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What Happened Tonight In Baltimore
I am writing this here because I need to write it somewhere, or I will start crying. I am a Maryland native, one with family in Baltimore, and one who considers Baltimore to be 'my city'. I live ...
Fenris Hero 04/27/2015 13 5 - -
I finally understand #Benghazi
It finally occured to me what was going on. With Darrell Issa's refusal to accept the acceptance of his subpoena of John Kerry, the last puzzle piece clicked into place for me. We've been looking ...
Fenris Hero 05/30/2014 13 11 - -
GOP wants to default for a very logical reason
It's become increasingly obvious to me, as I watch the GOP's shifting tactics, that they plan to take us into default. You can tell by their every move. They pass legislation that has no hope of ...
Fenris Hero 10/09/2013 34 32 - -
Harry Reid Must Step Down as Majority Leader
I'm what you would call a more conservative, pragmatic type of democrat. Usually, the politics of Daily Kos are to my left, and make me a little uncomfortable. But today, and on this issue, I ...
Fenris Hero 02/14/2013 34 8 - -
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