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Naughty Or Nice, A Deal Is Coming to Town
I'm now convinced that between the offer from the Whitehouse, the Plan B Republican headcount, Rep. Pelosi's position that she will support President Obama's compromise, and Sen. Reid's most recent ...
Frisbeetarian 12/21/2012 9 9 - -
AARP statement on Social Security Cut... NO!!!!!!
"Adopting the chained consumer price index for Social Security benefits will take $112 billion out of the pockets of current Social Security beneficiaries in the next 10 years alone, and is neither ...
Frisbeetarian 12/18/2012 109 197 2 -
UPDATED: Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! Devo's new song...
Hi, Devo's new song is out on YouTube, you might want to go LIKE it. It's cute, got a good beat, it only shows cover art though... I'm looking forward to the video. But anyway, you can check it ...
Frisbeetarian 08/15/2012 18 63 - 346
Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson: make this go viral
I just stumbled upon an article in Salon published today by David Haglund: Did You See This? Ayn Rand on Johnny Carson In it is a two part video uploaded to YouTube by warpicachu of Johnny ...
Frisbeetarian 08/14/2012 471 446 39 3518
Updated: The day President Obama signs the NDAA, I will remember this...
Frisbeetarian 12/20/2011 28 11 - 214
UPDATE 6: There is NO NEW UI EXTENSION in the "Deal"
I want to clarify something about the purported "unemployment extensions" being negotiated by the WH and Republicans in return for capitulating on Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. There are no new UI ...
Frisbeetarian 12/06/2010 251 279 4 537
JOBLESS: Remember the 99er's. UPDATED w/Schumer Interview re: New Legislation!
UPDATE: See below the cut ... WENY - TV Sen. Schumer announces that Unemployment Relief Could Extend to '99ers plus Video I found myself in excellent company the last few tense days glued to ...
Frisbeetarian 07/23/2010 26 21 - 367
!!! HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! Labor Day Unemployed Workers March on Washington !!!
Wow!!!!! I'm so exited I can hardly type..... This just in.... There will be a HUGE Labor Day March on Washington for the unemployed and underemployed to demand a massive public jobs project and ...
Frisbeetarian 07/08/2010 58 31 - 98
CUBA ALERT: FARINAS is in danger of dying
Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban opposition activist and longtime hunger striker Guillermo Farinas is "in danger of dying," state media reported Saturday. In a rare move, state-run Cuban ...
Frisbeetarian 07/04/2010 8 9 - 26
UPDATED: Sen. Harkin: NO Senate Vote Tonight on Unemployment Extension
UPDATED: There will be no vote tonight. This from the Iowa Independent newspaper:
Frisbeetarian 07/01/2010 48 24 - 195
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