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Bill Gates Foundation Funds ALEC
American Legislative Exchange Council Date: November 2011 Purpose: to educate and engage its membership on more ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 01/11/2012 9 20 2 136
Recall Walker: ALEC, Medicaid Cuts, and the 11/19 Rally
This diary is a re-post from my personal blog Elvis Sightings . I wasn't going to diary, seeing as how ...
AnnieJo 11/26/2011 18 56 1 318
Privatizing Evil for Profit
I’ve been thinking a long time about the privatization of public services and some of the inherent dangers that go along with such schemes. I would not say that I am anti-privatization in all ...
swellsman 11/26/2011 6 5 - 57
The Occupy Movement, as exemplified by OWS and emulated in so many cities worldwide shows me one thing—people are no longer satisfied to live a no longer livable life. Expressing the entire 99% ...
Ron1951 11/05/2011 5 6 1 36
Shelby County, Alabama
Billed as the fastest growing county in the State of Alabama Nestled right splat on the belly button of the State of ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 11/05/2011 6 2 - 51
Radical Republican SB5 (Ohio Issue 2) is Heading for Repeal - Quinnipiac Poll
This will be a short diary which only reports a bit on the Ohio effort to overturn, or exercize the People's Veto over Ohio SB5, an ALEC inspired attempt to break public employee unions, demonize ...
Ohiodem1 10/29/2011 7 12 1 85
And the truth will make you mad! "All About ALEC", Oct. 22
OAP ROCKS!! It was the first time we saw a real organized effort, close enough to get involved with, to gather caring people and hear about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, in great ...
semiAdult 10/26/2011 25 67 10 417
ALEC scandal goes international - UK Knighthood, Thatcher and 3M involved
Like most of you I had never heard of the Atlantic Bridge charity. It was founded and designed to promote the "special relationship" between the UK and the US. Over the past couple of days the ...
Bob Sloan 10/08/2011 80 189 18 950
updated: prison companies profiting from the crackdown on immigration -- an international problem
On September 28, as part of its series on immigration detention , the New York ...
ej25 10/08/2011 34 41 3 202
Five million could be disenfranchised under new voting laws
New York University School of Law's Brennan Center for Justice released a new ...
Joan McCarter 10/03/2011 86 62 5 383
A Rant against ALEC and Koch everyone should read - before it's too late
I normally would not do this, but this blog entry I read the other day sticks in my mind ...
Bob Sloan 10/01/2011 36 40 5 243
Charles Koch: Social Security for me, but not for thee
The Nation has a fantastic exclusive demonstrating ...
Joan McCarter 09/29/2011 62 128 7 616
ALEC's Immigration need for it unless you live in the U.S. Constitution Free Zone.
With the furor over immigration and entry into the U.S. by those avoiding the legal path, RepubliCons pushed for SB 1070 in AZ. in 2010 and in more than 30 states since then. They have had mixed ...
Bob Sloan 09/28/2011 22 38 4 306
The Radical Republican Political Strategy is Failure
Across the Midwestern United States, from Minnesota to Ohio, we have observed the result of a "wave" election in 2010 where Republicans made great political gains as a result of a low turnout ...
Ohiodem1 09/26/2011 28 13 - 150
Exposing ALEC - Updated List and Request for Action
(If you don’t know what ALEC is – please see the links at the end of this diary.) I saw a tweet the other day that said we had to identify all the members of the American Legislative Exchange ...
MNDem999 09/25/2011 15 30 3 194
"Killing for Kids" - Murder of Troy Davis and ALEC's Privatization Legislation
I know there has been a lot written about the sad Troy Davis case from 1989 right through to today, following his execution in Georgia this week. I have long had mixed feelings about the death ...
Bob Sloan 09/23/2011 6 27 4 81
The GOP Is Manufacturing A Constitutional Crisis To Force A Coup
This is going to be a short comment. In light of the GOP latest overt attempt to cause a general state of emergency by shutting down the government (
Ray Pensador 09/21/2011 103 51 1 584
ALEC Exposed - Prison Labor
Earlier this year, the Center for Media and Democracy released documents detailing some ...
Rusty5329 09/19/2011 4 18 2 75
ALEC, Heritage, DeVos, James Madison Inst., Ctr. for Pol. Analysis, Perry, Roe Inst. cozy up in TX.
In April of this year the Heritage Foundation held one of their regular "closed" meetings in Dallas/Ft. Worth TX. This meeting was Titled: "Ideas and Strategies That Will Lead ...
Bob Sloan 09/18/2011 44 25 6 122
Exposing ALEC - Day of ACTION (DIARY)
(If you don't know what ALEC is , please see the links at the end of this diary) Well folks - the protest at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) States and Nation Summit is coming up ...
MNDem999 09/16/2011 11 23 - 90
They Are Watching Us
Watching them: August 17, 2011 by Todd Myers A new, left-wing group called ALEC Exposed has popped up taking aim at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) noting that the ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 09/15/2011 4 6 - 150
Lost, Abused and Neglected for a Profit
Guillermo Gomez-Sanchez is a 50-year-old legal resident with a mental disability. In 2004, Gomez was detained because of a dispute at a grocery store over a bag of tomatoes. His detention led him ...
RobertGreenwald 09/15/2011 3 19 - 57
ALEC Exposed wins Sidney Award for Excellence in Socially Conscious Journalism
Yesterday it was announced by the Sidney Hillman Foundation that the joint Nation and Center for Media and Democracy Series; " ALEC Exposed " was chosen as this month's ...
Bob Sloan 09/14/2011 18 34 2 94
US Chamber Wants Mandatory Indoctrination for High School Students
Digging through press reports on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) earlier this week I came upon something that piqued my interest. At this year's conference in New Orleans the US ...
ManfromMiddletown 09/10/2011 190 342 5 1954
ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking For Feedback on Anti-ALEC/Koch Progressive led Bus Tour this Fall
Bob Sloan 09/06/2011 31 29 2 169
The GOP War On Voting Is In Full Swing. Share This InfoGraphic
Rolling Stone just published an enlightening, albeit disturbing, article detailing the coordinated effort on the part of the Republican Party to ...
News Corpse 09/03/2011 129 188 15 955
ALEC - "Goo-Goo" Fascism?
During the 2010 election – like many of you – I was a door-knocker for a local candidate running for state legislature. During that election I ran into a situation that I had not run into in ...
MNDem999 09/03/2011 30 34 2 202
Parts of Maine's new health insurance reform law taken directly from ALEC model legislation
Cross posted at [Dirigo Blue]
Spud1 09/01/2011 12 21 2 75
Inside ALEC: WI Rep Mark Pocan Speaks Out
Democratic State Representative Mark Pocan has served on the Wisconsin State Assembly since 1998. He represents the district surrounding Madison. He is an outspoken progressive, and has been a ...
noise of rain 08/29/2011 18 53 1 230
ALEC Boycott - Walgreens Edition
As many of you know, has found a list of the corporations that are supporting the ALEC legislation. I have been working on a series of articles focusing on each corporation in ...
lnfinity 08/28/2011 26 22 3 175
Koch/ALEC...attacks upon public education. Looking deep into the Rabbit Hole
Koch Brothers and their attacks upon public education. Many of my - and DK readers in general - are now aware of the vociferous attention Charles and David Koch have been paying to our public ...
Bob Sloan 08/23/2011 22 29 1 123
OH-SB5: Control, Not Cost, Is The Issue.
It was a cold day when I went out the city council meeting in Middletown. Mark, the staff union VP, had got a call from one of the AFSCME guys in Columbus. One of the city councillors was ...
ManfromMiddletown 08/22/2011 10 26 - 101
Baja Arizona Kossacks Open Thread: Hey ALEC!
*Baja Arizona Salutes ALEC* *▾ more below ▾*
Azazello 08/21/2011 17 17 - 290
Another ALEC trick at Federal Level EXPOSED
By now many thought they had heard everything to be heard about ALEC and their un-democratic activities. This is simply not true. As I said to a fellow Exposing ALEC member earlier today..."we ...
Bob Sloan 08/20/2011 88 204 30 929
ALEC and Prison Labor Explained Perfectly by The Young Turks
I don't know if you've seen this video yet, but every DK blogger needs to be focusing on this organization, ALEC. Cenk Uygur and Anna Kasparian put it all together in a few minutes what every ...
bfealk 08/20/2011 8 18 1 111
ALEC Boycott - Kraft Edition
Continuing to dig up information about those Corporations that donate to ALEC as it's imperative that WE use our collective economic might (purchasing power) to let them know we do NOT approve. Here ...
lnfinity 08/18/2011 34 24 4 155
You Gotta' Read This
This won't be much of a diary, just a place to hang a link. I'm a big fan of progressive talk radio and I listen to Ed Schultz nearly every day. Mike ...
Azazello 08/18/2011 18 21 - 232
ALEC's fingerprints are all over it Artwork
If you're writing about ALEC and it's influence on legislatures across the country, please feel free to add these graphics to your piece:
Spud1 08/17/2011 4 9 - 73
Exposing ALEC - ALEC & the White House
(If you don't know what ALEC is - please see the links at the end of this diary.) The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) admits that 1/3 of state legislators belong to their organization.
MNDem999 08/14/2011 17 34 5 145
Lobby (aka ALEC) Reform at the State Level
ALEC balks after experts say it should register as Minnesota lobbyist By Jon Collins | 08.12.11 | 10:43 am | More from The Minnesota Independent The American Legislative ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 08/12/2011 15 13 2 76
How about some help in battling ALEC, Koch money and their ideologies?
Short and sweet video below the fold "Vote for the Worst Governor EVER!" I hope all will take part and register their votes at the website provided in the video. Many ALEC supporters claim that ...
Bob Sloan 08/10/2011 25 31 5 134
"Freedom" from Health Care ... According to ALEC
Florida Health Care Freedom Act Passes House and Senate Mississippi Measure Poised for 2011 Ballot April 22, 2010 Washington, D.C.— Today, Florida's Health Care ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 08/10/2011 6 8 - 79
Yesterday I emailed to inform them that I'm very upset that they had been part of the ALEC Conference in New Orleans last weekend. I hope others will join me in letting them know that it'...
judiadg 08/09/2011 15 38 1 277
ALEC's International Funding
Zaid Jilani at ThinkProgress went to a lot of trouble to get the goods on ALEC at their annual ...
wiseacre 08/09/2011 14 17 4 65
ALEC's creepy influence in Wisconsin (with recall angle!)
David Waldman 08/09/2011 33 48 1 266
Protest ALEC New Orleans Report
A short 8 minute video everyone should see to fully understand how the people feel about the corporatization of America and our Democracy by ALEC and Koch funded legislation:
Bob Sloan 08/08/2011 12 28 1 119
Ohio state senator won't face charges for domestic violence
This guy drinks and pushes his wife around.
Kaili Joy Gray 08/08/2011 178 49 1 397
Exposing ALEC - Oklahoma is the last day of the ALEC Annual meeting. The Kiddie Kongress has sufficiently indoctrinated the next generation of ALEC-ers, the cigars have been smoked, the liberal ...
MNDem999 08/06/2011 34 46 3 274
Protesters Step Up Pressure on ALEC
About 300 protesters from New Orleans and several other states gathered in New Orleans with the goal of keeping up the pressure on both corporate and legislative members of ALEC, the American ...
bfealk 08/06/2011 8 16 1 71
Exposing ALEC PA
Seriously. Corporations are writing PA’s laws. This is not just hyperbole. At this very moment, in New Orleans, there is a group of corporate lobbyists writing what ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 08/05/2011 6 6 - 47
"We write legislation, and they pass our ideas."
Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Pocan is attending the ALEC conference in New Orleans this year. He'd been on the ground in New Orleans only a ...
natasha 08/04/2011 12 23 - 157
Wisconsin Recall: New data on Koch brothers’ million dollar Scott Walker sponsorship
New justdafacts research has uncovered documents showing that Americans for Prosperity, the Republican party auxiliary operation funded by billionaire heirs Charles and David Koch that was accused ...
justdafacts 08/04/2011 56 276 9 1240
CMD Conference on ALEC! Rebroadcast
Video conference from this morning's ALEC Conference hosted by CMD' Lisa Graves. Many couldn't get in as viewing was limited. Enjoy and let's discuss later. TURN SOUND VOLUME UP, AUDIO QUALITY ...
Bob Sloan 08/03/2011 3 14 - 47
11:00 AM Eastern, 10:00 AM Central live stream for ALEC Protest Press Conference
I've never done one of these things before, but I will try here. I will be providing a link to the Presser for the ALEC Protest organizers in New Orleans, which begins in 3 mintues. ...
Ohiodem1 08/03/2011 13 7 - 73
ALEC's cheat sheet legislation
In ...
David Waldman 08/03/2011 30 29 7 192
The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor | The Nation
This article is part of a Nation series exposing the American Legislative Exchange Council, in collaboration with the Center For Media and Democracy.
Bob Sloan 08/02/2011 18 29 4 125
Exposing ALEC SD
I'm going out on a limb here until a Dakota native picks up the ball. My credentials are that I was born in Mitchell, South Dakota, which eventually became the homestead of Senator and Presidential ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 08/02/2011 4 4 1 46
On Wednesday, there will be a press confereance in New Orleans, the cite of ALEC's 2011 meeting, to discuss the effect that its bills have had on regular people. Please distribute and don't forget ...
Bob Sloan 08/01/2011 16 25 1 125
Exposing ALEC Washington State
I'd like to propose that ALEC posts be double tagged, especially if the post discusses ALEC membership in a particular state. Below the fold, Washington State ALEC member ID'd at a source linked ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 08/01/2011 20 11 - 92
Exposing ALEC - Finding Members
There is a frantic frenzy in the blogosphere and elsewhere right now to identify the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) . The lists are being compiled off of every part of ...
MNDem999 07/31/2011 41 64 5 389
"ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed"
The trickle of stories relating to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has grown to a steady flow, thanks to the recently-released (and formerly secret) database of corporatist cookie-...
AnnieJo 07/31/2011 27 55 1 354
ALEC Put Anti-Gov Bash on PA State Gov Tab
As if the irony of holding this year's national convention in a city almost killed by small government (New Orleans) wasn't enough, new evidence emerged yesterday that our friends in ALEC (American ...
ManfromMiddletown 07/29/2011 20 20 1 109
A Letter to Minnesota ALEC Members
(This is a edited republish of a previous diary. ) Three reasons caused this entry - First – I did not get my invite from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) for their meeting in ...
MNDem999 07/28/2011 9 12 - 66
WI State Senators Use Taxpayer Dollars for ALEC Memberships
As if it weren't enough that the Republican legislators in Wisconsin are using ALEC as the vehicle to propagate corporatist legislation that funnels public dollars into private pockets. They're ...
AnnieJo 07/28/2011 8 37 3 170
INTERVIEW: Journalist Beau Hodai On ALEC
Recently on my show , I interviewed Beau Hodai, a journalist ...
Matthew Filipowicz 07/27/2011 4 7 1 48
The English-Only, Segregationist Culture of ALEC
By now, hopefully, you've come across the website ALEC Exposed , the Center for Media and Democracy's wiki resource ...
WePartyPatriots 07/27/2011 36 46 - 279
ALEC Lobbies For Asbestos (and Lies about it)
On July 13, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) spokeswoman Raegan ...
ManfromMiddletown 07/25/2011 22 12 2 115
AMERICA and democracy put on the auction block by ALEC for $500,000,000 - Purchased by Koch!
First a few words from our sponsor:
Bob Sloan 07/24/2011 31 82 17 387
Smart ALEC
There are two kinds of people who go into government, those who believe there are only two kinds of people, and those who don't. Of the two perspectives, wingnuts, well, you know where their hearts ...
Fed up Fed 07/24/2011 5 16 4 106
Corporatocracy II - Republished from 2010
Republished Diary from November 9, 2010. Second diary in my Corporatocracy series. In my last post I provided two key words: fascism and Corporatocracy. I also provided ...
Bob Sloan 07/23/2011 11 4 1 50
Corporatocracy Republished to Exposing ALEC
REPUBLISHED from November 8, 2010 - UPDATE Due to the new interest in corporation's involvement in writing the legislation enacted by our lawmakers for us to live by...and the ALEC Exposed document ...
Bob Sloan 07/23/2011 4 10 3 121
Meet ALEC's Canadian cousin, the CCCE.
Lots of "new" information is coming ...
pale cold 07/23/2011 16 43 3 262
ALEC Exposed – Government of, by and for the Corporations - Part 1
The Center for Media and Democracy recently put on line over 800 pieces of “model legislation” from an organization known as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. The Rochester ...
bfealk 07/22/2011 5 16 4 53
ALEC (State-Corporate Thugs) Exposed by Democracy Now
The American Legislative Exchange Council has been exposed by Democracy Now for “crafting bills to attack worker rights, to roll back environmental regulations, privatize education, deregulate ...
Shawn Russell 07/21/2011 8 21 - 87
UPDATED: American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Releases FULL Donor and Membership Lists
In a stunning press release “Embracing Our Jeffersonian Principles and Transparency… we are disclosing donor and membership lists and legislation models”… well, not quite. This ANALYSIS is ...
Hector Solon 07/21/2011 53 71 23 742
Gov Rick Snyder Sellout? Prefabricated Corporate Michigan (Government) Courtesy of Koch & ALEC Excl.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Snyder Team/Policy are about to become the first totally irrelevant 'Republican' Administration in Michigan history . Armed ...
Hector Solon 07/21/2011 35 57 20 654
ALEC Exposed going Viral and MSM
Here is a video interview of Lisa Graves by Thom Hartmann on his program from July 20th.
Bob Sloan 07/21/2011 90 269 17 1276
Wisconsin & ALEC: Don't Lie To Us!
Many of you know what ALEC is by now: the powerful, secretive organization where Republican state legislators sit down with corporations (who have paid big bucks to be at the table) and write ...
AnnieJo 07/19/2011 93 157 6 752
This week in the War on Workers
On Monday, Sen. Al Franken, Rep. Sander Levin, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, former New York Times columnist Bob Herbert and Center for American Progress economist Heather Boushey joined ...
Laura Clawson 07/18/2011 29 19 2 159
ALEC --What it means.
Since 1973, the citizen legislators of the American Legislative Exchange Council have advanced a common sense conservative agenda based on the fundamental principles of free markets, ...
hannah 07/18/2011 5 15 1 79
The Koch 'Free Enterprise' Meeting to 'Protect America' -- Conducted in Total Secrecy, of course.
For some reason, holding Top Secret Meetings to save our "free market" way of life, kind of bugs me. It's not just that I don't trust Billionaires -- it just kind of bugs me they want ...
jamess 07/18/2011 29 36 - 194
Exposing ALEC - ALEC Exposed Democracy Now Video Exposes Koch Influence upon AMERICA!
This is a short diary but of utmost importance as Lisa Graves, Executive Director for Center for Media and Democracy diagrams the involvement of the Koch brother's impact upon all facets of American ...
Bob Sloan 07/18/2011 19 42 3 178
DK's Exposing ALEC & Protest ALEC efforts pay off big time this week!
As most Progressives are now aware there has been a huge development this week concerning the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). On Monday In These Times (ITT) published an in-depth and ...
Bob Sloan 07/16/2011 145 356 27 1514
When something monumental happens in our history many of us ask ourselves, “ How can I be a part of this? I want to be part of this.” Today I am hoping that you will take the time to be part ...
MNDem999 07/16/2011 8 34 9 165
So, do we divest from ALEC corporations?
I realized that I own shares in 4 ALEC corporations. ADM, GE, Merck and Microsoft. I thought I was helping wind and ethanol by being vested in two of those, and I realized all 4 were amoral, but ...
Ptolemy 07/15/2011 8 6 - 103
ALEC Exposed: Bring on the Bribery Charges for GOP State Legislators?
This has been a full week for the people interested in the impact that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has had in undermining democratic (little D, you guys) government in the states.
ManfromMiddletown 07/15/2011 26 38 3 177
ALEC Exposed: Examining The Organization
[ ALEC Exposed] has provided the world with the American Legislative Exchange Council’s entire [
Stranded Wind 07/14/2011 20 26 1 124
FL Special Needs Vouchers: "Using Disabled School Kids as Lab Rats"
Here is how a recent article in the Miami New Times ...
AnnieJo 07/14/2011 11 22 1 141
Think you know the Koch story? Not if you don't know ALEC.
People (and that includes journalists!) are starting to catch on to the political toxicity of the billionaire Koch brothers. But the crucial next step in opening people's eyes to how these guys work ...
David Waldman 07/13/2011 40 70 17 273
ALEC Exposed: Laughable Privacy Resolution
Earlier today I helped ALEC with transparency and accountability by providing [ ALEC Model Legislation As Torrent]
Stranded Wind 07/13/2011 5 21 3 108
ALEC Model Legislation As Torrent
Not really a diary, but if you're a torrent user please load up the 230 meg [ ALEC Model Legislation] data so we have a fast global mirror of this stuff.
Stranded Wind 07/13/2011 12 21 1 115
ALEC Exposed - Model Legislation Now Available
Several diarists here on DKos have been writing great stuff about the American Legislative Exchange Council. Now all of us have access to 800 pieces of so-called model legislation directly from ALEC.
bfealk 07/13/2011 6 15 3 92
Major Doc Drop: All ALEC Model Legislation Leaked
Major news is breaking today out of Wisconsin. And it's not (directly) about the recall elections. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has gone live with a web ...
ManfromMiddletown 07/13/2011 161 583 46 2836
ALEC - Info to Shock and Amaze You!
In the ALEC Report Card on American Education: Ranking State K-12 Performance, Progress, and Reform (2010) the following statement is made: Report Card on American Education: Ranking ...
MNDem999 07/12/2011 13 26 5 176
Out of state robocalls telling Wisconsin Dems not to vote in today's recall primaries
Chris Bowers 07/12/2011 118 51 3 520
U of MN - Goes to Koch - Because of ALEC?
Sometimes I think that people don’t understand the impact of ALEC’s statement “With nearly 2,000 members, ALEC is the nation’s largest” – this statement represents almost a third of all ...
MNDem999 07/11/2011 11 25 1 167
Evangelical Twist on Use of Prison Labor in WI. and Hidden Links to Koch Bros. Influence
SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION I came across this article today: " Beyond license plates PRISONS | The union battle in Wisconsin may result in helping prisoners become ...
Bob Sloan 07/10/2011 68 139 11 700
When You Govern with Contempt
Allow me first to address those readers who think that it just can't get that much worse. Those who are convinced that at some point even the wealthiest of the ideological corporate elite in this ...
WitsandVinegar 07/08/2011 146 256 11 1354
Exposing ALEC – Their Board & Getting Rid of ALEC Members
Many of us serve on the board of a nonprofit or have the desire to serve on the board of a nonprofit someday. Serving on the board of a nonprofit is your way of telling the world how important that ...
MNDem999 07/08/2011 12 41 3 176
Slave Labor - Comes to Wisconsin to replace Union Workers - Brought to us by Koch Money...
I just read about the new trend in Wisconsin of replacing union and ...
Bob Sloan 07/07/2011 218 200 7 1091
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