate it, and be able to add to it and ...
ramara 06/27/2014 4 5 - -
D'var Torah: Was Korach the first teabagger?
Torah Reading: Numbers chapter 16 through 18. Haftarah Reading: First Samuel 11:14 to 12:22. This week's Torah reading recounts the Great Revolt against Moses's leadership led by his cousin Korach.
Navy Vet Terp 06/19/2014 31 24 - -
Shlach L'cha: Speaking Truth to Power
Shabbat Shalom. This week's parshah is Sh'lach l'cha, is found the fourth book of the Torah, B'midbar ("in the desert" also known as Numbers). After difficult travel from Egypt, the Jews led by ...
BoogieMama 06/13/2014 6 14 - -
Sign up for D'var Torah diaries
It's time again to ask for volunteers for the weekly D'var Torah diaries. We survived Leviticus and are about to begin several weeks of some of the more interesting Bible stories, so why not give ...
Navy Vet Terp 06/09/2014 10 5 - -
Netroots Nation Interfaith Service: Contributions Wanted
This year loggersbrat and I are in charge of the Netroots Nation interfaith service again, and this year the theme is politics, faith, hope and despair. We are all activists, which means we have a ...
ramara 06/09/2014 5 10 - -
D'var Torah: Bechelatecha
I'm feeling completely uninspired this week; perhaps fitting since the parsha is about inspiration - the naming of Bezalel to make God's plans for the Tabernacle a reality. God cannot simply have ...
ramara 06/06/2014 30 8 - -
Shavuot 2011 and 2014, 5771 and 5774
Note: The person who had volunteered to write the diary for the Holiday of Shavuot wasn't able to do so, so I am republishing what I did back in 2011. Does anyone remember the incident I mentioned ...
Navy Vet Terp 06/03/2014 4 5 1 -
Dvar Torah: Naso
This week we have the longest single parsha in the entire Torah, Parshat Naso, Numbers 4:21 - 7:89. It addresses many topics, each of which would justify an essay on its own. In fact, two of the ...
charliehall2 05/30/2014 20 16 1 -
This Week's D'var Torah
We may be blessed with two commentaries this week. Our new Kossack, dssayani, signed up to do this week, but when he hadn't posted it by this afternoon, NVT asked whether we could publish ...
ramara 05/23/2014 1 4 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Abigail and Her Really Stupid Husband
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) Nabal was a wealthy property owner living near Carmel during the reign of King Saul. He owned substantial flocks of sheep and goats ...
quarkstomper 05/23/2014 51 56 1 -
D'var Torah: Lag B'Omer and the Unfinished Construction Project
Torah Reading: Bechukotai (My Laws), Leviticus 26:3 to end of Leviticus. Haftarah Reading: Jeremiah 16:10 to 17:14. Even though this was my bar mitzvah parsha, instead of discussing the reading ...
Navy Vet Terp 05/15/2014 13 14 - -
The Ones You Didn't Hear: Moses's Horns
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) “You’re a preacher’s kid, maybe you can answer this,” my high school art teacher said; “Why does Moses have horns?” “...
quarkstomper 05/11/2014 124 47 1 -
D'var Torah: Behar
Note: This diary was authored by our brand new Kossack as of May 5th, dssayani, a chazan (cantor) in New York City. Unfortunately, he sent it to my mailbox rather than publishing it directly. He'...
Navy Vet Terp 05/09/2014 12 14 - -
Call for D'var Torah Volunteers
It's time again to ask for volunteers to keep the D'var Torah series going. If you haven't done one before, why not give it a try? None of us are rabbinical scholars. Here is the list of upcoming ...
Navy Vet Terp 05/04/2014 9 4 - -
D'var Torah: Emor - Counting the Omer
I'll be honest: I was not planning to write about the parsha this week, which contains instructions for the priests, deeming the disabled as unfit to approach the Sanctuary, the "eye for an eye" law,
ramara 05/01/2014 23 9 - -
CNN: Sarah Palin's Militant Christianity
I have a new essay today on CNN that I thought I'd share with the community here. I approach Palin's "baptism" comment not from the perspective of a Christian offended by her blasphemy, but as a ...
Lollardfish 05/01/2014 221 368 7 -
Dvar Torah: Kedoshim
This week's Torah reading is Parshat Kedoshim, chapters 19 and 20 of Sefer Vayikra, known in English as the Book of Leviticus. It contains many commandments regarding ethical behavior in business, ...
charliehall2 04/25/2014 7 10 - -
D'var Torah - Passover and Religious Freedom
Right Wing Republicans have been annoying me for decades, but one thing I have found especially annoying is their present drive to use bogus claims of religious freedom to get their way. Indeed, ...
Navy Vet Terp 04/17/2014 10 17 - -
D'var Torah: Shabbat Hagadol, What's so Great About It?
Torah reading: Leviticus Chapters 16 to 18 Haftarah reading: Malachi 3: 4-24 (with verse 23 repeated at end). The Shabbat before Passover is known as Shabbat HaGadol, which means the great Shabbat,
Navy Vet Terp 04/10/2014 10 13 - -
Theodore Bikel bio, link to 90th B'day at Yiddish Theatre w/Fyvush Finkel(91) & Bel Kaufman(104)
[ The National Yiddish Theatre - Folksbiene - Presents] [ Bikel] with [http://en....
mettle fatigue 04/08/2014 14 16 - -
D'var Torah: Metsora (The Outcasts Save the Day)
Torah reading: Leviticus chapters 14 and 15. Haftarah reading: Second Kings 7: 3-20. This week's Torah reading continues to lay out the Biblical laws regarding "leprosy": how it was diagnosed, how ...
Eowyn9 04/07/2014 8 8 - -
Sorry Righties but Biblical Noah was a Vegan Environmentalist!
Call me picayune, but yesterday morning, I woke up annoyed with Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner and all my MSNBC friends. My husband was blasting All In over the internet. Alex Wagner was reviewing the new ...
TheFatLadySings 03/30/2014 88 106 - -
D'var Torah: Was Ezekiel really a prophet?
Primary Torah reading: Leviticus chapters 12 and 13. Second Torah reading: Exodus 12: 1-20. Haftarah reading: Ezekiel 45: 16 to 46: 18. This Shabbat is known as Shabbat HaChodesh, which ...
Navy Vet Terp 03/28/2014 26 14 - -
Call for D'var Torah volunteers
It's time for the periodic call for D'var Torah diarists. If you enjoy reading these weekly diaries but haven't written one, why not give it a try? None of us are rabbinical scholars. Here are ...
Navy Vet Terp 03/24/2014 5 4 - -
D'var Torah: Shemini
I asked for this week because the 22nd is my birthday, without knowing what the parsha was, or at least not paying attention. The last time my birthday came on a Saturday was six years ago, and I ...
ramara 03/20/2014 17 21 1 -
D'var Torah: Character analysis in Megilat Esther
(Disclaimer: This is a d'var torah for Purim, rather than a piece of Purim Torah . Maybe next year I'll do the latter instead.) So as most of you probably know, on Purim we read Megilat Esther , ...
Batya the Toon 03/16/2014 17 16 - -
It's The Great Purim Pub Crawl, Charlie Brown!
In New York, we have just begun to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The traditional pub crawl has grown to include the weekend that precedes the actual day. There was a time when St. Patrick's Day was ...
Woody25 03/15/2014 38 25 - -
D'var Torah: Tzav -- Expressing Thanks
Tzav Leviticus 6:1-8:36 Hafrarah: Jeremiah 7:21-28, 9:22-23 (Note: The opening parshas of Leviticus, in particular Vayikra and Tzav, explain in gory detail the offerings that must be brought in the ...
A DC Wonk 03/10/2014 15 17 1 -
D'var Torah Note
Shabbat Shalom. If you came looking for a d'var Torah this week, you were disappointed - I certainly was. But nobody signed up for the week, and NavyVetTerp, instead of filling in as he usually ...
ramara 03/08/2014 3 7 - -
Michele Bachmann says Jewish Americans 'sold out' Israel
The fourth horseman ...
Hunter 03/05/2014 189 219 4 -
Dvar Torah: Parshat Pekudei/Shabat Shekalim
This week we complete the reading of Sefer Shemot, known in English as the Book of Exodus, with Parshat Pekudei (Exodus 38:21–40:38). It documents in great detail the completion of the miskan, or ...
charliehall2 02/27/2014 30 14 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Jewish Reform Movement Resolution for Safer Fracking
One generation goes and another generation comes, but the Earth remains forever" (Kohelet 1:4). At a recent Friday Night Service, musical interludes filled the bimah while images of a drought ...
remembrance 02/26/2014 73 46 1 -
Are Ukrainian Jews In Danger?
Haaretz has published a short article reporting concerns raised by a Rabbi in Kiev about the safety of the local Jewish community in the present political upheavals. Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven ...
Richard Lyon 02/22/2014 102 40 1 -
D'var Torah: What would Moses Have Said About Citizens United?
Torah reading: Exodus chapters 35 to 38:21. The name of the parsha is Vayakhal - and he (Moses) convoked. Haftarah reading: First Kings 7: 13-26 or 7: 40-50. The fact that speakers may have ...
Navy Vet Terp 02/20/2014 25 32 2 -
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