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UPDATED: Asst Wayne Cty prosecutor re: Baltimore protesters: "Shoot em. Period. End of discussion."
Originally posted at . Shoot 'em? Teana Walsh, an assistant Wayne County, Michigan prosecutor posted this on her Facebook page after watching images of protesters and rioters in ...
Eclectablog 05/01/2015 127
CA Kossack aitchdee: Struggling to Make It to SSDI
This is a followup diary to the one I posted last week ,
belinda ridgewood 04/30/2015 104
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread: DIA for Rivera/Kahlo; Aura Rosser Demo; Activate313
A bit of a catch-all diary tonight. First, the DIA excursion for the Rivera/Kahlo exhibit; second, a demonstration about Aura Rosser and fundraiser for her family; third, an online calendar for ...
peregrine kate 04/29/2015 9
North Coast Film Night to Expose Threats to Rivers
The Shasta Dam raise proposed by the federal government threatens over 40 of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe's sacred sites and would harm salmon, steelhead and other imperiled fish populations on the ...
Dan Bacher 04/29/2015 1
Father of black Detroit youth shot by ICE agent: "They brought my son downstairs and executed him"
Originally posted at Eclectablog . On Monday of this week U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer Mitchell Quinn shot and killed 20-year old Detroiter Terrance Kellom. The killing took ...
Eclectablog 04/29/2015 42
Michigan AG Schuette's hired gun paid $50K to tell SCOTUS gay marriage creates unwed mothers
Originally posted at . There is a great deal of speculation on how the Supreme Court will decide the case of Obergefell v. Hodges , the case that will likely decide once and for ...
Eclectablog 04/29/2015 6
Cartoon: Satire to die for
Matt Bors 04/29/2015 13
I heard gunfire while lying in my safe suburban bed
The Grande Ballroom in Detroit wasn't destroyed in the 1967 riots, but images like this one of the city came to be because of that terrible week in July 1967. (Image used under Creative Commons ...
elsaf 04/28/2015 68
BFSkinner bled again. Back in hospital, awaiting surgery.
Sigh. Our friend BFSkinner returned to the emergency room on Friday due to intestinal blood loss and extreme weakness. He remains hospitalized at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, ...
2thanks 04/27/2015 57
Color me shocked: Michigan GOP State Senator spewing nonsense re. Obamacare
I live in Michigan, but I've never heard of Patrick Colbeck. All I know about him is that he wrote an Op-Ed piece for the Detroit News on Friday which has more factual holes than the swiss cheese I ...
Brainwrap 04/27/2015 16
aitchdee Update: Progress Made, Help Still Needed in CA
I last wrote in January about the troubles of long-time kossack aitchdee -- you can see that diary here . Since ...
belinda ridgewood 04/24/2015 102
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread: Detroit, the Good and the Ugly; DIA Meet-up
Hey hey! For once, I actually have *photos* to post from a demo I attended! I hope you're as impressed as I am. ;) Simple and to the point ...
peregrine kate 04/22/2015 25
Cartoon: The Whiteness Fairy
Matt Bors 04/22/2015 29
Detroit police officer who shot 7-year-old girl in botched raid returns to duty
In 2010, Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley participated in a "no knock" raid on the home 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones shared with her grandmother. Police said they were looking for a ...
Jen Hayden 04/21/2015 16
DERP ALERT: Michigan bigots now trying to out-bigot each other
Originally posted at Eclectablog . After the owner of Indiana pizzeria Memories publicly declared she wouldn't make her pies for same-sex weddings, she raked in well over $800,000 from a GoFundMe....
Eclectablog 04/21/2015 61
BFSkinner about to leave the hospital.
BFSkinner's discharge paperwork is done. His brother is about to drive him home. BF expects to rest for a while. Once he recovers from the trip home, he will post a diary. Hurray!
2thanks 04/20/2015 15
Detroit Zoo investing in technology to turn waste into energy
Bengal Tiger The Detroit Zoo is investing $1.1 million into a biodigester that would convert the yearly 400-500 tons of manure (and other organic waste) the zoo creates into methane heavy gas. The ...
Walter Einenkel 04/20/2015 7
Laura Gottesdiener: Another Round of Detroit Refugees?
This article originally appeared at To receive TomDispatch in your inbox three times a week, click here . I noticed recently that the catastrophe area that was once the great city ...
TomDispatch 04/20/2015 1

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