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An Open Letter to the ND Democratic Party/NPL
I find it hard to believe, but I feel I must introduce myself. I am what you call a super voter. I reliably vote in all elections, including local school district bond elections. I am a Democrat.
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/19/2014 3 8 - -
Dear Ms. Maddow:
To the person I genuinely believe to be the smartest person on the tv tubes: I have a small correction for you. Tonight on your Debunction Junction segment, you mentioned that President Obama is ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/02/2014 19 12 - -
Thank you to my Republican governor and legislature: live blogging Obamacare from the hospital.
I have some things to admit up front. I was a vocal critic of Obamacare. For me, holding a low-income job at the time of passage, Obamacare was the worst "remedy" to the health care crisis ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 08/22/2014 52 154 - -
If I were Captain Johnson
Is Captain Johnson really in charge of security in Ferguson? Who is deciding to send an army disguised as police to invade peaceful protests? If I were Johnson, I would issue the following ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 08/19/2014 4 1 - -
Media wonders if mental health issues contributed to Ft. Hood shooting
Every time there is a mass shooting, the media fall all over themselves to ask if mental health issues were involved. Let me answer that for this mass shooting, for all the past mass shootings, and ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 04/04/2014 15 4 - -
Stealing from servers to pay cooks
There has been a surge of interest in low-wage workers, tipped workers and wage theft by employers in the food industry. It is important for workers to know their rights, especially in minimum-wage ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 03/29/2014 38 17 - -
Who is that woman screeching Julie Andrews' songs?
I've always known I was out of touch. Too old. Too set in my ways. But I had to turn it off. No wonder I don't follow modern pop culture. Please gods and goddesses. Make it stop.
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 12/05/2013 152 8 - -
Try to remember
September is my favorite time of year. Remember when it was not marred by a horrific anniversary? Growing up in the northern plains, I looked forward to the harvest. My mom's garden always yielded ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/11/2013 24 25 - -
Heidi: Fool, Coward or Opportunist?
Let me be clear: I am not a political neophyte. I do not idolize politicians, and I am not taken by surprise when they disappoint me. Nobody is going to agree with me 100% of the time. When I ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 04/18/2013 26 11 - -
What, you believe every woman who cries rape?!
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 03/20/2013 110 10 - -
Do you suppose Lilly Ledbetter had a bad attitude?
I would like to relate the work history of a relative of mine. She is a production worker in a facility that makes a product for defense contractors. Hers is a specialized department, housed in an ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 03/01/2013 8 8 - -
I-Squared: The Initiative Initiative
An initiative is a method of allowing the voters to directly vote on a proposed law. A petition is circulated, and if enough signatures are gathered, the proposal is placed on the ballot for the ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 02/20/2013 13 4 - -
The best Dear Abby answer. Ever.
Offered without further comment: Dear Abby: Two men who claim to be father and adopted son just bought an old mansion across the street and fixed it up. We notice a very suspicious mixture of ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 01/18/2013 136 589 3 -
Why do whales have hips?
A long, long time ago, I read the transcript of the Scopes Monkey trial. The version I read included the proffer of evidence that the court rejected, namely any evidence that might be considered ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 12/27/2012 146 190 3 -
Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable Heidi Heitkamp!
Or, I am pleased to announce, Senator-elect Heidi Heitkamp! To understand how truly stupendous Mary Catherine Heitkamp is, one need only look at the statewide numbers for the other races in North ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 11/13/2012 9 19 1 -
I voted for the women
North Dakota allows counties to determine whether or not to have early in-person voting. My county started yesterday. I voted for women in the congressional, senate and presidential races. For ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/30/2012 9 10 - -
Now who would pay for that poll? Updated
I'm a bit of an oddball. I love political phone surveys. If I'm at a relative's or friend's house and caller ID shows a poll, the invariable response is to look at me and announce, "It's for you."
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/10/2012 20 12 - 126
Hey moron, the emergency room is not free!
Mitt Romney now says that everybody in America has health coverage, because anybody can go to the emergency room. The implication is that if you go to the emergency room, you will be treated and, ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/25/2012 173 248 4 1057
Gay college footballer dismissed from team
This is admittedly an odd story. An 18-year-old college football player dismissed from the team for making out with his 65-year-old boyfriend during a game. The player was filming the game, rather ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/11/2012 30 2 - 261
When did Red State/Blue State become the norm?
On a lazy Saturday afternoon when our local phone banking operation is regrettably closed, I thought I would pose a question for our resident historians. I recall watching news coverage of ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/08/2012 17 - - 145
All Men Are Created Equal
It's the apex of the political season, and once again we frequently hear the soaring, poetic language of the Enlightenment of the late-18th century. The unfulfilled dream encompassed by the phrase "
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/05/2012 26 15 - 173
ND-Sen: Meet Heidi Heitkamp, then donate $10!
Luckily for all of us, there is no dearth of strong Democratic women running for the U.S. Senate this year. I truly think the difference between having Harry Reid or Mitch McConell as majority ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 06/29/2012 3 4 - 38
Rmoney wants more justices like Roberts!
Link Money quote: As president, Mitt will nominate justices in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts . . . Oops! Is it time to etch-a-sketch the official Romney website? Now that Roberts is a ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 06/28/2012 1 2 - 39
ND Sen: Can we raise $100 in the next hour?
Meet Heidi Heitkamp, former North Dakota Attorney General and Democratic-NPL candidate to replace retiring Sen. Kent Conrad: I'm begging for on-line donations all week long, to culminate in a ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 06/25/2012 3 6 2 44
Money Bomb for Heidi Heitkamp!
If there is anything I hate about politics, it's asking for money. I never do it. I hate it. But the North Dakota senate race between progressive Democrat Heidi Heitkamp and millionaire Republican ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 06/24/2012 7 4 - 32
The Progressive Legacy of the First Recalled Governor
In many stories about the Wisconsin recall election, we hear that it is only the third recall of a sitting governor. Some will expand on this slightly and include the fact that the other two were ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 06/05/2012 15 51 1 454
No disrespect to Whitney, but . . .
Look, I'll apologize right up front. I won't apologize "if I offend anyone." I know I'll offend some, and so I offer a straight out apology to start. But here's the deal: I finally lost it last ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 02/14/2012 82 17 - 503
Keep the Senate Blue: North Dakota is Not Lost!
As a troglodyte, I am asking for help. I'll get to that in a moment. Much of the hand-wringing about the possible loss of the senate begins with two assumptions: that we will lose seats in ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 01/06/2012 30 28 - 165
Kvetching again about terms and conditions of work
I feel like a schmuck. I know there are millions out there without jobs, yet I continue to kvetch about work conditions. In one of my earlier diaries I told of quitting a waiting job because I was ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 12/23/2011 2 4 - 64
Moving Beyond Moving Your Money
I saw a great sign in a local business today, one I hope to see replicated around the country. I didn't write it down, but this is close to verbatim: We support firefighters, police, nurses, ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 11/08/2011 9 5 - 55
15% of Americans pay absolutely no taxes! Tea Baggers are outraged!
Extrapolating from available census numbers, approximately 15% of Americans are under the age of 14. These leeches suck up all the benefits of America without paying one thin dime in taxes. (Oh, ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/20/2011 7 15 1 160
Recall Walker: Am I allowed to help?
In one of my first diaries , I explored the ways Wisconsin can ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/11/2011 12 5 - 57
Two young Muslim men looking for the White House - a vignette
I recently took a trip to the east coast. I'll get to the two young Saudi gentlemen in a minute. First let me give a few thoughts on a couple of the other places I visited.
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 10/03/2011 5 3 - 77
$4.86 per hour: Tell me if I'm wrong (or just plain stupid)
Here's my story, maybe dumb, but true: I am a retired professional. When I retired, at a very early age, I didn't work for three years. I never intended (or planned to have enough resources) to ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/30/2011 219 142 1 998
How to leave a bankster speechless
I recently had breakfast at a "community seating" establishment. That means they fill up all their tables by seating complete strangers at the same table -- if there's a seat open, somebody's ass ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/08/2011 171 617 12 2843
Replace the Labor Tax with an Income Tax
It is one of the Orwellian terms that permeates our society: the income tax. We don't have an income tax; we have a labor tax. Actually we have at least three labor taxes: the so-called income ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 09/01/2011 28 19 - 137
2012 Wisconsin Recalls -- An Outsider's Thoughts
On a recent travel that included stops in Madison and Milwaukee, I made a point of stopping and spending some money at Ian's Pizza , made famous during the initial ...
Fiddler On A Hot Tin Roof 08/28/2011 67 42 - 405
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