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45 year old gas pipeline not checked in 24 years. Guess what happens next?
Interstate 77 outside Sissonville WV on Dec 11, 2012. NTSB: Corroded pipe, lack of inspections led to gas explosion in W.V.
FisherOfRolando 03/11/2014 7 13 1 -
Some good background info about Mayor Dawn Zimmer (Update)
With the latest news about Mayor Zimmer talking to the feds you just know that the vultures of hate and lies will soon take (right) wing and start circling her. Before they start their bogus ...
FisherOfRolando 01/19/2014 76 289 5 -
Christie's office subpoenaed!!
Just now on the Rachel Maddow Show. "The Office Of The Governor" also the office of his re-election campaign.
FisherOfRolando 01/17/2014 99 94 3 -
Is Bridgegate a crime? How about terrorism?
Federal definition of terrorism: (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that— (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United ...
FisherOfRolando 01/08/2014 7 5 - -
Al Franken looking for help on Citizens United
Received this in my email today. Signed and posting here for like minded individuals. Hi, Citizens United was a disaster. It opened the floodgates for corporations to write big checks to fund right-
FisherOfRolando 01/07/2014 3 6 - -
NYT - Inside the Race to Rescue a Health Care Site
NYT has posted a deep look into the efforts to salvage As a small coterie of grim-faced advisers shuffled into the Oval Office on the evening of Oct. 15, President Obama’s chief ...
FisherOfRolando 11/30/2013 19 11 - -
Poor? John Stossel thinks you should just sell a kidney
I learned from this posting on Rawstory that John Stossel wants a open market on organs. This upsets people, but I'€™m upset it'€™s not legal,€ Stossel insisted. €œIn the one country ...
FisherOfRolando 11/07/2013 9 10 - -
$509 rate drops to $1.11/month with ACA (news video)
Pittsburgh woman finds incredible deal with Affordable Care Act A retired Pittsburgh school employee with a per-existing condition of Type 2 diabetes found that her insurance will drop ...
FisherOfRolando 11/05/2013 4 23 - -
"The Morning Whorehouse" and Ralph Reed
This blog posting by Charles P. Pierce about Ralph Reed on the Morning Joe show is so short I should only quote one line from it. Listening to Mika Brzezinski talk to Mark Halperin about politics ...
FisherOfRolando 11/04/2013 6 10 - -
Erick son of Erick is afraid
In his current posting on Redstate Erick has a fear because: Evangelicals have, over the past few decades, gotten involved in the rough and tumble world of politics sometimes too politically and ...
FisherOfRolando 10/24/2013 21 25 - -
Obama as Rorschach from Watchmen
Never thought of Obama this way but after having read this Slate article by David Weigel I looked at the shutdown a bit differently. He was not posturing. Republicans failed to appreciate the ...
FisherOfRolando 10/23/2013 9 7 - -
Best Redstate comment for today (update)
I read Redstate so you don't have to. from wexwuther Listen, pal. Let me explain something to you. What the Tea Party has done is spawned some of the great Americans who are speaking truth to the ...
FisherOfRolando 10/16/2013 340 516 4 -
Onion News nailed it in 2008, Miley Cyrus version
ONN: Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013 (YouTube)
FisherOfRolando 08/27/2013 18 7 - -
Just how low can the Republican party go?
Link to a spot on Guardian UK article by Michael Cohen Never before in American history have we seen a political party so completely dominated and controlled by its extremist wing; and never ...
FisherOfRolando 07/04/2013 9 11 - -
You can help put a stake in the heart of the IRS "scandal"
Currently on the web site is a petition asking President Obama to change the way IRS regulates 501c4. From the petition: We petition the ...
FisherOfRolando 06/25/2013 2 3 - -
Amazing aerial video of Moore Oklahoma
Just found this Black Hawk aerial video of the Moore tornado damage path from start to finish. Youtube Video The video is by Lt. Col. Lindy White of the Oklahoma National Guard.
FisherOfRolando 06/04/2013 2 4 - -
Rep. Jim McDermott explains the debt ceiling in 5 minutes
During a meeting today of the House and Ways Committee, Rep Jim McDermott (D-Washington) takes 5 minutes to explain most of what you need to know about the debt ceiling. Including that the ...
FisherOfRolando 01/22/2013 9 13 1 -
GOP Cruise: Ship Of Fools
New Yorker Mag: Steaming past Guantánamo, en route to the Cayman Islands, a boatload of Republicans ponder the plight of a party at sea. “Their conception of what the country is about, they ...
FisherOfRolando 01/01/2013 4 5 - -
NRA = Newtown Repeated Ad nauseam
In case you didn't know, is the largest on-line site for the selling of guns, ammo and gun related merchandise. Think of it as the ebay for gun. One of the site's administrators posted ...
FisherOfRolando 12/17/2012 3 12 - -
Latest Right Wing meme: Obama suppporters will riot if he loses
I'm on some right wing email lists and just received the latest meme: Don’t Get Swept up in O(mob)ama Mentality: Surviving the Romney Riots Be it conspiracy theory or not, there is Internet ...
FisherOfRolando 11/05/2012 39 9 - -
Obama depreciates Christianity [NOT]
I read Redstate so you don't have to. As a heads up, here comes the next right wing meme. I won't be providing links. Redstate Headline: President Obama Declares The Future Must Not Belong to ...
FisherOfRolando 09/25/2012 21 1 - 124
Hitler Finds Out About Romney's Secret Video
Cross posted from Crooks and Liars. Hitler Finds Out About Romney's Secret Video These videos never get old.
FisherOfRolando 09/20/2012 13 10 - 181
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